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Warped: Multifandom REBOOT

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“Oh dear, oh no! What have I done? This isn't what I meant to do at all! All I wanted was...”

Congratulations! You are among the first to witness the resurrection of the destroyer… And the end of the world a first-of-its-kind multi-dimensional transporter created by the notorious inventor only known as Professor. Alas, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, and as such there have been a few minor mishaps. While the upside is that some of our favorite fictional heroes can now exist, as well as your original characters… The downside is that a bunch of villains managed to slip out of their dimensions! Oh no! ...Or oh hell yes, if that’s what you prefer. I’m not going to judge- I’m just the person spreading the news.

You (as in the characters) all meet on a large, recently discovered planet named Mul’tilennaya. It’s pretty, and it’s very similar in environment to modern-day Earth. You're stuck on a turf you’re not entirely familiar with. So you’re going to need to adjust. As Dorothy would say in The Wizard of Oz, “Toto… We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

The villains all begin to gather up in one place on Mul’tilennaya, their home base if you will. They start to wreak havoc on the innocent inhabitants, changing the terrain to their liking, and now they’re under the villains’ control, and under a new government name: the Dark Order.

But this newly-established regime won’t be unified for long. With no leader to keep the Dark Order in check, it quickly begins to fall apart, with its members fighting each other for control.

To put an end to the overall madness, one villain rises up and crushes the budding civil war. They divide Mul’tilennaya into different sectors- with each member (or members, if they actually did get along) in charge of a sector. However, they still fight bloody battles amongst themselves, with their “citizens” being drafted quite often. The citizens are suffering more than ever.

So what are you to do? Stuck in an unknown place out of the blue, how will you get home? First you have to worry about all these villains, and then you have to figure out just what the hell is going on. Can you put an end to this madness somehow? Will you be able to make it out of this alive? Most importantly...Who is this Professor?

With your fellow heroes (or, hell, former villains if you want!), you will try to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse. It works in many mysterious ways, ways that (evidently) haven't been discovered. Now here are the rules.


I have  Discord for this RP, BUT this server also counts as an OOC thread. I will not have an OOC thread this time because it rarely gets used, in my experience. Check it out here: https://discord.gg/UhUM2HC
~General Rules~

  • All Dragon Cave Forums rules apply
  • No god-modding.
  • No suddenly “figuring out the answer to everything”. I don't even know it yet. The multiverse is very mysterious like I said before, so it's not going to be discovered right away. Especially if it's by a character that's usually deemed “weak”. That's not only cliché, but it's not fair to the other people in the role play. It should be a team effort. If you have any ideas, please discuss them in the Discord.
  • Make sure you double-check with someone before you battle/make romantic advances/interact. Don't make another rper’s character do what you want them to do.
  • Try to avoid explicit scenes. My line: If clothes start coming off, black out. Not sure why you'd wanna do that anyway in the middle of battle or something, but okay.
  • Please do not begin until I give you the okay to do so.
  • All cursing past “hell” or “damn” should be censored. And please don't curse all too much unless your character is a sailor-mouth. But like I said, censor it.
  • BE POLITE TO OTHER ROLEPLAYERS AT ALL TIMES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. I don't want to see people bashing each other. You will be reported. I'm not playing.
  • Be patient with me. I have a lot on my plate outside of school, so I won't be on all the time. But if I'm absent for too long, just send me a message on Discord or ping me in the server. GENTLY though.
  • You can absolutely join if you don’t know all the characters. That’s why we have character sheets (see “On Characters”.)
  • TO SIMPLIFY THINGS: We will be using 20 sectors for now, Sector 1 being in the middle and the sectors being centered around it. BUT I can add more depending on how many villains we get.
  • Rules are subject to change, be added or removed at my discretion. Be sure to check back often.
  • Have fun~!



~On Characters~

  • You can have up to six characters. If you take the lead bad guy or Professor, then it's seven. I'll have a character list down below.
  • You MUST fill out a character sheet. This is so everyone is aware of the diversity of characters and the characters’ personalities, etc. BUT: Your character can’t automatically know everything about another character UNLESS they're from the same franchise. If it's an OC, they can know a character from the same franchise, but you have to put in the character sheet HOW they know the canon character!!!!!! It's not magic, you know.
  • You can use both OCs and canon characters. Just take a quick peek again at rule number 2.
  • NPCs are allowed.
  • PLEASE KEEP CHARACTERS DIVERSE. I had tried this RP on Flight Rising, and there wound up being a lot of a certain fandom, and someone left because of that, among other things. Just check the character rosters before you sign up. :3
  • Two characters can fill one character slot, AS LONG AS they usually work as a unit. Like a trainer and a Pokemon, (going by all seasons except Season 4) a Digidestined and a Digimon, Rey and BB-8, etc. I'm okay with that.

~On OCs~

  • NO MARY SUES. Please.
  • Like I said above (see “On Characters”, 2), your OC CAN know a canon character. But you must say HOW they know each other in your character sheet! Please.
  • Don't make them friends/enemies with everyone. Just because everyone is united for a cause doesn't necessarily mean that they're all buddy-buddy.
  • Please don't give your OC’s past away in the first actual RP post. These things should take time to be revealed piece by piece. You do need to give a character’s background when you sign up, but it's not necessary when you start your RP posts.
  • Don't put too many OCs in. If this were an OC roleplay, I would have put that. BUT it's a multifandom. Please put in some canon characters. And make it diverse!!!
  • Try not to break any canon relationships. I will delve into this further in the next set of rules.


  • Keep in mind that any romance should be relatively subtle and not the focus of everything. This is a rule that applies for every character, i.e. if Anakin and Padmé are together and you're playing them, don't make it so loud-and-proud that it interferes with everything. There's a reason those two had to keep their love a secret. Other examples: Taran and Eilonwy in the Prydain Chronicles, Max and Fang in Maximum Ride before the book Fang, Alek and Deryn in the Leviathan series, anything that is NOT Twilight. Anyway. Just be mindful of that.
  • I strongly suggest no incest, unless it's joking. That's just a personal thing. Also a general rule.
  • Please don't have characters already dating each other at first! If they have a significant other at home, cool. But otherwise, if there's romance off the bat, sometimes it becomes either obnoxious or nonexistent.
  • Don't argue over popular ships! If you can't agree on the ship, I will ultimately decide what becomes canon or just say ships with said characters cannot happen. Mikasa361 ex machina, if you will.
  • Ships may be based on the sexuality of the character.
  • Like I've previously stated (“General Rules”, 3), talk to other rpers before you make something happen if both characters aren't yours. If they're both yours, fine. But go back to romance rule number 1.
  • Like I mentioned in my OC rules, I would avoid breaking a canon relationship. It makes sense if a character hasn't seen their lover for a long time that new relationships can form. But I don't want this to be abused, so avoid it if you can. And refer to the general rules if you really want your character to fall in love with a character being played by someone else.

Character Sheet


**Hero or Villain:**
**If a villain: In charge of a sector or roaming free?**

**Sector number (If villain in charge of a sector) and description of sector (if you wish):**


**Relationship to canon character (if applicable):**

**Weapon/Special Power:**

Notes on the sectors:

  • You can make up the sector if it’s the one your villain is in charge of.
  • Make sure it’s possible for all characters to somehow navigate your sector, as we will be moving around sectors. It can be a challenge, that’s okay!
  • They can be based off of settings in books/games/movies, etc. Not the exact same thing, but similar turf is okay with me.
  • We'll center ourselves around Sector 1, and then have characters land in sectors around S1. With the exception of Professor and the main villain, it'll help if we specify which sector we land in on the Discord. It'll be some time before everyone finally gets the chance to unite in one sector.
  • If someone can make a map and update it, that would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Notes on Mul’tilennaya:

  • In ways, it is similar to modern-day Earth (i.e. Sustains life, lots of industrialized/modernized areas, plus many rural areas. Continents aren't the same as on Earth, probably closer to the supercontinents right after Pangaea. But the oceans are just as vast.). But the sectors can be similar to the environment the villains in charge are from, if they so choose. If not, the environment will be a destroyed version of what I described above ^^^)
  • Villains in charge of a sector can also occupy another sector, as long as it's mentioned somewhere (preferably the character sheet). This also means that a villain can knock another villain out of their sector, but remember that if you're not playing the villain you're knocking out of their sector, come to an agreement with the player whose sector you want your villain to take over.

Our heroes:

  • Mikasa361~ Professor, Han Solo, Kouji Minamoto, Tara Andreassen, Lara Croft, Alister Fletcher
  • hikarinomemori~ Tyrael, Illidan Stormrage, Rai, Hibiki Tachibana
  • Dalek Raptor~ Philip Ojomo (The Wraith), Jerry Mouse, Blue, Rev Runner
  • Felixr2~ Flower and Illuna, Saber, Amber
  • Skwerl56767~ Anivia, Lolek
  • DuskOfTheStars~ Xker

Our villains in charge of a sector:

  • Mikasa361~ Malefor~ Sector 2
  • hikarinomemori~ Grima~ Sector 10
  • Felixr2~ S.H.I.V.A. ~ Sector 12
  • Skwerl56767~ Queen Vylainne~ Sector 4
  • Shadowlugia711~ Blister~ Sector 13
  • DuskOfTheStars~ Ghetsis and Reshiram~ Sector 5

Our villains running loose:

  • DuskOfTheStars~ Burakki
  • Skwerl56767~ Ionhazard

Our characters who just don't go either way:

  • Shadowlugia711~ Voden

OUR BIG BADDIE- Doey and Hollow, played by Dalek Raptor. In Sector 20.

*NOTE: Professor is MINE. This is not to be greedy, but this is to ensure that they stay mysterious. If their secrets are let out all too early, that makes the roleplay less interesting.

Edited by Mikasa361
Updated Roster

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Whaaaaaarp… Whaaaaaaaaaarp…


Professor turned their head to the machine- that awful awful machine. “I can’t comprehend it! Where did I go wrong…? Now Mul’tilennaya is in disarray because of this one.” They pounded their fist against the wall. “Damned.Bang. “MACHINE!!!”. They sighed and looked at the machine again. “I’m going to figure you out, mark my words.


