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   XDRS - Causing Chaos


   The black-haired man finished washing his hands, and glanced at Xander before grabbing flimsy paper - no, wait, they were called paper towels, right? - and cleaning up the counter. Xander simply watched Fiddlesticks carefully, his mouth pressed into a thin line. He then shook his head, and her ears tilted out of sync in confusion. Was she not being convincing enough?
   "But..." she began uncertainly.
   "No. We're taking you back to the tour group," Xander said firmly. "At this point you will have missed the explanation for why you're here." His expression flickered with concern, directed at the other man, who pretended not to notice. Fiddlesticks presumed that he was his superior, as it reminded her of when the human General - a surprisingly-higher rank than Xinschi-uual ones - would visit her and her allies when they were still with the scientists. He was a likeable human.
   She stood there awkwardly while the black-haired man finished, then they both began to leave, with Xander gesturing for her to follow. His companion still looked worried, but said nothing as they left the kitchen, and Fiddlesticks didn't have much to say anyway; there was something indisputable about Xander's tone, and even though he didn't seem that technologically advanced the other was definitely more modern, and she recalled how infuriating Earth guns were. No faster than the heavy artillery of Xinschi-uual, but much smaller and with a bitter sting she couldn't redirect with her magnets. Let's not tempt fate.


   She obediently followed the two into the hall. Remaining withdrawn inside her head, she didn't pay attention to their words, merely stopping once they did. It was depressing to think that she had foolishly missed the chance to attack Duke by trying to circumvent his silly maze; had she simply waited, the walls would have disappeared eventually. Not that she knew how, but apparently they did. Although, in looking at it objectively, she did learn one thing from this: "pellets" were not cute enough to sway these two. They either had a solid constitution or she had poor persuasion skills.
   Stupid, stupid! she berated herself, What kind of war machine are you? You can't even take out ONE target when it meets your challenge! And then you numbly follow around two people you don't even know?
   They're nice! They might have information! Attacking would be a waste! she silently argued. I have no reason to target them!
   So much for keeping up your reputation, she knew, right now everyone thinks you're this big, stressed-out, dumb thing.
   Hey, I'm being tactful!
   STASIS would have been more tactful if half of her was paralyzed!
   She growled to herself, ending on a higher note of defeat. This may have been the stupidest thing I've done since trying to manipulate 29-84, she thought. At the reminders of the mechs shew knew before, she looked up, a bit curious as to how Typheus hasn't found her yet; usually he was tailing her the whole time. She checked behind her, but spotted no one at the end of the cream-colored hall. Hm.
   One of the men cleared his throat behind her, and she turned back around, realizing they were moving again. She paused only to look down at the ball bearing she had the entire time, before bringing it up into her retrieval panel and tossing it through the hole there, causing it to bounce up into her head. Convenient! Now she won't lose it. She then began following, until she heard a loud clack behind her.


   She stopped in surprise and turned behind her, staring down the hall. What was that? Did something fall?
   For a moment, she didn't notice anything different. Then a blonde with a distinct, black and gold uniform stepped into view, a smile as white as his cape as he spoke aloud to no one.
   Fiddlesticks's ears went straight up, eye intensifying with color. All disappointment vanished. She was so happy to see him!

   Immediately she burst into a run.
   Thud thud thud thud THUD THUD- WHAM! She slammed into Duke, her right bayonet entering his arm, the other missing and going around him. The tackle brought both of them to the ground and they slid a few feet, but thankfully she held her weight aloft, bringing out her mandibles for a hard bite.
   CLANG! Total miss! Flushed with embarrassment and annoyance, she bit his right shoulder a second later. Part of her wanted to do some serious damage, but another part just wanted to scare the tar out of him, see if he was still interested in the challenge! She wasn't going to leave his indestructible-wall-taunt unanswered!


   XDRS - Wandering the First Floor


   The scout machine wasn't very expressive, but wasn't unwilling to help. She looked as if she had done this a thousand times before, and at that recognition Typheus felt guilty about asking her to do this. He could very well track down his partner himself, albeit slowly with the limitations on signal transmission.

   He watched her for a few moments as she looked around, and then she abruptly pulled back apart, pieces shifting and flying back into place in the form of the car from before. She then backed up and rolled off; so she was just as aware in car form, then. Had he known that he would have at least acknowledged her in the dining hall...

   Let's not worry about that, he told himself. So he pushed it to the back of his mind and began following the small vehicle.

   Minutes passed. They were moving slower than he anticipated, but he didn't complain, assuming the scout was doing a sort of advanced search he didn't know about. He looked up at a sconce as they turned down another hall; have they been here before? No, this was new...

   "Does your companion not favor humans?" the scout eventually asked. He hesitated, and she continued: ”The Autobots, mostly under Optimus Prime’s command, are protecting the planet Earth and its humans from the aggressions of Megatron and his Decepticon army. Does she follow his tyrannical doctrine?”


   Oh, that was a pressing question. He felt a bit flustered about how she asked it so bluntly; he was so used to wordplay from people, built for it, even. Still, he had trouble coming up with a detailed response that wouldn't sound fabricated.

   We haven't heard of Megatron or Decepticons. Sounds like you're from a war, but if Earth is involved... He faltered, confused. You're sure it's Earth? We just came from there, but we haven't seen anything like you before. Well, I know I haven't. He hesitated yet again, predicting she wouldn't like the next part. We have been having... problems, with the humans. Some of them are nice. Others think we should be hit with a nuclear warhead. Others still want to get in contact with our enemies and hand us off as prisoners of war. It's complicated, he said. In general... just to get it out of the way, my partner has compulsion issues. I just want to make sure she's safe. EVERYONE is safe. He corrected himself.

   The scout turned the corner, and he followed, worried about whether or not he properly answered her questions. He didn't want to have to fight this machine if she decided he was a threat - both of them, even - but he had to protect Fiddlesticks. She could fend for herself, but she has a reputation of not thinking ahead, and someone this big and this foreign who could transform so casually surely would have the arsenal of a 17 Tank model. Something wasn't matching up though: she said the Autobots were protecting Earth. She's an Autobot. Which means he had to have seen her, her allies, and the Decepticons on Earth, especially with something as big as a war going on. Yet he didn't recall seeing any such machines wandering around; the biggest he had seen there were human tanks, and plenty of jets and helicopters sent to gun the mechs down. What was he missing...? Were they all cars the entire time?

   Oh by Carace's name, he hoped not. They had a habit of breaking things while on the loose... Well, Fiddlesticks did. He just didn't stop her.


   He then considered another option: The mechs had to flee and break the alliance blanket-statement because the humans who wanted to protect them were overpowered by the ones that didn't. The scout didn't specify if it was a cold war. Was Megatron behind the dissolution? With his army named the way it was, it seemed pretty likely.

   Only one way to find out.

   Out of curiosity, what is Megatron's agenda? It must be something serious to warrant warring over, he said to the purple car. And while I'm asking, do you have a title I can call you by?


   (EDIT: Forgot to log in IC: powerplaying with Xander and Natsuki was permitted)

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[ revelations : ayaka -- ; ]


The universe -- finding her worthy of saving?


Ayaka blinks at Pascal's words, unsure how to process the information the other girl has just revealed. Her words held a shimmer of truth -- after years of living so long, Ayaka has learnt how to tell the difference between lies and words, but even then the demon huntress finds it hard to believe anything that Pascal has just said. An organization that works to patch things up? Transported to this world? What kind of universal law would dictate that a bunch of strangers with various degrees of power be thrown together and expected to work things out?


She almost wants to laugh at the simple foolery of it all -- even in so many years of life, this is nothing like anything she would have expected to occur. It makes for an interesting occupation, true, but Ayaka cannot think of possibly cooperating with these people -- and one demon included -- to ... save the world. 


