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Pastels Constructive Criticism?

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DISCLAIMER: I have never really worked with pastels before, and this is the very first serious piece I've done with them and a lot is on the line with it.

Onto why I'm here. I'm not often on the forums, I don't really know how they work but I know how to make a post so I suppose that's the important part. I'm looking to get some constructive criticism for this piece since I need all that I can get and I need to learn how to take criticism.

Things to note that are done on purpose are:

  • The spaces between the bones are intentional, I don't have future intentions to add anything just only to make the bones bigger to fill the gaps
  • The lines in the wax where the pastel seems to fade out a little were from an accident that I had with a very bad pastel, it didn't end well and now the paper is a little ruined because of them
  • I'm still trying to clear up the dust
  • I can't blend thins very well because my tools are limited, and my fingers are fat

Anything that could be supplied to help improve this would be of great help, as I need this to look good since it's going into my portfolio for my AP art studio class. If it's not realistic, it might not be able to be judged as highly by the college board since they apparently like to see skeleton pieces. I'm only drawing the skeletal hand from real life, the candles are purely based off of one picture I saw online and the lighting is about as good as I can judge it to be. If anyone has any tips to fixing those problems, don't be afraid to tell me!



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