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Twilight - Main Hall


"No, it isn't fair that I don't have to do it either," Twilight told Duke, turning away from the hole in the barrier he made for her. One of the metal creatures attempted to slam through that hole and only succeeded in launching itself into the wall. She made a note to fix the broken plaster later, and judging by how passive some of the new arrivals were, the quickest way to dispel the maze would be to get through it herself. Apart from Nata shocking Duke silly, that is.


"We'll play his game," Twilight declared. "No need to use force when it's unnecessary," she added to Nata.


Facing the spot where she bumped into the wall, Twilight extended one of her wings until she felt the resistance of the force field against it. She walked at a brisk pace until she could feel the wall fall away, then followed the corner around by the touch of her feathers. A maze could be solved in one of several ways, but the simplest one was to follow a wall continuously to the end and judging by the size of the room, the solution shouldn't have taken too long.


...Except the strategy had taken her back to the beginning, where the group was assembled by the door. The pony quickly turned her back to the group and snapped her wings shut to hide her embarrassment. She was supposedly the noble leader who knew everything, but failed to solve a simple maze! That portion of the wall formed a closed loop according to what she could visualize, so all she needed to do was find an outside wall which would lead directly to Duke.


She headed left, feeling for the barrier with her wing again. It wasn't that hard to find, since she bumped into it with her nose first again.

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Light ~ Following Twilight/XDre Base

Light listened and watched as the unicorn Twilight explained some things, including the presence of Wisp-like star spirits called "Lumas" who would apparently become stars themselves one day, how everyone assembled was probably from a different world, and business about teleporters and dimensions before she lead the assembled group towards a castle that appeared surprisingly quickly. She had nicknamed the white wolf boy "Okay," and requested a Luma to ask someone named "Yusei" to make tea. 


When they actually reached the castle--it was surprisingly large, far bigger than any single person, but it was a castle, so maybe that was to be expected?--there was a pink glow, like the ones around the bound man's shackles previously, that surrounded the giant doors. When they opened, Light gasped. The main hall was made of smooth black and white swirled stone, speckled with lights that gave everything the appearance of a clear night sky. A man with a white cape stood at the top of some stairs in the vast room, and Twilight greeted him upon seeing him:


"Morning, Duke! Here's the group from the ripple. I'm just going to explain the usual--"


Whatever else she was going to say was cut off as she slammed into some sort of invisible barrier, to which she responded with a very exasperated  "Horsefeathers, Duke...!".

There was a shimmer as the man offered her to "join him"--What a cliche--and a wall shimmered into view, with a hole opening to admit Twilight in--and only Twilight, if the size and shape was any indication.

More blue shimmers ran down the hall, and more barriers revealed themselves, though it was slightly difficult to tell where they all were.


 "Good morning, everyone!"  As the melodramatic Duke spoke, a sudden wind ran through the room and the walls disappeared. "Duke Lefevre, at your service -- the pleasure is entirely mine. I take it you've had an interesting morning? I apologise for having to send such violate agents your way first thing." 

Yup. Melodramatic is the right word. He paused and seemed to scan all of them before continuing. "In any case, you're here now. I take it you've been told how this place functions and that you are safe, which are both truths. But before we get towards the ordeal of having to sort out papers and send people back to their homeworlds and meeting angry men on horseback, let's have a little bit of fun! Think of it as housewarming. Undoubtedly, some of you will stay -- either by choice or by necessity, and what better way to get to know your new living room by trying to run across it?"

The melodramatic Duke then laid out the "rules" of his game: with Ophelia-like powers, he created barriers around the room in a maze. Unlike Ophelia, they also would hurt him if they were struck. And now the motley gang at the entrance has to find their way across. Light walked over to where she remembered a barrier being and gave it a poke... Nothing happened, but she felt a smooth surface under her finger.


A crash drew her attention, and she watched with wide eyes as the copper robot rammed through a barrier. That would hurt the melodramatic Duke... Light winced in spite of herself. Though at the same time, maybe he deserves it? But he hasn't hurt anyone yet. Just acted really pretentious and gave us a giant puzzle. The unicorn Twilight was walking with her wings out, feeling for the walls. Smart... But then she walked right back towards them? What looked like irritation passed over her face, then she extended her wings again.

Light looked around, then gathered a glob of mana in one hand. The mana "solidified" into a neon green circle, and Light reached her other hand out, feeling her way towards Twilight.

"Excuse me? What direction would you like me to throw this paint in?"


Cistina is currently at the gate, bored and jogging in circles.

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Twilight - Main Hall


Twilight's ears perked up and she turned her head when addressed by the bright-haired human, who also had some kind of magic. "That's a great idea! It'll show everyone else where the path is, or at least mark where we've been. Try firing it straight ahead from this point," she pointed with her hoof down towards Duke's direction.

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When Reshiram followed the group to the hall, they were met by a boasting man whose manner reminded them of a green-haired human who had bragged about ruling the world. Except this human was bragging about.... an invisible maze?? There was a blue shern. It disappeared. Two metallic creatures attacked - and hit thin air - moments after the purple Blitzle started feeling at thin air. Then a human summoned paint.


Where had that paint come from, anyways? They looked at it. It looked like it cane from thin air, but paint didn't just come out of thin air. The Manakete growled in confusion. The Blirzle-thing was telling the human to throw the paint forwards. Reshiram slunk up to about where most of the others seemed to be stopping, and reached out.


There was something solid. They hissed. The other hand came out of their coat and beat at the wall weakly. Definitely solid. An alarmed hiss, and Reshiram backed up - no, scuttled back like they were burned, slitted eyes focused on the air ahead of them like it was a wall of earth summoned by some Ground-element.

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[ the wonders of machinery : duke -- ; ] 


Almost as soon as he'd finished speaking, Duke staggered backwards momentarily as one of the robots walked up to his wall, with his perfectly created horse-shaped hole, no less, and slammed herself into it with immense force. 


"Whoa," he called, a light, singsong tone of admiration in his voice. He'd noticed the way the silver mech had stared at him, all harsh lights and sharp movements with heavy metal and beeps as the two robots communicated among themselves, but the blond general had been overly distracted by wondering how the two robots even functioned to notice the brown one throwing herself willingly into the barrier. Oh? Was she trying to fight her way through?


That wouldn't do. Duke winced as he felt the force of the robot's attack push on his chest, a heavy weight, as he felt Vylcan's magic surge up inside of him. Despite all his teasing, his contracted witch still cared for him -- and it would do no good to break the maze now, not after he'd spent so much time setting it up and making sure there was actually a way out. He wasn't surprised to learn that some people -- or in this case, robots? Or did robots count as people? Briefly, Duke made a mental note to ask Twilight later -- would try to force their way through.


He watched as the wall deflected the robot in a surge of blue light, beginning to fix itself back up with the shimmer of blue light against the translucent material of the rest of the wall. Surprisingly, it seemed like being thrown back wasn't enough -- he felt the dull surge of protest against his skin as the robot began to stab at the barrier with lightning quick reflexes, growing increasingly frustrated. Just as Duke wondered if he should try to reason it out, she drew back and screeched, a harsh, loud sound.


What was this? Duke attempted to make eye contact with Twilight, wondering why the pony would have possibly brought hostile forces inside their base, no less, but the blond reminded himself not to think hastily. There had to be a reasonable explanation for the robot's frustration, and perhaps he was more than responsible for their current situation.


