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[ add / hikaru

status: working / hungry

location: tokyo, japan ]



Add was going to punch God. Actually, no, that would be too simple. Add was going to punch every incarnation of gods and goddesses within the multiverse. Gods were supposed to guide the creations for the betterment of the world by giving them the means to pursue greater goals or whatever, right? They were supposed to be helpful and not send their subjects to some backwater world populated half by normal humans and half by cannibalistic humans with weird glowing appendages. Well, Add would have liked to call them cannibalistic since according to every news article he read they were only capable of eating the normal humans, but that was obviously a lie. Of course it was a lie, it had to be! If they only ate people then surely Add wouldn’t have to be fixing his teleporter drone for the sixth time that month because some stupid, worthless ghoul decided to take a bite out of it like the animal it was.


Slamming his wrench onto the bed, Add sighed in frustration. He had locked himself in the bedroom for the past three hours trying to fix the damaged drone in his lap to no avail. Drone repair was something he was used to considering how often he took them out for battle or exploration into the unknown. He normally didn’t mind repairing his drones; it gave him something to do, something to keep his hands busy while his mind drifted elsewhere. He wouldn’t be nearly as frustrated if the damaged drone in question wasn’t the sole key to hopping between multiverses. The longer it was broken the more desperate Add grew to leave the cannibal infested world and get back to his mission.

Exhaling loudly from his nose, Add fell backwards onto the bed. He dragged his hand down his face, moaning in exhaustion before pulling out the flip phone in his pocket. Add wasn’t sure why Hikaru wanted phones that “looked cool when you opened and closed it” when they had perfectly good communicators, but he stopped trying to argue when Hikaru threw himself on the floor and began wailing for forty minutes straight. 


Add pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiping down the screen and keyboard of the phone. He opened up his texts with Hikaru and began typing a new message.


> Are you coming back yet? I need your help with the drone.


Several blocks away from the apartment Add was staying at, HIkaru was happily waiting at the counter inside of a fast food restaurant. The city was still asleep; most businesses were still closed save for those who kept themselves open into the wee hours in the morning. Hikaru, the sole customer in the restaurant, hummed to himself as the cashier approached him with a brown bag in their hand.


“Thank you!” Hikaru chirped to the McDonalds worker, who handed him the bag of takeout with a wary, confused smile at the strange tongue. Whoops! He’d forgotten that those who lived in this strange, new place -- ‘Tokyo’, it was called -- spoke an unfamiliar language. Not that any language barrier had bothered him before in the past -- he found that a smile and a wave went a long way, no matter where he was. 


Clutching the bag tightly to his chest, Hikaru rushed from the store and out onto the streets of the bustling city. ‘Tokyo’, despite the warnings of danger everywhere he looked -- news sites reporting on recent activity, warning posters put up to remind people to avoid certain alleyways and dark nights -- was still busier and livier than the areas he was used to, and the atmosphere gave the young fox time to pause and smile happily to himself. He loved this -- when the place was busy and he was able to blend in as an oddity, ears tucked beneath a large beanie and tails carefully and masterfully stuffed into the oversized backpack on his bag. It had been a struggle at first to hide his more animalistic features, but eventually Add figured out an efficient way of doing so.


Add -- ! Remembering the mechanic brought a smile to the fox yokai’s face, and Hikaru beamed to himself -- scaring quite a few passersbys as he did so -- and quickened his pace. He needed to get back to their shared apartment before the fries grew cold!


Suddenly, Hikaru felt something vibrate in his pocket. Momentarily confused, the yokai shifted his shopping to one arm and dug around in his pockets, puzzled, before his fingers touched on a familiari item and Hikaru pulled out the little flip phone he had worked so hard to obtain.


Humming to himself, Hikaru analysed the item for a quick second. The phone was so fun to use -- he could flip it up and down and up and down, but quite troublesome to carry around; the rounded shape of the phone with the delicate screen meant that he would most likely snap the thing in two if he tried to hold it while in fox form, but certain sacrifices had to be made, right? He had nothing against not transforming for a bit in order to be able to use his new toy. 


Opening Add’s message, he scanned it quickly before typing back a one-handed response.


> Onw my way !!!!!!!!!! : DD !!!! ((( : 


Now he needed to hurry -- if Add required his aid with something, he couldn’t miss a single minute! Even if he didn’t quite understand the complexities of the drones the mechanic was so familiar with, he loved being around Add when he worked and watching the other man’s face change ever so slightly in accordance with what he was trying to figure out. Quickening his pace, Hikaru shoved his way through the crowd, trying not to wag his tails as he did so. 




Unbeknownst to Hikaru, he was being watched. From an alleyway, a young man watched Hikaru skip down the road gleefully. He’d seen the boy -- from far away at first, and then more often as he’d gotten closer and closer, every step taking the bouncing beanie closer to his grasp.


Then, he paused suddenly -- digging around in his pockets, and he’d watched curiously as the white-haired boy pulled a flip phone -- truly, a relic from older times -- from his pockets and scanned the contents.


A poorer citizen, then? That would make it easier. To -- 


He wet his lips, feeling chapped skin and iron under the taste of his tongue. 


The boy headed in the opposite direction, and he followed -- slowly, at first, and then quicker and quicker, getting closer as the white-haired one didn’t seem to notice any of his surroundings, much less someone following him.


Yes -- this would be an easy meal. 




Back in their shared apartment, Add squinted at Hikaru’s reply. He wasn’t sure if he was having trouble reading the text because of how harsh the blinding, white light of the phone was in the dark room or it was because of the excessive use of exclamation points and the ridiculous “smiling faces” HIkaru insisted on using. Add stared at the message for a moment longer, all the while contemplating adding another hour in his and Hik’s daily reading session, before sighing in defeat.


“Cataclysm,” Add said as he leaned his head upside and off the side of the bed. On top of the dresser a small cube suddenly lit up with purple light. The ears on top of the cube twitched curiously as two white eyes on the front of the cube sleepily blinked open. The cube floated up into the air, its new tiny mouth appearing just in time for it to yawn. 


“Good afternoon, Creator!” Cataclysm chirped happily. It flew towards Add, ears perked up in interest. “Is there something I can do for you today?” Add rolled over onto his side before presenting Hikaru’s text to the cube. 


“Could you translate this?” Add asked. Cataclysm floated closer to the phone. Cataclysm hummed thoughtfully, whiskers twitching. 


“Oh I know what that says!” Cataclysm said proudly. “It says: O. N. W—” 


“This was a mistake,” Add said. He sighed before lifting himself up by his elbow, tossing his phone onto the comforter. Even as he stood up from the bed and headed towards the shower, Cataclysm continued to translate. 


“Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Colon. Deeeee.” 


“Cataclysm!” Add yelled from the bathroom. He stuck his head through the door to find the cube floating just a mere inches away from his face. “You,” Add said, pointing his finger at the cube’s face. “Should go watch the door and tell me when Hikaru arrives.” The cube bobbed itself forward vigorously in an attempt to nod like a human would.


“‘Kay!” the cube said happily before floating off towards the entrance of the apartment. Add watched Cataclysm wander off until it turned the corner. He closed his eyes, rubbing his temples in frustration. Whatever, Add thought as he returned to the bathroom, shrugging his jacket off. He would reprogram Cataclysm later if needed. 


On the outside, their shared apartment looked perfectly ordinary. Having lived with Add for what seemed like forever now, Hikaru was familiar with the white-haired man’s likes and dislikes, and exactly how he wanted to keep a home. Though Hikaru himself didn’t really have any preferences for specific table settings and how to make the bed in the morning, he enjoyed those moments where it seemed the small things brought Add joy. With this in mind, Hikaru shifted the bag from his arms to rest slightly on his hip, freeing up his hand to dig around in the large jacket for his keys.


He pulled them out, the metal intertwined with bits of lint and candy wrappers, and shook the mess off before shoving the key into the keyhole, sheer luck ensuring that he unlocked the door after only one attempt. It was still strange to the young fox yokai that human living required certain intricacies, when before he would have simply knocked down the door and left it to be fixed later. 


Before he debate internally with himself any more on the strange manners of human living, Hikaru’s attention was drawn by a small cube to his left, one that fluttered around him for a split second before calling back.


“He’s here!” 


So Add had awakened Cataclysm, and still required his aid? This was curious, and Hikaru tilted his head before he removed the beanie on his head with a hand, shrugging off the backpack. Flickering his ears to rid them of the stiffness obtained from lying still for all of his trip, Hikaru was just about to set down his bag and undo his outer jacket when Add’s voice sounded from the hallway before him.


“Took you long enough!” Add huffed. He had hastily put on a pair of clean clothes before heading out of the shower to great his companion. Add folded his arms across his chest as he entered the living room. 


“Add!” Hikaru called immediately, perking up at the sight of the mechanic, dressed immaculately and with his arms folded across his chest. Although Add’s figure was slim, he still radiated control over the ensuring room, and the young demon broke out in a wide smile at the sight of Add’s sudden imposing form. How endearing! He loved it when Add was serious.


“I got McDonalds,” he chirped, completely ignoring the other man’s words as he bound up to him, opening the bag as he did so. “The lady was super nice when taking my order; all I had to do was point! And they gave me one extra ketchup too! Look!”


He pulled the packet from the bag, waving it around to accentuate his story.


Add opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly frowned when he saw a familiar brown bag in Hikaru’s hands. “What did I tell you about bringing that garbage into the house?” Add asked, staring pointedly at the offending bag. “Last time you brought it home you got grease all over Starfall.” Add could remember the last time Hikaru offered him fries from a similar brown bag. When he pinched the fry between his fingers a disgusting grease had oozed out onto his glove, staining any fabric it touched. Add’s fingers twitched irritably at the memory. “I hope you aren’t planning on bringing that food into the bedroom,” Add said disapprovingly. 


Hikaru cocked his head, seemingly confused by Add’s hostility. He shook his head, emptying his mind of his worries as he smiled brightly. Knowing Add doesn’t like mess -- and remembering the last time he’d tried to enjoy his fries by wandering around the house and touching everything that drew his fancy, Hikaru leaned up to give Add a quick peck on the cheek, his tails twitching with affection, before drawing back. Add turned his head away when Hikaru kissed his cheek only because he didn’t want to get grease his lips and not for any reason.


“I’m gonna eat these on the balcony!” Hikaru declared, proud. “I want to watch the cars! Maybe I can hit one if I throw these down.” 


Add subconsciously rubbed his cheek, mumbling to himself under his breath before suddenly remembering where Hikaru was going. 