"O ... kay," she says, purposefully dragging out the word. Then, she folds her arms and addresses the two women, her gaze sharp. "So why do you need me, then?" She has not dropped the idea of a trap just yet, but Ayaka wonders as well -- if she can accept this as just another mercenary job, then she'll complete it with speed and return back to where she came. Simple. 








Vylcan's warning comes too late, and is unusually tense, an anxious call in the back of his mind just as Duke turns around at the sound of something approaching him, fast


He barely has time to recognise the moving object rushing at his person before they make contact; immediately, Duke gasps as he feels the sickening crunch of his bones meeting hard, hard metal, and just as he lands on the ground his arm flares with white-hot pain.


The feeling is unwelcome, not entirely familiar, but he has been wounded in battle before -- he has fought in a land on the brinks of a full-scale war, and instantly there is the voice of Vylcan ringing in his ears, his heart pounding against his chest, and Duke freezes.


Duke, move! 


They slide a few feet on the ground, Duke's feet useless beneath him, and Vylcan's voice in his head is a ringing call of the past. 


You idiot -- barrier! Throw up a barrier! DUKE!


His senses are heightened with danger as the monster -- machine? -- that has attacked him rises up, a gleaming red mouth visible in his line of vision, and bites down on his right shoulder. The jolt of pain that comes with that brings him back to his senses all too quickly, and Duke finally realises -- an attack?


Instantly, the air between them shimmers, but Duke is unable to move with the bayonet in his arm. He struggles, calling out at last with a shout, and feels the metal slide sickeningly against the insides of his arm. Barely managing to move his fingers, Duke considers for a second -- how good are his chances of survival if he just tries to slide his arm along the blade of the bayonet? 


Instead, he grazes his fingers along the make of the floor, and blue light follows his movements. He raises up a barrier between the machine and his vital organs, hearing the bounce of his own magic against hard metal, before allowing his head to drop forwards, hearing the clicks of the other above him. 


"Sorry," he says, and his voice is a pant against his words, "but I think you have the wrong person. Who are you?" 

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Zenobia: XDRS, storage closet

UHP: 100% - Wristband: 100%


A flash of light and a rift in the fabric of space-time itself and, in an instant, there was an imposing armored figure standing in the empty storage closet.


Calm as could be, Zenobia looked around the small room, pistol drawn and ready to fire as sensors in her armor gave her a readout of the environment. She had heard of this organization sprouting up, these so called "X-Dreamers", but hadn't really bothered to see if it was hostile or not. Hindsight's always 20/20, after all. In any case, the area seemed clear of any threats. There was one problem, though. Something was missing. Or, rather, someone.


"Apate?" she asked to no one in particular, lowering her gun and looking around. "Little guy...? Where'd you go?" 


No response. Exasperated, she stowed away her pistol and pulled up a program on her wristband. Of course, the excitable scout had gotten the coordinates wrong. She sighed heavily before using the wristband to ping her partner. If they were still in the same universe as she was, they’d be able to see it and ping back. At the very least, it was pretty unlikely that they had been warped somewhere they couldn’t survive in.
A minute passed. No response. Just as the worry started to creep in, they pinged back. Then pinged again. And again. And again. “Okay, okay, I get it,” she groaned, pinging them back once before shutting the program down. “10-4, little dude.”

With her sidekick confirmed to be very much alive and well, she opened the closet door and set off on exploring the base. She’d explain her presence when the time came. Besides, surely they’ve seen stranger things than her.



Apate: XDRS, Gateway

Wristband: 100%


A flash of light and a rift in the fabric of space-time itself and, in an instant, there was a blob of pink goo half-stuck in the ground a few feet from the gateway. 


Oddly enough, despite being mostly trapped underground due to a few misplaced coordinates, Apate didn't seem at all distressed. Instead, they just started laughing, thoroughly amused by their own screw up. They didn't really seem aware of the gravity of the situation, or perhaps just didn't care. They didn't even seem to notice the absence of a certain someone until...


Their laughter was cut off by a muffled pinging sound coming from underground. The scout immediately realized that it must have been their partner and got to work trying to yang their arm out of the dirt. It took a few tries and a bit of wiggling, but they managed to pull their arm from the dirt with no signs of damage. Opening the program, they pinged the officer back. Then did it a few more times, just to be certain. As they tried to get her attention, a flicker of movement in the distance caught their eye, stopping them in their tracks. There were others! Lots of others, at that. Smiling excitedly, the goo waved at the new faces, hoping to get their attention. They'd worry about finding the officer later.


"Hi guys!" They trilled nonchalantly, still half buried. "Hey, am I in the right universe? I'm looking for the... Uh... XRDS? Yeah! I think? Hi!"

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Dining room wasn't empty

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Philip (Gateway)


He was tired and afraid. He stood there, standing behind a survivor who was working on a generator. The only thing that actually gave him away was his snarls. He felt bad for these people. It wasn't right for him to hurt innocent people but he could feel the Entity grow more and more displeased with him. He drew out his bell, making it ring out only to have the survivor turn and blind him with a flashlight, causing him to growl in response. He stood there for who knows how long but something was wrong.


He didn't know exactly what was wrong but the white light wasn't going away. It was like the darn survivor kept holding the flashlight in his face yet he could hear voices. He gave a sharp snarl, trying to determine where he was. He dropped his sceptre and bell, not caring for those at the moment before stumbling around slightly. He paused, feeling his foot stepping into something squishy and goopy. He made a dismayed snarling noise as he lifted his foot and shook it, trying to get the sensation off. Did he step in a puddle or something else?


Whatever it was, he didn't want to think about it as he backed up, still blinded by the light. He was trying to calm himself down from the panic that had arose in him. Something was definitely wrong if he couldn't see. He was hearing a hooting voice and the flurry of feathers as he finally stood still, giving up on trying to walk.




Ruby (Gateway)


Ruby was soaring through the air after a good night of flying through a tropical depression. It had been a wild ride that she enjoyed every second of it. Now, as she flapped her wings, she was ready to go back to her hollow and rest for the night. Her flying, however, came to almost near crash and she struggled to regain altitude before she crashed into the ground.


“Whew,” she said as she landed alright. “That was a bit wild even for my taste.”


She tilted her head upwards, trying to find the consolations in the night sky only to find there were no stars out. “What in Glaux’s name?” she muttered as she looked around and audibly gasped.


“No frinking way,” she screeched as she noticed Others. The ones they called Two-Legs. She almost became dizzy in surprise as she stared at them. However, much to her shock, one seemed to be stumbling around. “Watch it!” she hooted as she took wing again.


“Um, can someone tell me where I am and what happened to the Great Tree?”

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Keaton - Somewhere near the Gateway


So you’re human?” Keaton leaned backward, cocking his head to the side while Anders took a step away. Keaton had never met a human who could shift forms, but then again, he had never been teleported to a random location unless a Warp staff was involved. Even then, he could usually figure out where he was considering that Warp staves could only transport someone so far away from where it was used. Considering the situation, the idea of a human being able to transform into a cat wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

Seating himself comfortably on the prickly grass, Keaton craned his neck down so he could be (or at least try to be) on eye level with Anders.

I’ve never heard of a human turning into an animal before!” he said, a large tongue lolling out of his mouth while his tail slowly wagged. “Then again, I don’t know what the ‘Chantry’ is either or, uh…” Keaton paused, his tail stilled and his mouth temporarily shut as he tried to remember the word Anders had just used. “...why mages must submit to the rule of the Chantry.” Keaton glanced back down at Anders, tone gleeful once more. “Is the Chantry some sort of rulebook mages have to follow? I don’t remember anyone ever talking about it before.


