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The Sims 2

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Anyone still play? Believe it or not, a lot of people went to 3 and 4....then came back to 2!! Many sites are still active. I was an active recolorist for about 5 years, had my own site even (Paegin Sims) then left about 5 years ago when I got hacked. But a friend of mine asked me to come back and join her site, so I said sure, why not.


So I am back recoloring Sims 2, at Beckylynn's Sims and re-uploading all my stuff from Paegin Sims, as well as all my stuff from TSR, and Natural Sims, two sites I had stuff at before Paegin Sims. All meshes are included, so no hunting for sets. its all there. Come check it out!



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