She stopped her attacks, and the wall repaired itself with a final flash of blue just as it turned invisible once more. 


This is karma, Vylcan told him.


"I appreciate the momentary reprieve," he spoke, directed towards the two robots. "But could we avoid hitting the barriers further? I've only just had breakfast and I don't think all of you want to witness me throwing up two pieces of toast and Xander's entire collection of fine wines. I swear I'm not drunk, though." So perhaps he was joking about drowning himself in alcohol, but Duke found that a light jest was always a way to light up the current situation, and he wanted to avoid further battles. None looked particularly happy to be caught in his trap, but, well -- they were all smart cookies, and there were a lot of them. Surely it would be nothing for the greatest warriors of multiple lands, and he wanted to see exactly how they would figure a way across his maze. If some of them were to stay onwards as future teammates, Duke wanted to make sure they were people he could trust among the crowd, who would look out for others as well as themselves. Perhaps it was cheesy, but more than anything Duke wanted to make sure there were at least some individuals who could work well together.


He silently thanked Twilight as she stepped up and took initiative, ah -- he could always rely on the pony to be a good team player. Even if he hadn't fully wrapped his mind across a talking horse, of all things. He watched as she took a step forward, tracing the invisible barrier with her wings, and held back a laugh as she rotated a good circle and came back to the beginning. Ah, the middle loop. A classic of all good mazes. Having recovered from the robot's abrupt attack, Duke leant back to watch the rest of the group assemble and wonder at how they would approach this mystery.


From the corner of his eye, Duke felt a faint twinge and turned to see someone else attacking the wall. Really? Really? After he had just said not to? Duke was about to open his mouth once more, but the blond was stunned into silence when suddenly --


Duke's mouth fell open.


Did he just ... eat my wall? 


Is that even edible? he asked. 


I don't think so, Vylcan replied, sounding faintly amused. I hope he doesn't choke. 




[ can i eat this? : fushi -- ; ]


Fushi was very confused at the new turn of events. The wolf jumped back as one of the larger, metal-like machines -- what were those? -- surged forward and slammed herself into the seemingly-empty space, and Fushi backed up in surprise as a glowing blue light erupted and threw the robot back. 


The man standing on top of the staircase said something, but his voice was too distant and his words too fast for the immortal to follow. Immediately feeling threatened, Fushi wondered if he could transform and surge his way over to the blond. But, if the robot had been repelled by some invisible force -- what otherworldly powers were in effect this time?


The immortal walked up until he was beside a boy with bright orange hair and headphones, who touched a hand to the barriers and watched as a light blue light formed underneath his fingertips. He seemed surprisingly calm, and as he turned back to speak Fushi tilted his head curiously.


"Feeling," he repeated from the other, because he could feel -- that was something he was still learning, but he could feel, right? He felt when he hurt and he felt when others around him were hurt. A shimmer of light washed over his body and he was the Boy once more, white-hair and green-eyes and curious features.


Fushi pulled back, eyes focusing on the area the boy had touched only momentarily. Then, he formed a sword out of the air and stabbed the item into the wall.


The barrier rejected the weapon in a sharp spark of blue light, and Fushi's eyes widened as the sword failed to go through the invisible force -- rather, a sprinkling of blue light shards came up into the air as the sword cracked beneath his hands, and Fushi dropped the mess of discarded metal and watched as the wall began to form itself once more.


He grabbed a scattered piece of light from the air. Then, looking around, and failing to see anyone who would stop him from such an action, Fushi put the shard of wall into his mouth.



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Jowan [ XDRS Base, Main Entrance ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


Startled by the sight of the brown golem moving alarmingly quickly, Jowan tried to step backwards. Predictably, it didn't work very well, and he fell to the ground without even his hands to catch him. Maybe that was a good thing- at least it meant that his wrists stayed unbroken. He swore, both because of the pain and as a delayed reaction to the golem's actions. Nope. New plan. If getting through the maze was the best way to get as far away from the very violent giant murder things (there was also the door to the outside, but having a wall that they couldn't destroy between him and them sounded nice), then that was what he was going to do. 


It took him an embarrassing amount of time to scramble to his feet. Chains really weren't fun to deal with (he wished that the purple demon would remove them again, but he doubted that just asking nicely would get him anywhere). By the time he was upright again, the purple demon had circled around back to them again. Great, so that trick was out. Not for the first time, he wished that he had a staff. The standard mage technique of poking weird things with a long stick rarely went wrong (well, except for that time an apprentice lost their eyebrows, or that time that a hunger demon was released and killed two people, or that time that... it was probably a good time to stop mentally listing things). 


He looked down at his blood-soaked robes and bit his lip. No, that was an incredibly bad plan for several reasons. His other spells wouldn't be very helpful for maze solving... unless the barriers required concentration to maintain? They were clearly quite powerful, so he'd be surprised if they didn't. Then again, they didn't seem to work by any of the rules that he was used to, but it was worth a shot. As long as he wasn't punished for attacking Duke, at least. The purple demon hadn't said anything to the golems, despite how attacking the walls apparently hurt the man maintaining them. Besides, Disorient didn't have any lasting effects. He knew from experience that it wasn't pleasant, but it was nothing like getting hit with a fireball. 


Focusing on Duke, he drew a bit of power from the blood leaking from his arm. He knew that he shouldn't, but... well, he was already bleeding, no one would know, and he wasn't a powerful mage. It wouldn't do any harm, aside from the twinge of weakness that he felt as he cast the spell. There was a momentary shimmer in the air around Duke as the spell found its target. He shot a nervous glance at the golems, hoping that his plan worked. That, or whatever Light and the purple demon were doing. He really wasn't picky so long as he didn't get crushed. 


Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ] 


They hummed in reply, displeased by the lack of news. "I'll send a Luma with a request for a status update when we next see one, then." The miniature stars seemed to never be around when they needed one, and everywhere when they didn't. Biases sure were fun. Still, it was annoying even if they were pretty sure that the number of Lumas flying around didn't change based on need. 


"Thank you," they said, any temptation to decline prevented from realization by Xander's gaze. They were pretty sure that he would physically drag them there if they said no. Besides, he was right about them needing their strength to deal with the new arrivals. People generally weren't too stable when they were suddenly dragged to the base, and it seemed like the majority of them had destructive abilities. 


They reached the door and stepped through, planning on hold it open for Xander. Instead, they felt their feet fall out from under them and they landed with a thump on the stone floor and... ball bearings? A quick physical inventory revealed that nothing was broken, though they suspected that that was only because breaking wasn't really a thing that their bones did. "Duke," they said through gritted teeth, standing up and being careful to not step on any more ball bearings. 

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Light ~ XDre Entrance: Maze

Light nodded at the unicorn Twilight's words, and aimed the ball--but can I really aim when I don't know where to throw something?--forwards. When it hit, it splattered against a wall and revealed... A dead end, as well as a bit of another "corridor."


"My paint only lasts about 30 seconds," Light informed the unicorn Twilight, then she headed partway into the corridor--Twilight had been here, right?-- and slowly spread her arms out until she could feel walls on both sides, and started walking forward. A few steps later, though, and she stopped feeling anything press against her left hand. Another intersection, maybe?

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   As Typheus expected from the implications of his monologue, the strange human Duke didn't look very comfortable at the impact nor the stabbing. Fiddlesticks's head was darting about, the same way it does when she's searching for a clever target; her intentions were difficult to read, however.