Xander - Hallway


It was inevitable; some newcomers were either violent by nature to spurred to violence through confusion or fear. Every time a new batch of potential agents showed up, precautions had to be taken in order to ensure the safety of both veteran agents and those who had just arrived. Xander had seen his fair share of aggressive newcomers in his time (he hadn’t built the confinement in the basement because of a whim), but no matter how many times he had to put someone down, Xander never got used to seeing a stranger attack a fellow agent.

The machine is too quick for him to stop her, but he knows what her intentions are the moment he sees Duke on the other side of the hallway. She crashed into him, there’s a sharp cry of pain, and Xander’s feet are moving before his mind can fully comprehend what has happened. His hand rests on Siegfried’s pommel and within seconds the divine weapon is freed from its sheath. A vivid purple glow encases the blade. The sword thrums with a soft hum as the pure draconic power emanates from it.


“Don’t you dare make another move!” Xander yelled. He’s a few feet from the machine, close enough to attack if she tries to whirl around but far enough so they’re not within arm’s length. Xander holds Siegfried in front of him, both hands clasped on the pommel. He glares at the robot, the sword held right between his narrowed eyes. “I do not care what intentions you have for attacking that man, you will release him or be struck down where you stand,” Xander said, his voice sharpened back to the tone of a king, the same tone he tried to rid himself of ever since he became an agent.


Normally, Xander would first turn to diplomatic reasoning in order to calm down a violent newcomer, but such a tactic didn’t seem viable considering that Duke had a bayonet in his arm. Xander would have used Siegfried’s power to attack Fiddlesticks from a distance, but he didn’t want to risk hurting Duke on accident. To be perfectly honest with himself, Xander wasn’t sure what to do in the current scenario. He and Natsuki couldn’t call for backup because that might spook Fiddlesticks, they couldn’t simply attack because Fiddlesticks might hurt Duke, and they couldn’t just leave her be because of, well, the obvious. Xander wasn’t sure what Fiddlesticks was going to do, nor was he sure he could guarantee Duke’s safety what his attacker being right beside him, but Xander could at least buy him some time in case someone else showed up or in the unlikely scenario that Duke could fend the robot off with his barriers. Besides, if the worst came to fruition, then Xander would not hesitate to take care of the robot himself. She could potentially hurt other agents if let to her own devices and Xander wasn’t going to give her that chance.

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A new world, a new adventure! - Ray (and Tsuki) ]


"...c'mon, Tsuki, there's got to be a white Wormhole somewhere here..." Flying through Ultra Space was no easy feat, but to Rayla, it was no different than flying through the skies of the Alola Region. It was even easier since she was on the back of Tsuki, a Lunala.




"Found a white one! It's about time. Steady... steady..." The Pokemon Trainer and her Lunala flew through the Wormhole they'd found, hoping to find the Ultra Megapolis on the other side...


...it took all of Tsuki's wing-power to keep from crashing from the sheer momentum. This... didn't look like the Ultra Megapolis at all. In fact, it didn't even look like a city! It was more like a grassy field, with a ring of stones nearby. Had they flown through the wrong Ultra Wormhole again?? "Ugh... not again..." Upon turning around to find the return-Wormhole, however, both Trainer and Pokemon found that there was none. Were they stuck?? Ray knew that if she didn't get to the Ultra Megapolis, then Necrozma would steal Alola's light, and that wouldn't end well for anybody!


"Mahina-pea!" Tsuki started tugging on Ray's bag-strap, turning the Trainer's attention to a crowd of people. Most of them looked human, and then there were some that were... not exactly human. There were some humanoid creatures made of mud, one creature made of pink goo (it was adorable, though, Ray had to admit), and then there was a bird that looked like a red-colored Noctowl.


Ray dropped down off of Tsuki's back and looked at the group. "I, uh... I hate to be a bother, but... Where am I?"

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Natsuki [ Hallway, FIrst Floor ] 


Fiddlesticks’ ears suddenly perked up, and- her eye? Something was very wrong. 


There was no time to react before Fiddlesticks reached Duke, and even if there had been Fiddlesticks was far too fast. Duke’s scream of pain had already reached their ears by the time they managed to unholster their gun. 


The gun was useless anyway, unless Fiddlesticks was far more delicate than they thought. A warbeast of similar size would just be annoyed by a handgun, and robots didn’t bleed. At best it’d be possible to crack the lens of Fiddlesticks’ eye, but they couldn’t shoot with Duke so close anyway. Aside from that, any competent designer would make the large, brightly-colored eye a decoy and have the real cameras elsewhere. 


It was with no small amount of shame that they noticed that Xander had already acted, but they were out of their depth. Despite his aggression and lightning powers, the situation with Nata had been far easier to deal with. Most importantly, they had been prepared, to say nothing of how Natsuki had been the one attacked then. Now, they found their hands itching to reach for a radio to call for backup or for a first aid kit to deal with Duke’s wounds, but they had neither. Damn it, they shouldn’t have assumed that they didn’t need all of their gear just because they had been doing paperwork. 


It left them with few options. Fiddlesticks was far too large for them to push off of Duke, and anyone near enough to find in time had to have already heard Duke’s screams. That was the one fortunate thing- surely Fiddlesticks could have killed him with her weight alone. Either she was inexperienced with killing humans, she wasn’t interested in killing him (which only mattered if she understood how easy humans were to kill), or she was acting like a cat. 


Their only option was to keep their gun trained on Fiddlesticks until ordered otherwise. At most it would serve as a threat, but that was the best chance they had at the moment. 

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Aeolus's head turned when he heard a human's voice. It was a woman in brown. She was asking if he and the Frillish-girl were new. It was new for him to have questions directed at him - always the humans talked over his head. It stills him for a moment. Hesitantly, he answers with part of him asking why he should bother. They never understood him, anyways.


"I don't know this place. So I suppose I am new."

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Circuitraider | Terrible Rescuer


"A civil war, yes," she confirmed. "We haven't always been on Earth. I arrived with Bumblebee some years ago... The humans have a different year length. When we arrived, it was some two thousand fourteen. I think. We were hiding, searching for the AllSpark, for about four human years before successfully tracking down a human boy who's ancestor had clues to the Cube's location," Circuitraider explained. "The war for the AllSpark, and for Cybertron, has been raging for millennia. Cybertron was destroyed because of it and so we scattered to the stars, searching for the AllSpark when it was lost to the far reaches of space. Our squad tracked it to Earth, eventually."


She wondered, briefly, how the Autobots and the human, Sam, were fairing. Circuitraider had been transported while in the middle of a battle zone. "'Problems'..." she repeated. "Some of the humans captured Bumblebee just before the AllSpark was located and Megatron showed. However, the vast population don't know of our existence."


Typheus' recounting did not line up with what she witnessed. Perhaps... perhaps the Gateway didn't just pluck individuals from different locations, but also different times. 


"Megatron wants the AllSpark to utilize its life-giving power, to expand his forces and rule as a tyrant. He craves power and destruction. He despises humans, loathes their existence," the scout informed, allowing displeasure to color her voice. At the inquiry about her name, she fell silent briefly. Had she really forgotten to introduce herself? She supposed she had, apparently, been more curious about Typheus' existence. 


"Call me Circuitraider," she answered.


And then the voices she'd been tracking converged to one point. Her tires spun faster as she realized her error. "Duke has been located," she supplied, not going into further detail lest she reveal her mistake.


Speeding down the hallways, navigating the turns, there was the telltale strike of metal against tile that vibrated through her receptors. She wasn't fast enough, the sharp cry of a human male reaching her sensitive audio receptors. Circuitraider could already imagine Prime's disappointment in her lack of action, her designed course to delay a mission's goal. 