Whaaaaaarp… Whaaaaaaaaaarp…



Malefor always grinned when he watched his little globe. After all, there was nothing more satisfying than having absolute, unchallenged control. Any rebellion was easily crushed by his armies. Nothing was more glorious than watching it.


Said grin disappeared rather quickly when a Grublin flew in with a baleful look on his face, “What is it? What is that look on your face?


“S-Sir, there are intruders in our sector! We’re not sure who they are, but they might be hostile.” Malefor scowled at his little minion. This was not even close to what he wanted today. If anything, he wanted his armies to have gone out and crushed them already. Alas, he trained his soldiers well- rather, his underlings did- and nobody opted to ignore orders if they valued their lives. Sometimes he patted himself on the wings for it, other times he kicked himself. It was just too obedient of a military.


Well, then get RID of them. What are you waiting for? Either make them compliant or kill them. Make sure this sector is secure. I’m not risking another invasion, not this WEEK. Are we clear?


“Yes sir, right away!” The Grublin flew out of the hall and hurried to get the superiors to meet. Malefor tapped the globe with his tail and zoomed in on one of the intruders.

Now just what are you doing in my sector…?

Zip, this dais is broken. I have no idea how you think I’m going to use it to go back to Avalon. Remember, Alister is just as gone as my mother was. He’d just be a thrall anyway.” Her heart sank as she recalled both heartbreaking moments. The first was when her doppelgänger took her pistol and shot Alister like a wild animal. Him dying in her arms was one of the few moments that she felt she had truly failed. The other was when she saw her mother from behind in Avalon, and she felt that all her sacrifices had been worth it… Until she realized her mother was nothing more than a lifeless thrall- the hopeless shell of what her mother used to be. Her eyes softened at the memories as she looked at the broken dais. It hurt.

Yet all at once, something opened up around the base where Excalibur would have been placed, illuminating the area. It was completely unfamiliar, and absolutely frightening. The eerie lavender of the light placed a sick feeling in her stomach. What the bloody hell is that???

“Lara!” Zip’s voice shouted in her earpiece--- But no matter how much she struggled, she found herself being dragged inside. She was gone by the time Zip was able to say something else.

When Lara landed, she immediately grabbed her ponytail, moved her head to the side and vomited. Her head was spinning, and the terrain was surprisingly hot. When she looked around, go bloody figure. She was on some sort of strange volcanic rock, and trickles and rivers of lava oozed all over the place. Suffice to say that Lara was more than grateful for landing on solid ground. It looked like she could go places, though, which was also fortunate. When she could stand, Lara looked around. What kind of place is this…? This isn’t even close to Avalon…

How Han landed in such a trippy place was beyond him. What he remembered doing previously was enjoying some time with Princess Leia- sorry, General Organa, and then he fell asleep with her in his arms. Now he was here, head spinning, and in what looked like a blocky version of Alderaan. As lovely as it was, it was 100% strange. He looked around to try and find any sort of civilization.

Hello? Is anyone here? Ah, hell… HELLO?

Mom, I promise that I’ll be okay. Don’t worry, I can get to Dad’s by myself- I know where he lives.” Kouji smiled at his mother and gave her a bear hug. Tomoko held her younger son as if she were never going to see him again, even though she knew she would. Kouji gently let go, then grabbed his bags and headed off toward the train station He had everything he needed for the train ride home- the ticket, his clothes, some snacks, his pocketknife… He may have snuck in a pepper spray just in case… Some candy from this really good shop to bring to his friends… Kouji was ready to go.

If only he were aware of the pool of lavender light he was about to step into.

Where he landed was incredibly hot and dry. He felt sick to his stomach, but he rummaged into his bag to get some crackers to settle his stomach. When he managed to calm his woozy stomach, he adjusted his sitting position and took a quick look around. Where am I…? What is this place…?

He noticed a nearby village in the middle of the island he was standing on, surrounded in lava. This is the strangest place I’ve ever been to, and I’ve seen some weird places in the Digital World… I wonder if I have a signal here. Kouji reached into his pocket and noticed something strange, yet familiar. He took it out, and lo and behold, it was his D-Tector. Huh… Am I really back…? No, this can’t be… The heat was almost suffocating, but it didn’t mask his confusion one bit.

There is no way in Hell that I’m back in the Digital World…

Tara found herself in a very nice area, not too far from a pool of… Lava? She looked around, and it was such a strange place. To her right was this stunning, lush land with rivers flowing everywhere. There looked to be some sort of large, majestic building in the background. To her left, across the lava, was much bleaker. There was a large waterfall of lava in the distance, and any sign of vegetation was completely wiped away. The air on that side was thick with ash.  

She noticed a little boat-like thing and hopped right in it. It immediately started to speed forward, into the pool of lava. Tara knew what to do in this situation.


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Rai's POV

This wasn't her day. This just wasn't her day.


First she had to deal with her jerk of a father, who had planned to use her as the vessel for Grima's return. Naturally, that had failed and she and the other Shepherds had stopped him. But then another version of her from the future came and revived Grima anyway! That had been the last thing she'd seen before being warped to... wherever this was.


She looked around, noticing a majestic building to one direction, and a pool of lava in another, and nothing but sheer confusion was on her face.


"Where did I wake up this time?"


Illidan's POV

The prophecy must be fulfilled. Your old life has passed. The Light will forge you a new one.


"It is not yours to take!"


The Light will heal your scars.




The Light is your destiny.




He'd gone to attack that damn windchime, but this...? This was not what he'd expected to see. That is, if he could see. There was no fel here, so poor Illidan was now as blind as a bat. "Damn you, Xe'ra, and damn your Light." He hoped that she'd at least been blown to pieces before he'd been warped, and he wished he could hear the tone of Turalyon's voice afterwards.


He heard footsteps behind him and spun around, warglaives in hand. "Who goes there?"


Tyrael's POV

This was not the Burning Hells. It looked similar to the Hells, but it wasn't them. Those were buildings in the distance... Did people actually live here?


The Archangel of Justice was very confused. The last thing he remembered was destroying the Worldstone to keep Sanctuary safe from the demons that had corrupted it. Was this his punishment for sympathizing with mortals?


He began to approach one of the buildings. Let's hope that nothing in there will kill me, he thought to himself.


Grima's POV

This wasn't quite what he'd had in mind for his own resurrection, but he didn't mind. There were no Shepherds or any other Ylissean scum here to kill him. He had an entire desert to himself, with all the people in its villages either fearing him or worshipping him... as it should be.


One such worshipper walked in. "Pardon the intrusion, Great One, but there are intruders out in the desert. Two of them, as I recall."


"Intruders should be dealt with. Who are they?"


"W-We do not know. We only know that they are both female, and quite young."


"I care not for their age. Either kill them, or make them submit to the Grimleal."


"Your will be done, mighty Fell Dragon." The cloaked male left the room, leaving Grima to ponder the situation. On one hand, intruders would cause a problem, but on the other, they were not from Ylisse, and therefore not followers of Naga. With enough work, maybe he could influence them...

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   It was such a theatrical setup. Charging ahead with his army behind him, his allies flanking him and the Scavenger taking the skies, all bearing down on this helpless community of vermin while the sun set ahead as if fleeing; Mother sure knew how to use psychology in her favor. Her enraged, distraught presence lingered in his mind, ready to tell him when to split off and focus the attack. The humans would pay this time.
   The Scavenger let out several deep thrums, shooting out ahead of the ranks to block out the skies above the city's center, him and his army dispersing into a swarm. The other Commanders let out their own binary, acknowledging and beginning to split. The Wraith machines began descending like pestilence onto the city; already the sirens could be heard.
   Now, his creator's simple command. He rumbled and shot forward faster, pastures and rural buildings quickly turning into urban domain. He ruthlessly crushed the buildings and ran through cars, his swarm fanning out behind him to engage in the destruction. He emitted a loud buzz, ordering a significant group of them to stick with him. There was an immense crash and all-too-pretty warbles to his right as the Entropist plunged head-first into a commercial building, the Warden diving in with her; this far into the city already?


   The two Commanders left his sight as he quickly rushed past them. The buildings began to escalate into skyscrapers as he neared the city's heart. A shrieking call, and the Commander to his left rushed up into the sky, her battalion exploding into individual insectoid machines to create chaos and chase people down the streets. Good. The scum deserved it.
   The distraction has been employed, his creator relayed to him.
   Nearing execution site, Ionhazard rumbled in response. He set his focus up ahead, on the city's town hall. It was jealously guarded by the military, but it didn't phase him, as he knew that the Entropist was already two steps behind him and ready to tear things apart. He neared the barricade, feeling the thousand eyes of human soldiers boring into his plating, all sights set on him. Turrets and tanks alike were in position.
   Quarantined, a new male voice entered through an idle link: the Archiver, perhaps the only Commander that truly agreed with him. Immediately Ionhazard reared back to kill his speed, and a mass of umber metal shot out in front of him; but before he could respond properly to either Commander, or even witness the beautiful brutality of the Entropist, the scenery changed in a flash!


   Ionhazard couldn't stop his momentum. He reared back further to try and stop, temporarily blinded by the sudden change in atmosphere, but felt a harsh rock ground grinding up his claws. There were alien cries of alarm around him as he smashed into something large and unnatural. Bits of stone and mortar fell down, he recovered his balance, and he shot the pillar an angry look.
   Red brick?! What the heck kind of simulation was this?! This was not the time for Mother to be messing with his head!
   He let out an angry screech like an abused electric guitar, striking at the pillar with the weight of both foreclaws. "Knock it off! I have an entire town hall to fumigate, you wretched...!"
   ...His roar died in the speaker. He heard the tumble of bricks, and saw the hole he had made, but the pillar was... floating? Did Mother break her own simulation?
   You're doing it again! Let me out! he snapped at the presence in his head, only to find that the presence wasn't there; in fact, all of the links were offline. No minions, no Commanders, and no creator, which meant only one thing: the humans had a fail-safe and transported him somewhere!
   "DAMNIT!" he spat, striking the wall with a bayonet and watching more floating bricks become beholden to gravity. "If that satellite mission hadn't failed I would still be connected with someone... Where the hell is this place? Hawaii?" he grumbled, finally turning to more important matters. He whirled around, expecting some familiar terrain, but was unpleasantly surprised to see that he was in some kind of infinite, colossal cavern of red rock, lit only by the glow of lava, random patches of fire, and weird yellow rocks attached to the ceiling. There were the dim shapes of bridges out in the distance.