“Oh, no you don’t!” Add yelled as he rushed after Hikaru. The yokai had already opened the balcony doors when Add grabbed his wrist. “We are this close to getting out of here for good,” Add hissing, raising his hand and then pressing two of his fingers close together. “We’ve already wasted enough time in this dimension as it is. Besides,” Add snatched the bag from Hikaru, shivering as he spotted the grease stains pooling at the bottom. “You’ve eaten nothing but these fries for the past 3 days. I know you’re new to human cuisine, but that’s no excuse to eat nothing but fried potatoes and nothing else.” 


Add, realizing he was still holding Hikaru’s wrist, let go of Hikaru before clearing his throat.

“I need your help with repairing the device, but once that’s over I’ll order something better for you or cook something you like, alright?”


Hikaru blinked back in confusion as Add spoke quickly.


But -- his fries! It’ll only take a second … Hikaru mewled in protest, a sound at the back of his throat when Add grabbed the bag from his hold easily and inspected the stained brown paper bag with a slight shiver. 


“But they’re tasty,” Hikaru whined back as a response, and he had half a mind to grab the bag from Add’s hold and swallow it whole, but was stopped when Add lets go of his wrist and seemingly readjusts himself.


The promise of food -- other food, new things to try -- and Add potentially cooking is too good to pass up, and Hikaru quickly forgot the McDonalds he had been so desperately striving for only a second before. “Okay!” he chirped eagerly, ears perking up as he waits for further instructions. He can do this -- be good, obey Add for now, and he will get food as a reward!


Add lead Hikaru into the living room and towards their shared bedroom. Once inside, Add flopped down on the bed and gestrued for Hikaru to get closer.


“Do you see these two panels?” Add asked as he gestured towards the middle of the drone in front of him. “I need you to hold them open so I can work inside of it. It shouldn’t take too long; I know what I need to do, but I can’t hold the panels open and work at the same time.”


Hikaru nodded in response to Add’s words -- that seemed easy enough! Admittedly, he was not quite the best person to work with his hands, much more used to brute-forcing his way through most things, but he did not want to disappoint Add as of right now. Not when there was delicious food on the line. 


He took the two panels into his hands, adjusting his grip. They are pried easily open, Add’s drones consistently well-oiled and checked for regular maintenance, and peered at the mechanic curiously.

“Oh! While I was walking today I saw a curious man. He had hair, except not on his head! The middle of his head was bald, and his hair was all around it! But no one else seemed to think it was weird, so I tried to pretend, but I really wanted to touch his head …”


Add hummed noncommittally as he reached for his needle nose pliers. He already learned early on that Hikaru didn’t expect Add to engage with him while he went on his rambles which was more than fine by Add. It was nice to hear Hikaru gush about his experiences out in the world however mundane they might be. 


Add nodded along to Hikaru’s raving as he twisted a red wire inside of the drone. From the kitchen Add heard a distinct wet squelching sound. He visibly cringed, a disgusted noise emitting from the back of his throat. Did the bag fall off the counter? Even if Add didn’t plan on staying at the apartment for much longer, he knew he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to leave until he scrubbed the grease off the floor.


“Ultimate Fury,” Add said as he twisted a wire. From the other side of the room, the aforementioned drone came to life. Its front screen blinked on as it floated up into the air. It turned towards Add expectantly. “Get rid of the brown bag in the kitchen,” Add said, vaguely pointed towards the door the bedroom. Ultimate Fury made an upbeat, robotic chime in response before floating out the door. 

Satisfied with his handiwork, Add removed his pliers from the drone and wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead. 


“That should do it!” Add said. He threw his pliers back into the tool box he acquired them from. Rubbing the back of his neck and sighing with exhaustion, Add glanced over at Hikaru. “I know I said I’d cook something for you, but if you wanted to go somewhere else to eat, maybe somewhere we’ve already been, we can do that too. Either way, as soon as you’ve eaten we should move on to that organization’s headquarters. I’d rather not waste more time than we’ve already have.”

Hikaru barely noticed the noise from the kitchen, too wrapped up in explaining the exact details of his day to the other man. He wanted Add to be able to experience what he was not there for, considering it was so interesting to the yokai at the time. Determined to express exactly why the day’s events had brought him joy, Hikaru did not pause in his speech even as Ultimate Fury whirled to life and disappeared into the next room. Add’s drones were nothing if not efficient, and there was no need to worry about them messing up, ever. 


Instead, he turned his attention back to Add and returns to the present when the mechanic leaned back with a smile, his voice suddenly filled with triumph at the results of his handiwork. 

He perked up immediately at Add’s words, ears flickering as he considered his options quickly in his mind. He loved it when Add cooked, true, but -- the temptation of going out to eat is too strong.


“McDo--” he began to say, but was abruptly interrupted by a sudden crash in the kitchen. What was that?




From the balcony, a shadowy figure rose. He came in through the window, slowly, pacing his footsteps even as the hunger burned a warm pit deep in his stomach. 


He had to be patient -- that is one of the lessons they were taught, but day by day that passed he found himself remembering only the face of a man he had once trusted so much, and none of the lessons passed down. Perhaps this was not what he would have wanted, but he was not here, and instead there was only the scent of stale air and the desire for blood. 


He reached a room that he took a second to realise as the kitchen; the stovetops are only vaguely familiar as part of human living, something he barely remembered as a tool humans use to cook their meals. The lingering smell of previously cooked food made his stomach turn and he covered his mouth with a hand, brushing past the old eyepatch as he does so. He had to move away, closer to the two --


The shift of his heavy clothes knocked down the bag on the counter, and out spilt something disgusting -- yellow sticks coated in grease and oil, and a smell that wafted up to be entirely unpleasant to his nostrils. 


He paused for a second, to see if anyone had heard his movements, but when minutes passed and no movement occurred he relaxed once more. Before he can take a step forward, break from this room into the next, however, a small beep sounded and a white item fluttered into the room.

He reacted almost immediately, drawing back in surprise. An attack? But no -- the item did not strike towards him immediately, almost seemed to not notice him for a second, and that pause is all he needed.


Immediately, he attacked; a glistening, glowing blue kagune waved from underneath his cloak and curled tight around the white machine. The drone beeped furiously, the previously clear light on its interface now a flashing, urgent red, but he did not give it any time to pause or sound an alarm. 


He tightened his kagune, feeling the tentacle echo in his blood as it curled tighter and tighter around the drone. More appendages slowly emerged from the darkness under his large hoodie, brushing the fur against his chin as he drew himself to his full height and ripped the finely-decorated parts of the drone into pieces brutally, not hesitating in his actions. He wanted it to stop -- the beeping, the flashing lights, the sudden, jerking movements reminding him of a past he longed to forget, and then --






“Someone’s here,” Add said. He stood up from the bed, hands clenched into fists as he cursed under his breath. He should have known that the sudden noise was from an intruder, but how did they possibly get in? The front door was rigged with a security system; if anyone unauthorized tried to enter the room they would be blasted to smithereens. Add bit his thumb anxiously. He rushed to the door and slammed it shut, quickly latching the bolt lock just in case. Add’s drones were technologically superior to everything in the garbage pit of a planet he landed in so he doubted someone could break into the system without him noticing. If that was the case, how did someone manage to—


The balcony. 


Hikaru didn’t close the door behind him. Not only that, someone must have been watching the apartment to see Hikaru leave the door open. Knowing exactly what inhabited the world, Add only knew one kind of person that would try to sneak into someone’s apartment when its occupants were clearly awake. 


“We’re going now,” Add hissed. Add didn’t doubt that he and Hikaru could chase the ghoul out of the apartment given time, but even the slightest chance of the teleporter getting broken again was too much. Add would rather let the monster take him then sit around in the creature’s disgusting world for another half year.


Add’s sudden shift in mood was enough to warn Hikaru that something had changed -- the fox yokai’s ears straightened, the calm, casual air abruptly broken with the sudden sound from the kitchen echoing in the way Add’s eyes narrowed.


The mechanic stood up sharply, thinking to himself, just as Hikaru gently let the sides of the machine close, freeing his hands. 


Add marched over to the bed his eyes burning with fury. With a flick of his wrist, the dynamos laying on top of the dresser came to life. They floated towards their creator as the other drones in the room all slowly came to life. Add reached for the teleporter. He pressed a button on its side. There was a soft hiss as the panels on top opened, revealing what appeared to be a rotating blade. The cracked screen on the side of the teleported blinked on. Glancing down at the screen, Add could see the last coordinates he had entered: the coordinates for the so called X-Dreamer’s home base.


Someone began pounding at the door fiercely. The wooden door splintered on each impact, causing shards of wood to fly off the door and scatter upon the ground. Instinctually, Add grabbed Hikaru’s arm and pulled him closer least he get hurt or try to approach the intruder. The yokai let out a yelp, suddenly interrupted from bounding forward and engaging the mysterious attacker -- a ghoul, for certain -- Add turned back to the teleporter and, without hesitating pressed the ‘travel’ button. The blades inside of the device began to spin increasingly fast. A purple light began to emit from the device just as the pounding on the door grew louder. Add turned towards the door, fists clenched as the teleporter began to make an audible whirring noise. The door suddenly flew off its hinges. Add could see a glimpse red pupils surrounded by black sclera just as the room was bathed in violet light and—




Stars hung overhead. The air was cool and crisp, the grass a verdant green, and there was a door launched straight at Add’s head. Add ducked down, the door sailing straight over his head. His dynamos flew down to catch him, creating a small platform to break his fall. He gulped in the air. His fingers shook as he tried to stand up. The dynamos shifted their position until he was standing up and they were completely under his feet. Add looked down at his hands, touching his fingers together as he opened and closed his fists. He seemed alright so far. He pressed his fingers urgently to his neck. He could feel a steady, if not somewhat quick, heartbeat pulse under his fingertips. The teleporting didn’t cause any heart problems—unlike that one time—but he’d need to check his vitals later. Taking in his surroundings, Add manage to spend a good 4 seconds looking for his companion before a bright, blue appendage suddenly blocked his view. 


He reared back, his dynamos keeping him in the air. He raised up his leg and kicked towards the appendage. The dynamos pointed towards the enemy, purple electricity bouncing off the surface as they shot a purple laser directly at the enemy. The attacker howled with pain as its appendage was signed. It jumped away just as Add floated backwards. 


Now with a distance between them, Add could properly assess the intruder. It was a young man, around his age perhaps, with matted blond hair and deathly pale skin. He had the signature black and red eyes that all ghouls had, although, it would be more proper to say signature eye considering that he had a large, black eyepatch over one eye. The man appeared to be poorly groomed. His hair looked greasy like he had dumped it straight into a frier. His attire, which was just a ratty hoodie, pants, and boots, were stained with unknown substances, and his hands were twitching irritably. Add shivered with disgust once he realized how much dirt and filth the stranger probably dragged into the apartment. The most obvious of the man’s features were the eight long appendages—kagune they were called—sprouting from his back. If Add recalled correctly, kagune were designed specifically to hunt humans which probably wasn’t good for the nearby group of humans the man was staring at. 