Someone was talking, their voice now close enough that Circuitraider had no need for her specialized upgrades just to hear the words. As she turned the last corner, she transformed once more. Coming to a halt with one knee on the tiled ground and the other leg bent so she crouched in a ready position within the hallway, Circuitraider's plasma rifle was exposed and trained on the bronze mech that concealed much of a human's body. From what she could glimpse and match to Typheus' description, that must be Duke. 


"Release the human or I will blast a hole through your armor," Circuitraider ordered. She marked the location of the other two humans, one with a gun that couldn't possibly do any damage and the other with a... blazing sword? She couldn't afford to let these two get injured as well but the sword-wielder was too close to the bronze mech that the Autobot needed to strategize. She needed to be diplomatic. This wasn't a Decpeticon as far as she could discern. Though, Typheus' explanation before was troublesome in the least. 


At the same time, experience told her she couldn't truly reason with someone who was willing to cause harm for harm's sake. Especially against those who had no means to defend themselves, who were too vulnerable. She saw it in Megatron and his violent followers. There was no reasoning with them, even if you could get a temporary truce...

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Lightpon ~ Library

"This ...Is book?" Wolf-boy points at the one in his hands, then the question was momentarily forgotten as he followed her pointer finger to Spike as she named him. He looked at Spike intently, a certain expression of wonder that she knew all too well coming to his face.

"Is dragon?" he looked at her, eyes wide and bright. He looks so cute and excited !


”Yup!" the little dragon puffed his chest up proudly. "I'm the one and only Spike the dragon!" Wolf-boy turned to him with surprised eyes, then there was a spark of recognition, a certain widening of his eyes--Just like when I realize what one of those GBL lecturers are talking about in one of their lectures! Light smiled as he looked back at her. A kindred spirit!

Suddenly, a determined light came to his eyes as he looked as her. Light smiled, preparing herself to answer a question-- Wolf boy brought the book down, and unlike anything she was preparing for, he bit into it. Both she and Spike both stared, slack-jawed. 

A incredible sense of power suddenly formed around Wolf Boy, and he held out a hand to her, looking up at her determinedly. Light looked at his hand--the power was pooling there--and within moments, a book formed.

An exact copy of the one he had just bitten.


"Book," he said, looked at her earnestly. Light gingerly took the book--was it her imagination? Or was the book warm with magical power?--and flipped through it. 


"Wow!" Spike exclaimed. "Did you copy the entire thing?! Hey, I wonder if Twilight can do that?"


Light reached out and tugged the book he just bit away from him, then flipped to a page with a number on it. Alright, page 425.... "Oh?" Yomen asked. "And how many people are there around to burn it?"  Okay, that should be a good sentence... I wonder what the context for that is?.. No! Pleasure read later! Light set that book down and flipped open the other...... Same page... Same passage.


"He did! Wow! That's pretty cool!" Light exclaimed, then cocked her head and looked at him. "How did you do that?" Oh, but he doesn't know how to speak very well? Maybe I should find some way to teach him?

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~Lara and Evonna~

Lara finally walked up to one of her guns- her shotgun- and picked it up. Whoever messed up her room was screwed. Glaring at the mess, she seethed for a minute. Bloody hell bloody hell bloody HELL…. She noticed the apple that she left on her windowsill still there, the window behind it wide open from earlier. Lara had needed some air. Now she just needed to blow… off… some….


The now-damaged apple soared through the window and smacked against a nearby tree, falling to the ground. A smear of mush was left where the apple hit the bark. Lara breathed a few deep breaths. The loud noise startled Evonna, who hid behind the doorframe. 

L-Lara…. Are you okay? S-should we… leave?” Lara sighed and shook her head.

No, that's quite all right. There's no need to worry about my bullets, I do know what I'm doing. I just needed something to shoot, and that apple only had a day or so before it began to rot.” She looked at the mess and sighed, placing the shotgun on her bed. “Right now I should just report the incident. Maybe I'll check the other rooms to see what's going on. You lot come with.” She stepped out of her room and closed the door, shaking her head. “If you wish, I believe the room across from me is available, as is the one down the hall on the right. Work it out amongst yourselves. Now come with.” Evonna quietly followed Lara, taking out her barette and clutching her Branch close. 

Lara knocked on doors to see if anyone was home. She opened the doors of unclaimed rooms, and sure enough some were a mess. She noticed Yusei hanging in the doorway of someone’s room- she forgot exactly who’s, but she assumed that there was something important. “Oi. Any idea what this mess is about?” 

Evonna glanced at the boy who was walking with them, a little wary, but she dared herself to give him a small half-smile. 

So… Um…. Which room will you be taking?

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Edward heard noises from not too far away. What the **** ? He ran into the hallway the noises came from, cookie in mouth and ready to transmute a blade from his right arm. He noticed that there was a boy being stabbed by some giant… Whatever it was! It was stabbing him ruthlessly while he screamed. Ed also saw some large… Other robotic object? But it moved! And it threatened the metal monster with what appeared to be a gun, trying to threaten it to let the boy go. 

Okay, that's it. Edward slipped off his right white glove and let it fall to the floor. Quickly a large blade formed as an extension of his arm. He finished his cookie and held his arm out. “I don't know what the hell is going on, but you're attempting to kill someone. That's all I need to know. Now stand down.” He was ready to run and grab the boy and take him far from the giant hostile creature. But if he got stabbed himself, how would he have helped the boy?

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The Blitzle-creature started talking again as pink light appeared on the chair. Reshirsm hissed on spotting the pink light, squirming away best as they could before it disappeared. Their eyes wabdered back over in Twilight's direction. The lavender equine seemed to be musing aloud, and Reshiram listened. The creature talked about things that Reshiram wasn't familiar with, and mentioned the man's name. Then Twilight moved on to shifting. The white dragon clutched the stone, feeling the firey magic. The stone was always there when they changed, wasn't it... They narrowed their eyes. The stone. They lifted the hand with the stone and dropped that hand onto the table, clutching tightly. The fire flowed through them, the white light shone again.


Blue eyes were focused on the Blitzle-creature. The white dragon's transformation had solidly knocked over the chair this time, and they flared their wings before relaxing them again. Reshiram didn't move for a few moments. Then the dragon cocked their head. Even they weren't fully sure when the stone changed them. It seemed to respond to them, and change them. They didn't recall a pattern beyond fear or reaching out to their power.

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Stan -- Stan's room


"It wouldn't be a stretch to say that he might have caused that fire with his mischief too," Stan accused. But if what Yusei was saying was correct -- and looking at the strange wispy creature's simple joy nosing around, he could almost forgive it. Toddlers were a pain to watch, and it wouldn't put it past those little troublemakers to accidentally set something on fire and scatter other people's stuff to the four winds if left unsupervised for a few minutes.


Property damage was property damage... and Stan was willing to let it slide this time. Lord knows how many reparations he owed from his recklessness. (Not that it mattered now, since he was literally in a different universe.)


"Well, since he's a kid," Stan sighed, drooping his shoulders and relaxing, "Guess I'll have to go easy on him when I get ahold of him after I get back." He gave a cheeky wink at the implied threat, making sure that Yusei knew he was joking around. "Thanks! Seems like we'll need all the luck we can get."


Waiting until Hush returned to Yusei, Stan dropped the box of his stuff near the foot of his bed. With a shove of his foot, he pushed under the bed and out of sight to be dealt with later. Finishing up his business here, Stan tugged open a drawer and ran his fingers over a few bags of ammunition and explosive charges, contemplating for a moment if flashbangs would work on those eyeless beings, then with a practiced motion he placed his selected grenades in his belt. Locked and loaded.  It was a good thing he didn't keep these in the workshop, or someone could have been seriously hurt if one of his bombs were to be triggered by accident.


