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Reviving a dragon - 100% fail?

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I've ran into a peculiar issue. Every single time I attempt to revive any of my dragons, it results in the dragon's body disintegrating. I've used this spell on around 35 dragons of mine so far, and it would always fail. Is it a glitch, or am I just extremely unlucky?

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It's not 100% fail but it's a very low chance of successful revival or zombification. Not a glitch or unlucky. :3

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As Infinis said the odds are, unfortunately, extremely low. However, some days and times have better odds; in order of lowest chance to highest, it's day, night, the 31st of any month, and Halloween.


Do note, though, that even with higher odds, the odds are not good. >___<


edit: I assume you are trying for zombies. If for some reason you're just killing for fun and reviving, then I think the odds of that giving back a living dragon are the same (and low) at all times. :P 

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