The man looked confused for the most part, glancing to and fro while he licked his lips nervously, but once he got sight of the nearby group of people, he perked up. He blinked at them, taking a step back as though he was uncertain what to do. Add followed his gaze. His eyes landed on a familiar white haired man near the group and he sighed with relief. 
“Hikaru!” Add called, startling the ghoul out of his stupor. “Get off the ground! The garbage man came with us!” Add eyed the group warily. Now that he thought about it, they should have arrived at X-Dreamer’s homebase, right? If Add was being honest with himself it didn’t look like much. He’d have expect a multiversal organization to have more resources than just a small planet, but now wasn’t the time to worry about that.

Hikaru groaned in response, sitting up as he felt soft grass brush his fingertips. Momentary dazed from their rather unconventional teleportation into the new world, the yokai took longer than usual to gather himself before the events of only moments earlier snapped back to him and he instantly shot up, alert.

A ghoul! A mixture of delight and fear combined in his stomach, excitement at the prospect of battle and the quick realisation that they had dragged an unknown creature into an unfamiliar land with them fusing together. Growling low in his throat, Hikaru watched the exchange still halfway on the ground. 


“You should really knock before you enter someone’s home,” Add said to the ghoul who quickly turned to glare at him. “If you’re going to try and eat someone, you should at least be polite about it.”

“I don’t need advice from food,” the man hissed. His voice was low and raspy as though he hadn’t spoken in a long while. “Nothing you say will matter when I have my hands around your throat.”


“Very scary,” Add said, faking a yawn. “I’m positively petrified.” With a nod of his head, Starfall floated up to his side. “Listen, if you so much as think about touching me with those grimy hands of yours—” Starfall snapped open, sparks dancing off the crystal inside of it. “—I will personally punt you out of orbit and into the sun.”


The ghoul bared his teeth. He glowered at Add before he took two steps forward “Oh? Are you approaching me?” Add sneered. “Well come on, you gremlin.” Electricity sparked in the palm of Add’s outstretched hand. “I’ll put you into the ground!” 


The ghoul let out an inhumane snarl. at the insult, his kakugan snapping awake with furious red veins. His kagune fiercely pounded onto the ground as he braced himself to attack, sparkling blue electricity up and down the ghoul’s form as the appendages howled into the air, splitting the fluffy white clouds and covering the sun’s rays.


There was a brief pause, and then his kagune shot forward -- drumming against the ground and slicing through the grass, towards the small group of gathered humans.




Food -- !




[ boss encounter ]




[ dimitri alexandre blaiddyd
classification: ghoul
kagune type: rinkaku
power level: ?? ]


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Forum Signature--Fractal1.png

Forum Signature--Tien.png

Status: Panicked

Location: Running

People: Lara, Utakata, Grievous, Vaccaria, Garchomp, Temeraire, Twilight Sparkle, Rimuru, Add, Hikaru -- Xander, Nata



Tien bolted.


Maybe if he’d been a better person, he would have stayed. Tried to protect the others, tried to fight the, the, the human-shaped whatever that was, but he wasn’t and he didn’t. He just ran, kicked into high alert, a single split-second heartbeat away from summoning Fractal. He couldn’t fight that, didn’t want to even try--there were other people here, one of them had to have something! Tien was a messenger, this was his duty--alert others, run messages, don't get killed.


Which way had Cistina gone? There. That way. Their base must be in that direction. Tien ran, Stormlight keeping him from tripping or tiring. Someone there would help, could help, where Tien didn't have the courage, and he could still let people know--


Tien slammed into someone. He blurted out an automatic apology as he stepped back, then got a good look at the person he'd bumped into. Gilded armor, a circlet--darkeyed? That was a conflicting signal, but the man didn't look remotely Alethi in the first place. What he did look, despite his eye color, was important.


Tien snapped into a salute. "Sir! Attack at the Gateway!"

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0q22Qgc.png w5kRGzR.png


 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria, Rimuru ♫

            ♫ Support: Princess Twilight Sparkle  ♫

            ♫ Status: BOSS time ♫


            ~~ Snap into it ~~




A sense of alarm flooded his body the second Tien started running. And for good reason, too. 


For in front of him are three newcomers- none of whom he feels any sense of comfort around. 


Bold of him to think that he’d be comfortable around anyone at the Gateway currently, though. 


Utakata notices that they don’t all seem to be in league with each other. Two of them were- the one with the foxlike features and the one with the crazy look in his eye--




Rather, the one with the white hair and the crazy look in his eye. This man seems rather nonchalant in attitude towards the third man, who gives Utakata a feeling of nausea. That look in his eye, is not normal. The matted blond hair, is not normal. That eye with the black sclera and the bright red pupil, is not normal. 


Those eight blue arms, are definitely not normal. It’s strange, though. It doesn’t look anything like Utakata’s tailed beast mode. None of the vibes this man gives off tell him that he’s one of the nine jinchūriki. No, not at all. Nothing about his hair or his clothing can tell him that. The eye, while he could perhaps recall seeing someone with a similar feature, a certain orange haired and heavily-pierced man coming to mind, looks totally new and unfamiliar, especially with the veins bordering his eye and branching out as if his face were made of clay and hit by a rock. 


And the look that he sees when the man turns to face the group- the one of hunger and bloodlust….




Utakata, you’re going to need me, aren’t you?


Hang on, Saiken. But be alert. I might have to bring you in-- SHOOT. 


The man’s tails move forward- in their direction, and the moment one of them gets close he jumps back. “NOPE--” he shouts without a second thought. He feels the adrenaline shooting through his veins- yes. He knows exactly what is going on here. He’s in danger. Again. 


What the hell made him think he’d be safe here? 


Saiken. I need some of that chakra. Now. 


You don’t have to tell me twice. 


As he had done before, Utakata feels the chakra emanating from his body. He notes that his wounds feel slightly better, but perhaps the adrenaline had yet again helped him from noticing that they even hurt in the first place. Or, perhaps, it would be the accelerated healing taking effect. 


Perhaps there are perks to having a Tailed Beast, after all. 



NOPE--” Utakata’s yelp is the exact thing Lara is thinking. Immediately she picks up the gun she had dropped to the ground. Oh hell no. Not today. She takes a few steps back when she sees the strange tails attack as if they had minds of their own. What on God’s green earth are those? 


Lara fires a shot at one of them. As intended, it misses. But she wonders if that’s enough to try and get him to back off. 


Little does she know. 

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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable; In Battle; OH HELLS NO>
<Location: Gateway>
<Current Class: Pugilist -> Ninja>
<Allies: Lara | Twilight | Utakata | Grievous | Vaccaria | Garchomp | Tien | Add | Hikaru>
<BOSS Enemy: Dimitri>






That yelp was enough to alert Temeraire to the danger presented by this weird guy. He looked like a Hyur but there were these things coming out of his back. And he had that ravenous look on his face, like a starving jackal. A Voidsent, perhaps?


No time to dwell on that.


Before she could move, Temeraire heard a gunshot ring out. So one of the people here was a machinist, most likely. No time to figure out which one just yet, though - definitely not in the middle of combat.


There is no way in the seven hells that I'm becoming someone's dinner.


Temeraire drew out her daggers, arming herself, eyes darting around for an opening. She wouldn't attack just yet, instead opting to crouch down low, hoping to remain hidden.


She wanted to see what the others would do first.

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Rimuru Tempest - Mighty Morphin Slime Ranger



Rimuru didn’t have time to wait for a reply from the insectoid as the crowd grew once more by the arrival of three new individuals.

Rimuru sensed it straight away, that murderous intent, the aura of a killer had just wafted into their location. It was emanating from a blonde-haired young man. His visible eye was blood red, highlighted by the jet-black sclera, Rrimuru felt a small chill ripple through his body, this man was dangerous, he’d definitely be able to hold his own against the oni back at Rimuru’s village.

A small chuckle couldn’t be contained, however, as Rimuru noted the eyepatch.


“He looks like a chuunbiyou!” Rimuru exclaimed, unable to contain himself. He was reminded of his days as a salaryman; walking past the parks on his way home. He would see groups of young boys and girls, all wearing eyepatches; posing and miming intense battles.


The man’s intimidating presence was instantly quaffed by Rimuru’s own stupid imagination. The gunshot that sounded from the athletic lady’s pistol drew Rimuru out of his bemused state; his laughter died down and he turned his thoughts back to combat.

The other agent’s actions had yet to be openly hostile, great-sage confirmed that the shot fired earlier had not hit the man. The man in question was seriously outnumbered, even with Fractal’s friend sprinting off. While his aura was intense, and his bizarre tentacles were unusual Rimuru wasn’t concerned for the time being as they wildly struck the ground.


“Let’s get this kid to stand down great-sage” Rimuru declared.


Rimuru activated his skill Mimic, his small slime body was engulfed in a black - magicule filled – cloud. The magicules raged upwards like a blazing bonfire. The fog cleared; revealing towering dark blue wolf, a white mane bordered its neck and chest, and two spiralled horns pierced out of a star-shaped pattern on the centre of Its forehead. Black sparks of lightning bristled through it’s main, dispersing at the tip of the tallest horn.  A bolt of black lightning struck down violently in the path of the oncoming tentacles.

Rimuru growled, lowering his gaze down at the tentacled Chuunbiyou.


“Stand down. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself being the one eaten!” Rimuru declared, his high voice from his slime form persisting despite his larger size.


“Dammit, he has electricity running up his body! Why did I use lightning? He might be resistant to it! I should have used the black fire, it worked great in subduing the oni! Oh please stand down, those tentacles are freaky!” Rimuru thought.

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General Grievous - Attack at the Gateway!


Lara asked about what kind of sparring that he'd asked Twilight Sparkle about, as did a smaller creature that looked as though it were a ball of water.


What world would a creature like that come from? Maybe a water world, like Naboo? It's intelligent, so perhaps it's more threatening than it appears...


Just as he was about to respond, the General heard something thrashing off in the distance.


That doesn't look good.


His augmentations made it out clearly: a human, but obviously not a normal one. It had grown a number of dangerous-looking tentacles from its back, and had an eye with a black sclera to match. And it was barreling towards the Gateway.


It wasn't often that he had to face off against something with so many appendages at once. Assuming it put up a fight, this might be a good chance to prove himself to the XDRS.