   "I appreciate the momentary reprieve, but could we avoid hitting the barriers further? I've only just had breakfast and I don't think all of you want to witness me throwing up two pieces of toast and Xander's entire collection of fine wines," Duke said, with a smile, "I swear I'm not drunk, though."

   Typheus wasn't sure if he should laugh or stare blankly at him more. He checked the reactions of the rest of the group, thinking.

   Nata looked pretty angry, and was speaking to Twilight, but she denied whatever request he gave, refused Duke's offer as well, and instead declared that everyone will go through this maze the latter had set up. There were disgruntled looks all around, but no objections. One of the white boys - which he could now discern from the other boy as having slitted eyes - batted strangely at the invisible wall, bristling. Each jerky movement made him look uncomfortable in his own skin... Twilight tried following what she could feel of the wall to solve the maze, only to wrap back around with a look of utter dismay on her face, provoking a snicker from Duke. The machine looked at the other humans in the group: one had conjured up some kind of glowing ball and was feeling her way toward Twilight, two others looked pretty relaxed, with one of them quizzically touching the wall, but the other two weren't very responsive... trying to be clever, perhaps? His eye met the robed one's, and there was something.. off about the suppressed panic he had shown earlier.

   His suspicion was only rising. Only Nata has been a legitimate threat so far, as well as whatever purple kinetic field Twilight had, but maybe trusting all of these strangers wasn't a good idea... especially when one of them can make giant, invisible walls, apparently.


   Fiddlesticks tried scanning the wall, finding that the projection stopped at it like a real object, but her expression diffused into puzzlement at whatever she was picking up. None of these chemical compounds made any sense... was this a new element? Whatever it was it was self-repairing... that would make great armor. She had a feeling Duke wouldn't want to share it though, and without the formula she couldn't experiment and make it herself. She turned off the scanner and gave him a long look, studying his composure for any clues on the maze's integrity. Surprisingly, he too looked confused. A glance to her right verified that one of the humans had... eaten something blue? There was a chunk missing from the wall... could it be eaten?

   She watched the white human in fascination. If the wall could be eaten that would be much easier than trying to navigate this place! Although, if the wall repaired itself as quickly as it did with her, maybe it couldn't be eaten fast enough. As another thought, what kind of human ate walls, anyway? She didn't have taste sensors, but she couldn't imagine people building their homes out of something edible or even tasted nice; that was just illogical. Or perhaps whatever made these walls invisible made them tasty? Or perhaps she was thinking about this too hard...

   Without her knowing it, Typheus had recognized the advantage of the scanner, and had taken the left corridor through the maze, flashing the yellow grid projection to predict incoming obstacles. He had quickly found himself in a dead end, but with the scanner her managed to direct himself out of it, continuing up into another dead and end spinning around, trying to find a new opening.


   Fiddlesticks didn't even notice he had left until she tried to look back at him, only to find him halfway across the room already! Her ears tilted up in surprise.

   "How did you-?" she began, cutting herself off when her step forward resulted in her bumping into the wall in front of her. She held back a disgruntled growl when Typheus just looked back at her, his expression blank, and continued scanning the floor a few quli away from him. She inched to the left along the wall, not paying attention to the others, and quickly found the opening he had gone through.

   Ah hah! She let out a cryptic whistle, trotting toward Typheus, and he looked back up at her. With him right in front of her she anticipated meeting right up with-

   THWACK! An angry beep escaped her speaker as she hit a solid force. A wall?!

   "Hah hah hah hahhahahahah!" he laughed.

   "Not funny!" she hummed, rubbing her face with her turrets. It didn't quell his amusement, and he simply walked on, flashing his scanner back on. She stared at him sullenly for a moment, before it finally clicked:

   Scanner. Stops at substances. The walls are a substance, stupid.

   "Stupid mech, laughing at me, I'll show you..." she grumbled to herself, turning her scanner on and turning right, where he was going, just to find a wall and go left instead. "Stupid walls..."

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He watched the creature thrash about, clearly trying to break free. Eventually, it stopped, seemingly to realize the reality of its situation, and spoke. "No, no one's hurt," Yusei replied. "However, that's not really the point," he stated. Examining the creature, he started speaking again. "I'll let you out, if you don't cause any more trouble. Don't want you being attacked by anyone else here. Fair?" he offered. 


Stepping back from the Spellbinding Circle, Yusei deactivated the card and slipped it back into his deck, his duel disk similarly deactivating. "There now. How about we talk? My name's Yusei," he introduced.




Following Twilight, Sora returned his hands to the back of his head, twining his fingers together. When they reached the castle, he lowered his arms again and stared momentarily. "Looks pretty neat," he commented. Though, admittedly, he had seen some more impressive palaces. 


Inside, the situation seemed to go downhill. Invisible barriers flashed blue for a brief second and Sora grew tense. He did not enjoy unseen barriers - it meant enemies. Narrowing his eyes, he summoned his Keyblade and readied for a fight just as the bronze Guard Armor Heartless began attacking the wall before the group. Not wanting the feeling of being trapped to start crawling along his skin, he started moving. Others were heading left so he would head to the right.


After a thought, he jabbed his Keyblade towards the ceiling and called, "Aero." A gust of magicked wind swirled about him in a small radius, creating a protective buffer. A smirk crossed his features. There would be no embarrassing face-plants for him with the spell active. 


Heading right, he watched the walls light up when the Aero brushed against them, giving him bread crumbs to follow left and forward. "What's a member of Organization Thirteen doing here?" he questioned, staring at Duke as he directed the words towards the blond.

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Hush, Child of Void - XDRS Base


The man spoke softly, as if not trying to scare Hush away. It seemed to work, since the Nobody was fully willing to cooperate as long as it wasn't threatened. Hush nodded in agreement at the proposition.


The man expressed the will to keep it out of harm's way, and Hush saw this. He introduced himself as Yusei.


Should I give my name as a pale one, or my name before?


While perhaps not a crucial detail, Hush identified itself differently based on when it had been alive, and decided introducing itself as a Nobody would make more sense.


"Hello hello! I am Hush!"


It held up a single forelimb in greeting, then degrading into childlike idling. Hush floated into the air upside down, where it idly began swatting at a fly buzzing through the air. It giggled while it did so, sounding much like a child's laughter.


- - - -


Audrey & Badu - XDRS Base


Badu watches the antics unfolding around her and laughs from beneath her mask. All these new people trying to get through Duke's silly test, and they all try to force their way through.


"You're not going to help them?" Audrey asked, with a touch of concern.


"No, they can probably do this themselves. And besides, we've got catching up to do! What's the Hamlet like now?" Badu replied.


Well, Reynauld and Dismas are still the strongest of us all. Dismas got sick a while back, but the boss isn't sending him for treatment. Insists on 'minimizing costs'."


A degree of scorn could be detected in Audrey's speech as she related this.


Badu snorted. "Just as cheap as always, eh? I'm glad I work on my own schedule now, even if we've got bigger fish to fry."


Audrey shook her head in disbelief. "But, Badu... That thing beneath the manor is dangerous, even if I was only in it for the money. What could be more important to the boss than that?"


"You know those fish at the cove, and the mushroom men in the forest? Those come from another dimension. But it's all in the same universe, so even if the Heir fails, it'll be contained. What the XDRS does is make sure the universes themselves don't fall apart, whether we're there or trying to manage the chaos from outside."


Audrey gave her a blank look conveying a lack of comprehension, to which Badu raised her hands in an appeasing gesture.


