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I've been away from DC for quite a while, now I came back and I'm trying the "Groups" feature for the first time, so I have a few questions.


1. When I'm selecting dragons for a group, I can only select one at a time. Is it possible to select several (that are not of the same breed/lineage)?


2. Is there any option that allows you to display the several groups (links) over your scroll (like under de badges)?


3. Can you select a specific group to appear as your scroll's main page, while other groups/dragons are hidden from public view?



Thanks for the help!



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1) I don't know but I think you can? Let's wait for someone else to answer that

2) Yes, once you make a group, go to your group page and click edit, there under visibility options you can choose if it shows on the top of your scroll or not. You can have some hidden groups and some public groups etc bc you choose each visibility setting individually.

Edit: I misread 3 -_-;

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1. You should be able to select multiple dragons by holding down Ctrl and clicking on other dragons, the same as you can do for sorting.

2. Yes, you can select up to 4 groups as "Highlighted groups", which will list them on your scroll page. When creating a group, check the Visibility options -- Highlighted should appear as an option there.

3. No, your default scroll is still the scroll's main page.

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Marking the first dragon, holding Shift and marking the last dragon would also select all the dragons between them.

What system are you using? You may need to use a different modifier key if, say, you'd be using a Mac.

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Well, Shift seems to work but only if I select the dragons (usually the first ones in the list) in a row.

If I select them by names, it only selects one.

This is not helpful when you have thousands of dragons :(

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#cb in the filter box will give you all your CBs. You can then select the ones you want.


The breed name in the filter box will give you just that breed. Click on one, and you can select all of the same breed from the choices at the bottom.

Other choice allow for only the dragon you select, or for all dragons related to the ones you select.


There are many other ways to use the filter, someone else may know more.


When editing your groups, you can select Highlighted for up to 4 groups and they will display at the top of your scroll. Public allows others to see the group if they have the group address and Private is only for you.


ETA: just realized how old this thread is. Still, I hope it helps someone.

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