While it was possible that this was another dimensional refugee like the others, Grievous wanted to take no chances. If another fight was going to break out that diplomacy couldn't solve, he would not let there be casualties.


Much sooner than expected, the strange human got close and lashed out. A popping sound resonated, while Lara brandished a weapon. Clearly a gun, but nothing that had seen use for centuries in his own world.


The intensity of the situation made Vapaad a favorable lightsaber form in this situation, but the Kaleesh decided that it might be best to keep his demons locked away for now. Shii-Cho was adaptable, reliable, and did well against multiple opponents. Each of those tentacles would probably rip him apart or run him through, if they got the chance.


He waited, biding his time for the right time to strike. It would never come soon enough.

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Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway

[fight fight fight!] - [gotta protect everyone!]



Twilight nodded, preparing to answer both the General's and Utakata's question, but her attention was drawn away by a painful yowl ringing through the field. Her ears perked up immediately, on high alert. She froze to listen. 


One of the humans, white-maned, was standing in the air, supported by a few small machines and looking down at a blond haired one, who she guessed was the one who screamed. Neither of them appeared too hurt however -- even if the latter looked quite dirty -- and they stared at each other for a tense and hostile moment. A third human was close to the first, also bristling at the blond one. 


Oh no, not again. More frenzied newcomers? A set was rare, but it did seem like they knew each other... At least she knew this time for certain that Xander and Nata were on their way to subdue the more violent of newcomers.


The alicorn stepped forward. Her attention was trained on the white-haired one all through their hostile banter, ready to intervene. Twilight's first priority was to make sure that no one injured themselves, and that included the two young men who looked like they were about to fight through intimidating each other with their respective displays of power. But -- despite facing the white-haired man and his machines, the blond man smashed his tentacles into the ground and sent them rolling behind him towards the assembled group.


As always, Lara was the quickest to the draw and a gunshot rang through the air, but the rest of the newcomers drew their weapons (or in the slime's case, too a new form?) and stayed on guard. Twilight's magic blazed to life around her horn. An arcane pink glow swirled around it and shot forwards before spreading, forming a tinted barrier before the claw-like tendrils could sink into any of the gathered humans. The pony flinched and dug her hooves into the dirt -- those tentacles were a lot more solid and durable than their ephemeral appearance suggested.


"Run!" Twilight shouted. "We'll take care of this!"

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   ((Look I'm actually getting involved again!))


   The flames of the Gateway had died down soon after both machines noticed them, fast enough that Fiddlesticks quickly lost interest.
   You sure grow bored quickly, don't you? one of her threads teased. She mentally huffed at it.
   I'm just looking for something to do, she muttered back.
   You just planned something!
   We're all busy looking at the fire. Or what WAS a fire.
   "Hm," Typhues grunted, as if in response to her thoughts. His wings fidgeted as the scene calmed, and the 56 model looked at him. "I guess everything's okay."


   A shriek nearly cut him off, resounding somewhere close to the Gateway's stones, but out of sight. Both machines perked up again. Without the fire accentuating everything, figures were again blending into the dimly-lit grass and the sky. All of them were too distant to properly see what was going on, but it looked like some people were leaving?
   Typheus' eye followed the moving shapes leaving the scene as he tried to focus on what they were. They were coming closer, it looked like. Fiddlesticks kept looking at the horizon, wondering if they should do something about this, or just stay out of it...
   Just then, she caught a shadowy form displacing the green grass. Then a much-too-familiar bang echoed from the clearing that kicked her engine up a gear: a gunshot!
   Typheus jerked back to toward the Gateway, eying the stones and the distant figures. He could see it too now... dogs? Giant snakes? There were black things moving rapidly along the ground, then they were stopped by a barrier; not blue like Duke's, but pink against the skyline. Twilight?


   He shot a worried look at Dynarst and Kelsier, just to catch their reactions, before a red-brown shape darted out of his peripheral.
   "Fidds!" he barked impulsively, immediately reaching to stop her. Too slow! Dang that mech! his threads growled.
   Fiddlesticks didn't listen to him, running ahead, ears laid back, already loading her turrets and feeling her momentum carry her. There's a fight there's a fight there's a fight! Finally I can beat something up!! She whistled happily. It's about time!
   "Fiddlesticks!" Typheus roared after her. He ran after her, only glancing once at the Luthadel humans in embarrassment of letting her run off like a child toward danger. She was quickly gaining speed, rushing toward the Gateway, so he snapped his wings open and fired the thrusters to catch up to her. She only looked back at him when he kicked off the ground, figuratively grinning. Her iris was completely dark, yet the rest of her eye glowed bright with excitement.
   "Don't look at me like that!" he reprimanded her, "where do you think you're going?!"
   "We're going to fight!"
   "Fiddlesticks!" Worry flashed through his expression for a second. Before he could point out that she didn't have a clue what they were running into, she beeped and went into a full on charge, heading toward the snakes - wait, tentacles?! - that were stopped by the barrier.


   He thought quickly. She's a brash idiot and needs a second to think, was his first thought. He gave his thrusters an extra flush of fuel to go ahead of her, flying up higher so he wouldn't hit a Gateway stone. What's going on, what's going on... His eye darted over the scene. The barrier was Twilight's, and she had raised it in front of most everyone else present. The black snake-tentacles were definitely aimed toward them. The air was tense. Those things must be what caused the gunshot.
   Moving fast, he dipped down and unsheathed his right bayonet, striking the long blade across one of the outer tentacles, more intent on redirecting his partner. He felt an unusually strong impact ring up its edge, giving him a brief shock; those things were tough?
   As Typheus flew up and back to keep his distance, Fiddlesticks, having caught to flash of his blade, immediately jumped sideways to avoid it, killing an unfortunate amount of her momentum. She resumed her movement in a strafe and opened fire on the tentacles, shattering the silence with the rattle and bangs of heavy artillery. Pings rang out as bullets that missed hit Twilight's barrier. She didn't really care if she was doing damage or not; this was fun!
   Typheus hovered away from her, quickly reassessing the scene. Human, wolf, horse, human, alien, human, human - those things are from a human?!
   What IS that?!

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0q22Qgc.png w5kRGzR.png


 Name: Utakata and Lara 

            ♫ Players: Temeraire, General Grievous, Vaccaria, Rimuru, Add, Hikaru ♫

            ♫ Support: Princess Twilight Sparkle  ♫

♫ Enemy: Dimitri ♫

♫ Status: BOSS time ♫


 ~~ Six-Tails: At the ready! ~~


Ah. The bots are here, Lara thinks to herself as she sees Typheus from the last mission yelling at…. He called her Fiddlesticks. Interesting names, but she definitely heard stranger names back at home. She once heard of someone named Chardonnay, and she worried that the poor girl had her share of bullying for her name alone. There was also a man once she met named Quest. Fiddlesticks was not that unusual to her, especially for a robot. 


Twilight had formed a half-dome shield between them and the man with the weird appendages, and Lara thanks her lucky stars that she has something to get behind- even if it’s for a moment. She sees Utakata look at her with confusion and some fear at the gun. “Lara what the hell is that???” 


No time to explain,” she snaps back, “It’s called a gun. That’s all you need to know.” She slips around the side of the shield and takes aim. She fires towards the knee, and without looking to see if she managed to hit, hides back behind Twilight’s shield. “What the devil are you doing, Utakata???” 


Indeed, he looks strange with that odd aura surrounding his body. It’s a fiery orange colour, which makes her briefly wonder if others can see it. They have to, right? As far as Lara is aware she doesn’t have any super special superhuman powers, as useful as they would be right now. If not, had anyone been paying attention the sudden yellowing of his irises would also be a dead giveaway that he’s up to something. 


Typheus struck a tentacle with his blade, and seemed surprised by the impact it made. Alright, they’re not ethereal, Lara thinks to herself. But maybe if I can wound him…. Hopefully that bullet hit. She sees Fiddlesticks beginning to shoot in that direction, and is thankful she managed to get a shot in before Fiddlesticks began to attack. Hopefully if they wound him they can restrain him and figure out what in the seven hells he’s trying to do right now.



This is complete madness. 


Right now he just needs a power boost. That’s all he needs right now. 


Saiken. There’s a chance I may need more than this. But for now remain on standby.


My power is yours when you need it. What are you planning?


I just want to see if I can use my jutsus and do something. If I’m lucky maybe I can trap this guy in a bubble and send him far away. 


He would still be on the planet.


...Point. Think maybe I’d have to ink bubble him?


Not unless necessary, explosive bubbles should suffice. Think with your head, not your adrenaline. See what Lara’s doing? She’s attempting to hurt him. That weapon looks like it could kill if she hits the right place. 


….Think she’s trying to apprehend the guy?


I think so.


On it. But no promises I won’t kill him if he tries to attack me. 


I’m aware. Just use your head. 


Utakata nods and acknowledges the slug’s advice. Perhaps this guy would be useful to the XDRS if they were able to take him in. As long as he wasn’t this frenzied all the time, that’s something Utakata thinks he can live with.


Temeraire seems to change almost immediately when the man attacks them, and she appears to take on more of a kunoichi’s look. What…? He thinks to himself. The newest blob…. Thing? ….takes the form of a large wolf, and the more time passes here the more Utakata just wants to find a room and hide. This is a lot to process. 


Then he sees the strange creatures that came in. One comes after the man’s tentacles while the other begins shooting a barrage of…. What are those? They appear to be stronger versions of whatever Lara just fired, but he has no idea what this strange weapon is. None of it makes sense to him. 


But none of it matters now. Utakata grabs his pipe and picks up the tube of fluid that he realized was next to him. Dipping the pipe in the fluid, he turns so that the bubbles could fly out from behind the shield without the strange barrage of small projectiles hitting him. Hopefully the explosive bubbles do the trick….. PLEASE don’t let those things pop most of them.

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Raine + Stan -- Front Hall > Infirmary

[backup's here] - [natsuki, oh, natsuki]


At the new, familiar voice, Raine looked up and locked eyes with Natsuki, then shook her head from side to side.


"Not good," she replied, trying to keep cool. Natsuki was here -- good -- and it was always nice to have an extra pair of steady hands. "She's still breathing, but all I can do is keep her stable at the moment. I'll need you to prepare an antiseptic in the infirmary, as well as tools to for cutting and draining the excess oil, if possible." Half machine people... they were incredibly troublesome to heal, and with this girl's insides damaged so dramatically... Her magic could take away the pain, at least... but it had been a long, long time since she had felt so incapable. 


"Don't try to lift her," she warned. "Even with your strength, she is impossibly heavy."


Shortly after she and Natsuki finished speaking, two more people arrived on the scene. Hibiki was back with Stan and his tools, as instructed. Good.