"I-I'll explain more once we're inside, okay? It's a lot to take in, I know."



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Neku - XDRS Front Hall


"See, she has the right idea," Neku commented as he watched Twilight walk off, using her wings as a guide. Before he could start probing his way around the maze himself, the white wolf from earlier padded up to him.


"Feeling," it echoed, confirming that it was, indeed, a talking wolf. Or at least, it was a wolf. With a shimmer of light, it transformed into a white haired young boy. Guess that somewhat explained the talking part. He really wondered how he'd gotten to the point where shapeshifting people made sense and holy crap was that a sword?!


He reflexively dodged to the side. A crack sounded as the attack connected with the wall, sending blue shards flying back. "Watch it, kid!" he snapped. It was a good thing he wasn't in the way--if the mangled sword was anything to go by, the boy was stronger than he appeared. It seemed that the boy was much more engrossed in the already-reforming wall, grabbing a piece of it from the air. The boy looked around as if to check for some sort of reaction from the rest of the crowd, and for one brief moment, made eye contact with Neku. 


Then he ate the wall.


"... Okayyy. Not gonna ask." By this point, Twilight had somehow ended up wandering in a loop, and was working her way down a different path with someone else. Guess he'd better get a move on too. Keeping his hands out, he made his way over to them.

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Reshiram hissed, eyes darting around the hall. Up at front, then at the paint. What was this. What was all this. So strange. They shouldn't be. They shouldn't be in this body. A frightened hiss. The Manakete twitches- one hand shoots out - clutches the stone --


A burst of white light. An elegant furred and feathered dragon without any forearms appeared from the light. They had piercing blue eyes and twin streaming manes coming off the dragon's vulpine head. Vast white-feathered wings splayed out. They snarled, and shifted their mighty feet.


Then suddenly, they breathed in. An orb of blue light. An unholy cry, and a deep blue laser flew out. It hits the wall - ricochets, all through the maze, and even through the doorway where it bounces off another reflective wall, and continues bouncing. The laser barely missed the trembling, twitching white dragon. Reshiram screams. The laser keeps going, until it finally hits an intersection at such an angle that it smashes through the ceiling.


The white dragon changed back in another burst of white light. The Manakete fell to their knees, hands shooting out onto the ground. Reshiram breathed heavily, blue eyes wide with panic.

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So… Where am I and how did I get here? My book was JUST getting good.


Evonna sighed and took out her hairpin for a brief moment. The way I put this damned thing in, it was pulling at individual hairs… Jesus could anything be more painful. She refused to entertain her wandering mind and instead directed her attention to the meadow of flowers around her. Her rear end hurt a little, but her landing was otherwise very gentle thanks to the flowers. It makes me wonder if these were planted for the sole purpose of being a cushion. She stopped paying attention to the flowers themselves and more to the rocks. Hmm, interesting. I suppose this is just a landing pad? What am I here for…?


Looking around, Evonna just wasn’t sure what she was looking at. This was one of the strangest things she has ever seen- and of course there was nobody to explain it to her. Perhaps she was dreaming. In that case, though, her dream was really odd. She wondered, then, if any of her fellow students gave her something laced, because this dream felt too real. It better not have been Thel… Or I’m going to kill him.


She heard confused screams and wails from people around her. It upset her, only because it interrupted the trains of thought running through her very-introverted mind. It often confused her, since she preferred if she were able to concentrate on her own thoughts. Frankly, it helped her fight, study, get some quality goddamned sleep… And most importantly, she liked quiet because it allowed her to become more aware of her surroundings. Situations like this, to say the least, were undesirable for a number of different reasons.


To say she had expected what would happen next, though, was a complete lie.




Lara sighed and took a quick sip of her tea in the kitchen, doing a quick inventory of her ammunition supplies. Shotgun is fully loaded, I have a few more rounds of that… My fifty-caliber pistols are also loaded… Hopefully my dual pistols will have enough ammo for now. Who knows if I’ll need more. Hopefully there should be some in stock somewhere, right? After putting her guns to the side, Lara picked up her tea cup again. This tea is decent, I suppose, but I do miss the tea from back home. If I make it home, maybe I should ask Winston to get some more when he’s out and about.


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Pascal - Gateway


Cistina had apparently found it too boring to wait around and had begun to jog around the stones. Pascal waited for a couple more seconds, and given that nothing was happening or going to happen, the young woman skipped across the gate to examine each of the rocks again. Then, she circled back to the small stone platform she had installed weeks ago among the flowers. At the time she ripped out part of the meadow to make space for the platform, however the land was already reclaiming the area by growing vines with white flowers onto it.


Pascal felt along the surface of the step for a switch and hit it with the tip of her fingers. With a soft whrr a holographic interface appeared, no bigger than an arms' length across. It was no secret to other XDRS agents, who would have seen it any time they were to be send off-world, but it would have been hard to access the warp terminal when there were ten people and two mechas yelling at the same time in the circle and the gate decided to drop two other bodies just as she was about to settle down. Part of her wanted Cistina to deal with it. On the other hand, she had already jumped to her feet.


Pascal bounced over behind Evonna, the girl with hair the shade of caramel. "Welcome to the Gateway!" she shouted. "You could have just died in a cross-dimensional ripple but instead we saved you by getting you here!"


The terminal Pascal left open at the gateway let out a series of alarmed beeps. The young woman turned her attention to it momentarily to see a flash of light and two familiar agents appear.


Stan - Gateway
Stan appeared sightly off the ground, his momentum still carrying him forward and making him tumble into the flowered field. He could hear his heart -- that was a thing that hadn't been replaced yet -- his real heart pounding in his ears, and every gasp of air was a blessing. The adrenaline still coursed through his veins and made the fingers of his fleshed hand stiffen around the old cell phone he held. Thank god that old Nokia pulled through again. It never ceased to amaze him. It was an antique, by all means, but it was a heirloom and it worked and through a little tinkering it had been given new life as a handheld teleporter, which meant that it worked. He didn't believe Pascal at first, but that lady was something, alright.


It took him a couple minutes to catch enough breaths to speak, even if all he wanted to do was lay on the ground and sink into the earth with his nose in the flowers. The air here was so fresh. It would take at least a few days for his body to clear out the ash from his nostrils. If someone had simply told him about the world he had just visited, he would have never believed that humans would have been able to survive under those kinds of conditions where the ground was blanketed with soot, like piles of black snow. And the powers they had... It was a good thing he couldn't feel any of the breaks in his mechanical arm. He'd have to get himself a major fix after that fight against... those things. They were strange men who had pierced their own eyes and yet could still see, and their similes looked like they stretched ear to ear, erasing any trace of humanity from that face. It gave him nightmares just thinking about it.


I’m getting... too old for this,” Stan huffed between gasps. Despite barely being twenty-seven, he could feel his youth slipping away when comparing himself to all these fantastical children (including the thousand-year-old dragon). Right now, the ground was still a good place to be.



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Edward had to admit, he’d had much more graceful landings. He also had to admit that he’d had worse. Either way, the pain in his abdomen and his lack of breath said that he wasn’t going to be able to move for a minute. Taking a quick look around, he noticed that this place was completely unfamiliar. How he got here was all the more odd, because when he blacked out he was eating his dinner and having a shouting match with Granny Pinako over their heights, yet again. He was sure that the food he was having was safe... 


He saw some people walking around the ring of stones like they knew the place, so once he felt okay enough to get up, he stood up and started walking to them. "Yo, do you know where I am?"



