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Generations Ago a newborn baby born in Quig Quig, China, was born with the ability to emanate light from their body. After this baby, now known as the Luminescent Baby, was born, people from all over the world began to manifest different kinds of abilities of their own. The cause of this phenomenon was unknown, but one thing could be certain: more babies were being born with these special abilities in rapid numbers. These abilities would soon be known as Quirks, a special superhuman ability unique to the person who possessed it. When Quirks first appeared, they were feared and approached with apprehension. Police forces around the world collectively decided to not utilize Quirks in fear that Quirks would be used as deadly weapons. Amidst the confusion and fear straggling the world, individuals known as Pro Heroes stood up and took the mantle as peacekeepers of the world. They used their Quirks to fight crime, protect civilians from natural disasters, and handle any other harm that might befall innocent people. Though they were heavily criticized at first for taking matters into their own hands and using potentially deadly force, the first Pro Heroes were bound by a code of ethics that required them to uphold the law. In modern times, about 80% of the world's population has a Quirk. Heroes are celebrated as vanguards against evil which leads to countless kids with Quirks dreaming of becoming Heroes when they grow up. Luckily for you, that dream might just come true.



Welcome to U.A. High School! Located in Musutafu, Japan, U.A is considered is the 1# ranked high school for heroics and the top Hero Academy in the world. For whatever reason, you decided to attend U.A to become a Hero. You passed both the written and practical exam with high enough scores to place you in Class 1-A, the top class in the Department of Heroes. Along with your fellow classmates, you will train to become a Hero and become qualified to both use your Quirks in public and fight villains for the betterment of the world. You will be taught by Pro Heroes who are well rehearsed in the world of Heroes. Your homeroom teacher, Shoto Aizawa, will be teaching you everything you need to know through a variety of training sessions as well as participation in school events. You can look forward to the school making you your own personal Hero costume, helping you pick out a Hero name, interning with actual Heroes, and other similar things that will help you adjust to your new life in U.A. There will be plenty to do in school, but excitement is sure to happen outside of the school hours as well. Remember to be responsible with your Quirks and please enjoy your educational journey through U.A.!



Quirks are superhuman powers that a unique to their user. They are genetically inherited from the parents and are a dominant gene. Children usually manifest their Quirks at age four, but it is possible for children to be born with their Quirks. Children usually manifest one or, more uncommonly, both of their parents' quirks. During the second and third generation of Quirk users, some people began to marry one another with the distinct purpose of combining their quirks through their offspring in a process known as Quirk Marriages. Physical mutations can be inherited even if the child's quirk is not related to their appearance. It is possible for someone to be born without a Quirk. A correlation between missing an extra pinky joint with manifesting a quirk. People who lack Quirks, known as Quirkless, have two joints in their pinkie toe. There are several laws that have been made to ensure that everyone uses their quirks responsibly. Children receive Quirk counseling when in Elementary where they are taught to be responsible for the Quirks. Using Quirks in public is illegal except when used to help someone getting attacked or in self-defense.


All Quirks have a Quirk Factor, the collective traits that accumulate a Quirk. A Quirk Factor includes the core power of the Quirk and any biological adaptions that make the Quirk's primary power function. There are some Quirks that can render a Quirk's primary power temporarily useless just as there are Quirks that can target attack the biological adaptions that make a Quirk activate. It is possible for a Quirk Factor to be damaged beyond repair, making a Quirk entirely unusable. Quirks are categorized into three different categories. These categories are:



Quirks that have the ability to release substances or alter the world around them. Emitter-type Quirks can only be activated when the user is putting forth a conscious effort and sometimes even intense concentration. Emitter-type Quirks have various ranges between requiring physical contact, being able to be used from short or long distances and not having a restriction to a distance at all. It is possible for someone with an Emitter-type Quirk to hurt themselves even if most users of this type have better control of their Quirk. While some substances produced from Emitter-type Quirks are common in the natural world, others are dependent on their user's biological adaptations. The Quirks that relate to altering the properties of materials can range from various effects such as molecular alteration or molecular destruction. Emitter-type Quirks are the most common type of Quirk.


Transformation (Also Known as Hybrida and Composite)

Quirks that cause the user to take a temporary alteration. These transformations range from enhancing preexisting features, growing new parts, or changing the body of the user completely. Normally, Transformation-type Quirks only affect the user but there are some exceptions to this rule. Transformation-type Quirks can only be activated when in close-range of the intended target. Transformation-type Quirks require a conscious effort from the user in order to be utilized, though users can learn to activate them reflexively. Although Transformation-type Quirks are often extraordinarily strong, they are always temporary and taxing on the user. Transformation-type Quirks are the rarest type of Quirk.



Quirks that, while having a wide range of abilities, are part of the user's physicality. These Quirks are passively active, but allow a large range of control. These Quirks cause the user to exhibit non-human features whether it be a bodily alteration or enhancing pre-existing abilities. Some mutant-type Quirk users can control their Quirks to the same degree as those with Emitter-type Quirks Mutant-type Quirks cannot be turned off and can even be an inconvenience at a time as they are malformations. Although they aren't as common as Emitter-type Quirks, Mutant-type Quirks as the easiest Quirk to identify.



To accommodate the influx of international students (and since their funding seems to be limitless), U.A. now offers dormitories to all students whether they live locally or out of the country. The dormitories are about a ten-minute walk from the campus and a five-minute walk from the train station. For student’s convenience, there is a supermarket, library, shopping street, and hospital within a fifteen-minute walking radius from the dorms. The building itself is 12 floors high and currently has over 1,000 single rooms with additional rooms to be added if needed. First years are required to have a dorm; first years' dorms are arranged by seat number. Second and third years have to request for a dorm. All dormitory expenses, including the Internet, are paid for by the school. Additional costs outside of the room and communal facilities must be paid for by the student or their legal guardians.


All dorms are identical. Inside of each room is a single bed, computer desk, chair for the desk, closet, and bed stand. Students are free to rearrange the furniture to their liking as well as decorate their dorm to suit their tastes. Communal facilities include showers, toilets, an inside swimming pool, and kitchen. Nutritional breakfasts and dinners are served at 7:00 am and 8:30 pm; students are required to return dirty dishes to the kitchen so the staff may deal with them. The communal kitchen gives students access to stoves, microwave ovens, and refrigerators if they wish to cook something up themselves. There are mirrors in the restrooms where students may brush their teeth or groom themselves. The swimming pool is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Although there is no enforced curfew, students are encouraged to return to their rooms before midnight.



As the story progresses, more places will be added and descriptions will be expanded upon.


U.A High School

U.A has a large campus that holds both a building that where inside classes are, a forest to train in, and several additional buildings built specifically for training purposes. The entire campus is surrounded by a wall with a long walkway under an arc is the only way to enter.


Room 1-A

The classroom for Class 1-A. It is a basic classroom. Inside of it is several desks for students, a wooden podium in front of the room, a chalkboard, and windows that show a view of both the hallway and outside. The door to Room 1-A is overly large with 1-A in big red letters plastered upon it. Shoto Aizawa, Hero name Eraserhead, is the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A.


Lunch Rush Cafeteria

A huge food court where students can get food from. The room is spacious with large open windows, countless long tables with ten chairs each, and Chinese-theme decorations to give the room more atmosphere. The Hero Lunch-Rush is in charge of serving top-notch meals to the students.


Recovery Girl's Nurse's Office

The school's local nurse office. There are two beds and two chairs within the room so patients and those who want to see them can be in the room. There is a computer desk with a peculiar machine placed next to it within in the room. The entire room is decorated with a variety of helpful (and a few with outdated memes) posters decorating the office. Recovery Girl is in charge of ensuring that all patients in her care are taken care of. There are other branching offices scattered across the U.A. campus. 


P.E. Grounds

A basic open field with generic P.E. equipment scattered around it. There isn't much that differentiates the P.E Grounds from grass fields in other schools beyond the fact that the P.E. Grounds is decent in size. The P.E. Grounds is placed between the main building and the edge of the nearby forest.


Unforeseen Simulation Joint

A dome-shaped building where students to go train. It is composed of eight different sections that emulate different environments students must learn to work within. These zones are connected by the central plaza which allows students to get a view of each area. The zones are as follows:

  • Ruins Zone: Simulates a destroyed urban city that contains hazards in the form of unstable buildings. Located on the northeastern side of the building.
  • Landslide Zone: Simulates the aftermath of an earthquake with slanted terrain and damaged buildings. Located on the east side of the building.
  • Mountain Zone: Simulates a rocky mountain with uneven flooring and slanted cliffs. Located on the south side of the building.
  • Conflagaration Zone: Simulates a city engulfed in flames with various fire hazards and buildings that are beginning to fall apart. Contained within a red dome and located on the southwest side of the building.
  • Flood Zone: Simulates a boat that's about to capsize in water and, for whatever reason, also has a waterslide. Located on the west side of the building.
  • Downpour Zone: Simulates a city being battered with heavy rainfall and unrelenting wind. Contained within a blue dome and located on the northwest side of the building.


Sports Festival Stadium

Inside | Outside
The stadium where the national Sports Festival takes place. The stadium is three floors high with several screens both inside and out. The inside of the building has a flat squad of concrete in the middle surrounded by grass where students will participate in. There are gates that lead in and out of the stadium and into the field outside of it. The stadium itself has a branch nurse's office that is only active when the festival is occurring. As the festival is not currently active, the stadium is empty.


U.A. Dormitories

A large building where students can have dorms. The building itself isn't anything out of the ordinary; it is rectangular with windows located in every dorm room. There are large looming trees aligning the sides of the walkway to the dormitory. There is a tall fence, about seven feet or so, surrounding the dormitories so no trespassers can sneak in.



