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Keaton - Somewhere near the Gateway


Anders had a lot to rant about and, for what it was worth, Keaton was more than happy to listen. He patiently sat in silence as the mage began to describe some foreign organization—the Chantry Anders called it—that was apparently locking up mages and going so far as to steal children who had magical abilities. Keaton, considering one of his closest friends was a royal who could use magic and turn into a magical beast, thought that he would have heard of the Chantry or King Alistair or the Ferelden Circle before speaking to Anders. Keaton had momentarily forgotten he was in another world (and the likelihood that Anders was as well) and began to ponder how this Chantry escaped his notice.


“How do they even have the power to lock away mages and steal children from families?” Keaton asked, confusion clouding his eyes. “What’s to fear about mages anyway? The Nohrian and Hoshidan royal courts are full of them!” Keaton’s ears flattened against his skull. He huffed in disbelief, trying to make sense of the Chantry and how they could possibly lock up everyone with magical abilities considering that they were absolutely everywhere.


“What about the mages in the nobility or royalty?” Keaton asked in a slightly perturbed tone. “Prince Leo, Princess Elise, Princess Sakura, and even the late Queen Mikoto all used magic! Even some of the royal retainers wield magical tomes or healing staves. The Chantry can’t just… take someone like that out of a position of power can they?” Keaton’s mind wandered to his Vallite friend and he briefly panicked. “What about magical creatures? Does the Chantry lock them up too?” His draconic friend wouldn’t be the only one in trouble if that was the case. He was magical and so was the rest of his pack. Gods, even the kitsune wouldn’t be safe if the Chantry was trying to scrub the world clean of any signs of magic. How would they even manage to do that?


Xander - Hallway


It was becoming increasingly clear that whoever was assigned to welcome party was incompetent and needed to go through training again. Xander understood that there was all the possibility of a newcomer possessing powers or an attitude that would be hard to deal with, but there was no excuse for the newcomer who was biting down onto Duke let alone all the strangers that were currently standing behind Xander. He felt a sliver of reassurance in that everyone besides Fiddlesticks seemed opposed to stabbing Duke. Then again, Xander was well aware of how dangerous a desperate foe was. Should Fiddlesticks begin to feel like a cornered animal, there was no doubt in Xander’s mind that she would act like one. The situation was rapidly turning dire. Duke needed the bayonet removed from his arm as soon as possible least Fiddlesticks do even more damage.


Xander was shaken out of his thoughts by Duke’s weak attempt at humor. Xander raised an eyebrow at the boy, but before he could even open his mouth a robot with a similar build to Fiddlesticks rammed into her. Considering the words the new robot was screaming at Fiddlesticks, Xander assumed that he at least understood that stabbing Duke wasn’t the best course of action. Good, Xander thought to himself. If Fiddlesticks was distracted by the other robot than Xander could make his move.


Silently grateful that he had positioned himself so close to Fiddlesticks, Xander rushed forward, eyeing the robots to make sure they were both still occupied before halting at Duke’s side. He internally cringed at how Fiddlesticks was moving the bayonet, no doubt causing Duke a great amount of pain considering it was still attached to his arm. Xander was well aware of what procedures had to be followed in order to safely remove a knife, sword, or similar object out of an arm, but considering the circumstances, Xander doubted he’d be able to remove Duke from the bayonet in a safe manner.


“Sorry about this,” Xander whispered under his breath before, with one hand still tightly gripping Siegfried should Fiddlesticks turn around, grabbing onto Duke’s arm and yanking it off the bayonet. He did his best to ignore the horrible squelching sound that followed as well as the blood that was glinting on the surface of the bayonet. Securing his arm around Duke’s chest, Xander dashed away from the robot frenzy, purple electricity dancing dangerously across Siegfried's surface.


Once he was a safe enough distance away, Xander began walking backward with one arm holding Duke and the other holding out Siegfried should Fiddlesticks try to attack again.

“Natsuki,” Xander said as he backed towards his fellow agent. “Do you think you could take Duke to the infirmary? Even if the wound isn’t dreadful, he’ll need it patched up with a handful of painkillers as soon as possible.” In a lower, softer tone, Xander leaned his head down to Duke’s ear and gently said, “You can worry about the paperwork when you’re not bleeding on my nice set of armor.” Xander was wearing the only set of armor he owned, but he felt the need to respond to Duke. He had been in a war long enough to know when someone was using humor as a coping mechanism. It wouldn’t hurt to indulge Duke a little if that’s what he needed to handle the situation.    

