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Hello I had to do this

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Hello and welcome to DC forums. If you would like to trade with people, please use the trading subforum:



However, there is no need to post your own topic. Simply post the egg/hatchling you would like to trade in one of these threads:


For any old egg/hatchling you'd like to trade


For metallics (Gold, Silver, Golden Wyvern, and Copper) NO "Prize dragons"


Aaaand trading Prize dragons


Also have a hatchling that didn't gender correctly? You can swap them here: 


Also, just a heads up, you cannot trade adult dragons. :) You can only release them/kill them if you don't want them anymore.

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3 hours ago, DoritosInMyBathtub said:

I can look at stuff now, looking for someone who can exchange eggs/hatchlings for adults ;3


Actually, we cannot trade adults, only eggs and hatchlings. So, no matter what you put up for trade, you'll never get an adult in exchange. The best you can hope for is a hatchling that's ready to hatch (ER) or almost so (low-time).

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Hello. Welcome to the Dragon Cave and the Dragon Cave forum. Good luck with trading your eggs and hatchlings, you can check out the trade in all those threads listed. :)

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