  • If you ever have an inquiry or idea you'd like to share, don't be afraid to contact me! I will be happy to answer your questions whether it be through the Discord server or a personal DM. While I will accept PMs through the forums, I heavily recommend you join the Discord server (PM me for a link to it) as that is where most communication between everyone in the roleplay will occur.
  • Posts should be at least five sentences long. While I would prefer for posts to be a paragraph at the least, I can understand if you are unable to write a long post for a fight scene or something of the same caliber.
  • You are to post a week within an interaction needing you to reply. If you are unable to reply for whatever reason, please contact me so we can work something out. If you do not post when required and if you do not contact me, your character will be skipped. If this persists for weeks on end, your characters will be listed as inactive and the roleplay will move on without you.
  • The character limit is four. Please post your character sheets in the OOC. Character critique is usually posted in the RP_Discussion channel of the Discord.
  • When posting for multiple characters, please make it clear which character(s) you are posting for. It doesn't matter if you simply have multiple spaces between paragraphs or write a character's name above the first paragraph of the post from their POV.
  • Refrain from giving your characters Quirks that characters in the main series already have. I understand if you make a Quirk similar to a canon one because you either like the idea or don't know enough about My Hero Academia to remember all the Quirks used, but I don't want anyone making characters that are exact replicas of characters from the main series. If you are ever unsure if the Quirk you want to use is original or not, contact me. I'm sure we can figure it out together.
  • For the sake of making this roleplay less complicated, your characters shouldn't know anyone from the main series personally. This excludes the NPCs that will be present in this roleplay. As this roleplay takes place a few years before the main series, the main cast shouldn't even be in U.A.
  • I reserve the right to change the rules at any time. Check back occasionally to make see if anything is new.



If you are unsure how to fill out the character sheet, check out some completed character sheets in the Class 1-A Roster


Character First/Last Name

Gender | Age | Hero Name: Epithet

Appearance: (Written description is required. Adding an image is fine but that image must have been drawn specifically for this character)


Hero Costume:



Quirk | Quirk Type

Quirk Description



Portraits will be drawn of all accepted characters. If you would like an input in your character's portrait, please contact me.


Not Pictured:

Shinya Nemui

Yanagi Ojigisou

Alistair Yazzie
Vincent Kuro

Ryu Kaiyo

Sam McCullen

Madako Tenaga

Haruka Maeda

Nolan Alvarado

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I might consider joining depending on how everything works. I've never read or seen this series so until I read what you have to say I can't give a definitive answer one way or the other. Let's just say I'm curious and leaning towards playing.

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I've been meaning to start reading this series, so I'm certainly curious as to see how this could go.

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This sounds awesome! I love My Hero Academia, and would love to role play and create a character! I also feel like this would be an amazing project, seeing how many of us could create and influence not only out own characters tale, but also each others characters and their story!

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doc doc

who's there

it's me, mage


I've only seen like 2 episodes but I'm in! You said no prior knowledge required, which is nice.

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Sorry for the double post, but the discord server is up! Send me a PM if you want to join.


When you enter the server, please say what your forum name is so a role can be assigned to you. This link will only be available until next Wednesday. If you didn't manage to join the Discord before the link is removed, send me a PM and I'll be sure to give you a link. As mentioned previously, the main page should be up Friday. Once again, thank you all for waiting and I hope to roleplay with you all soon!

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Hey everyone, the OOC is now up and running!

If you haven't already joined the Discord and wish to join this roleplay, please do so. Most of the communication between me and everyone who joins will be done on that Discord. We don't have a current date to start so feel free to take time with your sheets. All character sheets will be linked from the first page to whatever post you posted them in. As such, I'll be putting all my character sheets in this post when they're all finished.


With that said, here's a filled out character sheet:


Shinya Nemui

Male | 16 | Metamorphosis: The Survival Hero


Normal: Being relatively short at 5’4” (around 165cm) and considering his tendency to dwell in the darkest corner of any room he’s in, Shinya would be hard to notice were it not for his ridiculous hair. His messy green hair is in tire need of a comb. It's baffling long, reaching down all the way to Shinya’s hips. He usually ties his hair into a messy, poofy ponytail. His skin is deathly pale with no visible markings or blemishes outside of a beauty mark near the corner of his right eye. Purple tinged bags lay underneath his dark brown eyes. Shinya’s face is somewhat round with thin lips, a small nose, and thin, arching eyebrows. Shinya’s body is slender with long, willowy limbs that don't seem to fit on such a short body. Shinya is surprisingly muscular especially in his torso and legs although he rarely shows off any skin. If he's not covered by a school uniform he's usually buried in overly large sweaters and layers of underclothing.


Hero Costume: Shinya dons what appears to be a regular hoodie and short pants. The sleeveless hoodie is a dark green with a velvety, felt texture. The hood itself is large enough to conceal Shinya’s face when raised up. The pants are stark black and baggy, cutting off near the top of Shinya’s tights. Brown leather boots reaching up to Shinya’s shin are strapped to his feet. Most of Shinya’s legs and practically every inch of his arms are exposed as to not interrupt with the Shinya’s Quirk. The clothing that Shinya does have has been modified so it possesses numerous qualities such as being waterproof, fireproof, stretchable, able to withstand great force and other qualities that make it durable to both outside forces and whatever strange mutations that may occur when Shinya activates his Quirk. Although Shinya is unlikely to destroy his costume when using his Quirk, the clothing is made more to protect him from outside forces and survive whatever beating it may take from it, it doesn’t necessarily enhance the power of his Quirk.

Personality: Generally, Shinya is a levelheaded and mellow individual. He takes everything in stride, approaching every situation with the same apathetic expression. He can’t muster the energy to care about what other people think of him let alone find the strength to have strong opinions about a multitude of subjects. He’s not afraid to offer his opinion or shoot down the ideas of others, but he generally does it with the same phlegmatic manner he always has. Although he doesn't usually try to provoke anyone, Shinya is rather blunt and doesn't bother to sugarcoat anything he says. He tries to be amiable to strangers and friends alike, but he does get a kick out of annoying people he considers to be contemptible jerks.


Having a Quirk that makes him nearly invincible does little to dissuade Shinya to be reckless. He has no problem running headlong into a dangerous situation especially if someone else’s life is on the line. It’s rare for Shinya to express any strong emotions in any capacity. Oddly enough, Shinya is more than happy to listen to his friends when they are distressed and offer whatever advice he may have. Though he may not admit it aloud, Shinya does care about the most important people in his life often willing to put their needs and wants over his own.

Biography: Although Shinya was too young to remember the events that transpired during his infancy, he was intimately familiar with how messy his family is. His mom was in an arranged quirk marriage. Shinya’s mom was groomed into believing that her value has a person weighed on her ability to combine her quirk with someone else while Shinya’s father merely wanted to reap the benefits from being the father of a pro-hero. Their marriage was a loveless one that not only made both parents unhappy but led to their children growing up in an unhealthy environment. After sixteen years of marriage, Shinya’s mom began to have an affair with one of the family’s maids and filed for divorce about a year later. Shinya’s mom won custody over her children and started a new life with her wife.


Shinya was born three months before the divorce. Ironically, out of five children, he was the only child who ended up with a quirk that was a mix between his mother’s quirk to change her cells into different types of organic and inorganic matter and his father’s quirk to sense danger before it hit him. Shinya grew up with siblings that both envied him for not knowing their shared father and promised themselves to never let their father hurt him. Shinya’s mom and mother, his mom especially, felt as though it was their duty to give Shinya a life removed from the pain that his other siblings had.


Shinya understood why his family worked so hard to shelter him from his father, but he couldn’t help but feel inadequate. He felt as though that since he was the end product that the quirk marriage intended to create in the first place somehow made him responsible for the suffering that his siblings and mom had to endure. Knowing just how hard his family was working in order to make his life free of the hardships they endured, Shinya decided to bury his insecurities under a mask of indifference. If he acted like he didn’t care about anything then maybe they would stop worrying about him and live their lives with their newly granted freedom. When he decided to attend UA, Shinya promised himself that he would become a pro-hero that could pave a path where no one had to suffer in a world where people equated their worth as a person based on their quirks or lack therefore of.

Adaptation | Transformation

Shinya’s quirk allows his body to naturally adapt to the world around him. His body is able to sense when it’s in danger and command the cells within it to transform into whatever they need to in order to ensure Shinya’s survival. This quirk can allow Shinya to grow gills and fins if he’s pushed underwater, sprout wings if he’s freefalling in the air for an extended period of time, harden his skin if being beaten, and other similar growths when in various situations. Although Shinya’s body is capable of transmuting into basically anything, these adaptations are only temporary and always correspond to a direct threat. Any mutations Shinya may have will fade away as soon as they are no longer needed for Shinya’s survival.


- Shinya has a problem with sleeping. As such, he’ll try to take a nap whenever he has the time. - He’s an excellent cook and has an obsession with large dogs.


Yanagi Ojigisou

Female | 15 | Babylonica: Plant Charming Hero


Normal: Yanagi is the tallest in her family, standing at 5'10" (around 178cm). She has a slender build with long, thin limbs. Her skin is tan with a slight light green tinge to it. Yanagi’s face is round with a decently sized nose, thick lips, and high set eyebrows. Her eyes are amber with thick eyelashes. Yanagi’s moss green hair is extraordinarily long, reaching all the way down to her feet and down to the floor. The hair itself is willowy, curling in long, wavy strands. There are various leafs and branches poking out of Yanagi’s hair that regrow within a few days if they are removed. Yanagi’s bangs are long just like the rest of her hair and usually covering up a portion of her face. Outside of school, Yanagi usually wears comfortable, overly large clothes in the form of big sweaters, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers with animal faces.


