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Hi! I've been playing Dragon Cave since May of 2016, and I've gotten pretty far (135 unique breeds as of today). My username here is the same as on DC.

I like most of the dragons on the website, but here are some of my favorites:

- Carina Dragon (0 as of today)

- Nebula Dragon (2 as of today)

- Grave Dragon (0 as of today)

- Setsong Dragon (1 as of today)

- Imperial Fleshcrowne (2 as of today)

- Spirit Ward Dragon (1 as of today)

- Soulpeace Dragon (1 as of today)

And I'll stop myself before the list gets too long. I'm hoping that my Nebula hatchling will be a male (I influenced the egg before it hatched) since I've already gotten three female Ridgewings, and the only other Nebula that I have is a female. I really, really love the Carina dragon.

Now, outside of DC, here are a few interests of mine:

I really love space. My favorite constellations are Cassiopeia, Taurus, Lyra, Scorpius, and Corona Borealis.

A lot of music (mostly rock) including Linkin Park, Starset, Gemini Syndrome, I Prevail, and Downplay. My favorite song is Carousel by Linkin Park.

I also like the book series Warriors. I've read every book, and my favorite character is Mapleshade.

..And the TV show Charmed. It's on Netflix. I can't really tell you who my favorite characters are, because they don't show up at the very beginning of the show.


I don't really know what else I should say here, so...bye, I guess! ^-^

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Hello and welcome! My favorite dragons are Guardians, Red-Finned Tidals, Almeralds, and Glaucus Wyverns. 


My favorite constellations are Orion's Belt and Draco. 


Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands. I was devastated to learn of their lead singer's death. I've never heard Carousel, I'll have to listen to it. I loved Heavy.

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Hi there! Welcome to Dragon Cave. :D We share a few favourite breeds in common. Setsongs and Spirit Wards are gorgeous, aren't they? Have you thought of coming up with a constellation related naming scheme for your dragons? Nebulas and carinas especially? That would be kind of cool! 

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