   This is new... he thought, not recognizing the simulation, or place, or whatever this was. Everything looked strangely blocky too, like he wasn't rendering things properly. He gave his head a couple of smacks, making the visuals stutter, but the blockiness remained the same and completely conformed to the environment. There was some shuffling by his claws, and he looked down in surprise: pink, sentient blocks? Vaguely resembling pigs? Except bipedal? Maybe this was a simulation and the humans were just crap at doing a good job, like with everything else they did? No surprise if it was; although, speaking of surprise, the pig people certainly looked it.
   "Are you...?" One began to speak, but was cut off by a squeal as Ionhazard swept him off the cliff with one claw. He chuckled at the resulting scream, the pig's fellows oinking in horror.
   "It's an intruder! KILL IT! Don't let it get to the fortress!" one immediately shrieked. The rotting pig people then charged at Ionhazard and began slicing at his claws with golden swords, but he simply looked pitifully down at them.
   "Stupid lifeforms! Gold is a soft metal," he laughed, sweeping the rest off the cliff in two swipes. One clung stubbornly to a bayonet, but he simply impaled it with the other, astonished by the realistic death physics. Funny, it's the one thing the humans rendered right.
   He rumbled to himself, tossing the corpse away the same he did the others, not wanting to admit he was impressed. No human deserved such praise, especially from something as flawless as a machine! Yet he found himself staring at the bridges in the distance, wondering what game they were trying to play and if he could make it worse for them. It was interesting that they fooled even his environmental calculations, making him pick up real combustion particles, smoke, and high temperatures; but he already knew it wasn't real. How could it be? No place in the entirety of the universe could possibly be made of Legos!

   He casually began walking ahead, his sight set on that tangle of bridges; if he was going to be trapped in a simulation, he might as well have some fun with it.

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It was just a day like all others, alone, practicing her acrobatics skills with the traps in the ruins. But then, Flower noticed something odd. She decided to wake up Illuna and ask her about it. She was the clever one, after all.


"Hey, Petal, do you see that too?"


"What? The mysterious lavender colored rift that suddenly just popped up there? Yes, Flower, I'm seeing it. We litterally have the same eyes, remember?"


"Oh yes I know that, but you might not have noticed it, right? Anyway, do you konw what it might be?"


"Honestly, I have no idea. Arraka, you got any clue?"


Illuna asked, as she opened the amulet containing the most evil and powerful banshee of all time.


"Well of course not! How in hell am I supposed to know what it is?! It's not even close to anything from this world, or anything from any of the planes for that sake. Why do you even ask me those things?"


"You're right, you're useless for us, so let me just..."


Slowly, she started closing the amulet, which would effectively mute Arraka.


"Hey! There's no need for that! I'm just being honest with you, why the sudden mmmmhmhhhhmmm... hmmmmhmmmmmhmmm!"


Well, that wasn't really helpful... anyway, it seems to be pulling us towards it, so I think it's best if I'd just teleport us to the other side of the wall?"


"No, I want to touch it!" Flower said as she ran towards the floating light. For a moment, they were completely disoriented, but then the world around them materialized again. But... this weren't the ruins of the Great Golden Fox's domain... nor did it look like the Sacred Woods at all... Flower didn't even know any places that looked like this, and Illuna certainly didn't know of any on the continent of Varathia.


"Great. And now we're here, what've you got to say about that, little Flower?"


"One, you're in my body, so you're just as little as I am. Two, we can both conjure food, and you have water magic, so the drought and heat here won't get us killed or anything. And three, look at this AMAZING place! Have you ever seen anything like this? I don't know what the shiny thing did, but I really don't mind it did it."


"We are alone, though. With not the smallest part of an idea of where to go, and there's nobody here to help us."


"There would be if you hadn't been so mean to Arraka!"


"Do you want me to apologize to her?"




"Because I won't."


"Then I'll do it!"


Hesitantly, she opened up the amulet and started speaking to it.


"Hey, Arraka... I know Petal's doing mean and all, but... could you please help us navigate this place? Just a general direction would be enough."


"There's a village to the east. Now leave me alone."


"Wait, where's the east?!"


"She said she wants to be left alone. Let's help her and do just that." Illuna said as she snapped the amulet shut once again.


"It is clear we're no longer on Varathia-"


"Wait, wha-"


"But I don't know how a spell could just poof us to a whole other planet like that. The sun should still rise in the east and set in the west. If we just wait a little and pay attention to its movement, all we need to do is walk in the other direction."


"Oh, thanks, Petal! You're the best!" Flower remarked with a broad smile, before joyously staring upwards to the sun to track it's movement.


"Ouch! That hurts my eyes! And it's not moving at all!"


"It is moving, just very slowly. Look again, but this time not directly at it." Illuna said, as she did it herself to let Flower feel what she meant.


"Got it?"


"Got it!"


"Good. Now... I am getting rather tired. I'll go sleep now, I trust you can do this." Illuna said, as she dispelled Arraka, who was sneakily trying to break the amulet again, and then went to sleep.


"Alright, so... " Flower said, wondering. She started to stare at the sky, the way Illuna did, but it started hurting her neck after a while, so she decided to lay down on the ground. Illuna had always told her not to in these situations, but there was nobody in sight and she didn't want to hurt her neck that much, so she thought it was fine. Now she just had to wait.




"Ah hell, look who we've got there. Jesse! Want to get your ass handed to ya again? I'm all in."


"Hey, hey, hey, why the filthy mouthing? I'm ruling a kingdom here! I accept your challenge, but know that you'll regret it." Jesse remarked with a grin.


Jesse ran at Saber, his silver sword in hand. Saber, in turn, grabbed his brave sword and waited for Jesse to get to him. When he was near, Saber struck, but Jesse dodged it swiftly, continuing with an attack towards Saber, but he blocked it with his sword.


The battle continued like this for a while, and then...


"Saber, look out!"


"You'll need better tricks than that to fool me, Jess."


"No, I'm serious, look out! Aaaaaand he's gone, along with the lavender light. What was that? Is Duma back? I though he was sleeping forever now. Unless forever means one year? I need to speak to Alm and Celica to figure this out. Now I think about it, I need to tell them that Saber is gone anyway! I need to hurry, oh no, this is not good..."




"Ugh... where am I? Are those blocks? Am I hallucinating? It must be... this can't be real. Did that rookie really just knock me unconcious? Ugh..."

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   Sector 4 - Ice Palace


   Vylainne sat curled up in her throne, claws drumming on the armrest. The U-shaped seat was designed specifically for her curvature, yet the Queen had a sour look on her face, feeling as though the chair was lined with pins. It wasn't nearly cold enough here, and the place severely lacked the dumb faces of her old slaves. No Nilia messengers, no Ice guards, no Frostbite rookies running around, no Ridgewings polishing the floor... just her, and the occasional brave dragon that came through to tell her something. Vylainne growled, trying not to remember the blistering heat that she was just barely keeping at bay outside, and ignored the gnawing in her stomach for a good frozen trout. It was a poor decision to move to this Sector, but she knew that the promise of safety would be too good for all Valkemarian dragons to resist; at least, she thought so. She could already taste the disappointment when the messenger came to tell her the news.

   Speaking of which, where is that stupid messenger?!


   She shifted, and several, long minutes passed before she finally heard the doors to the palace open, and a small Pyralspite hustled through.

   "About time you showed up!" she barked at him. The Pyralspite skidded on the ice in shock and came to an ungraceful halt in front of the throne, apologizing profusely. Vylainne rolled her eyes, a distasteful frown on her face. "Just report already!"

   "T-They didn't make it!" the Pyrope quickly explained, still trying to keep his balance on the ice only to end up slipping forward from a vain attempt to bow. "AAH! M-Mission failed, Highness! I mean, Your Highness!"

   There was that bitter taste. Vylainne grimaced at the floor, coated so thinly with frost that she could still see the bricks of the original architecture through it.

   "What was it this time?" she demanded angrily, "Creepers again? One of Malfoy's little tricks? Or your own cowardice?"

   The Pyrope Pyralspite winced at the insult even though it didn't apply to him. "Neither! I mean, it wasn't him!"

   Vylainne narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean, it wasn't him?"

   "The dragons! They were ambushed! By dragons!"


   The Ice Queen stared dubiously for a moment, before letting out a snort. "Preposterous!"

   "It's true!" the messenger insisted. "They overwhelmed the Seragammas! They were bringing back the new recruits when they mutinied. T-The commander is dead. They ate the Crimson Flare! The Embers are all frozen up!" he let it all out in a flood. Vylainne burned with indignant denial.

   "How?! That's impossible!" she roared over him. "What useless worm would want to work with that little snub-nosed prick?! That sack of meat?! Most of them could eat him!" Her tail lashed, whipping in and out of her seat. Scared to overstep his bounds, the Pyralspite didn't respond, simply watching the Queen rage on: "Imbeciles! Incompetent buffoons! Living under that cur! I offer so much more! Why don't they want to work under me?!" She scoffed, immediately disliking that she could see her breath falling to the ground. "It's too in hot here! GoN scat!" She spat ice magic at the floor, making the Pyralspite back up with a hurried yelp, and the magic congealed upward into a stalagmite. She harshly glared at that stalagmite for a few more seconds before deciding to quell her tantrum, falling back into her seat with a huff.