Hero Costume: While in her hero costume, Yanagi wears a russet leotard with no sleeves. Attached to the bottom is a multi-layered, half skirt that covers Yanagi’s thighs completely and has a tail that goes all the way down to the back of Yanagi’s knees. The skirt is made lace and is only slightly darker than the leotard. On Yanagi’s feet are dark green, lyrical shoes. Yanagai carries around a wide, silky ribbon that is usually draped around her shoulders as well as held. This ribbon is a dark green and comprised of natural sources, allowing Yanagi to control it just like she can control any other form of plant matter.

Personality: Yanagi is a shy, but cordial girl who tries her best to get along with everyone around her. She does her best to be upbeat, but her innate timidness often leads to her getting flustered and fleeing so she can recuperate. Simple interactions such as ordering coffee or asking someone a question are a source of minor stress for an anxious Yanagi; she often has to rehearse everything she was to say in her heads numerous times and mentally prepare herself before she can initiate an interaction. A lifetime of bullies and manipulative friends has caused Yanagi to constantly fear to be at fault for anything that goes wrong around her; she is prone to apologizing for the smallest errors and then apologize for apologizing so much. Despite her demure demeanor, Yanagi has gained a resistance to insults that would have deeply hurt her when she was younger although she is still prone to bursting into tears when she’s hurt. Because of her past experiences, Yanagi is adamant about everyone getting along or at the very least being able to function in the same environment without hurting one another. Although her natural timorousness is evident on her every word, Yanagi has strong opinions and will, with great effort on her part, fight for her beliefs even if she’s disregarded. Yanagi excels at academics and thoroughly enjoys putting extra effort into whatever task is at hand. If a topic she’s interested in is brought up, Yanagi is prone to raving about how wonderful it is with pure, unadulterated passion. Yanagi is quick to offer her support to anyone who is distressed, no matter if she likes them or not, but she has a hard time accepting advice herself.

Biography: Yanagi was born to a very wealthy family. In her prime, Yanagi’s grandmother was the famous hero known as Ranunculus. Yanagi was primarily raised by her Quirkless father, rarely seeing her mother as she busy working overseas. While she never had a problem with getting excellent grades, Yanagi had an extraordinarily hard time interacting with her peers. She allowed herself to be pushed around by other children; it wasn’t uncommon for her to come home sniffling and or with various scrapes or bruises on her body. The only solace Yanagi could find Yanagi had a difficult time with school until near the beginning of middle school. It was through numerous counseling sessions and heavy support from her father and grandmother did Yanagi manage to get a better hold of her anxiety and stress. Although her insecurities were by no means gone, Yanagi became able better interact with those around her. Her decision to attend U.A was mainly influenced by her father’s and grandmother’s persistence in helping her even when she was at her worst. She wanted to not only carry on her grandmother’s legacy but help others when they needed it most.

Chlorokinesis | Emitter

Yanagi’s Quirk allows her to manipulate any plant matter including moss, vines, leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, and any plant matter in a concentrated form such as paper for clothing. She can make command plants to move as though they have their own free will. She has full control of any plants in her general proximity, usually within eyesight or at least 10 yards (around 9 meters) if she’s trying to control roots. Yanagi loses control if she is not within range of the plants she’s controlling, resulting in them flopping back onto the ground. While Yanagi does have great control over plants, there are a few limitations. She cannot uproot anything bigger than a sapling although she is fully capable of controlling a tree’s branches, leaves, or roots. Yanagi has control of the branches and leaves in her hair as well, but since they’re so small she usually doesn’t mess with them unless it’s an emergency. If a plant Yanagi is controlling is killed or if Yanagi is knocked out, it will immediately go limp.


- One of her favorite pastimes is making paper fold into origami by itself.

- Her grandmother really likes plant puns. The only reason her hero name was Ranunculus was so she could have an excuse to say “That’s Ranunculus!” among other similarly bad puns. Yanagi appreciates her grandmother’s dedication to puns.



Alistair Yazzie

Male | 16 | Bombardier: The Inferno Hero


Normal: Standing at around 5’7” (171cm), Alistair has a toned body with noticeable muscles. His dark skin is swarmed with a sea of freckles that are scattered across Alistair’s face and limbs. His facial features are sharp; he has high cheekbones and pointed-edged lips that can are usually curled into a lopsided grin. Alistair’s teeth are unusually sharp.

His icy blue eyes have slit vertical pupils that nearly conceal his sclera entirely when fully dilated. Small horns the same color of his eyes sprout from Alistair’s temples and curl backward. Alistair’s vivid blue hair is long, reaching down to his mid-back. The hair itself is curly just like his father’s and requires constant attention to keep it from getting tangled.


Alistair’s fingernails are elongated, sharp and curl slightly inward in a fashion that’s reminiscent of bird talons. Emerging from Alistair’s back is a long, thick, pointed tail about three feet long that usually drags along the ground. The tail itself is made of leathery skin with the top part being coated in thick, dark scales and the bottom side is a deep navy. At the bottom of the tail are protruding plates that line up along his spine, reaching up to right below his neck. The plates themselves are as dark as the scales on his tail; the plates are in pairs which each paired plate being only about an inch from its partner. The plates are shortest at the bottom of his tail and grow in height the closer they get to Alistair’s neck. When Alistair uses his Quirk, the plates on his back glow an ethereal blue that fades away once his Quirk is no longer in use. When not in school uniform, Alistair wears whatever Caspian buys for him which usually ends up being the latest fashion trends. If left to his own devices, Alistair usually just throws on whatever is comfortable.


Hero Costume: Alistair’s hero costume is a messy combination of a fantasy aesthetic and practical clothing that allows Alistair to maneuver easily. He wears a metallic cuirass that is the same color as of the leathery skin of his tail. The back of the cuirass has a large opening in the center, exposing both a portion of Alistair’s back and his plates. He wears light brown pants and slightly darker boots that reach up to right underneath his knees. Around his waist is a brown, festival utility belt with pouches full of the various foodstuffs Alistair needs to consume in order to use his Quirk. Attached to the very end of Alistair’s tail is a round tail club about five inches tall and seven inches thick. The club is of similar color to the scales on his tail and is heavy enough to do decent damage if swung at someone. All of the clothing on Alistair’s person is designed to handle the intense heat that comes from both the flames he produces and the heat that emits from his skin after he uses his Quirk.

Personality: Alistair is a vivacious individual who loves to be the center of attention. He’s quick to insert himself into the nearest social interaction and even quicker to force himself into an interaction if drama is involved. Being overly theatrical himself, Alistair adores anything or anyone who’s over the top which is partly the reason why he loves excessive heroes like All Might so much. Alistair is loquacious to the point of him having a hard time closing his mouth when he knows he should. Alistair is a compulsive liar who can easily fabricate a story at a moment’s notice. He is prone to joking around even in serious circumstances; he often falls back to humor and uses it as a crutch when he finds himself in uncomfortable circumstances. While Alistair tries to be friendly to those around him, he does have a bad habit of being too open about his personal life and expecting others to be the same. He is an idealist who, holding onto fantasies of a better world as opposed to facing cold, hard facts. He’s quite protective of those he cares about, often adopting a more sinister attitude when someone is insulting and or hurting someone close to him.

Biography:  Born in a small town in the Navajo Nation, Alistair spent the early years of his life learning about his heritage and becoming acquainted with his Quirk. Alistair’s native mother passed away due to a lung cancer when he was only six. Grief-stricken, Alistair’s father took his only child and immigrated back to his home country: Japan. Assimilating into a new country with a rudimentary grasp of the local language, a lack of understanding of the culture, and the uncertainty that came with not knowing the sociality views of his transsexuality was extraordinarily difficult for Alistair. His father did everything in his power to make Alistair more comfortable in his new home, but Alistair found it hard to adjust for the first few months of his new life.


It wasn't until Alistair befriended a boy by the name of Caspian did he finally begin to open up. Caspian had offered to teach Alistair Japanese in exchange for being taught English. What started as a mutually beneficial relationship bloomed into a bond as strong as steel. Alistair became the same outgoing, loud individual that he was back in America. Alistair says he became a hero because someone has to keep an eye on Caspian, but in reality, he desires to be the beacon of light for others just as Caspian was for him.

Flaming Breath | Emitter

Alistair’s quirk allows him to breathe intensely hot, blue flames from his mouth. His body is biologically configured to produce a highly volatile gas as well as a special acid made to ignite the gas. The acid is stored in an organic chamber in his abdomen. There are two ducts in Alistair’s mouth: one ejects the gas while the other squirts out the acid that ignites the gas. The flames itself reach 1,500 °C (around 2,732 °F) degrees at their hottest peak and usually have to be put out as they burn whatever they latch onto. Alistair’s body, while not fully fireproof, is resistant to high temperatures. Though Alistair's quirk may be powerful, he needs to consume certain substances to produce both the gas and acid needed to use it. This leads to him having consuming materials that most humans might not be able to, or want to, eat on a daily basis such as charcoal and straight up cinnamon among other things. Alistair’s biologically configuration allows him to eat copious amount of strange food safely but his taste buds don’t do him justice. Whenever Alistair uses his Quirk, his skin becomes warm to touch for hours afterward. If he used his Quirk excessively, the warmth can stay for an entire day.


- He has freaked out numerous of his friends by downing an entire bottle of cinnamon during a “cinnamon challenge” and concerned countless people by straight up eating chunks of charcoal in public.

- He has heard his fair share of “You’re just like Godzilla” jokes and he never gets tired of them.

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I've decided i'm not going to try draw them.


Vincent Kuro


Male | 15 | Clockwork: The Speed Hero


Casual: Slightly tanned, Vincent is 6’1. He has rough features including freckles, a scar on his eyebrow and a crooked nose. He has plain brown eyes and his hair is both black and brown, with different hairs being a different colour. His hair is parted evenly with his bangs reaching just above his eyebrows and his hair falling to just above his shoulders. Vincent is built like a rugby player and has considerable muscle making him appear quite stocky despite his size. When not in his uniform he dresses commonly in simple clothes; hoodies, t-shirts and jeans.