"What's all the fuss about? Hibiki didn't explain too much--" Stan paused. From the pawprints leading away from the front hall, Stan expected that Raine needed some help wrangling a robot dog or something. The smell of blood mixed with the pungent scent of fuel, though, was enough to silence him and flatten his usual smile. With his bag slung over his shoulder, he too approached the girl. He gave Natsuki a respectful glance on the way, and crouched beside Raine to take a look himself.


He was no stranger to fresh wounds or various flesh wounds, although he hadn't personally been this close to something this dire in a while. For some people, the sight of blood made their skin crawl, but Stan had banished that fear long ago. Bodies were exactly like complex machines, after all, and a person's natural fear of bones and innards was an instinctive alert that there was something, very, very wrong with a situation. Stan noted the all too familiar burn and impact patterns of an explosion marking the victim's left side--


Stan paused during his examination to look behind him, towards the young man who was simply just standing around. He was keeping his distance, but didn't seem like he was going to leave any time soon. "That your girlfriend or something?" he jokingly asked him. Hopefully he'd lighten the mood.


He dragged his eyes back to his work, fishing out a small flashlight from one of his pockets to give him a little extra light. Even through Raine's healing, he could see the metal within, and he understood why the healer needed him so urgently. This woman -- her mechanical parts were integrated in her body as if they had grown with her flesh. They were much more robust than the delicate circuitry he was used to seeing in cyborgs and she almost reminded him of a motorcycle, albeit one that was shaped like a person who had a hole in her side.


"Yeah, I think I can do something about it." He clicked his light off. "Might need to torch some things together, but it looks a lot worse than it actually is."


Raine gave him a nod. She still looked tense despite the good news. "Natsuki and I will offer you support. I know we shouldn't move her too much, but it would be much more convenient to do this in the infirmary. Hibiki, would you oblige?"




Raine - Infirmary

[modern medicine] - [with stan and nat]


Unlike the fridge, the medicine cabinets at the base were well stocked. Raine had learned a lot about what Natsuki called 'modern medicine' during her time with the organization, and in moments like these that knowledge really showed its usefulness. Some of it she knew already, such as keeping proper hygiene and the meaning of changes in vital signs, but much of the theory and practice was new and fascinating, having been developed to respond to a world without magical healing. She liked to think that knowing anatomy made her a more effective healer (though in the end, it probably didn't make a difference).


Once the wires, pipes, and structure were repaired, it was a simple matter of calling upon mana to accelerate natural processes and stitch everything up. Right now, though, she sat within arm's reach, eyes half closed and a faint glow emanating from her while she held two fingers on the girl's neck to monitor her breath and pulse. It was mostly up to Stan and Natsuki to do the technical part. It was already an incredible feat for Raine to hold back her healing while still sustaining her vitals, so as to give them the ability to work on the innards. The words the other two exchanged sounded distant. She assumed they were giving each other instructions.


After what seemed like ages, Stan tore off his rubber gloves with his teeth (the two other agents insisted that he put them on and disinfect all his gear; he grudgingly obliged) to signal he was done. He put his welding pen aside, then blinked his eyes a few times to refocus them to a normal zoom level. When he got up to stretch, Raine snapped back to attention, the glow of mana responding to her now alert state and spreading across the girl's form, repairing her flesh in a matter of minutes.


The girl was now sleeping peacefully, but the three agents were too exhausted to exchange any further words. Stan dropped himself onto a chair, taking in a deep breath and let out an equally big sigh. 


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Enterprise's eyes fluttered open. The pain was gone. Am I...? The world came into focus around her.


Gone was the warmth of the sun, light of the sky. Instead, a white ceiling greeted her. She looked around. The room was white, with several beds and sink, as well as cabinets. A white-haired woman, dressed in orange, a black-haired person, and a man with brown hair and bright green goggles were sitting in chairs around her. Who...? She didn't recognise any of them. She didn't hear - or - see her eagle in this place, either. Wherever she was... it wasn't home.


She tensed. How am I here?! I was fighting Sirens... and then one got me... and.... She'd presumably blacked out, before waking up here. But... where was here? There weren't any repair ships or obvious military doctors or military personnel, yet one of the group appeared to have welding supplies.


"What... what is this place..." She spoke quietly, on alert. She had no idea who these people were, who they were aligned, what they were planning. It left her unsettled.

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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable; In Battle>
<Location: Gateway>
<Current Class: Ninja>
<Allies: Lara | Twilight | Utakata | Grievous | Vaccaria | Garchomp | Rimuru | Add | Hikaru | Typheus | Fiddlesticks>
<BOSS Enemy: Dimitri>




The first thing Temeraire noticed was the tiny slime turning into what she knew was a wolf. Of course, that didn't stop the slime from still having quite the high-pitched voice.


...and then... it seemed Twilight was more resourceful than appearances let on. With a simple glow of the horn, the colorful horse had created a powerful barrier (though it was a bright pink - Temeraire supposed she had to expect that). That definitely pinned the Squad's leader as a scholar (she just couldn't see Twilight as a white mage).


Then two very strange, mechanical beings arrived to help against this freak. Automatons, to be certain, if their weaponry was any indication, though some of it was missing their mark and bouncing off of Twilight's barrier instead.


Another gunshot from Lara - yep, definitely a machinist. Only machinists used guns, as far as Temeraire knew. They built automatons, too - did these two belong to Lara? Or were there more machinists in the castle that she didn't know of?


And then Temeraire catches sight of Utakata's aura before he... blew bubbles? Temeraire knew not to underestimate anything, but Utakata using bubbles to attack struck the Sun Seeker as odd.


Better to attack from behind the barrier, instead of trying to sneak to that freakshow. A shuriken ought to do it.


With lightning-fast reflexes, Temeraire draws a shuriken and throws it, through the shield, past Utakata's bubbles, and to one of the freak's tentacles. Hopefully that would slow him down...






Hibiki Tachibana
<Status: Stable; relieved>
<Location: Infirmary>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Inactive>
<People: Stan | Natsuki | Raine | Enterprise>




As soon as the white-haired woman was on a bed, Hibiki had dispelled her Symphogear and plopped down in a nearby chair to catch her breath.


Of course, it wasn't long before she heard a new voice. It came from the white-haired woman!


"Oh thank goodness! You're okay!" Hibiki was so relieved!

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♫ Names: Chikako Tanimoto and Evonna Durand ♫

♫ Players: Nobody.... Yet. ♫

♫ Support: Idk probably Cicero  ♫

♫ Status: Chikako: Wait what do we do with these cookies? ; Evonna: Hmmmmmmmmm….. ♫


~~Tea time!!!~~


Chikako stares at the several plates of cookies that are left on the table. Some were consumed, she thinks, but.... There's so much here- too much for her tiny stomach to consume on its own. She sighs, ties her hair back, and leans on the table. She has to admit, despite the fact that it looks like someone toasted it and stabbed it, it’s a nice table. Chikako wonders if one of the agents purchased it or if it was already here. She glances at Evonna, who appears to be staring off into space. 


Hey. Ev.



Evonna is thinking about a lot of things. She wonders about Lara, whether or not she should run to Lara’s room and hand her the guns. Or if she comes across Lara’s friends, or who was that man dressed in green that she was talking to before Evonna left for the marketplace? ….If he shows up, he may be her best bet if she can’t find Lara. ….Either way she needs to do something about them. Then there’s Jehan….. She hadn’t texted him in a while, and she wonders if it’s been long enough for him to pick up the fact that she’s missing. Can she even text him on her phone? ….Good question. Should she try it? …..Later. And briefly, just briefly, she wonders about the girl she left behind. She didn’t see her on base, perhaps the girl went home. Hopefully. Girl seemed too scared to go anywhere, in Evonna’s honest opinion-----


Hey. Ev.


Evonna snaps her mind back into focus. Her train of thought had come to a screeching halt, and now she takes a minute to focus on the girl next to her. She takes note of Chikako’s silky tresses and how they’re now pulled back. She takes note of the small silver hoop on her right cartilage, and immediately wonders where it came from, if it means something to her. Chika gives Evonna a small half-smile in amusement, as if Ev had already taken too long to respond. So as not to make it too awkward, Evonna comes with the most dignified response she ever did muster.




In response, Chikako laughs. Her laugh is musical, as if it were silver bells blowing in the wind. Evonna really wishes she didn’t get sucked in so easily, they literally met a couple hours ago. Her face is now burning, and she hopes that it doesn’t show. Damn, if only she were her brother- quick to come up with a response, and perhaps a charming one at that. If only she had his people skills. 




Chikako laughs not because Evonna was just that painfully awkward, but that her awkwardness is awfully familiar. Perhaps awfully is the wrong word for it- Chikako welcomes it. It reminds her of her teammate Fumio, and how he always seemed shy around everyone he met. 


Ev, what are we going to do with all these cookies?” Evonna blinks. She hasn’t seemed to have thought of that. 


Er…. Crud, I don’t know. I hadn’t thought….. That…. Far…” Her expression changes to one of-- “Eureka! We just have a mini tea party! Doesn’t have to be anything big, we just need a couple of people to consume, and then if we have containers everyone can take some with them!” Evonna flops into a chair,  proud of herself. Chikako grins, happy her new friend is happy. But…. Wait….


Genius plan. But….. We didn’t get tea at the market, did we?” With that, she gets to work rummaging through cabinets before Evonna could so much as swear. She sees bottles of what she assumes to be alcohol- how they have that and not sufficient food for the month makes her question their priorities- until she sees a small box labeled green tea, with a smaller label that says “Lara”. Who is that? The seller? ….Who knows. It’s just two bags of tea. She takes two bags from the mostly-full box and walks to the table and places them on the table. Two bags of tea won’t be missed. It’s for the good of….. The team? Team building? 


….Sure, let’s go with that.

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< STATUS: Stable; Determined >

< LOCATION: 1st Floor Hallway >

< AGENTS: Tien >



"Sir! Attack at the Gateway!"


Xander blinked in surprise as a young stranger approached him. He didn’t recognize the man at all, but after hearing Nata’s summary of what was happening at the gateway, Xander figured it was safe to assume the stranger was one of the new arrivals. While the identity of the stranger was something Xander could figure out for himself, the mentioning of an “attack” on the gateway was worrying.


“I thought you said that Lara took care of the aggressive arrivals?” Xander asked, turning his heads towards Nata. The younger agent shrugged nonchalantly. 

“Maybe the fire was a new arrival the entire time?” Nata said. “Who knows? Not us. At least, not us until we get there and stab them a few hundred times.” Xander frowned. He opened his mouth to reprimand Nata, after all he shouldn’t be spouting such disrespectful nonsense, but instead closed his mouth and shook his head. Now wasn’t the time for that.


