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Zyumorph Mass Breeding

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I've noticed that the VERY few zyus going through the AP right now don't always have the nicest of lineages. So let's change that! On September 23rd, let's all breed our zyus to the AP and hopefully spread these far enough that they start becoming slightly more common. Also, this will help other users have a chance at catching the colours they need to summon the Sinomorph. (I dunno but the whole 'zyus not being popular in the AP' might just be a me thing but anyways a reason to host a mass breeding event). 


If you're not sure of what to do, it's simple: on Sept. 23rd, pick a nice mate for all your zyus and breed them, making sure the eggs go to the AP. Try making a nice lineage, like a checker, eg, spiral, or stairstep using dragons you find aesthetically pleasing. Or you can just breed pbs or second gens. Anyone can participate.


If you would like a reminder (reminders will be sent out on the 19th), please let me know.


And please let me know if you would like to participate!


Participant list:















-Ruby Eyes


-The Dragoness*








*=want reminder PM.


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I don't have a lot, but I will breed what I have. A reminder is always good!

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I only have 5-9 of each color, but count me in! I agree that Zyus in the AP are a rather poor sight lately. Don't need a reminder.

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Sounds like a great idea. Please send me a reminder.

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Great idea, I'm totally in! Excited to see the checkers other people have already created with these guys. 

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Count me in! (With a reminder, please.) I have pure lineages that I've been breeding for the AP but it would be nice to do them en mass with others!

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Ooh, count me in. Please send me a reminder.


19 hours ago, OutlawQueen said:

don't always have the nicest of lineages

I wouldn't mind seeing a few messies. A few. For freezing. Those zombies don't make themselves. cl7dyWD.png 

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Zyus are a great choice for a massbreed, count me in! :D And please send me a reminder. Thank you!

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If anyone manages to breed or find a 2nd gen pink Zyu from pink Zyu and Fever father or Specklethroated mother,

I'd be grateful to learn about it so I can hunt/trade for it :lol:

Also, any Zyu from Sino/GoN pairs.


Oh, 23rd is also going to be golden Lunar time, so ... searching for golden Lunar Zyukins like this:

https://dragcave.net/lineage/jxJfX or https://dragcave.net/lineage/IDH2b XD


What pairings are you looking forward to? I have no ideas what to breed my red, black or white ones to :)

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Updated up to here.


@Ruby Eyes I have a white zyu x frostbite conbo that looks pretty neat. I think the blacks look good with quite a few dragons, though I don't know about reds.

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*raises hand* I'd like to participate! And yes, please, a reminder would be appreciated.

*leaves brownies for everyone*

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Oooh, sounds fun! Please sign me up. I will need a reminder too please!


I've got a decent number of CBs, so I'll see about some nice 2Gs :D

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