Hero Costume: Vincent’s costume has a very steampunk feel. He has a brown vest and long-sleeved white shirt under it, with a red cravat seated between his collar. He sports a top hat and a large pair of goggles with infrared/night vision capabilities. He has brown palm-less gloves with padding and metal knuckles, and braces on his arms to assist their movement. His boots have similar cushioning and have several straps and are steel toed. Holding up plain brown pants he has a belt with a bag of pebbles designed to be thrown. Lastly he wears a large fur lined trench coat, purely for the purpose of throwing it off dramatically when a fight begins.

Personality: Vincent is loud and boisterous, in the past he always preferred his fists to do the talking. Vincent is the type to rush in when he sees someone getting hurt, and can't tolerate bullying. He loves being the center of attention and especially when people compliment or thank him for helping them, it's one of his main drives for wanting to be a hero. While he loves a good scrap, Vincent is a friendly guy who often forgets about personal space, he’s a great hugger. Vincent isn't book smart and only does average on tests, but knows his quirk inside out and uses it to the very best when in a fight. Vincent considers Sam like the sister he never had and sees the two of them as birds of a feather.

Biography: Vincents father was an Olympian and fell in love with Vincents mother during the last Tokyo Olympics. With the rise of quirks and their restrictions the Olympics had fallen a lot in the public eye and Vincents father was perfectly happy to settle down, moving to japan to court and marry Vincents mother, and soon having Vincent. Vincent was raised playing sports and taught the importance of “a healthy body is a healthy mind”. He discovered his quirk when he was 4, when he hit a baseball only to have the bat stop in midair as he threw it away.

A constant hot-head Vincent loved to get into fights, often using his quirk to save the overly aggressive yet quirkless (seemingly) Sam after she charged in to rescue kids from bullies, after she moved he took up the role as local bully hunter. After many scraps one of which ended with Vincent breaking his nose, the younger children in Vincent’s area started to idolise him, and the bullies stopped harassing them. Encouraged by his family Vincent pushed himself to develop his quirk in the purpose of becoming a hero. At the end of middle school he applied for UA and succeeded.

Fast forward/Slow-mo| Emitter

With his left and right hand Vincent can alter a persons relative flow of time. With his left hand he's capable of speeding up their flow of time, allowing them to move faster and perceive the world as going slower. He can only do it so much before it causes severe muscle cramping and possibly worse, he likens it to stages with 3 being his current max he's willing to use on himself or other living things. On top of muscle issues increasing his flow of time also increases the energy drain, so even on stage 1 Vincent cannot maintain increase speed for too long before becoming tired. On non-sentient entities he's capable of increasing the flow of things much more to the point of being able to completely rust over small piece of sheet metal in 2 minutes. Applying this requires his hand to be touching the object/person and for him to focus, with more focus needed for greater alterations. His right hand is capable of slowing the time of something he touches. Living things under the effect will perceive the world as moving considerably faster then them. While he could in theory apply additive slowness to a person he's incapable of using his right hands power repeatedly, and needs to wait for 15 seconds between each use. Both powers only last for 10 seconds, but he is capable of constantly reapplying his fast-forward to himself so that doesn't cause him much issue in a fight.

Other: He's loud and has a special handshake with Sam that consists entirely of a high five where he freezes her in place and she really hurts his hand.

He's not very good at most video games.

His stats are 4/5/4/2/2


Ryu Kaiyo


Male | 16 | Convertebrate: The Spineless Hero


Casual: Ryu is 5'8, pale and has white hair. He has soft features and often gets confused for a girl and is considered quite attractive. He is thin but hides some muscle beneath his shirt, possessing visible abs. He has short, brushed hair that makes him look like a gentlemen. Outside of his uniform he likes to wear collared shirts and plain pants. Without question his most striking feature are his eyes, which look like large black bug eyes, at a distance they look like eyes on the most popular depiction of aliens; grey men.

Hero Costume: Ryu wears silver tights that shimmer similar to the back of a DVD, no matter which way you look at it, the colour appears different. On top of that he has a slightly transparent ocean blue cloak of a similar material that hangs to his elbows when his arms are down. Combined they're designed to make his appearance hard to determine. On close inspection his costume has many lines on it, the lines are designed to easily tear but the special adhesive used to make them is capable of repairing itself. The material of his tights is also quite stretchy, as it’s designed to adjust to his bodies shape. His boots are similar material to his tights and designed to separate, and he doesn’t wear gloves. His tights contain pouches, the belt is built in. He wears large armguards that have a clear panel, and reach from his wrists nearly to his elbow. The guards contain multiple invertebrate samples Ryu took from home and upon voice activation they will cycle through to the clear side allowing his quirk to activate.

Personality: Ryu is a nice person; he's friendly, likes to help others and prefers to avoid physical confrontation. He has a love of nature and the wild, with particular interest in the ocean. He’s quite intelligent and can stay calm in tough situations. Ryu is quite curious, which can sometimes cause him to act when he shouldn’t. He has a good grasp on his quirk but due to its nature he’s still experimenting with it. He decided to become a hero because he didn’t really know what he wants to do but thought it could be a useful start.

Biography: Ryu was born to a fairly wealthy family, his father was an Entomologist with a quirk to communicate with insects and his mother a marine biologist with a quirk to turn into aquatic creatures she’s seen. Ryu’s quirk was the result of both of their quirks merging together.

Being raised by two professors both pushed Ryu quite hard to keep his grades high and to choose a prospective career at a young age. When his quirk Manifested, at the relatively late age of 8 Ryu was even more torn at what he wanted to be, whether to follow in his father’s path, his mothers or to strive out on his own. All through middle school Ryu was unsure of his path and ended up enrolling in multiple high schools, one of which was UA and to his surprise he passed their entrance exam. While focused on schools it was still a very influential academy so his parents pushed him to go; his mother had a hero’s license so that she could use her quirk on her job, so Ryu saw the benefit.

Invertebrate | Transformation

Ryu can grow/transform into aspects of any invertebrate he’s viewed physically within 10 minutes, he can keep this change until he transforms back, wherein he’ll need to look at it again before he can transform once more. Ryu is capable of growing actual invertebrates on his body, though only small ones at the moment. They are not smart and can only follow basic instructions but he is capable of experiencing what they do if he concentrates. If they get attacked while he is focusing on their senses, any pain will feedback to him, if he is not focusing on them he will feel a sense of loss if they're killed.

Other: He's capable of transforming into invertebrate based mutant quirk-holders.

He periodically recieves new invertebrate samples from his parents and swaps them in an out on a regular basis. His room is full of different samples.

His stats are: 2/3/4/5/3


Sam McCullen


Female | 16 | Osmia: Da Densest Hero


Casual: Sam is 6’2 with bright blue eyes and long brown hair that reaches below her waist, she usually ties it up in either a braid or ponytail. Sam is slightly tanned and looks like a runner with lean muscle and long legs. Outside of class she likes to wear shorts, t-shirts and other clothes where ease of movement is the priority.

Hero Costume: Sam’s hero costume is modeled after the army. She wears baggy camo patterned cargo pants and boots, with reinforced soles. A grey-ish green tank top and a darker army jacket, most commonly with the sleeves rolled up above her elbows and thin bandages wrapped around the lower-half of her forearms, wrists and hands, leaving her fingers open. The last thing she uses is a custom dull steel (coloured) thruster pack; it is weak but allows her to guide herself while floating.

Personality: Sam is an excitable and energetic party girl and rarely seen without a large grin on her face. She’s quite aggressive, very competitive and is always moving around, preferring not to be too still for too long. She loves the prospect of being a hero and has idolised All Might since his debut, with his actions being a huge driving force for her to be a hero. She's quite book smart and always gets excellent test scores. An avid gamer she also loves working out and owns a virtual reality gaming rig designed to appease both. Although not much older than him she likes to treat Vincent like a kid brother and considers him her best friend.

Biography: Sam was born in Japan and lived there for 5 years before moving to Australia, her father’s home country. Before moving she lived near, and became close friends with, Vincent Kuro. The two were the only two “foreign” kids around. At first believing she was quirkless Sam discovered her quirk at the age of 6, quite late. Her initiall belief was that it was a weight gaining quirk, as she only found out about it when her parents noted her fluctuating weight at a checkup. A few years later she found out that not only did her weight increase but it could decrease with her body becoming significantly harder or softer. This discovery occurred after slipping on a wet floor and breaking the wall of her bathtub, with only a large cut to show for it on her part. Sam and Vincent kept in touch, with Vincent being her primary source of All Might knowledge, who while still well known, had less coverage in Australia. When she turned 15 Sam decided she wanted to study at the school All Might went to, applying successfully for an academic scholarship to study in Japan.

Denseness | Transformation

Sam can alter the density of her body, it has the added effect of increasing or decreasing her weight, strength and durability. She can only alter her density so much before she physically can’t hold herself up due to the weight or she becomes so frail a light nudge will injure her. She cannot individually alter the density of different body parts, and can only alter it as a whole.

Other: When overly emotional has a tendency to swear loudly in English, she also speaks Japanese fluently but with a noticeable accent.

She exercises a lot to keep body fat to a minimum as any excess weight is multiplied when she uses her quirk.

She has a secret handshake with Vincent which involves a high five where she really hurts his hand and he freezes her in place.

Her favourite food is the golden gaytime icecream, which she has to import.