Beyond Yusei was Lara, again, presumably after she finished assessing the hole in the ceiling from earlier. Stan's face grew into a smug expression when he noticed that she looked more angry than she was when he last encountered her, and he had a feeling that perhaps Hush had claimed another victim.


"Now now," he said, going out the door and closing it behind him. "Being pissed off isn't a good look for you. You'll get wrinkles faster and ruin your pretty face," he teased.


"I'm just here to ask what the hell happened to my room," Lara replied, stone cold. Business, as always. Stan could feel her glare bore through him with redoubled intensity.


"Well, that is something Yusei is much more qualified to answer than I will ever be. Say, are you going to help out with the anchor I'm going to grab? Those dudes we're up against can deflect bullets, but it'll be fun to have you around. Wonder if there's any good bars in that world, or if they're too poor to afford a good time...?" Stan took the opportunity to slip away while rambling off to himself, his back to the wall, eager to remove himself from the situation. It'll still be a bit before everyone assembled, but it wouldn't hurt to make it back to the Gateway to make sure Pascal had the right co-ordinates.


((Adding in pascal+twilight tomorrow morning))

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   XDRS - Converging on the Scene


   Typheus was silent as he listened to the scout's response. That was even stranger: both sides of her war had been on Earth during the same time they were. She mentioned they were undercover for a while, but the mechs weren't on Earth for that period of time. Her war... well, it made the fight between the IR and the Apex powers pale into a hatchling's squabble. How could a society survive for millennia and be war-torn at the same time? Cybertronians must be seriously resilient.
   The scout responded better to his explanation of unstable relations with the humans than he had expected, continuing to say that much of the fighting had actually been cleverly concealed from the humans - that would explain why not even the scientists knew of them - and that the person she came with had been captured prior to the arrival of their opponent. It all sounded pretty real to him, so he couldn't doubt her story, but it still didn't make sense how it would fit into him not knowing about them this whole time. Then again... in thinking about it, all he knew of the IR were their policies, and everything there is to know about the Apex powers were restrained to Code Purples and their associates. He was a Code Green - well, used to be - so maybe he was just horrifically ignorant?

   "Megatron wants the AllSpark to utilize its life-giving power, to expand his forces and rule as a tyrant", the scout went on, "He craves power and destruction. He despises humans, and loathes their existence."
   The AllSpark gives life, huh? That's definitely something to fight for, Typheus mused. He then felt a rising concern, a previous worry he had for a long time, but kept shoving down because it challenged his standings. He was built to be loyal to the Empire, programmed to be so, and even though he had prioritized Fiddlestick's safety, and the success of the rebels' cause, he still felt loyal, and knew that the crystal they had gone to Earth for would aid the Apex powers. Yet... the point of the war was to expand their forces, and he knew Gryn wanted to expand his power. That was the part that rang foul to him.
   Typheus shook his head. He hated the feeling of his principles being shaken, and he didn't know how to fix it. He just tried to ignore it for now, instead absorbing the scout's words. An AllSpark, and a long war, and an entire planet as the biggest casualty... Wait... crystal... Perhaps another correlation? Circuit said it was life-giving, and with machines fuel gave life, and the mechs were pursuing a crystal the IR had manufactured as a renewable energy source...
   "Circuitraider," he repeated the scout's name after he roused her from his thoughts. "It's pretty. You're not going to hack me, are you?" he asked, half-jokingly.
   A thud, accompanied by a yelp, echoed down the halls, interrupting them. He stopped midstep. That wasn't a good sound.
   "Duke has been located," Circuitraider said hastily.
   "Crap," he agreed.
   She immediately picked up the pace and began speeding down the halls, deftly drifting around the corners with practice. He followed behind her, a bit less gracefully in discomfort of the limited space. He didn't unleash his bayonets lest they tripped him up, but he'll have to if things turned ugly.




   XDRS - 110% Guilty


   Fiddlesticks hissed as her yelping target projected a barrier between them, pushing her back with a clang. It didn't force her to let go, but there was airspace between them now, which she pushed against, turning the barrier blue. Laying on the barrier didn't seem to be helping much, but it was something; although she hesitated when Duke asked her a strange question.
   "Who am I?" she wondered aloud. She wasn't used to the thing she was killing asking her for an identity. Before she could properly answer, she heard a sharp sound like something unsheathing. She turned, still holding Duke and inevitably pulling him up and smacking his face into his own barrier, fully expecting Typheus to be standing there; instead, it was Xander, who had procured a much smaller, handheld blade, glowing an ominous purple glow. It was also humming like it had a motor. Was it some kind of energy field? His companion was just a few steps away, an all-too-familiar gun trained on her.
   "Don't you dare make another move!" Xander demanded, close enough to strike. She growled at him. "I do not care what intentions you have for attacking that man, you will release him or be struck down where you stand."
   He sounded like a Superiority model! Not the best association to make, but the sentence structure cut through the negativity and almost made her laugh. That was new! He sounded very educated. Why didn't she sound like that?
   Her tension about the threat dissipated at the curiosity, and she looked at Duke. He certainly didn't look very composed or even angry, now that his challenge had been met. It was even a belated meeting; did he even see it coming?

   She heard the hum of something approaching, yet another mechanical sound of an engine coming down the hall. She turned her focus from her escorts and hunkered down over Duke, as well as she could with the barrier in the way. The vehicle came very quickly, too quickly for her to contemplate the tactics of the situation. A purple car - wait, an Earth car? - slid around the corner. It was smaller than any other car she had seen, and there was no driver-?
   The car exploded! Fiddlesticks reared back in surprise, yet stopped by the barrier as Duke yet again was slammed into it. She saw the parts swirling in the air, but there was no bang or fire or disorder? Instead the parts flew upward and stuck into place, forming a - wait a second, did that car just turn into a giant person?! It had an equally-giant gun pointed right at her!
   "What the-?!" she began.
   "Release the human or I will blast a whole in your armor," the strange car-person ordered. Fiddlesticks bristled at the hostility, and tried to stand up-
   Bonk. She fell back down when the barrier stopped her, her mandibles still stuck in Duke's shoulder. She hummed is dismay, forced into the submissive position. That disappearing machine! It could turn into a car!? Why-!... was Typheus standing right next to it?

   His wings shifted. Her ears twitched. Those were some mixed signals there. She locked her free turret onto the machine, tensing up in recognition of her escorts just steps behind her, but Typheus shot between them, blades out in an instant and pointed at them both. She recoiled with the tip of the blade so close to her face.
   "Stop it!" he spat.
   "Why is everyone ganging up on me?!" she cried.
   "Are you mad?! They're supposed to be our allies!" he said.
   "Then why did he challenge us?!" she retorted, referring to Duke.
   "We're fine! You're not!"
   There was a shout close by, yet another order too close for comfort, and she flipped around out of reflex and shot a hole in the wall above the person's head. The loud bang resounded down the hall and gave Xander a few new tiles to repair. Fiddlesticks shrieked; only because Typheus plunged his blade in her arm and tried to pull her bayonet out of Duke. He didn't know about the barrier though, and the rim of the turret became caught on it.
   "Stop it!" Fiddlesticks objected, wrestling with both him and Duke and finally releasing the latter's shoulder, just to bite Typheus. He wasn't new to the force, but still grunted in surprise.
   "Dang it Fiddlesticks!"
   "You can't stop me!!"

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Pascal (and Cistina) -- Gateway


"Your arrival was a coincidence, but we would really appreciate if you consider lending us your aid. The decision is ultimately up to you and your... companion," Cistina said to Ayaka.


"So what is this? A militia? I want answers an' I'm sick o' waitin'," the new roguelike man barked.


