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VenomCloud and the weird project, hi everyone ;)

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Hey everyone, im a huge dark fantasy and steampunk/cyberpunk fan and i always play stealth, strategy and sandbox games, with a big passion for every collectible i can find around: it comes in naturally then that DC fits really smootlhy into my hobbies, infact i came in contact with the game a lot of years ago, but then i kinda abandoned it due to IRL stuffs i had to look after and it slowly slipped into the oblivion.
Now im here tho, with a fresh account and the intent to gather and build a scroll filled of biome based dragons, event and lineage ones, so that i could also breed them for whoever may need some of them.
I have a "fetish" for pure Dorkwed, Vamps, Undeads and Neglected, thats mainly because they are "Infamous" dragons notorious for their affiliation to the rotten and forgotten side of the dragon land, rather than those shiny rainbow ones, and the Dorkwed lineage, as many of you know, adds that touch of royalty, and gives me a good reason to hatch 50 different vamp eggs to mix their lineages, their "bitten by" and their "bitten", just to kick in an example.
At the moment, as i said, i just own few basic eggs all related to one biome, so if someone may help me with the project i mentione above, i'd be glad; feel free to hit me up to ask me anything, i will help if i will be able to, and however i will try my best to get done what's gotta be done (PM me even to ask about other games if you feel like).
Anyway, to everyone, happy egg stealing and hatching watching ;)

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Hi! :D Welcome to DC. I love Undead dragons, too. They recently got a huge revamp so there are tonnes to collect now. Make sure you share your successful transformations with us here on the forums! Chances are meant to be higher on the 31st of the month and at night, but they're still tricky to get!

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