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Nata - XDRS Front Hall


At Twilight’s command, Nata closed his hand, dispersing the electricity that had sparked out of his palm. Glancing at the newcomers around him, Nata folded his arms across his chest as he leaned against the closest wall. Someone was inevitably going to try and break the wall again despite the fact that the giant robot that rammed into it didn’t do any damage whatsoever. Sure enough, the wolf boy stabbed the wall and quickly shoved a piece of shattered light into his mouth like a barbarian. Nata scrunched his nose at the action, rolling his eyes as he turned his attention to the other newcomers.


It seemed like a few of them were smart enough to actually go through the maze. One girl suggested threw paint on the walls, one of the robots began scanning the walls, and a boy was using some sort of spell to show him where the walls were. Nata huffed to himself. It wouldn’t be too long before someone managed to get to the end. Hopefully when someone finally got to Duke, and hopefully punched him for being such a nuisance, maybe they could convince that insufferably jerk standing at the top of the stairs to lower the barrier so everyone else could—for God’s sake was someone attacking Duke.


Nata pushed himself off the wall, narrowing his eyes as he watched the air shimmer around Duke. It didn’t seem as though Duke was in pain, but Nata couldn’t take any chances what with the fact that anything was possible when it came to newcomers.

“Alright losers,” Nata said aloud as he glared at everyone in the room. “I saw that little magic trick one of you just did. Do you lot think I won’t kill you if you try anything?” That wasn’t exactly true. If one of the newcomers tried to kill an agent it was more probable that they would be restrained than killed. Still, if Nata had the chance he wouldn’t hesitate to take the life of basically everyone in the room.


Flipping out his kukri, purple energy dancing off the blades, Nata scowled at the everyone in the room.

“Now,” he said. “Is someone going to fess up or am I going to have to cut some—” Before Nata could finish his statement the white-haired person who had been silently standing off the side for the most part suddenly transformed into what appeared to be a fluffy dragon. Nata swore aloud, jumping to side as he narrowly dodged the laser ricocheting throughout the room. Nata glared at the dragon, drawing phase power into his blades, readying himself to attack the dragon before they killed someone. Fortunately, the beast finally gave in, transforming back into their… human form? Is that what it was called?


“For Pete’s—What part of don’t attack the walls don’t any of you idiots understand?” Nata barked. He ran his fingers through his hair, frowning at the dragon that was now shivering on the ground. Great, so they had another dragon that could turn into a human. At least this time the dragon didn’t turn into what looked like a twelve-year-old girl. “Hey you, manakete or whatever you are,” Nata said as he walked towards the white dragon. Were all dragons that turned into humans manaketes? Nata didn’t know. He only knew of one dragon that could turn human and she was called a manakete so why wouldn’t this person be one as well? “Could you not try to blow up the building? If this place comes crashing down you’ll kill yourself and everyone else here.” Remembering that he was supposed to be figuring out who just cast a spell on Duke, Nata glared at everyone else. “Same goes for all of you! Stop breaking stuff! I don’t care how strong you think you are; we’re stronger. If I see any of you pull some stunt like that—” Nata pointed up that the now damaged ceiling. “—we can restrain you. Don’t make this harder than it already is.”


Xander - Base Library


Pleased that Natsuki had agreed to get food, Xander dipped his head in thanks. Truth be told he’d have probably dragged Natsuki into the kitchen even if they had refused. He was about to let one of his co-workers starve on his watch. Besides, his brotherly instincts had kicked in. Feeding Natsuki had become Xander’s top priority.


He was about to thank Natsuki for opening the door for him, but Xander was interrupted by Natsuki slipping onto the floor. Xander blinked at Natsuki owlishly before realizing what they had slipped on.


“Are you alright?” Xander asked as he stooped down and offered Natsuki a hand. His lips formed into a line as he spotted the ball bearings Natsuki had tripped on. Scattering ball bearings on the floor in hopes of making someone trip was absolutely something Duke would do. Xander internally sighed as he furrowed his eyebrows. There was no doubt in his mind that he and Duke would need to have a little chat about endangering his fellow agents. Xander could understand Duke pulling pranks because it was his nature, but there was a point when childish actions overstepped the boundaries. “I’ll be sure to speak with Duke next time we I see him,” Xander said. It was one thing to pull a harmless prank, but Natsuki could have gotten hurt. If Duke persisted in his puerile antics then Xander had no problem with putting him on a leash until he learned a lesson.

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   Typheus plodded on, found himself in another dead end, turned the corner, turned another corner, went forward... found that he went backwards? He was looking at Twilight and the red-haired girl, the wall behind them splotched with paint. Fiddlesticks and the boy with headphones were just now passing through the area, the former shooting the paint a grateful look. Yeah, that's where he came from... okay. He turned around and continued back down the invisible corridor, bumping into the wall when Fiddlesticks pushed past him. He let her go ahead to find the walls before he did.

   They turned a corner, then turned another corner, then both turned right; except Typheus second-guessed following his partner and turned around, finding that it opened up left as well. The one boy that had startled Fiddlesticks earlier with his key-sword was proceeding confidently down that corridor, a strange disturbance like wind around him and making the walls glow subtly. Not a bad tactic... he followed, treading carefully so he wouldn't alarm the boy with heavy footsteps, and mused to himself about the boy's question to Duke.


   Fiddlesticks, on the other hand unknowingly followed in Twilight's footsteps, and just rounded back to the beginning. As soon as the walls hinted at the loop she paused at the corner, ears flaring in annoyance. Of course she would be the one to fall for the stupid loop...!

   "Alright losers," Nata's voice suddenly projected itself throughout the hall, making her twitch, "I saw that little magic trick one of you just did. Do you lot think I won't kill you if you try anything?"

   Magic trick? Typheus thought in surprise, looking back at Nata. Fiddlesticks shot the blue-haired boy a venomous look at the threat, tensing up for accusations and a fight.

   I'd like to see him try! she thought angrily, switching the glare onto the others still at the beginning. She might be stuck in the stupid maze right now, but rounding the corner was all she needed to lock a missile onto Nata should he try anything funny. "Magic trick"! What was he pulling?!

   Nata had pulled out one of those short blades of his again and was twirling it, ready to finish his threat, but there was suddenly a bright burst of light beside him! Fiddlesticks recoiled and shut her blast shield with startled binary, turrets raised automatically in defense. There were surprised shouts in front of her. Typheus halted mid-step at the flash, cameras frantically readjusting, but only jumped to the ready when there was a sudden roar - if you could call it that!

   He unsheathed his micro-edged blades, pointing them down the corridor even though the walls kept him safe. While he exclaimed with deeper binary Fiddlesticks backed into the wall, eye opened and staring at this... thing in front of her! It was some kind of avian that was pure white and had reptilian attributes, a mixture of fur and feathers covering its body, and its tail looked more like a turbine then a fleshy appendage! She tried backing up further to distance herself, but the invisible walls were complicating things!


   The beast reared, then spat out a blue laser from its jaws, straight at the barrier in front of it. The projectile screamed through the air, then bounced off the barrier! The alarm spiked as it hit another wall, bounced off it, then crashed along a far corridor, ricocheting all through the maze. Typheus backed up with an alarmed beep as it shot past him, bounced off the corner, flew over Fiddlesticks - making her appropriately flatten out on the ground - bounced off another corner, nearly hit the dragon as it cried out in surprise, bounced back around, then finally struck a low point just to fly right up into the ceiling! There was an immense crash, huge chunks of debris, dust, and shards of marble tile raining down. Typheus dashed into a nearby corridor, not caring that it was an immediate dead end, huddling in the rightmost corner to avoid falling rock.