“Thank you for informing me on the situation,” Xander said as he turned back to the stranger. “I assure you that we will handle this as soon as possible.” Xander motioned towards the end of the hallway where he had seen a few other agents mingling about. “If you go down this hall there should be some other agents. Go speak with them. They should be able to help keep you safe for the time being.” Xander glanced over at Nata who give him a brief nod of acknowledgment. “Now if you don’t mind, we’ll be off to take care of the problem. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.” Without another word, Xander and Nata walked past the stranger and towards the nearest exit.



[ dimitri alexandre blaiddyd
classification: ghoul
kagune type: rinkaku
power level: ??

health: 100% ]


They went on the offense. Hastily, Dimitri retracted his kagune away from the translucent, purple shield and the blade trying to piece his flesh. He dropped down to one knee, using his kagune to surround his body in a makeshift barrier. He could feel a barrage of bullets pound against his kagune from the front. He gritted his teeth as something hot bore down on the kagune protecting his back. A laser? Fire? Dimitri didn’t know, but that didn’t matter. He’d deal with it one way or another.


Dimitri peered through his kagune to assess his opponents. He couldn’t tell how many there were. Seven, nine, ten maybe? More had arrived after he had attacked. He could hear muffled voices from the outside of his barrier, but he couldn’t hear much over the frantic beating of his heart and the his own raspy breaths. The attacks from the outside  did not cease, but, curiously, they didn’t hurt. Vaguely, Dimitri realized that his prey wasn’t using Q bullets or quinque; they were employing regular ammunition and weapons. Dimitri licked his lips eagerly, his hands opening and clenching anxiously. Easy hunting.


The constant beating against his kagune is insistent, irritating even. Dimitri tried to compose himself long enough to think of a plan of attack, but the scent of flesh and sweat enthralled him completely. The confinement of his barrier suddenly became unbearably apparent. He could feel the walls closing in, squishing him into a ball. He needed to get out. He needed to fight back. He needed to


Letting out a feral snarl, Dimitri lashed his kagune out. One tendril wrapped around something hard and metal behind him. Starfall, who had been firing a laser at him, beeped desperately before growing quiet as the tentacle crushed it entirely. Glaring at the gathering of people in front of him, Dimitri flung the drone . He smashed his hands into the ground and, with a final growl, stabbed his kagune towards his prey.

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   Fiddlesticks stopped firing when the black, writhing masses she was targeting abruptly retreated. Her eye followed them back to the source, turrets still spinning in case they tried anything funny. The source... was a human?

   Another one of those not-humans! one of her threads sparked in agitation. What are those, butt extensions? Did I even damage them!? Her blast shield narrowed when she failed to see any holes in them, as they surrounded the human and encased him in a sort of black shell. Curse it all!

   She ignored the other sounds on the field, keeping her eye on the shell as the last of the attacks hit. Something that looked like a laser - but she wasn't about to assume things anymore, with all of these not-humans around - lingered on the shell for a bit too long. It blew open!

   Fiddlesticks managed to dodge in the nick of time thanks to split-second programming, her right microphones catching the rush of air as a new tentacle shot past her. So it's fighting back, now! She attempted to counter with a hard elbow downward, and she definitely hit it - it was definitely there - but the shock and resistance of the impact briefly stunned her. Rock?!

   The tentacle barely dipped into the ground, merely swinging its tip to surround her. It was fast! She ducked and slide under it, matching its speed, but not going much faster; it was quick to snake around and try to skewer her. There was a clang and the vibration traveled up her left arm as it glanced off her, knocking her to the side. Her annoyance escalating, she remembered a similar experience with tough tentacles in the past sooner than Typheus, and ran down the length of her attacker, striking a bayonet in it; but nope! All she succeeded in doing was filling the air with a horrendous screeching sound as its tip ground down on the thing's form!

   With a frustrated yell, only semi-aware of the tentacle's sharp tip rushing after her, she jumped and diverted her momentum into one hard kick, both power-jumping pistons launching at once. Finally, a result! The tentacle was pushed away from her, but not as far as she would have liked. It only gave her a second longer to glare at it before it rushed again, forcing her to dodge yet again; it wouldn't be worth it to waste more bullets, if they couldn't even pierce it!


   Typheus was quicker to react to the black mass headed his way. It was a bit irritating that it came straight for him when there were so many other assailants; it would have been nice to study them a bit longer. He swiftly darted to the right of it, unscathed, then stopped and turned a 180 to counterattack.

   Cling! Same result as before. The blade bounced off and nearly threw him off balance. The tentacle had definitely reacted to the impact before, and it did again, this time sweeping around him. Assuming it was a flank tactic, Typheus darted back around and spun, this time throwing out a kick. He managed to hit the side of it, still to no avail, but at least it kept it distracted while he tried to figure out how to attack it properly. He remembered the Mother Snatcher drones from a couple years ago... these somewhat resembled their heads, and those had to be cut lengthwise, else you would just dull your blades. This black thing had no apparent armor or direction though; not even the tip was visible when it aimed itself and tried to spear him again. This time he managed to dodge with only a clip to the wing; this thing was stupid fast!

   Then he began thinking about what Fiddlesticks did to the first Mother Snatcher they met. Did she have any missiles left right now? Maybe if she aimed at the source...

   He dove under the tentacle targeting him and shot toward his partner, the black mass behind him stretching impossibly long to keep up the chase. The whole battlefield was chaotic with the movement of the other combatants and their own tentacle concerns. Fiddlesticks had just managed to kick her own attacker away from her, her angry screech almost hilarious and adorable in comparison to the scene. Her tentacle had moved a lot, considering the amount of force applied to it, but it was also very strong and just headed right back for her.


   The Superiority model popped open his emitters to send her a quick message as he darted past. When she dodged she was able to see him, albeit as just a bright white blur that made her cameras constrict in discomfort. It brought her attention to the message that suddenly appeared in her head. Yet it wasn't words... rockets?

   WAIT! MISSILES!! How could she forget?!

   She didn't even think about if the X-Dreamers wanted to just apprehend tentacle-butt for now. Typheus second-guessed it as he smacked the tentacle targeting her to try and bring its attention to him, to give her time to aim, before he shot up into the sky. As quickly as she could, Fiddlesticks whipped around back to the strange-eyed not-human controlling the tentacles, popped a missile in one launcher, and fired it straight toward him.

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What will you do? 




NONE of their attacks hit. Something about those weird tentacles are almost frightening. They're quick, and they're strong. 


Are you going to need to enter that form, Utakata? Saiken's question leaves Utakata thinking. Would it be a good idea for him to enter Version 1? He knows for a fact that he could probably have a better chance of getting on the offensive if he does. It seems the man is having trouble concentrating, due to some sort of animalistic instinct. What that instinct is, Utakata can only imagine. He lunges forward with his tentacles, which smash against the shield. Utakata is more than thankful for the fact that it's there, because he would have been seriously injured if those tentacles hit him. Utakata gets his pipe ready.


No, he can’t. Not yet. The man appears to be losing control, which is a double edged sword. After all, while he doesn't seem to be going by a particular strategy, he's also extremely dangerous. Saiken, the likelihood of either of us getting out without major injuries.... Utakata knows that if he were to enter that form, he'd be much more aggressive, which in this situation doesn't seem necessary. Not now. Not while he has protection from this man- no.... this creature. That's what he is... Nothing but a creature. 


Just saying, you might just have to.... You'll need that defense, as aggressive as you are in that form, it's good if you need to get up close.


I can't. Not unless that shield is down.


I know. But that shield won't be up forever.... Anyway, don't aim your next attack at the tentacles. 


You think it's better to go for the body?


Yes. If his body can be injured, aim for that. Those tentacles are much too strong. 


...On it. 


He sees Lara aiming for the tentacles. "Lara, no! Don't aim for those. Aim for the body. Just watch out for the... whatever those are." He looks over the creatures fighting the aggressive newcomer. "Those two should take cover. What are their names?" Lara looks at him and cocks her head to the side. Then her eyes widen, appearing to remember what those bubbles earlier did. 


"Who, Typheus and Fiddlesticks?" Ugh. If the names couldn't get any more absurd. 


"Yeah. Them. Thanks." He raises his voice so that the two could hear him, and he sure hopes they're paying attention. "Fiddlesticks, Typheus, watch out!


Well, he warned them. 


Lara looks at him and nods. She fires two shots when she has an opening. Utakata sighs and watches for an opening of his own. When he sees one, Utakata puts the pipe to his lips and blows another flurry of bubbles in their general direction. Lara sends a few more shots at the blonde, and when Utakata has his opportunity...


...He snaps. 

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Forum Signature--Fractal1.png

Forum Signature--Tien.png

Status: Stable

Location: Gateway/Base Midpoint

People: Xander, Nata



Tien glances between the other two as they speak, slowly dropping his salute. ‘Get there and stab it a few hundred times--’ at least that sounds familiar, if phrased a bit differently than he’s used to. The man turns back to him, and Tien half-jolts into another salute before catching himself and folding his arms behind his back instead, where Fractal can slide down and hum in one of his hands. 


"Thank you for informing me on the situation," the man says. "I assure you that we will handle this as soon as possible." He motions down the hall. "If you go down this hall there should be some other agents. Go speak with them. They should be able to help keep you safe for the time being. Now if you don’t mind, we’ll be off to take care of the problem. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention." 


Tien nods respectfully as they leave, then stares down the hallway for a long moment. "O-kay," he mumbles, "time to go and...meet more strangers." He sighs softly, dropping his hands to his sides. Fractal slides up his arm to rest on his shoulder, making a soft sound like a singing glass. Tien places a hand over her and squeezes his own shoulder. "I guess we should familiarize ourselves with everyone, since we’re gonna be here for a while." 


She hums in agreement.


He’s hoping they’ll be friendly. He has no reputation here; that could be a good thing, could be a bad one. It depends on how he builds it up from here. Years of standing at the side of a man obsessed with reputation (as protection, as weapon, as leverage) has given Tien a finely honed insight into just how important it can be. Unfortunately, that insight also makes him very, very aware of how tricky it is to build.


In short, Tien’s nervous. But he knows full well that doing nothing won’t help anything. So he takes a deep breath, sets his shoulders, and walks down the hallway.


He’s just the slightest bit put out when the first "other agents" he finds turn out to be a pair of teenage girls that look younger than he is.