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Circuitraider | I'm Going In...


She almost hesitated. Had Typheus just complimented on her name? "Thank you..." she responded. It was very unexpected. Circuitraider had not considered the appearance of her name as it was normal for Cybertronians and humans had strange naming schemes. The scout allowed herself to chuckle at the silver mech's mild joke, passing through the transmission as she spoke, "Only if you want me to." 


It was refreshing to have a normal conversation, no matter how short, without the pressure of war weighing down upon her.


It only made her current position that much harder. Blue optics narrowing, she watched as Typheus quarreled with his companion, Fiddlesticks. He even went so far as to harm her himself. From the corner of her vision, she glimpsed the swordsman as he shuffled Duke away from the arguing mechs. Good. Most of the humans were now at a safer distance. However, the threat was no less than it had been. 


Fine. Change in tactics. 


Their attention was focused on each other. Apologies, Typheus... She didn't give herself the chance to question her decision. If she hesitated on her course of action, another human could be hurt. Circuitraider did not want further casualties as result of her mistakes. 


The rifle broke apart, retreating to hide beneath the plating of her forearm. Armor shifted along her right shoulder, exposing a nest of cables with no ends in sight. Several of them began to glow a soft, light blue along the seams that connected segments. Instantly, three thick cables ejected upward and raced towards Fiddlesticks, many of the seams opening to allow dozens of thinner, paler cables to spread like fingers. In less than a moment, the cables secured themselves to the back and sides of the bronze mech, the thinner cords slithering into more vulnerable areas. 


Circuitraider's pale blue optics widened, the tiny plates shifting and spinning as if she were trying to refocus her vision. Foreign programming filled her circuits, whispering and mumbling a language she couldn't make heads or tails of. Whatever built the mechs clearly didn't share the same lexicon as humans nor Cybertronians. Which, really, did she expect it to? It shouldn't have been a surprise to the Autobot but, she had to admit it had been a long time since she'd navigated anything remotely sentient. Lately, it had been primitive human technology.


Fiddlesticks was taking notice. Something laced up her cables, like a needle fired blindly in hopes of finding... something. "Behave..." Circuitraider growled, shutting her optics and bringing a hand up to her face. Such a child! The Autobot couldn't waste time trying to learn and translate every bit of the mech's programming. She needed to immobilize the bot before further harm could be done. And before Fiddlesticks sorted out her own circuitry in the counter-hack. 


"Firewalls? Really?" Circuitraider questioned, a bit offended. "What are you?" she breathed, not aware that she had spoken out loud. It didn't matter. The scout found something that looked like what she wanted. Grabbing on to it, she flipped what she hoped was the 'kill' switch to make Fiddlesticks immobile. 

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[ Somewhere outside - Illidan, Hibiki, and Ray ]


Whoa, and Hibiki thought Kirika spoke quickly! Pascal was clearly in some sort of rush, but she wasn't the only one to pass the two.


Was that a bat???


Illidan realized it was the same new creature he'd seen before... which, he quickly found out, was actually two creatures, with a human riding this strange bat. Regardless, they didn't stop to chat - they were probably going to this castle as well. Hibiki started following Pascal, too. Illidan shrugged and followed suit - it wasn't like Pascal was one to deceive them (and he'd only known her for the one day).


Even so, they all eventually wound up at the castle gates. Ray hopped off of Tsuki's back and took out a strange round device. "Come on back, Tsuki. You deserve the rest." Tsuki disappeared in a flash of red light, seemingly going inside the device. Hibiki had played enough Pokemon to know that the device was a PokeBall, but the technology was very alien to Illidan. As much as he wanted to react to it, however, he simply couldn't take his chances - not after what had almost happened with Ayaka.


...and there was Marie, off to the side a little bit. It gave Hibiki some sense of relief to know where the squid-girl was, but she seemed content where she was. After Illidan, Hibiki and Ray had exchanged the necessary introductions, they went inside the castle and started to explore.


Illidan turned a corner and was met with quite the sight in the hallway. Hibiki stopped behind him, and Ray bumped into Hibiki. There was blood on the floor - likely from someone being injured - and there were three mechanical creatures that towered above Illidan. The three newcomers were silent... at least, until Illidan expressed his shock in the one way he did best.