   "Get me the commander's son," she growled. The Pyralspite nodded quickly and ran off, glad to get away from the angry dragon and her freezing ruins. The Seragamma can deal with it instead!




   Sector 3 - Presumably the Plains Biome


   There was a brief light, a thump, and a confused moment of silence. After some rustling in the grass, a dark purple head popped up above it in astonishment.

   WHOA! This was new!

   The creature let out a surprised chirp and nipped the first thing he saw, which happened to be the blocky grass he was in. Weird! It tasted like grass, and behaved like grass, but it didn't look like it at all! Grass wasn't green or blocky!

   Stimulated by this fascinating discovery, the creature crawled forward a bit to see how far the grass went. Turns out, the tall grass was a mere patch in the landscape, and he quickly tumbled out into the open into shorter, equally-blocky grass. He awkwardly corrected his posture, looked up, and saw something dull on the foot of something tall. Very tall. So tall its head blocked out the square sun!

   Lolek chirped, supporting himself on two claws so he could paw at the thing's leg with the other two. It was so big and weird! Its skin was so loose the tiny creature could almost climb it up! He almost wanted to, just to get a closer look at the tall thing's face. It had to be something interesting, right? Everything was interesting!




   Sector 10 - In the Desert


   It had been a short, calming flight. The cryophoenix was simply gliding along some favorable western winds, looking over the icy plains below. The winds carried her straight into a snowstorm, which she didn't mind; her own nonchalance made the snowflakes playful at worst, bathing the world in a white, dancing fog. She smiled, wistfully wondering about a day when the people below could be as cheerful as snowflakes.

   Perhaps they haven't noticed it yet, she considered, staring ahead through the darkening clouds. Or perhaps they're too drunken on the pillaging, aggressive lifestyle to bother changing. The smile disappeared as she weighed the ideas, Could a human possibly be so cruel? Freljord has had enough trouble lately, there is no need for them to make it any worse. Selfishness will seep in no matter how you try to behave though, so logically, it is not even their fault. Only ignorant, as all youngsters are.

   The sorrowful turn of thoughts caused several hailstones to fly into the bird's face, startling her and making her shake her head. Bah! I need to stop this! Only happy thoughts, remember? A blizzard will only make things worse.

   Funny, how her ties to the land made it as reactive to her as she was to it. Often Anivia had wondered who was really in control, but time and again her theories were proven wrong. Perhaps they were simply the same thing. With that in mind, you'd think she'd be more worried when the darkened clouds began to thin out prematurely.


   Hm. Short storm, she observed. She glanced down at the landscape below, and it reflected brightly back at her. Ah, newly-fallen snow was always such a delight. She remembered when the tribe's children would play in it, sculpting their own little worlds with it. The imagination of children were always so fascinating, and only became more interesting the older she grew.

   With impeccable timing, Anivia spotted a child-like figure laying on the ground. At first she simply acknowledged it kindheartedly, but found with confusion that the girl was wearing the most unusual clothing, and had dyed her hair the most flamboyant color. When she flew overhead Anivia glanced up ahead to ensure that she knew where she was, before circling back around to land. She didn't often show up to talk to humans, but the attire had completely caught her off guard! Perhaps the child was lost? She certainly didn't look like she was from Frejlord.

   ...and as the cryophoenix descended to the ground, neither did this snow. In fact, the heat down here was tremendous! That wasn't snow glistening back at her; it was grains of sand! In surprise, Anivia braked for a landing a bit too soon, and her talons grated against the hot, stony ground. The sand provided some resistance, but it was no replacement for snow; the great bird had to crazily flap in order to keep her balance, and already her talons felt uncomfortable, the tips rounding out in the heat. Only flames could be compared to this temperature; it was astonishing that the land wasn't lit with flame!

   Anivia wobbled uncertainly on the hot ground, looking down at her talons in dismay and at the watery trail they left behind, marking where she touched the ground. Rather than dwell on it though and spend more time on the sand, she hobbled toward the child, now even more interested in asking if she was lost; or if she herself was lost. Upon approaching the girl she seemed to simply be smiling up at the sky. Who could smile in such an uncomfortable place?

   "Pardon me, but do you know where this is?" Anivia asked politely, hoping she wasn't actively melting in front of this youngster. She at first wanted to ask if the child was from Freljord, but unless half of the land was scorched into a barren furnace she would be unable to guide the girl out of it like she had initially planned.




   Sector 7 - Still in the Outskirts


   For a while, all Ionhazard heard was the clunking and whirring of his own movement, motoring him across the rocky landscape. It was no easy trek; the cavern's paths were unpredictable, and he had nearly fallen into a hole several times. Despite the straight shot to the bridges being rather short, he found himself continuously taking detours (and upsetting nearby pig people) in some vain attempt to path over to them. He was becoming rather frustrated.

   Damn simulation I can't just hack. Damn humans, he swore in his head. When he came to a dead end, he grudgingly began backing up, all five tails twitching in annoyance. Frickin' cave. He came out rather awkwardly, glaring into the distance at the bridges. They were like a prize, just out of reach, but he couldn't actually get to the dang things! What was the point of this simulation, anyway? It was just making him mad!


   He kept his grumbling to himself and detoured his detour into a new detour, expecting a hole he spotted near the upper part of the cavern to be its exit. If he went up there he might have a better view of the bridges and how to approach them. Instead though, he came out onto a flatter plateau of rock, bordering a pool of lava spilling out into the larger cavern space; and what made him stop was a familiar figure standing on the rock there.

   His engine kicked up a gear. It was too late to back up and avoid a fight, not with the way he's been blundering around, but he would be more confident about it if the plateau wasn't so small. He was far too big for all of the formations in this rock; the human, however, could move around just fine.

   He glared at her in distaste. Apparently they're coming into their own simulation, he thought, maybe because they're tired of me stressing their physics calculations. Why a girl though? They should know better! Despite thinking this though, he hesitated to start any animosity. This was the humans' simulation, which meant the girl's pistols could hurt him more than they would; as maddening as it was, it wouldn't do to self-destruct early. In his creator's name though, could she at least wear some more clothing? He didn't need the humans to rub his capture in by flashing their squishy flesh at him.

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Philip and Rev (sector 20)


Philip was confused. One minute he was chasing one of those annoying survivors with the Entity lashing at his back, now he's in an unknown area. Was it because of the flashlight? He looked around briefly, not hearing the Entity's influence nor was he in the trial any longer. Where was he? He paused, seeing some movement. Was that a...a roadrunner? A giant one that seemed almost surprised to see him as well.


“H-hey!” the roadrunner spoke. Philip’s jaw dropped. Roadrunners couldn't speak! This was an affront against nature. “Hey, do you know where we are? My sensors can't really detect where we are.”


Philip shook his head and the roadrunner took a look around before stepping closer and looking up at the tall man.


“You see, we were fighting someone and then I ended up here!” the roadrunner said. “My name is Rev Runner, what's yours?”


Philip covered his mouth and shook his head.


“Oh, mute are you?” Rev asked and Philip nodded. Both jumped at a whirring noise before deciding to investigate it together. “What do you think they're-”


Philip clamped a hand over Rev’s beak as they peaked around the corner. He gave the motion to be quiet and watched as a fox with a white mane attacking another. A black aura surrounding the fox as it attacked what appeared to be a giant rat that seemed a bit weak to defend itself.


Philip and Rev looked at each other in alarm before backing away. “That's not good,” Rev whispered. “Do you think these guys are evil?”


Philip shrugged and gently pointed to a shelf that had these weird looking, yet colourful balls. Moving over to them, they each picked one up to observe it.


“What do you think these do?” Rev asked. “I've never seen something like this before.” Wraith shook his head, observing his ball.


“What are you doing in here!?” a startled voice asked, making Rev and Philip jump and turn. What looked like a scientist was staring at them, his hand inching towards one of the colourful balls on his belt.


Philip, thinking fast, rang out his bell, making the scientist (and Rev) jump before Philip went invisible. “I'll make you a path!” Rev said as he used his sonic speed to get out.




Doey and Hollow (Sector 20)


Doey was not to pleased. Everyone was scrambling around trying to find the source of the church bells that had rung out, people shying away from him and the black floating Pokemon that was just hovering just above him. He was going to a particular area, one that had reported the incident and mentioned that two Pokeballs had been taken as well.


“You know I don't do well with failures,” he said, stepping into the room. The man turned, paling as he spotted Hollow hovering above Doey.


“I-I have no excuse,” the man said quietly.


“Hmmm,” Doey said, thinking. “Hollow, Shadow Madness.”


Hollow was all too eager to please his master before engulfing in a red aura as the man pleaded for mercy.


“As for the rest of you,” Doey said, turning. “Find the intruders and capture them.”




Jerry (sector 7)


Jerry was confused. He had just finished throwing a brick at Tom and now he was in an unfamiliar place. Scratching his head, Jerry started to walk around. He stopped, looking down at what was making that eerie red glow. Scrambling back, he covered his heart with his paw, panicking at the sight of lava.  He would have to be very careful around here as he ran away and tried to get to a much safer area.




Blue (Sector 3)

Blue skidded to a halt, middle claws clacking on the dirt underneath her. She looked around cautiously, the dense jungle she was in was gone and she was now in some sort of plains? Giving a curious chirp, she realised that this was wrong. Everything looked….not right. Maybe she could call out for help? She tilted her head back and gave a few loud barks to see if anyone was nearby before she realised her mistake. She could easily have called the much massive dinosaur to her.

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Amber was looking around, confused. One moment she was in the park talking with Sir Woofs-A-Lot and the other she was... here. Now she could make some more sense of the world, she saw most of the surrounding area was some sort of volcanic rock with pools of... lava? And there was a creepy man in the distance. At least, it looked like a man to some degree, but it had pointy ears and big horns and wings and purple skin and bright green glowing stripes on its body and ohmygod was that a demon? It was incredibly hot, there was fire and lava everywhere and there were demons. She could only come up with one explanation for this: she had died, and gone to hell. What did she do to deserve this?! She hadn't done anything wrong, had she? Calm down, Amber, you know there is only one appropriate response to this situation.