   There was a shocked pause. Fiddlesticks looked up from her position. There was another burst of light from the strange white beast, and it... disappeared? The white boy with slitted eyes was in its place!

   “For Pete’s—What part of don’t attack the walls don’t any of you idiots understand?" Nata was the first to recover, immediately reprimanding everyone. He whipped around at the boy first, "Hey you, manakete or whatever you are, could you not try to blow up the building? If this place comes crashing down you’ll kill yourself and everyone else here.”

   "Manakete"? both machines wondered, with Typheus additionally glancing at his partner in curiosity if she caught the last part. Nata switched his glare onto everyone else.

   “Same goes for all of you! Stop breaking stuff! I don’t care how strong you think you are; we’re stronger. If I see any of you pull some stunt like that, we can restrain you. Don’t make this harder than it already is.” He gestured angrily at the new hole in the ceiling.


   Fiddlesticks's ears twitched at the claim, not taking it as seriously as she should have, and she looked up at the hole. The maze was annoying her, and she couldn't just break her way through... She looked up at the stairs Duke was perched on, searching for any doors. There weren't any on the landing, but there were two beneath the stairs...

   She stood up, watching Typheus cautiously come out of the corner, studying the debris. She scanned her way back toward him, fixating her gaze on the hole, and her partner looked up at her. He had a pretty good idea of what she was thinking, but he was thinking ahead: if Duke was smart, she would just embarrass herself again.

   He turned away in disinterest, going back to his original position further down the corridor where the key-sword boy was. He gave her final glance to see if she was going to do it... yup.

   Fiddlesticks crouched down low to the floor, a subtle hissing sound coming from her legs as she coiled up the pistons. There was a pause as she verified her trajectory. Then she jumped!

   Two clunks released at the ejection, and she flew threw the hole, completely overestimating the distance! There was an additional thud as she hit her head on the second-floor's ceiling and landed awkwardly outside the hole. Typheus rolled his eye and proceeded, keeping to the right of the boy and out of distance of the gusts around him.


   Fiddlesticks picked herself up and immediately scanned her surroundings: an empty room. Probably a good thing, considering the last time she jumped up a floor... She turned and saw a door in the wall, and walked over to it. It was a bit small, but it would do! She opened her retrieval panel and brought out the smaller arms, gripped the handle, and opened it.

   A hallway! Ahah! She could flank Duke if she found her way to him the convenient way! She crouched as low as she could go and squirmed through the frame, just as she learned from being with the human scientists, and found it was easier with the wider doors here. She then stood up in the hall happily and trotted down it, taking an educated guess at where she was going.

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Cistina ~ Gateway

On her 10th lap or so, the air around the tops of the stones seemed to distort again. Cistina slowed herself down before stopping and watched as a girl with something in her hair fell in a sitting position and landed on her rear, followed closely by a blonde boy in a red jacket a ways off. At least neither of them landed on the stone platform. Pascal was messing with the teleportation chart-screen when the two popped up, and for a moment Pascal didn't seem like she was going to do anything. But she looked up, hopped over, and gave a cheerful introduction to the girl, though the girl looked even more annoyed when Pascal did. Hopefully she wouldn't just lash out and would listen to them, no matter how hard to swallow their news might be. I remember thinking like I fell inside the pages of a storybook. I wonder if she likes reading? It might be an easier way to take all this in with that analogy.


A few clanks and rustles came from the boy's direction. Cistina looked over and saw that he seemed to have recovered and was currently heading in their direction. When he got close enough, he called out: "Yo, do you know where I am?"


"Welcome to the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squads' base world," Cistina explained, then elaborated with "Ours is an order dedicated to restoring various anomalies in the fabric of the many universes, and you are here because you fell into one of them," Cistina thought for a moment, then added. "Consider this world a crossroad of sorts"

A series of shrill sounds from the Gate made her turn around in time to see two familiar faces appear: a grizzled man and a fox-esque creature with artificial parts, both also looking worst for the wear. The fake eye Xker used was flashing a dead yellow and Stan had collapsed. "Excuse me," Cistina said with a hurried bow to the boy in front of her, then spun around and flew to the two weary agents.


"Stan! Xker! How badly are you injured? Should I fly to base to get anything?

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[ second hand plans : duke -- ; ] 


Abruptly, Duke stumbles from his position on top of the stairs, a sudden dizziness washing over him.


Duke! Vylcan's voice echoes in his head, but it is surprisingly distant. There is an urgent, overwhelming sense of nausea washing over his mind, and Duke reaches out blindly, his hand barely grasping the edge of the railing as he steadies himself. Within, there is a mix of conflicting powers pressing against his mind, and Duke raises a hand to his head and presses his face into his palm as he waits for the strange feeling to wash over. 


He was faintly aware of the walls around his presence, drumming and ever-alive in the room before him, and, well -- at least he could count on Vylcan to keep up the charades even as he was momentarily ... dying? No, he wasn't dying as much as he was confused, disoriented to such an extreme that the room suddenly felt a boundless sea, and he a shipwrecked man.


What happened? Duke tries to gather his thoughts, but the room before him is still blurry under a haze of humid confusion, a sudden pressing against his chest making him all the more aware of the others trying to find their way across the maze. Were they still attempting to find their way out of it? He wants to say something, but his voice has been lost in the labyrinth that his body has become.


His entire world shatters in a burst of white light, and Duke gasps as he feels a tearing through his body forcefully wrench him from the haze of confusion. Suddenly, everything came flooding back at once, and he blinked to register the world before him, but he stumbles once more and his death-grip on the railing does not lessen as he feels -- 


There is a strange, bright blue orb that vibrates with energy drumming through the room, ricocheting dangerously through the numerous walls, setting the room ablaze with the unholy glow of his walls being repeatedly attacked. The room drums alive with magic as his barriers react almost instinctively to the pulse of energy against his barriers, and the bright light is eventually reflected straight above.


Into the ceiling.


Duke watches as a large hole is blown through the room, the entire building giving a momentary shake before everything falls silent.




"Not my fault," he says immediately, wincing. So his assessment had obtained data, as self-sacrificial as it was -- it seemed the new recruits were more than able to handle themselves. He watches as the two giant mechs take advantage of the chaos of the aftermath to hop into the newly-made hole, and suddenly realises that he's going to have to deal with a couple more things: a) recovering from his wounded pride at being taken down in a double combo, b ) trying to explain to Twilight the benefits of a newly made hole to the next floor, and c) potentially asking Natsuki to track down some newly released murderbots into the building.


So he had quite a day ahead of him. Duke sighs to himself, straightening his posture as he crosses his arms and focuses.


There is a faint shimmer of light that washes over the area before his walls solidify, flickering with faint blue light. The areas where the orb had hit were still damaged, crystalline scars embedded onto a shimmery clear surface. Duke waits, focuses, and watches as all of the walls harden and shatter in a shower of blue-tinted fragments.


