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Hi! As I've been browsing through DC's forums and reading topics I decided to have a go as well on sharing my art-related stuff over here. I've noticed there's lots of people who do and appreciate art here! 

I'm a traditional artist and I've been drawing and painting ever since I can remember, with making a goal of continued improvement at the age of 10. I've been drawing for 15 years since then and although I still haven't achieved the level I want to, art is a major part of my life and I cannot imagine myself without it!

My favourite media are ink, watercolours, pencil and colour pencils. From these, I have my favourite brands: Liquarel, Winsor&Newton, White Nights & Karmański for watercolours, Winsor&Newton and Vallejo for inks, and Sakura micron, Faber Castell and Graph-it for ink pens, Derwent Drawing, Coloursoft, Faber Castell Polychromos and Koh-i-noor Polycolor for colour pencils. I mainly use smaller paper sizes - most commonly A4 and small 2,5'x3,5' hand crafted sheets, which I use especially for ACEOs. I love trading them! 

I have an account on many art sites - including DeviantART, Furaffinity, SoFurry and more. I also run my own internet portfolio and a commission-related site, all hosted on weebly. 


A few pieces of my art:


eve_by_ladyfromeast-d9g73co.jpg aceo_awesomelyaimless_by_ladyfromeast-d9 smok2_by_ladyfromeast-d9hbgl0.jpg aceo_maj_2016d_by_ladyfromeast-da2jzqr.j smokel2_by_ladyfromeast-das5mkv.jpg aceo_luty4_by_ladyfromeast-db0sk1b.jpg aceomajowe_by_ladyfromeast-dbb3g21.jpg solas___ef_badge_commission_by_ladyfrome leonard_proudroar_badge_by_ladyfromeast- prochorowka_ef_badge_by_ladyfromeast-dbl aceo_amadoodles_by_ladyfromeast-dbokebr. aceo_naseilen_by_ladyfromeast-d96fjs6.jp


Websites, art profiles and where else to find me:


Website: https://milewska.weebly.com

DeviantART: http://www.ladyfromeast.deviantart.com/

Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ladyfromeast/


More info, art and places to find me on my website and dA!

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ahh gosh, your art is absolutely beautiful !! i admire your patience at making such detailed pieces by hand 0: 

thanks for listing your brands -- i absolutely love it when an artist gives their mediums! i've tried winsor & newton paints before and they're beautiful, though not their inks 0: faber castell is always a classic, and i have friends who use sakura micron but i've never tried them before 0: would you recommend?


sorry this turned more into me praising art supplies than anything but lovely art !! looking forward to seeing more from you ~~ 

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