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Silence of the Stars [IC]

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Silence of The Stars

It's quiet out there.


Active Characters:

Ali Pecora- A Leader

Charlotte Williams- A Biologist

Arya Syllvar- An Artist

Lukas Martine- A Soldier








Ali took a long look through the display screen. He wasn't quite sure of what he was seeing, though that could be attributed to his weak eyes. A splash of gray light. Nothing to discern or draw conclusions from. An unsure glance upward showed the Director's beaming face, a complete stranger in vision. In sound, Ali knew him well. A rich, if a little tired, voice, often conferring with the young Leader about Colony politics and of humans and how best to ensure their survival.


"Sir D, what should I make of this?" Ali said, reaching with bony fingers toward the screen. Light drew him like --pardon the old Earth expression-- moths to a flame. He knew well enough what a flame was, but moths were a mysterious concept.


The Director swept his hand at the rest of the room. "We, my dear Pecora, what we make of it." 


As if on cue, a man stood to attention and stepped into the dim light. According to the Colony's computers, this was Lukas Martine. Despite being only 5 years older than Ali, the soldier seemed a lot older. More like their teacher in school than a fellow colleague. He bowed his head and moved to the side of the screen.


"We've called in the other kids. Lukas here happened to be one of the first to take up the call." The Director paused to peer at Ali. "A thousand years operating at an energy deficit; this will ensure my legacy!"


"But, sir, what is it?" 


He became visibly excited. "The red splashes over here, the blue over here, and in the center----- !"


Ali cocked his head. "Red? Blue? All I see is grey."


The Director appeared to contemplate it for a moment, visibly taken aback. Then he switched his attention to the doorway. "Ah, we'll figure it out later."

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It was rare to find Charlie outside of the Greenhouse as of late, and today was seemingly no exception. The rather lanky biologist was currently hunched over a few small plant-boxes sitting on a bench, mumbling to herself as she poked and prodded at the leaves of the newly flowered plants. Eventually she gave a tired sigh and took a step back, wiping the excess dirt from her gloves onto the already rather muddied and tattered lab-coat that she was wearing. Fishing around in the pockets of her coat she eventually retrieved a voice recorder and began her usual monologue for the day.


“Generation 4 currently shows no signs of success, despite the qualities of the parent plants…”

She began as she glanced towards the back of the greenhouse, hazel eyes drifting over a small flowerpot that had been set aside from the rest of the plants. It contained a single, large flower and the words ‘I. Uniflorum x L. Noctium, G3-S4’ scribbled onto a label that was stuck in the soil beside it.


“Sey- Um. I mean. G3-S4 is now the only surviving specimen from Generation 3. It seems to avoided the fate of G3-S2 and S6 for now but stubbornly refuses to produce any offspring so far. I fear I might have to start from square one again. If he’ll grant me the time and resources. Again.”

She paused after that, a wide-eyed expression replacing her defeated one as she twirled to face the clock on the wall and tried to remember how many minutes had passed since the Director had summoned her. Hastily she wriggled out of the lab-coat and flung it onto a nearby table before making a beeline for the exit.


Charlie finally arrived on scene some moments later, still brushing off little clumps of dirt from her pants with the gloves she’d neglected to remove. She fidgeted in mild confusion at the doorway for a moment, trying to identify who was there before shuffling further into the room.

“You requested my presence, Director Sir?”

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Arya was in the artists quarters, quietly working on a drawing of a butterfly - or well, what she imagined a butterfly would look like. It probably didn't even come close... but it did look pretty, so that was good. As she wanted to start coloring it in, since she was now contempt with the lines, she got called by the director, who asked her if she could come to the meeting room. Quickly, she finished up the drawing. It wasn't her best work ever. You could clearly see it was hurried. She put in on the pile of drawings with which she wasn't really contempt - the majority of her work was in that pile, though most of those pieces were actually still pretty good - and let out a sigh.


"Perhaps I'd be better if I actually knew what I was drawing..." she whispered to herself, somewhat sadly. This wasn't completely ungrounded, since of all her pieces, everyone who had seen them agreed her portrait of the director was the best. It had been a wierd experience for both them, Arya telling the director what to do instead of the other way around, but when the director saw the result, Arya could see in his eyes that his positive reaction was genuine. She just knew it. She asked him if he maybe wanted to keep the painting in his room, but he declined, saying it would be a waste to hang it in a room where it was pretty much always near completely dark. So, instead, the painting got a very prominent place in the artists quarters, immediately catching the eye of anyone who enters the room.


Damn, she distracted herself again. She stopped looking at the painting and hurried herself to the meeting room. Or well, she didn't want draw attention to herself by running, so she just walked... but she made sure she didn't pause! She forced herself to keep focussing on going to the meeting room. How late was she already? She could certainly not afford losing any more time now.


As she turned around the corner to get to the hall to the meeting room, she saw Charlie standing at the doorway.


"H-hey", she stuttered, "A-a-am I... t-too late?"

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