"Well done," he says, addressing the room. "You've helped test my hypothesis that challenging newcomers to a battle in headquarters is usually a bad idea." He tilts his head, casting an eye across the group. "So now that that's done and over with, can we forget the whole 'who are you, I'm going to try and murder you' deal and work on the 'hey Duke, you're so wonderful and original with your ideas, can we be friends' issue?" He paces as he talks, across the top of the staircase and back again. "Unless you're a masochist, of course, which I think only you are over there, Mr. Tall and Brooding and Chained. But I don't judge, so if you want our friendship to be built on one-sided murder attempts I can always make something work." He pauses, before a faint smile flickers over his face, and he makes his way down the stairs. 


There's a 50% chance someone is going to punch you immediately, Vylcan warns.


"Actually, ignore that," he says, as he comes to a stop before the main hall, where people are gathered in various locations. "I think Nata is a sadist more than anything, so you two would get along wonderfully." Then, he raises his hands in an act of surrender. "No tricks this time, I promise. Welcome to the X-Dreamers, everyone." He stares into the hole created above. "And you guys too, large mysterious robots that suddenly disappeared. We're an inclusive society." 




[ huh? : fushi -- ; ]


Surprisingly, the wall hadn't tasted like anything. Fushi swallows, and to his surprise could feel nothing actually going down his throat.


Oh well. It hadn't killed him, to his knowledge, and so Fushi deems the walls and the strange blond man as nothing more than the surrounding scenery. More than anything, he is focused on the orange-haired boy, who seems impassive to Fushi's presence at best. Well, that wouldn't do -- would it?


When the boy begins to walk away, Fushi gets to his feet, uncertain. He wants to follow the other, but he knows from past experience that not all people were friendly. What if he stabbed him?


Fushi doesn't really think much of getting killed -- it hurts, yes, but he recovers and he forgets and he is whole once more. Deciding to take his chances, Fushi begins to follow the other at a safe distance, curious.


To his utter delight, the orange-haired boy is heading towards the friendly purple pony. Perhaps they were friends? That would make it much easier to insert himself into their lives as well. Delighted, Fushi feels himself break into a run, and --


The world suddenly explodes into a bright white light, and Fushi ducks instinctively. An attack? From where? He raises his head to stare at the scene before him, and it is unlike anything he has ever seen.


There are walls that have erupted from seemingly nowhere, tall and imposing and blue against the bright, blinding white light of a large object crashing against them. To his surprise, the wall does not fold under the assault -- rather, it is the light that is directed instead, and Fushi steps back just in time as it comes rushing towards them, staring down at the charred edges of his clothing as the light comes to a violent halt and redirects itself right into the ceiling.


Fushi stares at the created hole, frozen as he feels the world before him shift. Again, there is the feeling of being left behind -- strangely, the idea of battle is comforting to him among human morals with the realisation that he will never die, but there is still a certain fear that freezes him when he thinks of the possibility of being left alone, again. It is overwhelming and threatening, and Fushi stands still. 

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Xker stumbled onto the earth, mechanical limb twitching from the damage. "Ghh."  One eye - the mechanical eye - was out, and Xker could only see out of aer right eye. Yet the Volt could feel the agent just to aer left as the duo landed back at base. "Damn good thing Stan had that - Cistina?" The Volt's ears pricked body still tense and gun still warm and glowing from battling those... things that pulled on metal - flesh was not supposed to be magnetic last aer checked - and saw with put-out eyes. That was certainly... a trip. The agent whose name Xker had saud was coming, and then asking a question.


"Me? Got a bit roughed up." Xker growled. "Probably would be nice if someone not Gladekeeper could look at us, and I think we'll need metal repairs - my bionic limb's damaged, Stan's are I think, and my right eye's not working. Damn monsters are magnetic or something like it, and vicious too. So maybe see which healers are at base right now...." Xker's good eye caught sight of Pascal. "Wonder if Pascal'd be willing to consider taking a look once the rookie's done talking."

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Neku - XDRS Front Hall

Neku had just caught up with Twilight when one of the mechs came plodding behind him. It didn't seem to need to touch the wall--perhaps it had some sort of futuristic scanning function. In any case, he kept to the side and let the mech pass him. With a body practically made of weapons, he figured it was best not to get on its bad side.


Speaking of scanning... A niggling gut instinct drew his attention to his pocket: specifically, its contents. After the Game had ended, Neku often kept pins on him out of habit, even though they were useless for everything but impromptu games of Tin Pin Slammer. He was in the RG, after all, and shouldn't have access to the abilities the UG granted him. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that things were different now.


He scooped the pins out of his pocket, noting with mild confusion that whatever pins he had before were now replaced with his starter deck. That mystery could wait, however; there were more pressing things on his mind. Plucking out his old Player pin, he closed his eyes, lightly touching a hand to the side of his headphones.




A thrum sounded as his scan activated, soon fading into the familiar layered radio chatter of multiple thought fragments going on at once. So it does work! he thought, tuning his awareness so as to not be mentally deafened by all the voices around him. Unfortunately, just like Reaper walls, Duke's barriers still remained invisible. As he tried to sift through some thoughts, an odd something drew his attention to Duke. It was like Noise, discordant and staticky and blocking out his thoughts, yet not quite the same. 


"Alright losers," called Nata, bringing Neku's focus back to reality. "I saw that little magic trick one of you just did. Do you lot think I won’t kill you if you try anything?"


Guess he picked up on it too? Magic trick or not, I don't like the look of those blades...


Before Nata could make any attempt on anyone's life, a bright white light shone from the other white-haired person in the room, transforming them into some kind of white downy dragon. With a loud snarl, it reared back its head and fired a blue laser directly at the barrier in front of it. One blink later and the laser shot was careening all around the maze, forcing Neku to duck out of the way before it shot straight up towards the ceiling, blasting a hole through it. He stared at it for a while in shock, before glancing back to the dragon, who was human once more.


It wasn't long before Nata started shouting again, and he couldn't help but facepalm once more. He just wanted to get over with this--without dying, thank you very much. As luck would have it, the walls of the maze shimmered with blue light, before shattering into pieces.


Listening to Duke's monologue, Neku could only think of how much he wanted to punch the guy.


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Yusei | XDRS Castle Hallways


"Hush?" he repeated, watching the creature. "You don't look like any monster I've encountered before and, usually, your stats would show up by now. Maybe you're not a Duel Monster. Then, what exactly are you?" Yusei asked. Motioning to the creature, he started to turn back the way he had come. "Come on, follow me. Let's get you settled in while we talk. I'll have to inform Twilight about your appearance but, I don't think she'll mind as long as you behave. If you need something to play with, though, I can make something to keep you busy," he explained.


Sora | XDRS Front Hall


Ducking as something ricochetted off the unseen barriers, Sora flinched when the ceiling suddenly had a new entrance. The bronze Guard Armor leapt and disappeared through the jagged opening, landing who-knew-where. Its silver friend, however, remained in the maze. Glancing back towards Duke, he watched as the blonde seemed to have a bad reaction to all of the damage caused. Then, suddenly, the barriers were gone and the boy was monologuing (again). 


Sora's Aero spell ended and his grip tightened on the hilt of his Keyblade. "Hey..." he started, feet propelling him into motion. "Where are Riku and Kairi?" he shouted, bringing his weapon back to prepare an attack.


Something slammed into him from the side, causing him to grunt from the impact and hit the ground hard. "Wha-!" His Keyblade slid along the tiled floor before disappearing in sparks of light as his arms were roughly pulled against his back and his wrists bound by something. "H-Hey! What are you doing? Stop!" he shouted as Nata brandished a blade in his face, sparks of purple electricity threatening to strike. "He's part of Organization 13! They're bad guys! And he knows where my friends are!" Sora hollered, wide-eyed.


