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Aha..Hello there!

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So, I finally figured out some more of the forums (and why I was unable to post before).  Though, to be honest, it took me a few weeks at least before I Found the forums. 

:)  Hello to all!  I've been on dragon cave I Think a few months now.  I started collecting the dragons I thought were cool or pretty, and trying to name each individually to keep them separate.  =_='  It's hard to keep them all straight when your trying to breed.  I was practically stalking the wiki and others scrolls trying to find out about new dragons.  ^_^ It's fun to read the description pages for some of them, and I try to take that into account when naming them sometimes.  My first caveborn is actually the second on my scroll, but I think (as far as breeds go) I like many, but the Royal Blue and Nebula's have my heart.  <3 (Probably due to them being some of the first.)  Well, that's me.


[Ooh, having 'fun with fonts' now.  Hehe!]  [...And colors! :) Yay!]


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Hello and welcome! I tend to have specific naming conventions per species, unless I'm continuing a lineage so I use the naming scheme of the parents. Wow, we have various fonts??? I must explore that. I like the colors too. :) 

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