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Temeraire Rhowa, Warrior of Light
<Status: Stable; In Battle>
<Location: Gateway>
<Current Class: Ninja>
<Allies: Lara | Twilight | Utakata | Grievous | Rimuru | Add | Hikaru | Typheus | Fiddlesticks>
<BOSS Enemy: Dimitri>




Godsdammit, she missed! Those tentacles had retracted away from her shuriken, forming some sort of... shield?... around their owner. Not long afterwards, he lashed out. Good thing she was so far back. And behind an ally's shield.


Okay, don't aim at the tentacles, then. She began to consider her options, watching as the others began to aim at the tentacles' owner instead. Perhaps... Yes, this might work.


She took out a few throwing knives - she was not going to risk getting so close so soon - and hurled them all at the owner of the tentacles this time, praying to the Twelve that these didn't miss.

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what is past tense

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What will you do?


Chikako rushes out of the kitchen after checking on the tea for the fifth time in two minutes to see a tall, scared-looking boy around her age. The second he sees her, his expression seems to change, as if she and Evonna were not what he expected. Thinking nothing of it, she pauses and gives the boy a smile. 


"Oh hello! I'm Chikako, you must be new," she chirps, "We were just putting together some tea and sweets, this one over here decided to make three dozen.... cookies? That's what they're called? And nobody really consumed them earlier so." She explains with a gesture towards Evonna, who looks at her with an indignant expression. "Don't look at me like that, you're the one who decided to use all the ingredients."


"I assumed there were a lot of agents," Evonna murmurs under her breath. 


"Well, now you know," Chikako playfully retorts. She turns back to the boy and flashes another smile. "What can we call you?"

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Rimuru Tempest - Going for a ride


Rimuru looked down at the scene as the action continued to escalate. The winged unicorn was capable of magic, and a domed barrier formed between the attacking man and the group. Rimuru felt a considerable sense of dread as the tentacles crashed against the surface of the barrier; the man was like a wild animal, cornered and thrashing.

Soon additional allies arrived to help, two large, what rimuru could only gauge as, robots. They were both tall, almost as large as Rimuru was in his Star Wolf form. One of them went straight in, striking with a bladed weapon at the tentacles, but couldn’t seem to penetrate them. Behind the barrier, others were making their move.


The man with hair covering his eye appeared to be emitting an aura that strongly resembled Rimuru’s own monster aura and appeared to be attacking with bubbles.

“There are some strange abilities here aren’t there?” Rimuru thought.


The hot woman’s pistol continued to ring out, but her shots seemed to just bounce off the tentacles; Rimuru was very concerned at the nature of them. They were clearly flesh but the amount they could endure was growing more and more unbelievable.

“Great sage, is there a magic barrier surrounding those tentacles?” Rimuru asked, focusing his magic sense on the raging limbs.


[Negative – no magical aura is detected from the individual]


“Then what are they made of!? Bullets can’t even do anything, and that Robot looks like he’s at least made of steel. Can you analyse what it’s made of?” Rimuru enquired again; with his current height and aided by his magic sense, he could see most of the battle clearly. The man himself seemed vulnerable; he had recalled his tentacles briefly to shield himself, but their wild movements made getting past them to attack his body very difficult. Rimuru had all but given up trying to get the man to stand down; any attempt at calming him was quickly denied by the attacks from all the other individuals.


[Negative – magic sense is not enough to gauge the capabilities of those instruments. Direct acquisition via the predator ability is required for further analysis]


Rimuru’s eyes narrowed. As he suspected, he would need to directly use his predator ability on him. If things went well, he could probably just solve the entire problem by consuming him. But in the past, he had always subdued his opponents before using it.


“Well let’s give it a shot!” Rimuru declared. Sidestepping out from behind the barrier, Rimuru let out a growl and charged forward. He was instantly met with a barrage of the tentacles. They crashed into his huge body like a wave, multiple impacts at once. Rimuru was very glad his reincarnation had removed his ability to feel pain, but he still registered the impact; his wolf form wouldn’t withstand this force much longer.

In a cloud of black smoke, Rimuru did away with his Mimic, returning to a slime. One of the tentacles sheared through it, impacting Rimuru’s now small body.


“He heh, just as planned” Rimuru thought as his gelatinous body expanded, ensnaring the tentacle like an octopus ensnaring a crab. His thoughts of success were quickly swayed as, still attached to it, the tentacle smashed down onto the ground.


“Aaa! Activate predator! Dammit I won’t be able to hold on like this” Rimuru thought as he was smashed around. His ability had activated though, and the tentacle he was latched onto had started to be absorbed into his body.


[Analysis commencing]


The tentacle tip collided with one of the robots, and Rimuru felt the vibration resonate up through it and, likewise, through him. And with that the tentacle quickly moved back up into the air, before crashing back down against the ground. Rimuru was reminded of his firm’s trip to Disneyland Tokyo and the rides there. The tentacle was moving again and this time it crashed into the magic barrier that had been erected.

Rimuru felt the surge of magic flow through him, cancelling out his ability. His hold on the thrashing tentacle relinquished and he was sent flying past the barrier and landing behind the group, a few meters behind the bubble man.


“Ahhh… dammit I couldn’t get much, Great Sage analysis?” Rimuru asked. He was far enough away from the battle now that he relaxed a little.


[Analysis complete – Material is organic in origin and possesses similar structure to the heart. Origin indicates a muscular organ. The cells making up the organ are possessed by ordinary humans]


“I somehow don’t think he’s an ordinary human,” Rimuru remarked snidely, watching from a distance as the tentacles crashed around.


[Cells at base appear freeflowing but when activated go rigid and can align in a pattern that dramatically increases their hardness. However, while strong, if struck with an object of similar strength at the right angle the chemical binding can be severed]


“Hmm so that means they can take damage; that’s good to know”, Rimuru thought.


[Like a muscle, the action of the tentacles is guided by electrical signals. The subject likely possesses a way to release them from his body]


Rimuru carefully pondered the information he’d received. “So, from what Great sage was saying, their strength might be similar carbon fibre vests, but they’re organic so they can be controlled. If we had something on equal strength the tentacles could be hurt. And if we could get rid of them, we can get to the man controlling them… Hey great sage, use a copy of Kajin’s sword and graft the super cells we gathered onto one of the edges”, Rimuru ordered.


Rimuru transformed into his human form and a straight magisteel blade emerged into his hand. It reminded him of the Soul Edge sword from soul calibre. One half of the blade was coated in the blood red cells that made up the tentacles, Rimuru was pleased to see great sage had managed to recreate the point of the tentacle herself.


“So, if it can be controlled with a little electricity…” Rimuru said to himself. Activating his ability, he focused his thoughts and sent a small charge of electricity down to the blade. In an instant the tentacle attached to the blade reacted; the point shot forward, the layer of cells on the blade growing thinner as it did and impacted what was directly in front of it – The bubble man.

Rimuru disabled his particle control instantly and rushed forward, slapping a dollop of full strength healing potion straight onto the man’s wound.


“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know how it’d react. That should have fixed you up, are you alright!?” Rimuru cried.

Mentally smacking himself for being so careless when he knew the strength of those tentacles first-hand; Rimuru’s glanced down at it. For now, he’d just try use the coated edge to attack the tentacles. He smiled painfully up at the man, hoping for some form of forgiveness before he moved back to the fight.

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profile pic change for the sake of mood



What will you do?




Lara feels a sickness in her stomach when she sees the blade pierce through Utakata's side, appearing to go through the kidney. At that point, she thinks he's a goner. Had he even had time for the pain to register? Of course, the young... woman? Had she not been a blob previously? ...Either way, she immediately rushes over to Utakata, who already has a growing rosette of blood on the soft blue fabric of his kimono. 


“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know how it’d react. That should have fixed you up, are you alright!?” She seems very apologetic as she slaps the wound. How that doesn't hurt is beyond her. But when the blue-haired girl moves her hand, she notices that the wound isn't actively bleeding.  In fact, from the small patch of skin she could see in the hole, it looks completely healed. Lara raises her eyebrow-- what the bloody hell...? What the hell kind of healing powers does this girl have? 


She worked quickly, too. Had she taken any longer, Utakata would have been writhing on the ground in pain. "Well, I'll be damned..." she muses. 


Right. Back to the battle. Lara quickly reloads her pistol, and gawks in dismay when she sees that it's her last magazine. God **** dammit, she thinks to herself. Now she has to conserve her bullets. 20 per magazine, thank my lucky stars.... Still, 20 bullets.... That's not enough if this drags out for long enough, especially if I continue to miss or hit the tentacles... Dammit, had I known this was going to happen.... She might have to call for backup. It's fortunate she has her cube, but will anyone hear her if she tries to call? ….Doesn't hurt to try. But first, she aims two more bullets, one to each shin. Eighteen bullets left. She ducks back behind the shield. "God bloody dammit," she curses as she crouches near Twilight. 




He feels whatever it was pierce his side, but it doesn't really register until the object slides right back out. He yelps in pain, and yelps even louder when he feels something slap his side. Instantly the pain is gone, and it feels as if nothing ever so much as touched his skin. Still, he doesn't like the draft touching that patch of skin. There must be a hole in the kimono. Oh for the love of slug, I just remade this thing, too. He looks behind him at the-- the girl--- does this blob thing continue to change forms? Where's the giant wolf from earlier? She seems very apologetic, and Utakata sighs. Is it really worth getting upset over something that hurt for two seconds at the very most? 




Utakata nods and gives her a half bow. "It's alright. Thank you for healing me." He turns around and dips his pipe in the fluid one more time. Before putting the end to his lips, he looks over his shoulder at her. "I owe you one." Then he sends another wave of bubbles at the enemy, regardless of whether or not the last round had any effect. Then he snaps one more time, setting them all off. 


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Forum Signature--Fractal1.png

Forum Signature--Tien.png

Status: Stable

Location: Base Dining Hall

People: Evonna, Chikako


"Oh hello!" One of the girls chirps. "I'm Chikako, you must be new." He certainly is that, at least. She continues with an explanation Tien only half-listens to. Maybe these two are more powerful than they look--probably they’re more powerful than they look--but maybe they’re here so they can be kept safe, too.


Or both. Both seems likely. 


"The friendlier girl asked for your name," Fractal buzzes softly, and Tien blinks back into focus. "They are trying to make a small...what do you call those meetings-over-foods? One of those."

Honestly, Tien’s blanking on the name for one of those too, so he just shrugs in response to Fractal. "I’m Tien," he tells the girl with a smile. "It’s nice to meet you. What are your names?"

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Sorey - 3rd Floor Library > Dining Hall

[talking with Towa] - [seraphs withdrawn] - [the fresh smell of baking, ft. ev/tien]


Arch the angel seemed to spend a good deal of time fascinated with the glowing box and its information. He had managed to search many terms relevant to his quest but unfamiliar to Sorey, and, standing awkwardly in the corner, Sorey concluded that it was a useful tool, though he liked the physical presence of books better.