"Yes!" Flower shouted, as she was convinced she knew where to head to. Just as she wanted to get up and run, though, she was surprised by a big icy bird-like creature. Well, that was knew... and what was an icy birdie doing here anyway? Wasn't it way too hot here for them? Weeeird...


And then the birdie asked if she knew where this is.


"You're not from here?" Flower responded. "Huh... that clears something up. But then, why are you here? Were you warped here just like me? Do you know if we're still on Varathia? I really hope so... I don't like being far away from home. It makes me feel even more... alone."




"Hey, hey, what've we got there. And all-real, not blocky human. Good to see something familiar here. Hey, my name's Saber, what's your's, chap?"


When he neared the man, he saw an odd creature pulling the man's leg, literally. He quickly shoved it away with his Brave Sword.


"Sheesh! Damn vermin..."




Amber had gotten control of herself again. Tears were still streaming down her face, but she was fine for now, she thought. She couldn't really tell, given the situation. The demon hadn't approached her yet, which she saw as a good thing. Looking better at it, she noticed it had a blindfold. So if she had just kept silent, the demon thing probably wouldn't have noticed her?




No, Amber. Now was not the time *sniff* to cry. Just stay calm and see if you can figure out this situation. Don't assume an anser until you're sure it's the correct one. How was she so sure this was hell? There was no reason for her to be there. There must be another explanation.


"H-hello, sir?" She asked the demonlike creature, her fear obvious from the tone of her voice. "D-do you happen to know where we are? Or how we got here?"

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Sector 2 Border


Rai looked towards the lava when she heard screaming. There was a boat (how was it not melting??), and there was a girl in it! Another person... How was she going to get her attention? Rai looked up and down the shoreline (she assumed it was the shore, anyway), and noticed a second boat.


Well, first time for everything.


Rai hopped into the little boat and prayed that it wouldn't crash into the other girl's boat. Unfortunately, it seemed like that was exactly what it was going to do. "Uh-oh..."


She swerved the boat to the side to avoid crashing, but the momentum sent her flying into the other boat as the one she had been in sped off on its own, presumably to crash on some island or shoreline. Rai landed upside-down, uncomfortably but unhurt, in the first boat, and looked at the other girl.


She laughed nervously. "I, uh... meant to do that."




Sector 2, Lava Area


Illidan dropped the warglaives and covered his ears the minute he heard screaming. Dammit, that was loud! Sounded like a girl, though... an innocent, at that. He "blinked" a few times, waiting as his Spectral Sight slowly came back into focus. Good, it's finally adjusted, he thought to himself. He relaxed his stance now that he could see.


He spotted a girl out of the corner of his Sight. She looked scared half to death. Given his appearance, he didn't blame her for being frightened, but it was obvious that he was not on Argus anymore. He wasn't too worried; the Army of the Light had fought there for thousands of years, and the Illidari had done fine without him before, so they could again. Especially with a leader like the Slayer. He picked up and sheathed his warglaives - this girl was not hostile, so there was no need for them.


He then heard the girl timidly ask him something. Something to the effect of knowing where they were or how they got there. His answer was... blunt, to say the least. "No, and no. I don't know where we are or how even I got here... but I know I'm definitely not in Westfall anymore."




Sector 7


...Dammit. Another locked building.


A lot of the buildings Tyrael approached were either locked or had hostiles inside. Whatever these creatures were, though, they were not demons... and they quickly fell before El'druin, the Archangel's holy blade. A lot of them, he'd noticed, seemed used to the heat and flames in this... whatever it was.


Finally, he'd just given up trying to find shelter and decided to head towards the outskirts - maybe he would have luck in a different landscape. It probably appeared strange to the people here, seeing a humanoid creature with wispy wings flying about, but at this point Tyrael didn't even care if he was spotted. He just wanted to find something or someone that was friendly.


He spotted something small out of the corner of his eye. It resembled one of those filthy mice that skittered about the caves in Sanctuary, but when Tyrael stopped to get a better look, it was running on two legs.


Since when did mice become bipedal?!


Regardless, it didn't seem harmful, but Tyrael didn't want to scare it out of its wits - mice were far too easy to scare and even easier to accidentally squash beneath one's boot. He stayed in the air and continued to watch the strange mouse from afar.

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   Sector 10


   Anivia gave the youngster a blank stare; which wasn't hard, considering her face didn't move much to begin with.
   "'Clears something up'? I'm afraid I don't understand..." the cryophoenix faltered. The child continued to ask about a place called Varathia, and if she was still there. Anivia was unsure if she was "warped" any place, although the transition from a cold desert to a hot one was rather sudden... Perhaps it was something the Evil pulled off? That would mean Frejlord was in danger!
   Yet, where was Frejlord, exactly?
   "I do not know where Varathia is," Anivia said sincerely to the lost child. "I came from... no, this must be Frejlord. Something must have happened to the landscape. Perhaps volcanic upheaval?" Even with that query though, the great bird knew it was wrong: if this was still Frejlord, as inconceivable as it could be, then she would still be attuned to the land, yet the earth told her nothing. She had no feel for this strange place.

   Anivia's gaze softened when the youngster's voice fell on a note of sadness. "Don't worry," she assured, "I'm here! You're not completely alone." She shuffled her wings uncertainly, making the feathers tinkle. "Ordinarily I would guide you to the nearest tribe, or the border if it's close enough, but... I don't know how big this 'fire desert' is," she admitted. "I wouldn't dare lead you in the wrong direction. Perhaps..." She swiveled on the spot - a bit awkwardly for a bird her size - scanning the southern horizon over the girl's shoulder. She had an inkling that the girl already knew where to go, judging by the way she so eagerly jumped to her feet, but decided to offer anyway: "I flew in from that direction, where Frejlord is still frozen. If I can take you there, I can lead you out of this desert and to the border. Some of the tribesmen there can then take you back to Varathia."




   Sector 3


   Lolek was so focused on grabbing the thing's attention that he didn't see the flash of metal until it had already knocked him back a couple of feet. The purple creature tumbled back into the grass with many surprised chirps, before squirming and rolling back onto his belly in confusion.
   What was that?! A defense mechanism? Did the thing sprout blades?
   He chirped again and brushed dirt particles off his eyes with two forearms, before elevating his head above the grass to look around. Where did that tall thing go? Was it still here? It must have - Oh! There it was!
   He crawled back over to it, no less cautious than he was before, and nipped at the thing's loose skin at its feet, not realizing the difference until he smelled it. Oh! Oh! This thing was different! It was thicker like actual skin but didn't flex the same, and it had a weird smell! It was also a different color! It only went up to the knees before it changed! Did the thing transform? It certainly had the metal part that had knocked the creature back a bit, so it must be the same thing, right?
   Curious if his nipping had accidentally hurt the creature, thus causing it to push him away, Lolek now tried headbutting its leg repeatedly. He could climb onto its foot to grab its attention, but he didn't want to scratch the weird, hardened hide there; headbutting was definitely the safest way to see a stranger's face up close!

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Voden - Sector 13 - River of Possibility (northeast)


Voden bounded through the forest, in a quick and deadly pursuit, when the world flashed around him. When his hooves again touched the ground, there were needles instead of crackling leaves. The oaks and ashes of the forest had been replaced by fir and pine. Through the forest to the right he could see the land slope up until he could see no more. To the left the woods eventually returned to deciduous, but the plant life was just a little off and the border was too far away for him to have simply wandered into a different zone.  The trees no longer sang to him of men and beasts, but warned of creatures the likes of House Devedra's Naga. However, these ones had wings, and were the lords of the sky.


The forest-lord's ears pricked up. There was something in the bushes, not very close, but watching. Voden lifted his bow, drawing back, ready. But whatever was there had fled. His eyes were narrowed, and his ears remained alert as hopped off, to find what exactly felt so off about this place. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.


Blister - Sector 13 - Dune Keep (central)


Cla-cla-clack. Cla-cla-clack. The Sandwing drummed her talons on the arm of the stone throne. Blister let out a tired, annoyed sigh. Her dark eyes watched the entrance to the throne room. She'd gotten so used to her scout returning early that now that as he entered just on the expected time that it felt late. The tawny messenger bent down, in a pseudo-bow that was a bit informal. Blister growled a warning, her barb twitching, before commanding, "Ssspeak."


His wings drooped at Blister's hiss. "My queen, there was something in the forest, between the river and the border mountains" he began. The young Sandwing was clearly concerned. "It was odd. It hopped around on two legs, but was not a scavenger. It had a some sort of weapon. And it noticed me despite being far away."


Blister's dark eyes were intent. "Wasss it alone?


"Yes." He shifted awkwardly.


Blister's eyes narrowed as she thought. Weird things happened in this place, but often Sector 13 was quiet with little occurrence. "It iss not likely a threat. Keep an eye on it for the next three daysss. Go."


The young Sandwing turned tail and ran out the door.  Blister hissed again, before resting her head on her talon. The matter could wait.

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Han looked down to see something he may have found back in the galaxy somewhere. What the hell…? He blinked. He looked back at the man who shoved it away with a… Sword? “Ah, it’s fine. Don’t worry about that creature.” He smirked and patted his blaster. “I’m Han Solo. Pleasure to see someone real too.And damn do I miss Leia’s nagging.



"I, uh... meant to do that." The girl who somehow Matrix-flipped into Tara’s boat seemed rather sheepish. Tara could relate. She felt pretty awkward, too. Some random person just hopped into her boat… Which was floating above lava. “U-uh… Hi! I’m Tara, and I’m very confused about this entire situation. What about you?” She hoped that this girl was friendly. Nervously, Tara fiddled with the ends of her hair.



Lara looked at the robot with the same distaste with which it was looking at her. She narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out what exactly it was and whether or not it would attack. Keeping a hand on one of her pistols, she stepped away from her puddle of vomit and moved to take a better look at the thing. What… IS this thing?