She has 2 retro arcade cabinets in her room.
Her stats are: 5/2/3/4/3


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hey what's up its me and my three sons (the third son to come later, hes crying busy)


Levi Isaiah El-Halabi

Male | 17 | Isaiah : Lightning Hero




Casual: Levi stands at 180cm, with tan skin and a shock of white hair that fades inwards to a blue tone. His hairstyle is rather unconventional, with bangs, scruffy towards the back, and two longer strands that trail onto his chest. His eyes are a jade green, and above his right eye there is a long scar that fades into a x-shape towards his cheek, a neon-blue in colour. Usually seen with a bored expression, Levi is fond of earrings and has multiple piercings on both his ears. Long and lanky, Levi’s usual fashion consists of skinny jeans and a hoodie. He has a collection of chokers. Levi has a way of carrying himself almost as if he is readying for a fight, and his rather aggressive way of walking usually means others will clear the way for him to come through. There are faded white scars over his chest and back, and he wears those with pride, quite willing to show them off to onlookers. 

Hero Costume: For his hero costume, Levi went with the motto: less is better. His costume is designed to show off the effects of his quirk to their full capacity, and as a result he does not have a shirt. Instead, there are two large metal shoulderguards on both his shoulders, connected by a delicate gold sash. Attached to the ends of the sash are blue tassels that move in rhythm with him as he fights, and on his right side there are two chains that drape down from shoulderguard. For accessories, Levi keeps all of his jewelry in place, adding chains to his choker that drape downwards. He wears black gloves that come up to the middle of his forearm, as well as crisscrossing belts and dark pants. Over his left pant leg, there is a shock of yellow material that curves with the fabric for pure aesthetic purpose.


Personality: Levi can be pretty well summarized into one word: angry. Interestingly enough, there is never really a specific thing that Levi is angry about, nor a reason for him to want to yell at anyone -- beyond the crude manners by which he often greets people by, Levi is calm and generally impassive to the world around him. He takes joy in picking fights for the sheer reason of being able to win: something that matters a lot to the white-haired boy.

With most things such as school, relationships, and even his own self-improvement, Levi takes everything as a challenge -- having had successful parents and a successful career ever since childhood, Levi has taken it onto himself to combine the might of his mother and father and become the Ultimate El-Halabi™. He is zero-focused in on the target and very self-motivated, and will stop at nothing to accomplish a goal once his mind has been set.

Of course, his philosophy on life is nothing without drawbacks. For one, Levi is hostile towards those that try to help him -- he often sees them as getting in the way of his goal, or pitying him for his failures, and is more often likely to yell at people than to accept help from anyone. In addition, he will easily compare himself to others, and take things as a personal challenge, even to the extremes -- Levi has been seen quite often trying to out-swim those with a quirk geared especially towards swimming, and will quite willingly jump off a building to prove someone who can fly wrong. His talents extend beyond lighting to out-yelling, out-running, out-sleeping, and out-living anyone that he sees as a potential rival.

Due to these traits, he can also be a bit of a bully; he is loud, crass, and extremely unfriendly to anyone who seems to be more successful than him, and will go as far as to make fun of someone as a result. This stems from a childhood spent being praised, only to be let down by the education system, and is an issue neither Levi nor his parents have really thought to work on.


Biography: The son of a well-known pro hero and a model, Levi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood consisted of following his mother around her work and idolizing his father, and by the young age of five the child Levi had already been in photoshoots and TV appearances with both his parents. When his quirk had manifested into mastery over lightning, Levi’s dark-skinned features against the bright blue of his quirk’s marks became the envy of many, and his parents were all the more delighted to find a bright future shaping up for their beloved son.

However, despite his thriving family life and beginning career, Levi found that he struggled a lot with school, even from childhood. The imbalance between his struggles in his academic career and his successful professional career weighed heavily on his mind as he grew up, and at the age of 14 Levi was held back a year for his failing grades and getting into fights with other students. The effect was devastating on his parents, who did not understand the idea of failure. Rather than suggesting he repeat a school year, his parents offered to pull him out immediately and set him up with tutors that could easily get him a diploma.

However, Levi, not one to back down from a challenge, came to the conclusion that he would not let the education system beat him. He decided to put his career on hold and instead focus on academics, a decision that puzzled his parents. For three years, Levi worked hard and scraped by -- until he heard of the elusive UA, and decided he would have to fight that as the ultimate step in his way to ‘winning’ the education system of Japan.


Crackle! | Emitter

Levi’s quirk allows him to emit lightning through crackles that form across his skin, neon-blue in colour. A particularly violent quirk by nature, his quirk works by building up electricity inside his body and releasing it through naturally-occurring cracks that split his skin open as a defensive measure to avoid his internal lightning damaging his insides. Once a crack has appeared on his skin, it will leave a faint, pale scar against his skin and light up again once in use.

Though Levi’s body protects his insides against his electrical discharge, extensive use will slowly break down the barriers and damage his insides -- though the damage is not permanent, this sensation is still unpleasant to Levi. As well, his skin is rough due to use of his quirk.



- He has an extreme hatred of Oscar due to his unique quirk and the fact he got in through recommendations.

- Levi is a morning person, and will rise extremely early to go on his daily run.

- He has something against shirts and will try to take off his shirt whenever possible. He also consumes lotion by the bottle to moisturize his skin.

- His eye scar is a result of him as a child attempting to recreate someone else’s eye-related quirk by trying to shoot lightning from his eye; though his parents despaired at the new addition to his visage, Levi secretly thinks it makes him look cool.

- His favourite fruit is pineapple because it hurts back, but he still eats it anyways to show it who’s boss. He makes a point to consume at least half a pineapple everyday.




Caspian Moselle

Male | 16 | Faye à Trois : Pale Ice Hero




Casual: Caspian is 168cm, with milk-white skin and delicate features. His hair, pastel pink in colour, is long -- reaching to his shoulders and curling slightly. Usually found tied together and thrown over his shoulder with a ribbon, Caspian takes great pride in his appearance and dresses for the occasion, always. His eyes are light blue with hints of green bordering the iris, and he has long eyelashes. With a slender figure, Caspian is not one to really build on muscle -- he is the first to admit he is rather weak, though the fact does not bother him too much. Above all, there is to him an ethereal quality, and he carries himself with an unusual grace that could be mistaken for arrogance. Caspian has a very minimalistically elegant way of dress, and though he is usually not one for jewelry, he wears a silver ring on his left hand that was a gift from his mother. 

Hero Costume: Caspian’s hero costume is relatively simple, designed moreso to be easy to move in during battle and minimalistically elegant than any declarations of grandeur. A skin-tight black bodysuit, the back is cut open to reveal his shoulderblades and waist, with a small black silk sash tied to his waist and trailing downwards. On the front of the suit, there are small white accessories designed to look like ice crystals that trail from his left shoulder to his waist in a diagonal shape, and his right arm is covered by see through mesh material. On his right shoulder is an epaulette from which a seethrough white cloak is attached, that trails downwards to cover that side of his body. A white ribbon is tied into his hair, plaited over one shoulder, and a circlet holds his bangs back. More ice crystals appear to circle his left leg, and he has lack half-gloves that link to his middle fingers, leaving the other fingers and palm open. The revealing design of his hero costume and its avoidance of heavy materials is so he can cool down easier when using his quirk and move around with ease.


Personality: Caspian, at first glance, is reserved and polite to all. He carries a natural elegant air from a childhood spent conversing more with adults than children, and is generally a pleasant person to be around. A believer in getting to know a person first before judging them, Caspian holds no ill-will against anyone without a concrete reason, and as a result will not participate much in drama of any kind.

Despite his endearing exterior, Caspian can also be distant and apathetic -- even if he doesn’t intend on ignoring others, Caspian is the type to get intensely attached to those that have managed to befriend him and gain his trust over a long period of time, and as a result will not easily look towards making new friends when he already is content with his current life. Generally uncaring about the successes and plights of others, and preferring to focus more on self-development over anything, Caspian can be terribly horrible at comforting someone when he does not know them, or sympathising with others when he is not directly involved in an issue.

However, towards people who he considers friends, Caspian will value their input wholeheartedly. In his opinion, friendship matters much more over the bounds made through family, and as a result he is loyal to his friends beyond anything, almost to a point of idolization. Not shy with his emotions, Caspian will willingly admit to someone he adores them without a second thought.

Finally, he carries some guilt over the process of life and his current living situation. Despite his brother saying otherwise, Caspian still feels it is unfair for him to place such a heavy burden of having to support him through school on his sibling, and as a result is independent and hates having to rely on others, as it makes him feel as if he is not doing enough for them in return. For the future, Caspian holds dreams mostly of being able to return his debts to those who have been kind to him in the past, and to treat those that matter to him to luxuries as a thank-you for having to put up with his issues. Though it may be somewhat healthy, he cannot help but to measure acts of kindness as gauges that have to be returned someday.


Biography: The result of a quirk marriage between his father, an ambitious Japanese hero frustrated at his own quirk’s lack of ability in Japan’s warm climates, and his mother, a Frenchwoman whose parents arranged the deal, Caspian was raised from early on to develop his quirk to the extremes of its ability. His upbringing was an unhappy one, often shadowed by his father who felt frustrated that his own natural talents hadn’t got him anywhere, and took it out on his son as a result.

Growing up, Caspian was close to his mother, who felt isolated in a country where she did not speak the language nor know anyone. Often conversing in her native French, he was raised mostly in accordance with European culture. However, he always found a part of her distant, belonging to another land that he had never visited.

Caspian’s main influence growing up was his older half-brother, Leonidas. Fifteen years his senior, Leo was the shining example of everything Caspian wanted to be once he grew up, and once Leo moved out of the house when Caspian was 8, he spent some time feeling angry and abandoned, often refusing to see his older brother and writing him hateful messages.

However, that was not to last. Despite however bad things could get at home, Caspian was a friendly boy with a thriving social life and an easy smile to approach others, and his friends often cheered him up from feeling down about anything. A naturally quick learner, Caspian thrived in school, but still found dreams of the future uncertain, as he did not know whether to follow the path laid out by his father or to choose something completely different.

