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"cannot edit this comment" message

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I just tried to edit my comment in the Halloween Lineage Aid thread, listing a new trade and another egg under the 'mate needed' section.  After making the changes in the comment field and clicking 'Save', I received a message that I could not edit this comment; it might be too old.  


I've never had a message like this before; is this a new Forum thing?  It's sure going to put a crimp in threads for Lineage Aid and breeding projects!  It was doubly baffling because I had successfully edited that comment about ten minutes ago - I put in the new trade, but accidentally listed it next to the wrong lineage so I was trying to correct it! 


I tried two or three times to edit that comment, and received the same message each time.  However, just now I went back and tried again, and was able to edit.  Anyone else run into this or know what caused it?

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