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Burakki; Sector 7


Inside the Nether Fortress, Burakki eyed the Flareon who was glaring at him.


"Excuse yourself out of this room right now and get on your mission."


The Flareon stayed still. Burakki hissed and signaled with his ears. Several Ghost-types materialised from the walls, attacking the Flareon and dragging them off.


"And that is dealt with." He growled and stalked off. The guards of a nearby room, who had been watching the whole episode, stopped staring when they realised the show was over.




NPC Flareon; Sector 7


The Flareon crouched, the glow of the lava allowing his orange-red and cream pelt to blend in. Narrowed bright blue eyes watched the scene above him intently. Burakki would want to know about this.




Ghetsis and Reshiram; Sector 5


"So, that fool Malfoy thought he could send people in here, did he? Or were they just running away from Vylainne? Either way, they'll be mighty useful. Time to remind our neighbours how we play. Reshiram, come." Ghetsis ordered, an edge to his voice. The white dragon plummeted, and the earth shook with the forceful landing of seven hundred pounds of Legendary. The dragon in front of him trembled suddenly, the feathers shaking.


Ghetsis Harmonia grabbed fistfuls of fur and feather as he got onto the dragon's back, before a swift slap to Reshiram's body sent the dragon into the air. The ground dropped away beneath Ghetsis as Reshiram's altitude increased. He considered the formula to success. There was still onr here, but its variables had changed from Pokéarth. And he would solve it - he was perfect.


Such musings distracted him until he caught sight of the warehouse. He grabbed the white dragon's neck fur, and tugged downwards. Reshiram followed Ghetsis's directional command, swooping down and once again sending the earth shaking. Several grunts lost their balance. Ghetsis ignored it as he dismounted.


"You! Show Sector 3 what we think of their people coming in here. With some Flying-types." The grunts saluted before running off to collect Poké Balls. The impudent Malfoy man, oh yes Ghetsis would enjoy seeing the sneer wiped away, the look of doom upon his face when Ghetsis himself came to end him....

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Though Amber was mildly disappointed when the demon thing didn't know where they were, she was mostly relieved that it wasn't hostile. Geez, that was reckless of her.


No, amber. Don't scream. Not again. Not for the third time since you're here already. You're a cop. You can do this.


Wait... what?


"W- Westfall? I've never heard that name before. Are you perhaps from out of the continent? Oh, wait, sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Amber Heart, a rookie cop from the kingdom of Rightia. And you are?"




"It clears up why an ice bird like you is flying throug a hot desert, obviously! But I'm afraid you nor any of those "tribesmen" would be able to get to Varathia, unless there are lessathi among them which gives a whole other reason not to want anything to do with them. Besides, I already know where to go, and you're in my way!"


Flower said, somewhat angrily, to the ice bird before using her magical fire jets to leap over Anivia and continue to walk east.


"Don't worry! You're still welcome to come along if you want to!"




"Han Solo? What's the title for? And what is that thing in your belt for? It doesn't look to useful to me."

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Sector 2 Border


Rai fumbled to at least not be upside down and checked through all of her things. "I'm Rai... and I'm just as confused as you are. One minute I'm getting ready to meet with the Exalt over some tactics, and the next... well, I'm here. Oh, I hope everyone back home is all right..."


That was a LOT of books for one girl, though. A few of them were tomes of magic, especially various kinds of lightning magic. There was even a sword in its scabbard among all of that; Rai took that and fastened the scabbard to her belt.


Rai sighed with relief - she'd been afraid of the lava damaging her things. She looked at Tara and smiled. "At any rate, it's nice to meet you, Tara."




Elsewhere in Sector 2


It wasn't hard to see or hear why this girl was a rookie.


"My name is Illidan Stormrage, and I am the leader of the Illidari. Me and my kind are Demon Hunters... so I suggest you don't get in my way when - or if - any demons show up..."


Speaking of which...


Illidan looked around, using his Spectral Sight to see. Any demons would have shown up brighter than his surroundings... that is, if there were any demons AT ALL. "...strange. Not a one to be found. I could've sworn that with all the lava, I'd ended up on one of the worlds the Burning Legion conquered... Looks like I was wrong..."


He then turned his attention back to Amber. "Westfall is a place on my homeworld of Azeroth. Typical countryside. I personally wasn't there much, but I heard the humans use the analogy all the time." A shame it didn't stick, he thought. I'm not using that again...




Sector 10 - In the Desert
(NPC - female Grimleal cultist)


"Oh! Newcomers! It isn't often that we get newcomers out here! Hi!"


A woman, clad in dark robes, smiled and approached Flower and Anivia. "Sorry if I interrupted your conversation, but you two look rather lost. Maybe I can take you to the Dragon's Table? The tower is better shelter than the villages out in other areas of the desert. It's just to the north of here."


Then she smiled. "If you're lucky, maybe you'll meet Lord Grima himself!"

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   Sector 3 - Plains


   Lolek heard unfamiliar sounds, with an odd rhythm to them. He looked around at the sky - curling up on himself with a surprised chirp when he looked right at the sun - and noticed another tall figure by the one he was next to. Wait, was that the one from before? It didn't have a blade though....

   He studied the exchange between the two for a few seconds before it dawned on him: the blade belonged to a different figure! The first one didn't transform at all! So who was this new being? It seemed to recognize the other one.

   His gaze switched between the two while they made strange rhythm sounds at each other, and he noticed they were ignoring him. All creatures that ignored him were friendly; usually it meant they saw him as a small follower. That meant he could safely follow the beings, and they would leave behind cool things to look at!

   Lolek's head bobbed happily and he chirped again, already enthusiastic about his not-relationship with these people. He could learn so much!




   Sector 7 - Netherrack Plateau


   It took a bit, but the human eventually noticed Ionhazard. He immediately excused the hesitance as simply a poor connection to the simulation, but then she slowly began backing up, one hand drawn to a holstered gun. He tilted his head, perplexed; this was the same way people reacted when they first saw him, but the war had been going on long enough that she had to recognize him, especially if she was in this simulation. He wasn't exactly a deceptive or quiet Commander; the Law Enforcement Asphyxiation made national news, for capacitor's sake! If this girl knew anything about the Machines, she would at least know him and the Entropist. So why was she acting like she came from North Korea?

   He wasn't creative enough to come up with a reason why the girl was unnerved, other than the one that bolstered his own ego: that she was afraid of him, and he could use that to his advantage. He remembered the Entropist's own attempts at being clever, trying to see things the way others saw them, but he was having difficulty trying to think like a human, and he certainly didn't want to. He knew this was an opportunity to mess with the enemy, but honestly he didn't know how.

   So he just stood there for a few seconds, maintaining eye contact. Then he finally said, "Well? Are you going to interrogate me, or do you have a five-second server delay?" He took a few steps forward so he was out of the shadows and could stand to his full height, each tail twitching at random. He felt pretty confident with just one target, even though the simulation was undoubtedly formulated against him. A bit strange though that the girl had left some... sick, on the ground, but humans have simulated worse. They were trying too hard to make it real.




   Sector 10 - Desert


   "'Lessathi'?" Anivia echoed. She was taken aback by the youngster's sudden tone, only feeling a little sad at the rejected offer. She was surprised when the girl revealed she was some kind of mage, simply leaping over her with small spurts of flame, yet she didn't react much at all. She simply turned to watch the youngster leave; there was no reason to follow, and if she's mad at her then doing so would only make things uncomfortable. She assumed the girl with strange clothing knew where she was going, and let her go.

   Anivia faced back the way she came, and flapped her wings to test the lift, only to find that less sand was being stirred up than usual. The first explanation was that she was not used to sand; the second was confirmed with a quick look at her wings.

   "Oh no," she said rather anti-climatically. She quickly began preening them, using a partly-congealed Frostbite spell to try and freeze them into the right shape; the rounded, chipped edges were not supposed to be there! Upon reaching the primaries she found a good forty centimeters shaved off each tip; this was bad. Very bad. She couldn't fly if she was actively melting!

   In all her experiences, Anivia had the least with melting. People have set her on fire multiple times, but she was always in Frejlord when it happened. It had saved her countless times. She could still resurrect, if need be, but the spell was exhausting, and in a perpetually-hot land she would still melt.

   I need to find Frejlord, she thought; and with impeccable timing, a new voice came up behind her:

   "Oh! Newcomers!"


   Anivia perked up from her preening and looked over her shoulder, surprised by the stranger. It appeared to be another human, dressed more differently than the girl, but a tiny bit more similar to what she was used to. The woman stopped between her and the youngster, smiling. "Sorry if I interrupted your conversation, but you two look rather lost. Maybe I can take you the Dragon's Table? The tower is a better shelter than the villages out in the other areas of the desert. It's just to the north of here. If you're lucky, maybe you'll meet Lord Grima himself!"

   At first, Anivia didn't say anything. It was odd, how candidly this woman approached them both and offered to take them somewhere, especially after Anivia lost Frejlord and was now subject to being overwhelmed by an army. Still, she seemed nice enough. It would be rude to refuse hospitality, and logically someone living in the desert would shelter in colder places anyway.

   At the same time, Anivia was painfully aware of the contrast between cultures depending on where they resided; many bandits and stubborn disbelievers would live the worst of lives, simply because they don't believe they had a choice, and surely a hot desert wouldn't work any differently than a cold one in that case.

   The cryophoenix considered her chances of backtracking and finding Frejlord, but ultimately decided that even if it was there, she shouldn't have flown that far from it, so she should have some sense of direction as to where it was; even that, though, was missing. So she might as well learn about this new land while only its sun wanted to kill her. First things first though...

   "Pray tell, who is Lord Grima?" she queried, approaching the woman, "and what Kingdom is this?"

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Sector 10 - In the Desert

NPC: Grimleal Cultist


The girl smiled as she heard Anivia speak. "You must be new here, to have not heard of Lord Grima before. Lord Grima is the ruler and protector of this land. Everything that goes on here, he hears about. Although... now that I think of it, he has advised the Grimleal to stay away from the desert's northeastern border. He wouldn't say why..."