And besides, the man beside the friendly angel made him feel a little bit unwelcome, so he put a hand on the princess' shoulder to get her attention. The library wasn't going to go anywhere, and there was a whole other castle out there to explore! "Towa, have you managed to take a look around yet?" he asked while Arch and Theo were focused on the computer. "I've yet to get a tour, so you're free to come along with me to check out the building."


Towa jolted a little when she felt Sorey’s hand touch her shoulder, but she relaxed afterwards. “I actually haven’t looked around much yet… the only places I know of are the dining hall and the hallways I passed through coming up here. I don’t see why we can’t.” She smiled at Sorey - she had a feeling she’d already made a new friend.


"Perfect," Sorey replied. "The stairs are right here, so we can go back to the first floor and work our way back up." He added, softer, to himself, "Unless there's a basement...?"




On the way, Sorey figured it would be a good time to get to know his new friend. "So, you're a princess, right? Do you have a castle like this? Or any castle at all, really..."


That dredged up bad memories really fast. “...I had one. I lost it when Dyspear took over my kingdom, the Hope Kingdom. Most of what I remember of it is from my childhood.


The boy's smile flattened out at her sudden sadness. Maybe that was the wrong thing to ask. "...I'm sorry." He shook his head from side to side. "You don't need to elaborate if you don't want to -- I can't imagine how it feels like to lose your home like that."


It’s not a good feeling, I can assure you of that.” Towa paused. She didn’t quite want to reveal all of her past just yet. “In spite of all that’s happened to me, though, I still have hope that I can take back the Hope Kingdom and put an end to Dyspear. It’s my dream to see the Hope Kingdom restored.


Sorey nodded. There wasn't much more to be added at this point, but he did sympathize with her plight.


At the second set of stairs, he paused and tilted his chin up to get a better sniff. There was a sweet scent in the air, of sugar and butter; a foreign recipe, but a familiar combination that recalled the gifts of the fire seraphim. 


"Do you smell that?" he turned to Princess Scarlet. "Seems like someone's been baking something pretty good."


I do smell it. It smells heavenly…” Towa smiled - it reminded her of those tea parties she’d have before her kingdom fell.


Whatever it was, the two followed the aroma down to the first floor and turned the corner to reach the dining hall, where two other people -- agents? or newcomers like them? -- were chatting, with a third person running in from the kitchen. There were more people living here than Sorey initially thought, based on his initial experiences and sparse the castle's decor was... but he figured that he hadn't met many people because he spent most of his day holed up in the multiversal library.


He gave a small wave to the two curly-haired teens. "Hey, did you make these cookies?"

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[ hikaru ; gateway ]

 -- human form! ]


from the mountains to the sky ;

we walk



Everything happened so fast. One moment they had been in their apartment, him abruptly mourning the loss of his fries to the impact of Add's strict regulations, and the second they were suddenly flung through space and time, hurling towards a world neither of them had previously visited before.


In the mixture of excitement and adrenaline created by this sudden change of location, Hikaru abruptly forgets the convenient factor of having brought a certain ghoulish visitor with them to the X-Dreamer's home base, and promptly reinvents their mission with his own added flair.


He takes a second to recover from having been both thrown on the ground and attacked a second prior -- as if any damage he sustained could injure him, truly -- and rolls out onto his back, missing most of the ensuring chaos with his attempts to self-regulate. 


Brief moment of calm done -- at least, as well as he could manage with his tails twitching in excitement, Add's taunts only moment earlier burning a fire in his stomach, the sounds of battle and panic echoing across the plains -- Hikaru's eyes snap open and he jumps up with newfound energy.


"I love it!" he declares, too loudly, and grins happily to himself. The ensuring scene is nearly identical to when they would raid human villages and eat the ensuring villagers, only now with an added bonus -- he was not at fault for the human distress caused in the atmosphere!


It was like a dream come true: to enjoy the human panic without having to pay for the consequences. He would have to thank the scary, blond-haired stranger sometime.


This was great! He wished the younger boy at the beginning hadn't run off so quickly. Why would he leave such an exciting scene? And now there were strange, metal-like constructs joining them as well -- yokai of this world, perhaps?


"Yokaiiii!" he cheers when two members of the X-Dreamers -- he's assuming -- abruptly turn into something else, one in the shape of a giant wolf and another with tails fawning out behind him. But this is strange -- they do not behave the way that he is used to, and the tailed man does not eat his female companion next to him. Why not? She would be an excellent power boost. Maybe he was full?


But how could you be full from eating? Hikaru's brain takes a second to process this possibility, but he quickly denies it -- there's no way someone would want to not do something as wonderful as eating, constantly. That was the reason Add got so mad when he munched on snacks at 3AM, after all. 


Speaking of the mechanic, Hikaru's tails abruptly drop and his energy disappears for a second when Starfall gives a distressed beep, crushed in the invading ghoul's kagune. The drone stirs for a second, attempting escape, before giving in to the tight hold and fading entirely, the purple lines powering its white body shutting down instantly. 


Why would he attack the drones? They weren't good to eat, or anything. Maybe it had been a mistake? That's okay -- he'll get the correct one next time!


"Aim for the people!" he shouts instead, gesturing wildly to the X-Dreamers. The ghoul only had one eye -- maybe he had confused Starfall for a tiny human! Hikaru hasn't seen many human babies in his time, mostly because they were so easily digestible, but he would assume the drone looked like one from far away. Or if you happened to be half blind. 


"They're edible! And tasty!" 


Too caught up in the excitement of the moment, Hikaru resigns himself to cheering on the sidelines, although it is not quite clear which side he roots for. 




[ vaccaria ; gateway ]

 -- no spells in use.  ]


a tiny flame, planted carefully

wilts elegantly to the frost

a tiny herb, grown peacefully

welcomes the coming dawn.



Something had appeared at the Gateway, and for a second Vaccaria rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, pulling the brim of his hat over his eyes to hide his annoyance. More visitors? What did this organization happen to do -- accept every stray and every orphan that came knocking at their door? It was a terrible way to run a Guild -- one would accept all of the stragglers that held no particular talents, without any vetting process. 


However, the chaos that breaks out abruptly lifts him from his thoughts, and Vaccaria has barely enough time to collect himself before the Gateway breaks out in utter chaos. The newcomer -- three of them, actually -- attacks instantly, and in the mess it is hard to tell who is on which side.


Are there sides? He is not even sure where he belongs. He has not consented to joining this group yet -- yet? -- and already the limitations of his patience is being tested. If this was some test they gave to newcomers ...


Actually, that would be remarkably clever, Vaccaria muses. Should this happen to be a setup, it would be an instant win for this organization, the X-Dreamers -- what a silly name -- to win his respect. A perfect vetting process, despite his earlier criticisms. 


Perhaps he is a competitive man -- after all, in his trade, one almost has to be -- but he has no intention of allow the other newcomers to upstage him. 


However, it seems he is rather slow on the uptake; everyone else has already sprung into action, from running away to transforming into ... something.


He has to briefly remind himself that these are not, in fact, monsters, as he watches two robotic machines come rushing in from seemingly nowhere. Huh. 


Monsters or not, he will consider that later. It seems everyone is ganging up on the blond newcomer now, and that is hardly a fair fight.


"Lootstealers," he says to himself, a casual observation. No tact, either -- they have hardly had time to even discuss before a raid. Would this have been Glory, he would have been sighing on a judge's panel right about now. 


But he is not home, Vaccaria reminds himself, and with that thought he mounts Stardust Extermination. The broom reacts instantly to his touch, and he shoots upwards into the sky, well above everyone else. A well-calculated vantage point -- from here, he can see the battlefield. No HP or MP bars, unfortunately.


"Magic Missile," he says, pointing downwards. A ray of bright something forms at the movement of his fingers and he directs the magic downwards, intending to test the newcomer's resistance. So far he has proven to be completely unaffected by physical attacks -- if the type of gun that Lara used had been the same as the ones in Glory -- but perhaps a magical hit will do some kind of damage. Curiously, Vaccaria stalls himself in place, prepared to fly quickly away if needed, and waits for the results of his actions.  

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Lightpon ~ New Room!


"Light, again,are you sure this is okay to do?" Louise asked. Light looked back--or tried to, at least. When she turned, the purple beanbag she was carrying smacked against the wall and refused to budge. She stubbornly tried to turn a few times until a giant brown-furred hand reached over and gently took the giant beanbag from her arms.


"Thanks, Kurtua. Alright.... No," Light admitted to Louise. "But I'm just going to borrow this stuff until I can get a little bit of my own. That furkin's price was so high, I don't think I can even buy a single bottle of essence right now."


"If you say so," Louise shrugged. Or at least as well as someone can shrug while holding a roll of rug in their arms. Light turned back around, considering the problem solved, and walked jauntily down the hall. A bulky suit of black, clacking armor, carrying a stack of books, a black-haired woman wearing sashes, bead chains, and purple furs, carrying the aforementioned rug, and a large, armored, brown-furred minotaur, draped with curtains while carrying a chair and a desk (plus one beanbag), followed suit. While the woman was soundlessly levitating, the minotaur's hooves clacked loudly on the tile. From Light, the mask she had tied loosely to her Book of Contracts clacked together with every other step.


Well, stealth was never my strong suit, Light thought to herself. Besides, it's too quiet in here anyway. She took a breath with the thought, and started singing the first song that came to her head as she walked down the corridor, checking all the doors. Nope, these were all taken, so--

Light froze as she rounded the corner and saw Ozma staring at her. And she was alone, without the support of the Order of Priests, Iris, or even her friends--butshehadhersummonsandshehadnewpowersnowshewasstrongershecan--Light raised her hand, the incantation to summon coming to her mouth until a sharp pain sparked against her arm broke her concentration and drew a loud yelp from her.


"Rao!" the aforementioned spark zipped away from her, towards the--Wait. Ozma had pink markings. He didn't have horns, hooves, and this Imposter's wings are much bigger--Light lowered her hand as Louise, Sandor, and Kurata came forward, stepping defensively in front of her. Whoever this Imposter is, he doesn't have that Apostle-y energy either... Though the wood dust looks creepy around him...


Light stepped out from behind her summons, and their stances relaxed. Well, except for Sandor's, but he never really had a "relaxed" stance to begin with. Come to think of it, the unicorn said the Gateway to the Starry Skies tended to draw heroes here, didn't it?


"... Um, hi," Light greeted awkwardly, even as Rao floated curiously around him. "Do you know where a free room might be?"

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