In particular, Caspian was especially attached to his friend, Alistair. Having met the boy during childhood and delighted in teaching him the Japanese language, they formed a quick bond that Caspian treasured all throughout his adolescence. Often found accompanying Ally anywhere, Caspian spent more time around Ally and the other’s household than he did his own.

When he was 14, Caspian and his mother were forced to move out of the family home due to the escalating abuse from his father, and instead of choosing to return to France with his mother, Caspian instead decided to stay behind with Leo. Though he offered to work and help his brother out with bills, Leo told him not to worry about it and focus on chasing his dreams, whatever they may be. With that in mind, Caspian made up the mind to apply for UA in order to become a hero who could be worthy of protecting the people that mattered in his life, and beyond the false philosophies of his father’s visions.


Snow Maiden | Transformation

A spirit-type quirk that manifests from Caspian’s body, affectionately nicknamed ‘Liesbeth’ by the user. Using Liesbeth, Caspian is able to draw in moisture from the surrounding area -- and himself, if need be -- and create huge ice sculptures to deal massive damage. The very definition of a glass cannon, Caspian’s skill in battle is very much offensive and not at all defensive; he tires easily from Liesbeth’s use and will use her abilities to aid him in other, small issues, instead of full frontal attacks. Liesbeth, being sentient, is able to communicate with Caspian quite well -- however, she is rather shy and will not speak to others easily.

Due to his quirk being cold-based, Caspian falters near heat and will faint if temperatures reach too high, as his body is unable to regulate heat all too well. In addition, Liesbeth’s presence when used will cause small ice crystals to form on Caspian’s skin, which will only fade after the battle is over, and time depending on how much of her ability was used.



- He chooses to introduce himself using his mother’s last name, and would rather ignore any mentions of his father.

- A bit obsessed with healthy things, Caspian can always be found trying out the latest food trends and consumes smoothies obsessively. He also tends to go through any drink ridiculously fast.

- He has a collection of hair ribbons and enjoys doing different hairstyles every morning.

- Since he has a dislike for hot temperatures, this also extends to his food. Caspian enjoys any food more when it’s cold compared to when it’s hot, and can be found eating cold pizza or drinking cold soup. He makes a habit of staring at food until it grows cold before consuming it.

- His skin naturally feels cold.

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hello yes the first act of the squid party is here


Madako Tenaga

??? (She/her) | 15 | Squidface: Deep-Sea Hero



[x] [x]

Casual: Madako's mutant quirk makes her resemble a humanoid octopus. At 170cm tall, she towers over her twin, and has a lanky build with particularly long limbs and digits. There is no hair anywhere on her body. Her bumpy skin is usually dark orange in colour, and small suction cups cover her palms and the soles of her feet. She has large yellow eyes with horizontal pupils and no visible sclera, no nose, and a small brown beak in place of a mouth. Four octopus tentacles, each about two metres in length and as thick as her arms, protrude from her head; the first pair is positioned on either side of her beak, and the second pair behind and above the first, approximately where a normal human's ears would be. When not engaging in hero activities, she usually ties these tentacles back, so that they loop past her shoulders and end at the back of her head.

When not in uniform, Madako dresses for comfort, not appearances. She particularly likes leggings and baggy tops like hoodies or sweaters.


Hero Costume: Madako’s costume is designed to support her role as a stealthy hero who can work underwater. It consists of a full-body wetsuit, dark blue in colour with purple patches on the shoulders and thighs, underneath a hooded and sleeveless black jacket. She has black and purple steel-toed boots, as well as a pair of infrared goggles custom-made to wrap around her back pair of tentacles. A yellow utility belt sits around her waist, its pouches filled with small canisters of water and several knives of different sizes. The entire costume is made of special materials that can match her coloration when she uses her camouflage.


Personality: Madako is hard to read, and not just because she has an octopus for a face. Although generally polite and well-mannered, she is quiet by nature and doesn’t speak more than she needs to. She rarely gets close to people, physically or emotionally, and seems to take both compliments and insults in stride. Even when she does make close friends, her outward behaviour won’t change much around them; her relationship with her twin has baffled many a teacher over her academic career. Overall, she gives the impression of being a calm and collected person who doesn’t worry about her reputation.

While this is by no means a facade, she is also incredibly competitive and passionate about her goals - she just goes at it in a strange and silent way. In her mind, her goals are her own, and other people don’t enter into it. Rather than rivals, her peers are standards she needs to reach and surpass. Because of this, she can be pretty intense when other people invade what she sees as her personal space, though she prefers to avoid direct confrontation; if you offend her, she’ll be totally gracious about it, until the day you get home to find every single sock you own slathered in jelly and hidden in obscure crevices around your house.


Biography: Madako's father is Camo, a pro hero who uses his cephalopod skin quirk to work in infiltration and rescue. He never advertised himself to the media, though, so she and her twin sister Madoka had a relatively normal childhood. Growing up, Madako was never sure what she wanted to do; her parents were supportive, but she always felt an unspoken pressure to inherit her dad's hero agency as the eldest child, especially considering their similar quirks. At the start of middle school, Madako decided she would get her hero license, in part due to said pressure and in part to support her sister, who had always idolized their dad and wanted to be a pro hero for as long as she could remember.

In school, Madako excelled both academically and physically, with the occasional elaborate revenge plan against Madoka's bullies being the only marks against her otherwise spotless record. As the twins' rivalry developed, Madako found herself genuinely enjoying her hero activities beyond simple obligation, and redoubled her efforts in training. At the end of her final year, both of them applied to UA and passed the entrance exam with flying colours.


Octopus | Mutant

Madako's quirk allows her to do anything an octopus can. In addition to having fully functional manipulatory tentacles, she can change the colour and texture of her skin to blend into her surroundings. Although she has bones, she's significantly more flexible than the average human and can squeeze into or through small spaces. Her saliva contains a powerful neurotoxin, and a bite can incapacitate the average adult human in 10 to 20 minutes.

Madako can breathe air, but is more comfortable and agile in aquatic environments. If her skin dries out, she becomes sluggish and unable to use her quirk. She usually carries a bottle of water with her to prevent this.



- Madako's favourite food is takoyaki. She doesn't understand why this is a big deal.

- She's slightly nearsighted, but doesn't bother with glasses because it's a huge pain to get them fitted when you have tentacles instead of ears. The goggles in her hero costume have corrective lenses.

- She's trained in CPR, in case she accidentally poisons someone and needs to keep them breathing until they can get medical attention. She's very careful with her food, though, so it hasn't happened yet.

- Official character book stats: Power 3 / Speed 2 / Technique 5 / Intelligence 4 / Cooperativeness 3

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*rises from the grave to torment the RP subforum further*


Nolan Alvarado

Male | 15 | Death's Head: The Fiendish Hero


Casual: Due to his Quirk, Nolan's appearance mostly resembles the skeletal system of a human male, but with a few features present in dragons of European mythologies. Notably, a skull resembling a dragon with a pair of horns, and a skeletal pair of wings and tail, the latter ending in a sharp point. Nolan is 5'9", not counting his horns, and a metallic device can be seen inside the back of the skull, which allows him to speak, and emits two dark red lights in his eye sockets for aesthetic purposes. Due to his abnormally thin body, Nolan often wears suspenders to hold his pants up, but usually hides them under his shirt, and wears heavy or baggy clothing so people don't notice his body shape.

Hero Costume: Nolan's hero costume consists of a sleeveless black tunic intentionally designed to look worn, with tatters and small holes. A plastic chain goes around his waist to act as a belt. He wears medieval-style breeches that go down to his knees, and has suspenders attached to them underneath his tunic to keep them from falling mid-battle. His head is covered by a woolen cowl, and he has an approximation of a Viking-style helmet modified to fit his skull. Nolan dons a deep black cloak, made of a light material and torn around the edges to look like wisps of shadow when he moves. He also has plastic cuffs on his wrists, the one on the right having two chain links.

Personality: Nolan displays symptoms of autism, which makes him sort of awkward in social situations, especially around people he doesn't know. He actively tries to be left alone, but when in a situation he can't walk out of involving people he dislikes, Nolan becomes snarky and passive-aggressive. Due to the aforementioned, his judgmental nature, and long list of pet peeves, he's hard to befriend, and quick to hate.

However, Nolan is quick to change in demeanor when a topic he's interested in is brought up. Nolan is actually good at holding conversations once he's involved, although a bit prone to rambling. Due to his knack for memorizing anything written down, Nolan has a wealth of trivia to impress people with, and has the wit to think of puns and other simple jokes on the fly, even to the point of using his disability as the subject.

Most people won't see either of these sides to Nolan, as he's still very awkward and will only show one of his faces to those who invoke it. Nolan tries very hard to stay out of the spotlight, which is hard given that academically, his comprehension and memorization skills put him at the forefront of the class grades-wise, so he's often forced to intentionally slip up so that he can continue clinging to the walls.

Biography: Nolan is an exchange student from the U.S., which is most likely obvious due to his name. When he was young, his family was driving home from a relative's house, when a tornado ripped through the highway they were on, as the result of the fight between a hero and a weather-altering villain. Nolan's family all came out fine, aside from one of his brothers breaking a leg, but Nolan himself was thrown from the car and ended up far away from where his family's car crashed. Nolan was found in two pieces afterwards, which was an easy fix due to his Quirk, but would've been lethal for the vast majority of the population. Nolan was thoroughly rattled by the incident, and had a fear of bad weather for years afterward, but at the same time he realized the value of his Quirk, and set himself down the path of becoming a professional hero. He learned some combat skills, mostly hand-to-hand, but had some practice with melee weapons, which eventually melded together to form his own style of combat designed to take advantage of his Quirk. Nolan applied to UA after one of his friends, who was the son of the hero who fought the tornado villain and wanted to be a pro hero as well, said he was moving to Japan and suggested they apply to the school together. Both Nolan and said friend took the entrance exam and passed with flying colors.

