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So apparently I have to post here and introduce myself first, okay. 

Hi, I'm ShinyShinx. I'm an Australian teenager who enjoys drawing, writing and playing video games. My favorites (excluding web games like DragonCave and Pokefarm) are World of Goo, Pokemon, and VTM:Bloodlines. 

I did these. 

I am Determined.png

Sunbeam Avatar.png


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Hello and welcome! I never got into Pokefarm, but I do love GPX+, another Pokemon adoptables site. We also have a Pokefarm thread you might enjoy. Have fun!


My favorite is the Absol picture. :) 

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Welcome to DragCave forum! Hope you enjoy!


How about opening your thread at Original Works section if you don't mind to share your works?

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Hi welcome to DC I hope you have lots of fun here. If you think you might benefit from a mentor, click the link below. We're very friendly and can guide you with as much or as little help as you need.



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