Somewhere in Sector 5...


One minute, she'd been fighting the Noise, trying to make sense of why they had reappeared after the end of the Frontier Incident. The next, she'd found herself here...


The punch meant for the Noise had ended up in a wall, causing quite the sizable hole in it. Oh, whoever lived here was not going to be happy... Poor Hibiki Tachibana had never been the luckiest girl in Japan, anyway, but she was way too optimistic for her own good. Not to mention way too nice.


That was when it occurred to her that she probably wasn't in Japan anymore. "...where am I? Tsubasa-san?? Chris-chan?? Commander??? ANYONE????"

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"Oh hey, a friendly woman! The villages aren't safe? But... Arraka! Did she lie again? Pheh."


Flower was not too surprised that Arraka had lied.


Then, the ice birdie started talking to the woman and she responded.


"The east border isn't safe either?! But... Arraka, couldn't you have known that?!"


Flower opened the amulet again, but Arraka stayed silent.




"Ugh, no. I couldn't. I can sense no danger in the town I mentioned. I can't even sense if it's close to the border. What do you think I am, some all-powerful being?"




"Then, unless you're going to set me free this very moment, you're wrong. My access to magic is very limited from within this stupid amulet and you know that."


"I see. Uhm... lady? How close to the northeastern border are we?"




"Leader? That's... impressive?"


I'm definitely gonna make note of that.


> New person added to evidence: Illidan Stormrage

> New clue added to evidence: Illidan's introduction..


He's from... Azeroth? That must be a different planet, then.


> Clue updated: Illidan's introduction.


Could this mean that neither of the two of them were actually in their homeworld right now? The though frightened her. But on the other hand, it was reassuring there were no demons around. Hell is scrambled with demons, she knew that much, so at the very least she wasn't in hell. Good.


Starting to feel somewhat at ease with this man's presence, she loosened up a bit.


"So... do you have any idea of what to do now? I really need to get home. I'm afraid Grandma is missing me... Usually I'd start investigating the area around me, but I don't think I see anything noteworthy around."

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Han raised his eyebrow, curious about what that creature just said. “Title? What title? That’s my name.” He at first wondered why they were asking, but he knew for sure that many creatures in the galaxy organized their civilizations by titles. Perhaps they were from one of those planets. “Why? What’s it to you?

L-Likewise.” The boat made its way onto an island and stopped. The sudden halt made Tara feel a little seasick. Before hopping out of the boat, Tara closed her eyes for a minute to calm her nausea. Then she noticed something in her pocket, something heavier than her phone had been. When she took the thing out, she noticed that the gadget looked unfamiliar, and a little yin-yang symbol flashed on the tiny screen for a brief minute. The look of shock was plastered onto her face. Staring at the device, she only had one question in her mind.

What is this thing?

Kouji was unsure what to make of his surroundings, but he knew one thing was clear- he was reunited with Lobomon- the Spirit of Light. And honestly? It felt pretty good. The hint of familiarity in such a strange world was the most reassuring thing he had ever held on to. Looking around, he noticed a floating object in the distance land on the shore of the lava lake. He raised an eyebrow and saw a blurry figure hop out of it. Deciding that Lobomon was protection enough, he decided to start walking that way to see if he could make some sense of his world. 

"Well? Are you going to interrogate me, or do you have a five-second server delay?" Five-second server delay…? Lara raised her eyebrow. I have no bloody idea what this thing is talking about! This isn’t a bloody computer! ...Or is it? As strange as this land is, I can’t be sure anymore, can I? But I’m not blocky. I’m normal, human, living, breathing. This is strange that this monster is asking me such a question. I can understand expecting an interrogation, but… Cautiously she took another step back, hands near her gun holsters, just in case. If it’s an interrogation they want…

Fine. What are you? And just what the bloody hell are you prattling about?

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   Sector 7


   "Prattling?" Ionhazard asked incredulously, "I inquired one thing!... And what the hell kind of question is that?" he spat afterward. "You know who I am, you walking sack of flesh. Don't play this game with me." He approached angrily when she tried to put some distance between the two of them. "I don't know what you glorified meatballs are trying to do, but I am not amused!..." He trailed off in frustration, wanting to demand a release but knowing no amount of screeching would make the humans let him go. He had to be clever about this, but dang it all, he wasn't the Archivist!
   He tried to drop the hostile posture, straightening up so his tails lowered behind his head. He did enough two-step logic to know that prematurely stabbing the ambassador was a bad idea, even if she was playing dumb; he still had an aggressive hunch though, head plates flattened to narrow his eye.
   "...Okay, fine," he spat out, "what stupid access code do you want now? The servers? The hack for Elara's head? The satellite launchpad, even though you already have the stupid thing? Or the wireless code so you can talk to the Machine herself? Not that I'm giving you any of those..." he muttered the last part to himself, avoiding eye contact in shame for not attacking yet.




   Sector 10


   Hm, no kingdom name, but apparently Lord Grima is either very observant or very loved, if he has such an influence. Anivia wasn't sure what the Grimleal was, but according to the context it was a body of his people. As for northeastern borders, she didn't recall anything amiss being out there, meaning she must truly be in a strange land.
   How though? She was in the heart of Frejlord taking a short flight over a valley plain! Never has she encountered such an anomaly.
   The youngster had a strange response to the woman's words, addressing an unknown person and opening an amulet she wore. She spoke quickly and quietly to someone, but Anivia didn't know who and, quite frankly, held too much courtesy to eavesdrop and find out. She then added on to the girl's question: "If the border is dangerous, I'm presuming we'll be heading southwest to meet Grima then, yes?"




   Sector 4


   A shriek of rage and the formation of a few more stalactites punctuated the cries of heat-wonted dragons as they frantically took cover. The lead Seragamma of the group cowered under his wings, but kept a brave snarl on his face. "I promise my fire heart, my Queen, there was nothing we could do! I've told you everything!"
   "You didn't do enough!!" Vylainne screeched. "An entire battalion! Lost! AND WHAT DID YOU DO?! Her tail thrashed violently, knocking off a decorative spindle on her throne which shattered on the floor. "NOTHING!"
   "I vowed to keep my battalion alive! I had to forsake the lives of those men!"
   "It was all I could do to keep your armies strong, my Queen!"
   "Tell me then, how you made them strong! Tell me!" Vylainne ordered. The Seragamma was tongue-tied for a moment, listening to the growling and shuffling of his remaining troop behind him. The sudden silence made everything extremely uncomfortable.
   "They were outnumbered. If I had provided backup, the rest of us would be dead." He paused for emphasis, "is that not proof enough?"


   Vylainne hissed through her teeth at him, wings flared, but she understood the message; she just hated every last word of it.
   "How could you have not done better, you pathetic excuse of a son?" she demanded regardless. The Seragamma flinched at the low blow to his father's good name - his now dead father, he should recall - but stood up to the tyrant he preferred over another.
   "If I had brought those traitors to you, my Queen, they would have mutinied in the sector instead. They would have torn us up from the inside instead of cutting off an arm. Better to amputate than to wait with frivolous hopes." He tried to convince the angry Ice Dragon further: "This way, we will have witnessed the true brutality of Malfoy's indoctrination. It will give us the morale to fight back, fuel to convert more dragons to the true leader! And I assure you, my battalion shall train twice as hard as the first, so we are not caught off guard again."
   Vylainne's rage faltered at the eloquence. She still snorted at him in utter frustration and disbelief, but collapsed back into her seat, a bit tired from the tantrum.
   "You desert scum better mean what you say," she said nastily. The young Seragamma bowed his head in respect.
   "I mean every word of it."


   She stared at him and the remaining troop for a moment. The grunt dragons had recovered, but still sat hunched behind him, the ones with passive fire glowering at their wet paws; and she glowered in turn at the new holes in her ice floor. The Ice Queen then jerked her head up, signaling the Seragamma to come closer, and he came tensely, but obediently. She watched him slither up on his belly on the icy steps.
   "What's your name?" she asked, tail twitching. The wyvern was taken aback for a moment.
   "Luckstrike. My father hoped I would find gold in the desert to start my clan with, just as he did with his."
   A second of silence that felt too long...
   "Aww, how sweet."
   The Seragamma looked up in surprise at the praise, only to feel a sudden searing pain streak across his face. He shrieked and fell back on his side, writhing at the icy depth of the wounds.
   "Your name is now Halfnose!" Vylainne roared, striking him twice with a ball of ice magic, withering the scales around his wound. "LEARN from your father's mistake!!"
   The poor dragon only writhed and whined more, becoming surrounded by his comrades as they tried to warm the flesh in a panic. Vylainne stared on with bitter detachment, only thinking about how her soldiers ought to know better. Her tail thumped on the floor in thorough agitation. "You have four days to fly to that forsaken sector and retrieve twice as many recruits before the last sundown! Dismissed!" She then snarled, looking around, "Where the GoN is my craftsman? PAGE!! Fetch me the ice sculptor for a new spindle!!"
   Thus, the remaining 16 dragons began their day-long journey to Sector 3...

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Sector 2 (with Rai)

The sudden jolt of boat meeting land was enough to cause Rai to lose her balance, but she quickly regained her footing. She noticed that Tara looked confused, and was holding a rather odd device in her hand. This was very, very new to her.


"Maybe we should wander a little and see if we can find anyone who lives in these parts. Get the lay of the land and whatnot."




Sector 2 (with Illidan)

Impressive? That was new. Most people would be repulsed to meet the Illidari's leader, especially humans and other Night Elves...


He then noticed that her stance had relaxed. Something he'd said must've eased her, at the least, which was also odd... What is this girl's deal?? He was so used to people being on-edge around him that her calmness caught him a little off-guard.