"And the rest of you who have just arrived," she addressed the newcomers, "You are here because of an unfortunate disturbance in the universe that might otherwise have put you in jeopardy. Pascal and I are, to put it one way, restoring order back to the myriad of worlds before we can send you back--"


Cistina was interrupted by the explosive arrival of a blond-haired individual who immediately ran to Ayaka, then Pascal, who looked completely puzzled at his behavior.


"Date?" The Amarcian echoed. Once he let go of her hands, she put a finger on her lips, deep in thought. "It's probably a bad thing if I'm driving you totally crazy. Cheria says that I drive her totally crazy all the time..." The gears turned in her oblivious head, trying to parse the meaning of his words.


As quickly as he changed moods, the blond haired man skipped over to Cistina. To her astonishment, he too was flying like her, except he did so while flailing his legs like he was running in the air before gracing her with a marriage proposal. She wondered for his well-being for a moment as he was apparently moved to tears.


Pascal, on the other hand, had already forgotten about him. She was looking at the sky, shielding her eyes from the dim sun as a winged form flew in from what would best be described as a hole among the stars and nearly crash landed into the space of the gateway.


"It's a giant space bat!" she exclaimed, as if no one else could see the obvious. "That's pretty cool! Welcome to the Gateway to the Starry skies!" she said to the bat, and the human that had dismounted from it. Was she a space traveler or world-hopper of some kind? Those weren't that uncommon, Pascal had quickly learned.


There was also the tall, dark man and the owl who could speak, and also the pink creature in the spacesuit... There were just so many people to keep track of, though everyone had similar questions, at least.


"You are no longer in your world," Cistina helpfully answered the bird. "It is unlikely that you would be able to find your specific great tree. And yes, XDRS!" Seems like their reputation was growing, if the strange slime knew about their organization. "That is us. Hello!"




Stan -- Castle > Gateway


"Woah there, I didn't think there would be this many people today," Stan spoke up as he approached the rock formation that designated the entrance and exit of the planet. He knew he would drive himself insane if he had to repeat the same three lines to everyone who showed up with the same three inquiries. "Although technically, the term day is relative in this place."


He first noticed the starry monster who was floating by a young girl, then the piles of mud in the shape of people, Mr. Tall and Dark, some kid floating on a cloud, two men with nosebleeds (one of them also crying tears of joy), someone's pet owl, a pink thing dressed like an astronaut, an old guy, and a cute girl with horns. It felt like he was returning from a pizza run to a room that had set itself on fire. Pascal looked like she was having the time of her life, though. How she could keep that energy up, he would never know.

"...You can land now, Cistina," he told the woman. She was still floating off the ground in mid flight. Nobody was batting an eye at it. Wasn't flying energy-intensive?


Eager to shoo everyone away, he gave his pre-prepared answers to the same questions everyone asks. "You're not in your world anymore, you're on a tiny weird planet called the Starry Skies Gateway, everyone here's a stranger who comes from another universe, no we don't know if your friends are okay, no we didn't intentionally kidnap you, the gate rocks did it, we run a squad to save the multiverse, I'm Stan, that's Pascal and Cistina; yes you can stay and help us, no we can't pay you. Castle's that way, now get outta here so we can actually use the Gate." He gestured behind him by pointing his thumb over his shoulder. "There's more qualified people to give the extended welcome speech over there, and a place where you can settle in while we locate your home and put you back."


"Although, you can stay if you'd like, cutie with the candy pink hair and the demon horns," he added as an aside with a wink.


"You going back for round two already?" Pascal asked asked him. "That reminds me! I gotta get something for you guys, whoever you're taking along with you!"


Before Stan could answer her, Pascal had already begun to dash off into the distance. "She's going the right way!" he hastily told the newcomers. "Follow her to get to the castle!"



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[ Gateway - Rai and Tsuki ]


"Wh... Giant space bat?! What, have you never seen a Lunala before?!" Tsuki looked and sounded annoyed, but then she and Ray both froze.


Tsuki had spoken. In smooth, fluent English.


Ray quickly gathered her senses when she heard that they were, in fact, in another world - maybe the world had given Tsuki the ability to speak without using telepathy? One could only guess, but she'd have to ask someone else about it later. "...well, shoot. I expected to end up in another world, but not this one. Gateway must've hijacked the Ultra Wormhole we flew through, or something like that..."


That was when another guy had walked up and given a rather rapid-fire explanation of everything going on, and quickly introduced himself as Stan and two of the other girls as Pascal and Cistina. "Castle's that way, now get outta here so we can actually use the Gate." Wow, that last sentence was rude. Regardless, before either Ray or Tsuki could speak, Pascal ran off and Stan mentioned that she was headed towards the castle.


Tsuki shot a glance at Ray. "Not that I couldn't open another Ultra Wormhole so we'd be on our way, but there's something about this place... I have a feeling that there are a lot of potential allies here. We could get help against Necrozma - we sorely need it, given what that freak did to Nebby-- er, I mean, Solgaleo."


"...augck. You've got a point there... That and I'm kinda tired. A little rest wouldn't hurt."


Ray got back on Tsuki's back, and the Lunala began to glide in the same direction Pascal had ran off in.


[ Elsewhere on the planet - Illidan and Hibiki ]


There was no denying it: they were lost.


Illidan lifted one of his hooves and spotted what he knew was green ink - he'd stepped in it so many times during their search for Marie that there was no denying what it was. "Yuck. I must've stepped in green ink at least ten times now. ...I think four of those times were the same ink puddle, too."


"Can't you fly with those wings, Illidan-san? Maybe we could find Marie-san faster if you did."


Illidan hated it when other people were right. He used his wings to glide up into the sky, to try to get their bearings of this new realm, and almost immediately spotted Pascal in his Spectral Sight. There was another winged creature behind her... or was there another person on that creature's back? It was hard to tell at this distance, but it was new, nonetheless.


He came back down and motioned towards where he'd seen Pascal. "This way. I spotted Pascal. We can find ink-cheeks after we aren't lost anymore."




"Hibiki, I have a lot of energy but it's running out. Even demons need their rest and I definitely need mine. I would rather not be sleep-deprived."


Hibiki sighed in defeat. She didn't like how rough Illidan's tone was, but as it stood, he was the one she was most familiar with in this strange new world, and she was also getting tired anyway. The unlikely pair ran in the direction Illidan had pointed out...

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[ good --? : fushi -- ; ]


Fushi jumps when the girl looks at him, her face alight with excitement as she takes the book from him in gentle strides, and thumbs the pages apart with care. Fushi watches her slender fingers across the manila texts with wonder, acknowledging how gently she held the book and how lightly she skimmed the pages. Was that how one was supposed to handle one of these things? 


He looks at his own palms -- roughed by use, calloused from repeated motions over the years of handling ropes and sleds. The Boy had been a worker, not a scholar, and the way the red-haired girl treated the books was with a tenderness Fushi only remembers from watching the Boy gently glide the tips of his old fingertips across the images on the walls of the igloo. Across the stick figures meant to represent his family.


When she asks him a question, Fushi thinks he can understand some of it -- how? He knows how, he thinks.  


He points to himself, a finger in the center of his chest. "Me," he says, "Fushi." The name is familiar on the tip of his tongue, a memory beginning to form. He is fond of the name Fushi, he realises -- and -- perhaps this is what an identity is ... ?


He holds his hands out, and is unable to describe exactly what he wants to say. He knows the limits of his power, but not completely, understands what he can do, but only through the familiarity of someone born with such a skill. 


"Can make ..." Fushi says, and then looks at the book in the girl's hands. "Book." Then, he thinks back to his past, of all the things the Boy and March had run through with him. "Sword. Bowl. Can make."


Then, he looks at Spike, and shakes his head. "Cannot make dragon."