He struggled against the older boy's hold until he eventually gave up, body going limp and head resting against the floor.




Something wasn't right. 


Pressing her back against the building, she lifted her left arm. Instantly, gears spun, plates shifted, and wires twisted until her forearm was replaced with a plasma rifle, a scope perched for her to peer through. Holding the weapon close, she listened first, trying to pick out where her target hid. Barricade had been spotted and engaged by Bumblebee in the Decepticon's pursuit of the Boy. 


And yet, she couldn't locate him.


Lunging out from behind her cover, she brought her rifle up and aimed at... nothing. Frowning, her combat mask slid away from her face, retreating into her helmet as her forearm returned to normal. Lowering her arm, she glanced about her, sunlight glinting off the dark violet paint of her armor. Once more, gears spun and armor shifted as her bipedal form changed. Within moments, four wheels spun along the street, the Cybertronian replaced with a Lotus Evora that sped down the roads. 


"Bumblebee, do you read?" There was no response. 


Drifting around a sharp corner, Circuitraider slammed her brakes. Rubber no longer touched black tar. Instead, her tires tore up grass and flowers as she maneuvered around a stone object. Transforming again with a grunt, she pushed off the ground to leap over a stone pillar in an attempt to avoid collision. Landing on her feet, she stumbled back two steps and brought up her rifle, flicking her gaze to and fro as she took in her abruptly-changed surroundings.


What she saw surprised her. "Humans?" she questioned, pale blue optics staring at the handful gathered within the circle of stone pillars. Growling faintly with annoyance, she disarmed herself and folded her arms across her chest plate. "Which pile of tin space jumped me here?" she scowled, directing the question more towards the air than the humans as she doubted they would know what she even meant.


Looking around for another study of the new area, she continued to frown. "This isn't Earth... Where am I?" Circuitrader inquired.

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Natsuki [ XDREs Base, Library Entrance ] [ Original Work ] 


"Fine, thanks," they said, trying very hard to avoid wincing. It didn't work, but they at least managed to hold back a groan of pain. "I'll survive, anyway. Always do." They looked down at the floor and poked a ball bearing with the tip of their foot; it rolled a short distance before stopped. There were dozens of the things scattered over the floor, and Natsuki wouldn't have been surprised to find more in other places. Usually Duke at least tried to keep his pranks safe, but he didn't seem to be good at thinking things through and he probably somehow forgot that stone floors and skulls didn't mix well. For a moment they considered picking them up by hand, but it would take too long and they were likely to miss some. "We'll have to find a broom, there should be one-" they started, before stopping, narrowing their eyes, and cocking their head slightly to the side. Some kind of loud rumbling had interrupted them, the noise conducting easily through the stone of the castle, but it didn't sound close. "Did you hear that?" they asked, tensing and listening for anything more. 


Jowan [ XDREs Base, Main Entrance ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


Jowan shivered and trying to avert his eyes when the lighter golem seemed to look at him with its singular, glowing eye, but found himself unable to avert his gaze. It was just so alien; even the metal it was made out of didn't seem to reflect the light the way it should, it was far too complex, and weren't golems supposed to be made out of stone? Fortunately for him, Typheus seemed more interested in getting through the maze than starting a staring contest. 


He didn't doubt the pride demon for a moment when he said that he would kill them for attacking Duke, and once again felt that he had made a terrible mistake. It seemed to be a theme for his life. On the bright side, Nata apparently didn't know whom had cast the spell, and he intended to keep it that way. When Nata's gaze passed over him he tried to keep his face blank (or at least however it had been before- he was pretty sure that his expression was some combination of confused, terrified, and 'please get me to a doctor'), but he couldn't help the way his eyes flicked to the sides. 


The good news was that Nata couldn't murder him while throwing himself to the floor. The bad news was that he only did that because one white haired boy, whom has seemed almost normal and unassuming among all of the chaos, had turned into something fluffy, large, and completely unrecognizable before firing off some form of magical attack. Jowan fully admitted to letting out a shriek, because whatever anyone said, screaming like a small girl was an appropriate response to shapeshifters destroying stone ceilings with weird blue lights. 


Surprisingly enough, Nata didn't end up stabbing the... manakete (he'd never heard of such a thing, though it would make sense if a demon knew more about certain things than he did), despite his earlier threats. Jowan let out a huff of annoyance- so a casting a minor spell was a crime worthy of death threats, but nearly killing everyone in the room wasn't? It was a silly thing to get annoyed with, given the situation, but it bothered him all the same. 


He blinked at Duke's words. That... hadn't been what he had been expecting. He had no idea how to respond to that, either, and said, "Jowan," before even thinking. Giving out his name wasn't the best idea, but he supposed that if it kept him from being called 'Mr. Tall and Brooding and Chained' again things could be worse. That, and the 'masochist' comment convinced him more than anything else that he shouldn't have torn open his arm. Someone tried to attack Duke (and honestly, he would have been tempted to take Sora's side if he wasn't so against the idea of being killed with knives and purple lightning- at the very least, Duke deserved to be punched), but Nata stopped the attack before there could be any further violence. Jowan rubbed his temples in an attempt to stave off his building headache, accidentally smearing blood on them in the process. 

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"Welcome to the Gateway! You could have just died in a cross-dimensional ripple but instead we saved you by getting you here!"


Evonna let out a few choice words in French, startled by this newcomer who took her out of her stupor. She whipped around, ready to deliver a forceful punch to the face, when she stopped. “Mer--- What the HELL???” In front of her was a young woman with… WHITE HAIR? Damn… I thought I saw some strange colors at the Academy… But white hair is just plain weird. And I think this is her natural color… WHY? And did she have to SCARE ME? Her glare was pretty obviously skewed by confusion.


Where… Am I? What kind of jacked-up place is this?




"Welcome to the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squads' base world," A young woman came to answer his question,  "Ours is an order dedicated to restoring various anomalies in the fabric of the many universes, and you are here because you fell into one of them," She paused, then continued her spiel with, "Consider this world a crossroad of sorts." The two heard some screeching noises, and the woman turned around. "Excuse me," was the last thing she said before she left him in his confusion.


Edward shook his head. “What the HELL was she talking about?This place is strange… I don’t get it, what is it? Where am I?


He decided to walk toward the girl with the white hair, so see if maybe he could get any more than just some random babble.




Lara noticed the pot on the stove and sighed. Bloody insolent children, refusing to watch over an open flame. She strode over and turned it off, then skulked over to the doorway. Perhaps I can go to the library... I'm in need of a good book today. She casually walked towards the main hall, then froze.



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Hush, Child of Void - XDRS Base Castle Hallways


At the question 'what are you', Hush stopped what it was doing and stared at Yusei for a moment, before then re-orienting itself properly. The creature particularly liked the idea of having something to play with, but had second thoughts.


When the man started walking down the hallway, Hush followed after him, with the strange unsteady gait that characterized his kind.


I should try to explain before I get to play again.


"Not a monster. My kind are pale ones. Used to be whole, now empty. We remember, and try to become whole again."


Hush's attempt at explanation was halting, and only conveyed part of the truth. It racked its head for a moment, finding it difficult to descrive, before getting an idea that might help.


"Pen and paper?" Hush floated up to Yusei inquisitively, hoping maybe he could take them to something he could draw on. A notepad, or perhaps a chalkboard.

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