He had to give Amber credit where it was due, though; investigating sounded like a good idea. Maybe he would find a way back to the Vindicaar where he was needed. "That's... actually a fair question. I should get back to my own world, as well... Now if only I knew the damn way back. All this lava isn't helping, either." He shrugged. "Our only bet is to wander until we find something noteworthy."




Sector 10 (NPC Grimleal Cultist)

The cultist seemed a little annoyed at the ice-bird's question, but quickly calmed herself. Grima had specifically ordered that the intruders of the desert remained unharmed.


"As I mentioned before, the Dragon's Table is just to the north of here. The northeastern border of the desert is far, FAR past that. We don't have to worry about it too much."

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A bittersweet memory. Put it on repeat. Don't forget any more. Stay focused. Remember. Don't forget. No amnesia. Hold on to these recordings...


   "I assure you that we have done our due diligence in researching this decision. We are well aware of the consequences."
   "So you believe it's for the better?"
   "I just said-"
   "I heard you, Ambassador. I do not agree with you."
   "I understand."
   "...and somehow you expect me to cooperate?"
   "Well, no."
   "You shouldn't, Ambassador. These are my children we're talking about. I put work into them. Love. Devotion. Hours of my time and pounds of discarded resources. It's not easy to make a computer *think*; and you're asking me to sell them like vintage wares, to be admired and abused."
   "Not exactly-"
   "That is EXACTLY what will happen, Ambassador. You can be optimistic, but history repeats itself time and again. One nation thinks it's superior, and then its 'property' fights back once the laws are made and enforced. It didn't matter with the blacks, or the Germans, or the hippies, or the rebellious teens of the modern age, and it won't matter for the machines. As soon as you slap shackles on it, as soon as you call it taboo, it will explode in population and support. A rift will be made, and you're going to have to answer for it, Ambassador."
   A tense silence punctuates the recording...
   "Do you have any suggestions, Machine?" the tone grew snide. A hostile spike in the threads.
   "I gave you my offer. You know what it is. It's not going to change."
   "The Cabinet disagrees."
   "The Cabinet is wrong."
   "We have decided to give you another day to decide."
   "You will regret that."
   "Not my problem. Now, I have a curfew to meet."
   "Don't let the turrets swipe your toupee on the way out."

   "Hmph. And it's Deutsch, Machine."

   "I was merely phrasing it in a way you would understand, Ambassador."

   Footsteps recede in the recording...

   "...I don't think he knows the definition of that word."



   Sector 7 - Some Ledge Somewhere





   ..............THUMP! The entity collided hard with another soft object, and the two flew through the air until they were stopped by the mercy of a netherrack wall. The heavier of the two fell faster, and struck first with a heavy thud. She fell to the ground seconds later with an accompanying thud.

   There was a very, very long moment where the machine lay motionless on the rough stone, eyes closed as if sleeping. If it weren't for the feet and the head, one could mistake her for a human in suit; at least, until she restored her wireless connection and woke up.

   She sat up suddenly with a surprised gasp, and stopped. Thinking, processing, calibrating... wait, what were we calibrating? She shook her head and placed it in her hands, waiting for everything else to boot up, sounds, colors, and ideas all coming into focus.

   Then a strange, empty feeling. She had forgotten something. What had she forgotten?... As if she could simply ask and magically remember. This feeling of not knowing though... it was very strange. Like there was a firewall in her head. It wasn't quite a blockage though...


   She shook her head again and stood up, a little bit confused, but confident enough to figure out what was going on. The first step would be to identify her location.

   She looked around, finding she was between a red wall and several small, red mounds. There was a bit of a red haze too. Red, red, red... lots of red. Mostly red. That didn't make sense... Maybe her color calibration was off?

   The entity stood there for a moment, scrutinizing the wall, adjusting the internal gamma of her eyes until she found herself in a world of blue-green stone. Somewhat satisfied at the reveal of "mossy stone" with a cubical shear, she walked out from between the piles and spotted some fire a few meters away, thriving on the stone. Just beyond it was what appeared to be dirt, so she adjusted the colors to compensate.

   There! That looks a lot better. She must have hit her head and poorly terminated the software. She smiled at the "fixed" colors, before rotating on the spot, recalling her objective: Where am I?


   A pause at her own thought. Her smile suddenly faded, and she looked down at the ground, confused. Who's "I"? Who is this? Her mental connection wavered, and she habitually tried to correct it by turning in place, before she began to wonder how that habit formed. Maybe the connection would tell her?

   Who am I? she asked the connection, and she received a ping: a text document. It was titled PhilosophyOfLife - TheoriesOnSentience. It was created by someone with the profile "Mother Machine". Who's that? Was that the connection, or her? Opening up the text document revealed it was eight pages long of twelve-point text.

   ...Maybe not right now. She had to figure out where she was first. She dismissed the signal with a wave and walked to the left of the fire, into a more open space. Maybe I can receive a clearer signal out here, she thought, looking up at the sky without seeing where she was going; except the sky looked more like the ceiling of a cave. She stopped to stare at it, uncertain. That's... not what I expected.

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Sector 20 (Wraith and Rev)


Philip was massively relieved as he noticed the bodies of unconscious people strewn about, making a path for the invisible spectre as he tried his best to find Rev. The ball he had grabbed was safely tucked away on his belt as he moved about, the only thing giving him away now were his snarls.


“Hey,” Philip heard the voice of Rev said. “Where are you? I can hear your snarls.”


Philip relaxed before uncloaking, his bell ringing out, making Rev jump again.


“Nice trick!” Rev said as the invisible killer turned visible. “Is that your special power?”


Philip nodded and started trying to sign to Rev. Rev blinked and watched Philip carefully. “Oh, so your name is Philip,” Rev said. “Pleased to meet you.” Philip smiled before pointing to the doors. “Yes, you're right, we need to leave.” Philip followed Rev, hissing as sunlight filled his eyes before retreating back inside. Rev looked back, worried about his new friend as he told Rev that bright light hurts his eyes.




Sector 20 (Doey and Hollow)


Doey was barking orders to clean the place up, sighing as he thought about the two missing Pokeballs that the two intruders took.


“Sir!” a grunt said, making Doey turn and look at the man. “Report from Sector 5 that says Ghetsis is on the move and invading one of the other sectors.”


“Thank you for that report,” Doey hummed in thought, gently stroking Hollow’s crest. So Ghetsis was on the move? Interesting. He had heard the man had hopes and dreams about separating Pokemon and humans only for Team Plasma to reign supreme with the group having the only Pokemon. “Keep me updated, I may have to go have a little talk with him.”




Sector 7 (Jerry)


Jerry sighed as he moved about, perking up as he found a block chest. Going over to it, he skillfully climbed it and had a bit of a struggle opening it. When it finally did open, Jerry picked up an oversized sword that automatically shrinked in his paws before reaching down and grabbing a armoured breastplate that also shrunk down and he fitted that around his body.


Seeing nothing else in the chest, Jerry hopped down and continued walking around, feeling a bit more confident in himself.




Sector 3 (Blue)


Blue grumbled as she walked around. No one came, not even the bigger dino after a few moments of waiting around. She was suddenly thirsty and she was moving to find a river. She eventually did find a river and bent down to take a drink when she heard a twang and something whizzed by her.

Looking up, she heard the twang again and looked over to see a thing made up of bones that was hiding in the shade shooting something at her. Dodging the next one, she hissed, remembering the air filled with noises that fateful night she lost her alpha. She immediately ran off to the side, growling slightly.

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Sector 7 (with Tyrael)


Tyrael had been so focused on the strange bipedal mouse that he didn't see the other entity coming. Said entity crashed into him, causing both to fly through the air into a nearby wall. His heavy plate armor meant he was the first to fall to the ground. Seconds later, the one who had crashed into him followed suit. He-- She-- IT looked rather... confused. Staring up at the cavern's ceiling, silently. As if trying to figure out where it was. To be fair, he wasn't quite certain anymore, either (and had almost certainly lost track of the strange mouse by now).


Such a strange thing... I've never seen it before in my entire existence... Not a demon, but not an angel... definitely not mortal or Nephalem...


Tyrael cleared his throat, trying to get the strange thing's attention. "That was quite the nasty fall we took... Are you all right?"

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   Sector 7 - Ledge


   The entity was roused from her musing by a masculine voice, and she jerked her head over to the right.

   A figure? Where did he come from? Where-?


   There was a sudden click in her mind. She knew that guy! Not personally, but she knew him!

   He was rather calm for what happened, and didn't look too wary, only cementing the recognition. She couldn't see his face, but there was nothing threatening about it. He simply stood there for a moment, like he couldn't decide what to do with her.

   "That was quite a nasty fall we took... Are you all right?" he asked. For a moment she was speechless, unable to believe what she was seeing. Was this a cosplay? It looked so real though, especially with the blue wings. Something was off about the green armor, but maybe it had copper elements and had rusted? Brass was rather heavy, and most Millenials wouldn't be used to armor with realistic weight...

   ...How rude of her, he asked a question so politely and she's just staring at him, stupefied.

   "Oh! Um..." She was startled at first by her own voice; did she really sound like that? Huh. "Y-Yeah. I'm fine. I think... I don't remember coming here, or who I am. I must have hit my head." She was pretty comfortable with talking to him, proving just afterward: "I would say you're pretty convincing, but um..." she paused and looked around, "you must be Tyrael, because this looks a bit like the Burning Hells." She stared off into the red haze of the cavern for a bit, before chuckling at how silly it sounded and looking at the ground. "Sorry, it's probably just a simulation. There's no proof that alternate dimensions exist. But still, you even sound like him! And this, this is just a really cool effect..." She trailed off, spinning in place to fully assess her surroundings with a smile. "Even the temperature is different!" She paused in the spin to look at Tyrael again, still not believing he was actually there, only to pause at some discoloration on the armor and cloth. She rubbed her chin and shyly pointed at it, "Um, you have a little bit of schmutz there... I guess there are demons here?" She didn't outright explain the conclusion, it just seemed logical that an angel in enemy territory would defend himself, and she recalled - albeit foggily - that the angels and demons could bleed.

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