[ thanks for the assist : duke -- ; ]


Duke could only faintly hear the arrival of others before his world erupted into chaos. 


A familiar voice echoed across the room, and Duke could pick out Xander's low, soothing baritone -- but there was a certain difference to his voice now, a certain tone that registered the commands of a prince -- no, a king. Duke has spent enough of his life against the monarchy to recognise that all-ending, royal tone, and although he knows -- he knows -- that Xander is not the enemy, a feeling of unpleasant realisation still stirs in his chest. 


But he is not in the past, not a labelled criminal on the run or the commander of hundreds of insurgents -- he is here, now, with the X-Dreamers, and he is very much surrounded by allies. 


That is, or so he thought, before this happened. Duke's mind is still whirling, trying to make sense of his current situation -- what happened? Who could have attacked him? 


When the robot fails to answer, Duke goes for the next best approach. Which is -- making light of the situation, before he gets himself killed. 


So, even though moving makes him wince and the blade in his arm slides unpleasantly against his bone, churning his stomach, Duke raises his good hand by a fraction.


"Hi Xander," he calls, trying to keep his voice steady. "Lovely morning? About the paperwork -- looks like I can really take a stab at it now, huh?" He laughs, ending on a note of slight hysteria. 


When the machine brings him up and smashes him into his own barrier, Duke feels himself fly away from his body momentarily. This is it. This is how he's going to die -- bashed against his own barrier, like an idiot. The resulting slam into his own creation and the movement of the bayonet against his bones makes it hard to focus, and Duke's vision swims before him as he tries to gather his thoughts. Vylcan's voice in his head is faint as he feels himself holstered up again, only to slam once more into his self-created barriers, and with that, Duke squeezes his eyes shut and tries to gather his bearings -- focus, focus!


There are voices above him, yelling, and Duke wonders -- have the other agents arrived? Are they arresting whoever attacked him? The machine's bright red eye sears into his mind, and Duke opens his mouth, but is unable to say anything. Instead, a faint groan is drawn out from him, and the barrier surrounding his body cracks slightly before breaking altogether as he tries to gather his thoughts together.




[ who?? : ayaka -- ; ]


Whatever Ayaka was about to respond towards the women's explanation is abruptly cut off by the arrival of a newcomer; Ayaka backs up in surprise, a gasp drawn from her mouth as a random blond man suddenly appeared, draping an arm across her shoulders as he rattles nonsense into her ear. Ayaka barely has a moment to think on the man's words -- beautiful lady? -- before he is off once more, this time actively approaching Pascal and Cistina with his mannerisms.


The demoness is left shocked -- what kind of world was this? The reaction from the man, who by now she has assessed as definitely human, except for the strange eyebrow abnormality, was not the usual reaction of humans upon seeing a demon for the first time. Why -- ?


Before she can think too hard on the current situation, the arrival of a newcomer draws her attention, and Ayaka internally groans to herself -- another newcomer? Just how many humans --


The new human, a male with brown hair and googles and the fast talking speed of someone very used to his job, has Ayaka curious. He approaches the group with such a calm manner that she thinks -- perhaps he is a tour guide, like the people back home who tour the countryside with men to explain the wonders of rice fields and ancient demonic legends.


Legends they would rather not see come to life, of course. Ayaka is well aware of the fantasies that come and do not wish to be disturbed.


When the brown-haired man winks at her, Ayaka jolts -- ah.


She knows this game, has played it long before, and -- quite frankly, she is lonely. Her companions have been found in various places before, travelling friends she met in taverns and fields and dark alleyways, and perhaps meeting someone -- or multiple people -- on an entirely new planet was not beyond the reaches of her long, long existence.


So she holds a hand up to her mouth, covers her lips as she laughs dainty. Once, twice, three times, and she narrows her eyes to assess the other before her.


"A cutie?" she repeats, her voice calm and collected. "You flatter me -- and the horns don't bother you, sailor?" 




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Stan -- Gateway


"Of course not," Stan replied, his voice smooth as water in response to her receptiveness. Demon women and alien women... strange enough, many of them were quite similar to human women. "Your horns give you a certain air of regality. And like your eyes -- those rubies set in porcelain --- they reflect an enticing sense of danger more alluring than the song of-----"


Suddenly he lost all sense of direction and for a panicked heartbeat he couldn't see anything through the stars in his field of vision; but gravity soon made him re-orient himself as the ground met his back and his cheek began to sting.


What the hell?! He squeezed his eyes shut to recalibrate from the dizziness. It was smarter to stay on the ground for a bit. Wiggling his nose and clenching his jaw, Stan noted that nothing had been broken by the impact, though it was clear that it was no accident. That pathetic man had nailed a blow on him, and he noticed that the strike was powerful enough to send Stan flying a dozen meters outside of the ring of rocks. Was he a friend of hers?


He settled into the grass, tongue loling and mouth agape. Probably better to play dead until the confusion passed.

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Philip (Gateway)


He was hearing new voices as he stood there, both female and male. Something about a starry bat called a Lunala along with something about a tree. Perhaps he could see these things out for himself if his eyes could eventually get adjusted to the darn light of this world. He froze. Light? Tilting his head to one side and then the other. Is that was replacing the flashlight sensation of being blinded? How long had it actually been since he had been in the Entity's realm? It was then he realised he didn't feel the presence of the dark deity forcing him forward.


Was he...was he free? He certainly wasn't in the trial anymore, that was for certain. Philip had zoned out in his thoughts that, when he came back to reality, realised someone was talking about how a gateway took him from his area and to go to a castle. Now, it was a matter of how to get someone's attention. Certainly not by talking. The Entity took away his ability to speak. He let out a snarl, trying to sound nonthreatening as possible before trying to do some sign language, hoping someone would pick up on it.




Ruby (Gateway)


Ruby fluffed her feathers slightly as she landed on the ground, spinning her head around to look at the Others and weird creatures. She shrunk in fear as a huge bat came forth carrying another Other on its back (and upon further conversation, Ruby learned it was a Lunala, whatever that was). She clicked her beak as her question got answered.


“Are there any crows here?” she asked curiously. “I mostly ask since it looks like it's about to be daylight out.” Swiveling her head,she listened to someone as they repeated something like they done this before. Her eyes grew wide at the mention of a castle. What Ottulisa would give to be here! She took off without a second thought after Pascal and the Lunala who decided to go as well.

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Anders [ Near the Gateway ] 


Yes, I’m human,” Anders replied. What kind of place was Keaton from that he couldn’t tell the difference between an elf and a human? He certainly didn’t look like a dwarf. Perhaps there were non-humans that looked like humans in Keaton’s world- it’d be less strange than dog-eared people. 


The creature sitting wouldn’t prevent it from lunging forward and killing him, but at least it wasn’t looming quite so high over him. More concerning was the way it was making eye contact- that was bad for dogs, right? Or- no, it was good? There was some kind of difference between normal dogs and Mabaris, he knew, but he couldn't quite remember what it was. Did giant talking wolves even count as dogs? He decided to not break eye contact- even if it was a terrible idea, he wasn’t going to submit. 


“It isn’t exactly common where I’m from either,” he said. He didn’t think he’d ever met anyone aside from Neria that could shapeshift, and she hadn’t done very often.

Forget what he had said about not wanting to give more information than he had to to Keaton. If the dog was willing to listen, he’d tell him. He shook his head before beginning. “The Chantry is a religious organization, founded over nine centuries ago. In most southern countries it has more power than the true rulers, as shown when King Alistair’s attempt to free the Fereldan Circle failed.”

