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Hello there! ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱

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Good day! I am not a new player, but still fairly new!!

I joined in June of 2017 so I've been playing for quite a bit. I made a forum account but completely forgot about making an introduction post so here I am! ^^;;


My alias name is Miichie, scroll name is the same. I commonly use that on the internet. I'm twenty years of age, qualified to be tortured be the stress that is adult responsibilities and college. I have the dreams of being a singer and a chef, though awfully plagued by procrastination and introvertedness. 


I love music; I'm actively involved in stanning korean pop groups. If anyone may know, SHINee is my ultimate love. It's thanks to them I've started listening more into EDM. For a quiet girl who is always indoors all the time, yes, I've come to enjoy some EDM! I've been involved with the fan community who stans kpop artists from as young as twelve, and it's thanks to being part of it that I learned a lot about life and other people. Being in a conservative Chinese-Christian family sure didn't allow me to open my eyes to all sorts of colours I was expecting to see. It's not cause of kpop, but it's more like the door that opened an opportunity to learn further, connect with other people, learn their stories and start to understand. I've always thought it's not too late to educate someone. I've been in the same boat.


I love Pokemon. I am not a nerd I would say nor collect endless amounts of plushies and merch to profess my love for it. I just love the big concept of it, playing a few Pokemon games at hand whenever I so please. I jump between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Shuffle, some games I play to pass time including other fanmade RPG sites. I consider Rockruff, Alolan Vulpix and Altaria (Mega) as my loves. 


Other facts about me, I enjoy watching anime and recently have come to love Game of Thrones. I love to game, and a big fan of RPG games. My favorite game right now is Rakuen. It's a real tear jerker! I recommend anyone with steam and some cash to try the game itself! Won't regret it. :3 


I think this is enough about myself... but surely hope to talk more on the forums with other people. I'm friendly, do not bite and not here to make enemies or rivals. Just to spread some love. I hope I'm at least a little interesting though. hehe XD

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Hi Miichie! Welcome to DC! :D A singer and chef would be an amazing combination. Best of luck on both fronts! I also love Pokemon and Game of Thrones so if you ever want to chat about either, just hit me up! 

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