Skeleton | Mutant

Nolan's body lacks all organs except for bones, which are held together by a magnetic force which he can control. Not to a degree comparable to telekinesis, but he's able to move the bones in his body like any other human and more, even when in multiple parts. He can also consciously strengthen or weaken the bonds, allowing him to separate parts of his body and reattach them elsewhere, or make them return like boomerangs after being thrown. His skull also seems to act as an all-in-one nervous system, which is why he's even alive. It can process sensory information that other humans can, like sight, sound, pain, etc. He can even eat... somehow. Witnesses say he just puts food in his mouth and it disappears.

In addition, Nolan can change the distribution of calcium in his body that comes from what he eats. This allows him to make changes to his bone structure, such as changing the shape of existing bones, creating new bones, and healing broken bones. All of these process take a very long time, the last one taking twice as long as someone with flesh, and that's when Nolan has all the pieces. Regenerating a bone from scratch can take months. The process stops if he runs out of calcium, and will reverse itself without a steady source. If he goes for a very long time without eating, Nolan's fully-formed bones will deteriorate.

However, being able to not die easily isn't all fun and games. He has no muscle, which makes him rather weak, and no way to store energy due to lacking body fat, which results in low stamina and being forced to rest if he wants to get his energy back up. Because of this, he relies on agility and precision to take down opponents as quickly as possible in combat.


  • Nolan loves sweet foods, and drinks milkshakes almost daily. He is also not bad at baking.
  • Nolan uses bone-related idioms excessively to avoid people using them against him, and ends sentences in Japanese with ~gatagata.
  • During elementary and middle school, there were a few kids who kept trying to find out how Nolan processed food. Because of that, it's kind of a sore subject for him, and he'll become hostile quickly if it's brought up. Which, of course, makes people wonder even more.
  • Nolan has an impressive sense of hearing, but is bothered by loud noises.
  • Stats: 2/4/5/5/1


No such thing as too many boys (WIP)


Hikaru Aibaru

Male | 15 | Gazerbeam: The All-Seeing Hero


Casual: Hikaru stands at 5'5" and is rather scrawny, but his short height does little to dampen his frightening appearance. Which is only really frightening to little kids, since he looks more like an edgy creepypasta. Hikaru's skin produces a light gray chemical "shell" that resembles porcelain and causes him to have no blemishes or marks whatsoever; even small scars get covered by it. It also causes his skin to appear cracked when he's injured. Hikaru's face features a wide, jagged mouth resembling a jack-o-lantern that light doesn't seem to penetrate. It's also open even when he's not talking, since his nostrils are covered by the shell and caused him to develop a habit of mouth-breathing. Due to his quirk, Hikaru lacks eyeballs and has blank sockets where they would go. Similar to his mouth, Hikaru's eye sockets absorb light and look like blank voids. His ears are pointed, and his hair, the same shade of gray as his skin, is [Hairstyle TBD]

Hero Costume:



Eye on the Wall | Emitter



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Wow, thanks to everyone for showing so much interest! I'll try to get a few things done for this during the weekend. Sorry for the wait!


Oh and, MrSpyro, I see you haven't joined the Discord. All of my sheet critiques are done on there. Everyone else who has joined or is making a sheet to join is already on that server. It's basically the main way everyone in the roleplay is going to communicate with one another. Just send me a PM and I can send you a link to the Discord so you'll be around when I do get to critiquing your sheet. 

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Haruka Maeda

Female | 16 | Hocus Pocus: Pocket Hero


Casual: Haruka stands at 157 cm tall, and has a slender build with light skin. Her salmon-pink hair is cut in a short, flouncy bob with bangs. Her eyes are a bright blue with pronounced lower lashes. Outside of her school uniform, she often wears comfy, easy clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and jeans. She'll wear the occasional skirt or dress if she's feeling cute.

Hero Costume: For her costume, Haruka chose to go for a magician's assistant aesthetic... or at least, that would be what she was going for if she didn't throw a plush, pink cape with a bunny-eared hood over her whole ensemble. Looking past the cape, she wears a black suit vest over a red-and-black pinstriped leotard with a short tulle skirt. For protection and modesty, she wears black tights underneath, culminating in a pair of black boots. She wears a pair of white gloves that help enhance her grip. Her cape is clasped at the front with a red bow, and she often likes to use it for dramatic flair when summoning objects. Besides being plush, the material is fairly stretchy and durable. Since she needs vision for her quirk, she usually ends up slipping off her hood midway through battle, but that doesn't stop her from insisting it's a necessary part of her costume. All of her costume is aesthetic, and doesn't directly help boost her quirk.


Haruka is a lazy girl who'd spend more effort doing things to get out of a task than actually doing the work itself. For the most part, this applies to menial chores and schoolwork, but she will do one of them in order to avoid doing the other. She'd much rather be gaming, online, or sleeping. Luckily for her, she is intelligent enough to get by with this "due tomorrow, do tomorrow" attitude. 

While her laziness tends to prevent her from doing much socializing on her own, Haruka treats people she interacts with with a chill friendliness. Anyone who makes the first move in approaching with her will find that she can be quite the conversationalist. Despite appearances, she's always willing to help out anyone she considers a friend (at the expense of doing her homework). Of course, don't expect her to be particularly proactive when it comes to arranging activities and get-togethers.

Ultimately, Haruka is driven by a want to help others. When push comes to shove, she will give her all in rescuing others, and go out of her way to comfort those in pain. She takes criticism harder than she lets on.


Haruka had a relatively standard upbringing. Her mother worked in hero support with a quirk that allowed her to remotely hijack electronics, while her father was a mechanic with the ability to store small objects via absorbing them into his body. Her parents gave her much freedom when raising her, never pressuring her into doing things. Unfortunately, Haruka was a pretty unmotivated kid, and just used her freedom to shut herself in her room whenever possible. Upon seeing this, her parents started to worry for their daughter's future, and decided that they had to do something about it.

In a bid to get her interested in something productive, Haruka's parents took turns having her shadow them at their jobs--no devices allowed. She was quick to determine that her father's repair work did not appeal to her. When she visited her mother's work, however, something clicked. Being able to help pro heroes save lives resonated with her in a way that watching them on TV couldn't capture. Yet, the more time she spent at her mother's office, the more she felt unsatisfied with the vicarious joy of simply supporting from the sidelines. She wanted to be the hero. For that, she decided to apply to UA.

Hammerspace | Emitter

Haruka can send inanimate objects into an unknown pocket dimension for future summoning. Her usual range is a 7 meter radius with an upward bound of 3 meters, though she can extend it with exertion. Objects have to be within her line of vision to activate her quirk on. Things are sent to and from her pocket dimension via cartoonish black holes that the objects fall into/out of. The holes themselves are nearly 2-D, and appear like circular cutouts of really black construction paper when summoned in mid-air. Living things cannot interact with the holes, but can attempt to grab objects before they are taken. Haruka is the only exception, being able to physically reach her hands into her dimension to pull things out. She can also just dump stored objects anywhere within her range. As of now she can’t store anything larger than a twin-sized bed, and gets increasingly more nauseous as the volume she stores increases. She cannot pocket things that are already being worn or held, and floating objects need to be manually pushed in. Canceling a hole before an object fully slips in causes it to pop right back out. If she is knocked unconscious, all stored items are ejected.


- She likes cute things

- She would wear makeup if she knew how to, but she can't be bothered to learn

- She can and will fall asleep anywhere

- Minor otaku


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squid party act two: long overdue


Madoka Tenaga

Female | 15 | Anemone: Tidepool Hero


Casual: Standing just barely 142cm (4’8”), Madoka is short and has a petite build. Her small form, however, is overshadowed by the tangle of tentacles on her head which she shapes into various hairstyles depending on her mood. Her mutation quirk allows her to change the length and look of her tentacle hair in an instant by altering the color, texture and length. She changes it depending on the popular trends; currently she likes to keep her tentacles in short, bouncy curls colored a brilliant orchid purple and complete with white and yellow splashes.
She has a total of ten tentacles, two of which are longer than the others. They dangle on either side of her face and only have suckers on the club-shaped ends. The rest of her tentacles cluster near the crown of her head, with the frontmost pair falling forward to act like bangs and the pair behind it cleverly concealing her bald spot.

Madoka's skin is a terracotta shade, reddish brown like the common octopus. She has yellow irises with pupils that narrow into horizontal W-shaped slits under bright light, as well as long, slender fingers with knobby joints – but otherwise, her body seems completely human. She likes to keep a close eye on the latest youth fashion trends and so when she is not in uniform Madoka wears cute oversized crewnecks paired with pleated skirts, t-shirts and boyish denim overalls, or anything else with animal or mascot patterns. She likes the pastel aesthetic, although she has recently been experimenting with adding black and other bold colors into the mix.

Hero Costume: Madoka’s hero costume is in the familiar style of a bright yellow sailor fuku with navy accents, a dark blue skirt, and a magenta scarf. The shirt is modified into a short sleeved crop top but instead of having her stomach exposed, Madoka wears a one-piece swimsuit in a bold purple color to cover her midsection. Tight gloves with suckers on the fingertips cover her arms up to her elbows and similar suckers are present in the soles of her knee-high boots, allowing her to cling to surfaces using her hands and feet. Her boots and gloves primarily feature an eye-catching use of orchid purple, with a scattering of lemon yellow spot patterns to break up the monotony.

Her costume also features special hair ornaments resembling the googly-eyes of a squid. These attach to either side of her head and release a constant mist of water to keep her tentacles damp. They can also glow with a bright light as well as blink various colors to signal others. Madoka can detach the top portion of these devices to tag and track an enemy by sticking an ‘eye’ on them and then following the signal.

