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ANSWERED:Group icon on view page changed behavior

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The icon between "HTML/BBCode Links" and "Add to Group" used to link to the https://dragcave.net/group/add/CODE page.

It still can do that, but only when the link is opened in a new tab (e.g. by middle-clicking).

A simple left-click on the icon now only opens the dropdown (as in the screenshot), just like clicking the "Add to Group" text link next to it.



I suspect this change was unintentional, so I'm posting it here as a bug report.

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The icon was never meant to behave differently from the rest of the text; all of the other inline actions have a singular click target. In addition, the dedicated add page was only added for mobile/people with JS disabled. I didn't go out of my way to break/fix this, but the way you describe it acting now is consistent with the other actions and better matches the intended behavior.


tl;dr: was not feature; was bug that happened to get fixed while fixing something else.

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Aw, too bad. But thanks for the reply. 


(I prefer the extra page over the dropdown, so I'll just deal with it by using the "open in new tab" method. :) )

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