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Hello! Technically not new, but i don't know anything

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 I created this account a long time ago, but i only went on for a couple days and forgot about this site. So i'm a newbie at all of this information, i have a lot of questions like do the dragons grow old and die, how many views/clicks does it take to hatch an egg, and those kind of stuff.


I hope this time i'm more active and i get along with all of you!

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Hello and welcome! Some answers:


1. Dragons can die if they don't get the views they need to hatch, and they can die if they don't get the views they need to grow up. Dragons don't necessarily show age, their sprites don't change, but you can see how old a dragon is by viewing its page. 


2. The amount of views dragons need depends on the species, it's different for every dragon. Most dragons tend to need between 400-600 unique views and 2,500-3,000 overall views to hatch, but there are some species that take even more. Guardians of Nature and their offpsring Avatars, and Prize dragons (Tinsels and Shimmers) take notoriously long to hatch. Clicks are nice to have, and are worth a lot of views, but it's possible for dragons to grow up with zero clicks. 


I'm a mentor in The Mentoring Project; if you'd like, you can keep PMing me your questions and I'll be happy to help you! If you feel like you don't need/want a mentor, you can always PM me anytime with questions. :) 


I look forward to seeing you around!

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