Personality: Bubbly and good-natured, Madoka is easily approachable… if she doesn’t approach you first. She is curious yet tends to answer her own questions by listing things out loud, and rarely does a moment pass in a conversation without her filling the silent void. It is a bad idea to tell her any secrets, no matter how nosy she is, because she will end up using the information later. She also likes to get into mischief and tease others – all in good fun – but has a hard time realizing or admitting if any of her antics have gone too far (though most of her pranks can be avoided since she likes to brag about them before she executes them). When she’s caught, Madoka always attempts to slip out of her responsibilities instead of owning up to them. She tends to look for the easiest and most effective way to do things, even if it means asking someone else to do it for her.

Her twin Madako rarely speaks, but Madoka talks enough for the both of them. Towards her sister she is incredibly competitive and fueled exclusively by sibling rivalry from being the younger one.

Madoka is easily vexed and makes a mountains out of molehills. It is very easy to read her mood not only because of her wild tentacle-hair, but because she deliberately exaggerates her body language for the attention. In the end, all she wants is to fit in with everyone else.

Biography: Madoka’s father was a pro hero named Camo. She looked up to him for as long as she could remember and even if nobody knew who he was (which was how he preferred to leave it), to Madoka he was the greatest hero of them all. He saved a lot of people by performing infiltration and rescue using his octopus powers! Unlike her twin, Madoka’s Quirk wasn’t too similar to her Camo’s but she concluded that she just needed to find a way to use what she had to the fullest of her ability. Even if they weren’t supposed to use quirks in public, Madoka trained herself by using her tentacles instead of her hands whenever possible, from carrying the groceries to flipping the light switch without getting out of bed. When she heard that her twin also had her cryptic reasons to shoot for UA as the school of choice, Madoka redoubled her efforts – she was already being outdone academically, and no way was she going to end up also being beat in the hero department. She later theorized that they both ended up getting accepted because the rivalry spiraled out of control.

More sensitive to children’s insults than her twin, Madoka would come home crying when she was younger from getting teased by girls who thought her mutation was strange and frightening. A few weeks later, the bullying stopped and then came the first attempt someone ever made to befriend her. At first she assumed it was because they found a new target to tease, but Madoka wouldn’t find out until years later that Madako had a hand (or tentacle?) in preventing her younger sister from being picked on. To this day Madoka is still somewhat self-conscious of her hair-tentacles whenever someone points them out, to the point of having them instinctively and visibly shrink back when mentioned, though she has learned to control her gut-reaction to those comments.

Squid Hair | Mutant

In place of hair, Madoka has a total of ten tentacles on her head – eight of which have suckers along their whole length and two with suckers only at the end like a squid. She can manipulate each one independently but when she isn’t consciously controlling them they seem to operate autonomously. Her tentacles can stretch up to nine meters with the longer, clubbed ones easily reaching a range of fifteen. They are dexterous enough to grab small objects and strong enough to lift up to 100 pounds, although she finds it difficult lifting heavy things from a distance. Her tentacles can regenerate within a couple hours depending on the damage they sustain. When cut, the severed end has an instinctual mind of its own and can latch onto opponents.

The skin on Madoka’s head-tentacles can on a whim change color, texture, and degree of iridescence. They work best when they are moist. The dryer they are, the shorter their range.  

A few other cuttlefish traits extend to her physiology: long digits, pupils that become slit-shaped when they shrink, a quicker healing factor, and the ability to breathe underwater.


- Madoka cannot swim very well so her underwater strategy is to wait at the bottom and snag unsuspecting victims with her tentacles.

- She yells out her attack names. Said attack names are all puns.

- She has a fascination with food made into animal shapes, namely octopus-cut hotdogs and dinosaur-shaped nuggets.

- Her parents were surprised at first that she looked more human than any of her immediate family but in the long run none of it really mattered.

- Her go-to party trick is to do push-ups using her tentacles and may suddenly start doing so to avoid getting asked any questions.

- She likes to collect pins but does not tend to wear jewelry.





and also.... salt boy


Akira Kirame

Male | 15 | Bijou: The Sparkling Hero



Casual: Akira stands at 5’6 with a body built for core and arm strength. He has a pointed chin, pouting lips, and sharp nose. His narrow brown eyes, accentuated with eyeliner to make them look bigger, make him constantly look like he is scheming like a fox. His hair is a shade of honey blond and is swept to the left, with bangs falling over one eye and with the back neatly trimmed above his ears. Thanks to his quirk, his pale skin carries a subtle but beautiful sparkle as if he regularly bathed in glitter.


Akira’s sense of fashion is tasteful and classy. He has a collection of patterned button-up shirts and dress pants in shades from white to dark blue as well as a good number of neckties. He strives to keep his appearance looking neat and is self-conscious enough about it to check himself every ten minutes, compulsively wiping the underside of his chin from time to time with his hand to make sure his sweat doesn’t accumulate.


Hero Costume: Akira’s hero outfit is a nod to the elegance of figure skater costumes. The entire costume is white trimmed with aqua blue frills and made from a stretchy, breathable fabric. It features cut openings exposing skin at strategic places for him to activate his quirk: on the outside surface of his arms, his entire upper back, his shoulders, and his waist. The costume itself, as such, looks almost like Akira entwined himself in a strip of blue and white ribbon dotted with rhinestones big and small. A choker with a decorative jewel appears to hold the whole thing together at the neck and white pants (with the front of his shins exposed and pockets on his thighs filled with nuggets of pure salt) keep him from looking too indecent. His fingerless gloves expose his palms and his shoes look like high top sneakers.


Personality: Akira is quiet yet vain, and seems outwardly distant towards other people. He walks around with his chin raised and nose turned up to others even when they are taller than him, yet behind his cool exterior burns a powerful ambition and a desire to make friends like most everyone else. He is not very approachable, and deliberately tries to push other people away when they try to get close to him. He doesn’t like revealing much about himself, making it hard for him to open up to others. However, he silently defends anyone who is helpless and has a powerful hero instinct.


He is very careful to maintain appearances and safeguard his mysterious persona. He panics often on the inside but the emotions never make it to his stoic face and he likes to pretend embarrassing things involving him never happened no matter how damning the evidence. He is also incredibly stubborn, and will attempt to brute-force something instead of thinking it through.


Biography: When in public, Akira is ashamed of his family. While they are all nice people, Akira hates bringing them up because neither of his parents were fortunate to be born with a nice quirk: his father had a supernatural ability to sweat, and his mother had detrimentally dry skin from a higher body temperature. His younger sister, eight years old, had ended up quirkless (though some theorized that the two abilities had cancelled out), and while Akira is glad she did not get a debilitating quirk he constantly worries about her and her place in a world where quirks can kill or save. He was frustrated with the world for making some humans superior in ability to others.


Akira’s quirk first manifested as prickles of salt crystals on his forearms. Whenever he’d get hot or embarrassed, a white crust of salt would appear over his skin and he would get faint and dizzy. He was teased for it at first, which eventually made him very distant from the rest of his peers. He learned that other people -- classmates -- found his family and all of their quirks a little gross. So he stopped associating with anyone and shut himself away.


Throughout the years he secretly spent a lot of time in school during after-hours to hone his quirk into something more aesthetically pleasing. To his parents he acted like everything was fine and that he was just hanging out with friends outside since he didn’t want them to worry. His plan was to be able to start fresh once he graduated to middle school. By that time, though, his quirk grew beautiful thanks to his increasing control over it, but his heart still found it hard to get along with others.


When it was officially announced that his sister had no quirk, Akira felt a huge amount of guilt for taking his own quirk for granted. That was when he decided that there were things in the world that were worth protecting, and everything heroes did suddenly made sense to him. From that point onward, he focused on making his abilities more deadly with the intention of applying to UA and fighting for the safety of those who were vulnerable.


Crystal Lattice | Emitter

Akira's skin secretes a sweatlike substance that crystallizes in contact with air, allowing him to grow translucent white crystals from his body. The size of these crystals ranges from a fine sand-sized grain to spines the length of his forearm. Akira can manipulate the shape (and to an extent, texture) of these crystals take by controlling where he is adding matter -- though he can only grow them, not reshape an existing crystal -- and when he breaks them off his body he can no longer add to them. He can also shatter them at-will into smaller pieces as long as they are still attached to him.


Akira primarily fights with sharp spines growing out of his forearms, formed into a knife edge, and defends himself by encasing part of his body with short crystals resembling the interior of a geode. Carrying the weight of these crystals has helped him develop amazing upper body strength.


Upon closer examination his crystals appear to be largely similar in composition to table salt and are therefore worthless despite looking like quartz. If he uses his quirk too much, his body gets low on sodium which can lead to headache, dizziness, and fainting. To compensate, Akira needs to consume a steady amount of salt every day at a faster rate than he can burn through it. He can tint his crystals by changing his diet through adding certain minerals or food dyes. Their composition also means that they can make wounds sting if he draws blood. Akira’s quirk also vastly reduces in effectiveness in cold or underwater environments.



  • Akira is very afraid of horses following a childhood incident where a horse tried to use him as a salt lick.

  • Akira doesn’t feel comfortable if he doesn’t shower at least twice a day to eliminate the residue from his quirk. He likes baths more than showers.

  • Akira’s sense of taste is broken and he stealthily oversalts anything he eats. His favorite food is super spicy mabo tofu because he can actually taste the spiciness, but it makes him sweat and form crystals uncontrollably.


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Good news, everyone! We have a start date. 


I'll be posting the IC on November 11th. I know that's practically a month away, but knowing my schedule and the fact that a lot of other people are swamped with work/school this will hopefully give those people enough time to work on their sheets. The portraits should also (hopefully) be done by that time as well as a foot plan for the dormitory.


I'll probably be posting this information on Discord because why not. Thank you all for being so patient with me!

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