He paused for a moment, considering how to continue. He could literally talk for hours on it, but he doubted that they had that kind of time or that Keaton would be willing to listen for that long. The basics, then. “The Chantry uses its power to oppress mages, both because it wishes to control us and because it fears us. Aside from creating a culture that fears mages and considers us subhuman, the main method that the Chantry uses to control mages is the Circle system. In all southern countries, mages are forced to live in old prisons and forts where they can be watched by the T- Chantry.” No use complicating things. “Those that refuse or hide are labeled ‘apostates’ and are hunted down. Children are taken from their homes and families torn apart- if the family doesn’t fear their own child so much that they send them away first.” He took a moment to take a deep breath and calm himself. Too personal. “That’s the short version, anyway.” 

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Xker walked back towards the Gateway, clicking occasionally. The Volt's ears were pricked in the clear air as aer made aer way back. Whoever had sent that damn Luma had done it quickly enough that the Volt had had to mostly reverse aer course after getting a good amount of the way to aer room. Mostly because the back exit was a bit closer than backtracking all the way. Xker's fur was slightly prickled, at least the less matted tufts. The Volt's prosthetic limb clacked against the ground, the noise stopping only when aer made aer way to the grass and then to the Gateway. Xker took note when Pascal passed aer. Domething kept her.


There were... still more newcomers. Lotta 'em. Well. Xker looked around. "Lot more 'n the average today...." aer mused. The Volt scanned the Gateway again. Cistina was the only veteran agent within the group. She was on Gateway duty. Couldn't have been the one sending that Luma. "So the person who sent that Luma din't even-" Aer eye caught sight of someone in the grass. Let's see what the hell happened. Given the soggy ground, I'm wondering if this bunch out here are just as rowdy as whoever put that hole in the entrance hall ceiling. 


Aer ambled over to the fallen person. It was Stan, his body limp. Watching, Xker made out the rise and fall of his chest. Unconscious. Or fakin' it. "Th' **** happened?" Xker snarled. "Today seems to be the day of rowdy newcomers...." So saying, Xker wheeled around and started back to watch the happenings at the gate, organic eye narrowed. Xker's weapons hummed, the Volt activating them in case one of this bunch had issues with less-than-organic creatures or aliens.

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Clint [Gateway]


This was starting to get out of hand. Like, a lot. There were too many people (and creatures) talking at once; he couldn't settle on whose lips to read. He frowned, rubbing his sore nose. It was only when a brown-haired woman seemed to address the crowd did he turn his attention to her. Clint narrowed his eyes as he pieced together her words. 


"You are....[here? near? No use trying to figure that one out. Too many words looked exactly the same when lip-read]" Great. He'd already lost half her speech trying to muddle over that word. 

"...Disturbance in the universe..." 


Dammit, he hated universe shenanigans. He'd been swept up in more than a few of those in the past. Stuff with alternates universes, alternatives selves, evil Avengers...It all got old fast. Clint pinched the bridge of his nose-gently-and sighed loudly. "Stupid universe..." He felt just as confused as before, except now he was frustrated too. Universe shenanigans left everybody confused and angry and usually hurt both physically and emotionally. It was kind of traumatizing when you meet an alternate version of yourself. Or worse, find out you'd been killed in another universe. Spider Man apparently dealt with that a lot. 


Clint looked up, shaking himself from his thoughts. This was no good. There were too many people talking to pick out words and phrases. He'd just have to wait until the crowd dispersed so he could find someone he could watch talk in better clarity. It was only when a stranger- a man about his age with a scarf- staggered and fell did he move. There was a fight, and the stranger clearly hadn't done anything. It was an effortless thing, to slip back into combat mode. Clint caught up with the fallen man, kneeling down and frowning. He extended his ice pack to the scarved stranger. As he did so, his gaze drifted to the strange creature beside him. He tilted his head slightly, struggling to read the creature's lips. They were talking, right? That looked like talking. 


"I, uh...I think he got knocked down?" Just like that, the mechaniod trotted away, agitated. Huh. This place was getting stranger by the second. He extended the ice pack once again, this time offering a lopsided grin. 


"Here. I'm done with it anyways." 




Dismas [Gateway]


"No no, I am content to stay here." The red-scarfed man beside him declared. "For now." The Darkest Estate was a miserable pit of squalor and corruption, and although he had taken the job for Lord Darkest, there was nothing wrong with a little break. Besides, literally any place was better than the estate. He was still nursing a few wounds from his last battle with the Hag, and frankly, he wasn't eager to return and fight again. Still...He had Reynauld to worry about. After two of the best mercenaries disappeared, everyone was a little on edge. No bodies or anything. Just... Gone. It was unnerving. 


As what appeared to be a small fight broke out, Dismas merely shrugged. It wasn't his fight, and he didn't care. Tugging at his scarf, his hands twitched above his blade. There were too many people here. He was getting a little nervous about it. Crowds were always a bad sign. 

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Masala (gateway)


She was running, hoping to get inside the mountain in time.


“Masala! Do you think maybe we can slow down a bit?” her partner, an Archen, asked.


“If we do it may be too late!” Masala said, taking a glance at Archen. “We wouldn't be in training to become a rescue team had we been slow!”


She heard Archen suck it up but said nothing as they continued running. She just hoped it wasn't too late. Her ears perked up, hearing a terrifying roar coming from the mountain.


“What was that!?” Archen yelped as he continued after Masala.


“I don't know!” Masala answered as that roar urged her to go even faster.


Finding the entrance, Masala didn't hesitate to hurl herself in, hearing a thunderous voice.


“Who are you that disturbs my slumber!?”


“I-I’m the g-great Electrike!” Masala heard Electrike say. She soon saw a cavern filled with crystals, Electrike as well as this huge massive Pokémon she could only assume that was Tyrantrum of the mountain. “A-And I-I was going to challenge you to a battle.”


“Holy Mew,” Archen whispered in awe at the sight.


She could see Tyrantrum stare down menacingly at Electrike. “Very well,” Tyrantrum growled, opening his mouth to attack.


Masala jumped, glowing red as he unleashed a stream of blue fire at Electrike, who stood there paralyzed in fear.


“Masala?” Electrike asked dumbfounded as the attack ended.


“And who are you?” Tyrantrum asked.


“I'm Masala,” she said, panting heavily as she had endured the attack. “And I challenge you to a battle Tyrantrum?”


Tyrantrum threw back his head and roared loudly, making the mountain shake. Masala closed her eyes, grinning as she was about to let loose her Bide attack.


However, something was wrong. She gasped, not seeing Tyrantrum, Archen, or Electrike anymore as she opened her eyes. She did see other creatures moving about in a grassy field that she was also standing in.


“H-hey!” she hollered. “Everyone watch out! I can't keep this attack in!”


With that, she opened her mouth and let out a huge beam of white light, hoping she wouldn't hit anyone.

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Twilight -- Dining Hall



"I see, I see," Twilight added, nodding to herself. "So the magic to transform does come from that stone of yours, and that it can be controlled at will to some extent," she mused out loud, excited that her hypothesis was correct. Despite the sudden movement the human made, the dragon appeared to be relatively calm this time -- as opposed to the agitated beast that earlier attacked out of self defense.


Now she had the chance to take a proper look and note all its features: broad wings like an alicorn but with clawed hands, a vulpine face and white fur like clouds. Now, she was sure she could find that book matching the shifter's description...


"Are you feeling less scared now?" The pony asked. She wondered if they felt more at ease in this form than when they were in a human body, and perhaps she could get a better read on the body language now.



Pascal -- Outside... somewhere


"HiIllidanandHibiki!" Pascal shouted as she saw the distinct shape of the demon man and the girl beside him heading towards her, her words melding together as she struggled to get them all out before she sped past them. "I'mjustheadingtothecastletograbathingandyoucanfollowmeeeee!"


She wasn't going nearly fast enough to achieve the doppler effect, but that didn't stop her from mimicking it with her voice as she passed them by.


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