"...what the bloody hell happened in here?!"

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Edward yelped and ducked. He looked up at the hole in the wall above his head. What the f--- He looked up at the giant hostile thing and glared. It’s a good thing I’m sh…. S…. sh….shhhhh…. Not of average height. Ed approached carefully, but noticing that the tall blond man with the odd weapon saved the victim with the weird tattoo, he relaxed. Still, Ed came a little closer, just in case. That large metal creature didn't seem to want to back down too easily, hence the odd shrieking that came out- wait, was that a female voice? Odd. He approached the other mechanical beings that were attacking the other. They didn't appear to want to have anything to do with him, which was fine. At least they weren't trying to kill him. 


"Damn. What is that? Why was it trying to stab that guy?" Edward kept his distance from the fiendish creature, with a wary gaze. Even if it were an ally, he wasn't sure if he would be able to trust it, no matter what that magical-talking-pony-thing said. Nothing about this world seemed normal. Talking animals? Kids with giant clown shoes carrying giant keys? Whatever that blond guy was carrying? Giant hostile... What were they, anyway? Were they like his brother, souls trapped in suits of armor? Had they attempted human transmutation as well? He couldn't understand. He never even got the name of the girl who he walked with for a little while. Come to think of it, she wasn't particularly interested in talking too much, It looked like the people here were as unfriendly as the creatures here. Was Twilight the only friendly one here? He continued to peer at the creature that lost its mind. It was oddly-shaped for a possible suit of armor- was it an older version? Or was it more advanced? The joints were remarkably smooth for a suit of armor. It seemed very lithe too, and way too tall for a human to fit in it. Hmph. He stared at it, refusing to put away his blade.

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Audrey the Grave Robber


Offering a short smile, the mercenary continued her intended explanation.


"So, a friend of mine works here. Just arrived today myself, but she took the time to fill me in on the essentials."


Then, she gestured to the castle doors.


"This is the XDRS Headquarters, the home base for a transdimensional group that formed to restore the universe. You got dropped here because something happened to your own world, and fate thinks you could be useful in setting things right. You can stay here as long as you need, and then either go home as soon as you're ready or aid the cause. Whichever works for you."


Then, she flicked a knife from her sleeve and started picking under her fingernails with its point. While no longer looking at Marie and the pink cat and her eyes covered by the brim of her hat, she continued to speak.


"You, however, have not introduced yourself yet. That's useful information for us. Makes it much easier to send you home if we know where you live." To emphasize her point, she nodded her head in the Pokémon's direction.


Then, she prodded the brim of her hat with an index finger, and looked directly at him.


"So. Who are you, then?"

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   Fiddlesticks was biting down hard, but the steel tines of her mandibles couldn't pierce Typheus's hull. Instead he attempted to drag her away from Duke to free her bayonet. She thrashed her head, scratching up his hull and only widening Duke's wound. He growled, leaning over her and biting down on her tail to hold her still, his blade sinking deeper into her arm. He felt a pang of regret at being so unforgiving.
   Fiddlesticks, on the other hand, didn't care in the slightest, slamming the both of them into the wall. He snarled and ripped up her side, leaving deep gouges behind with sharp metal edges, the harpoon tips of his mandibles poking holes in her. She was blind to the release of her initial target, simply thrusting the blood-coated bayonet into her partner, the other aimed yet parried by him. Typheus unsheathed his emitters for another counter, but was unable to move to aim them at her; so he flared his wings instead and briefly fired them.
   FwwooOO-CRASH! The two instantly launched into the opposite wall! He had a brief respite from the clawing as his partner recovered from the shock, her threads flying about in a panick from being smashed in. Typheus prepared a hack, but then the umber machine looked up in surprise at her mobility and the missing weight from her arm: Duke! He wasn't there anymore! A shrill whistle and a turn, and she spotted Xander supporting him, trying to get him to safety.


   No! she mentally objected, throwing Typheus off her and getting to her feet, leaping toward them; her momentum was stalled when something unusual latched onto her back though. Typheus looked up to see strange, nearly-organic cords attached to her, painted silver and pulsing blue, finer wiring leaking from them over the mech's form and seeping into her joints; Fiddlesticks felt only a strange pulling sensation until that moment.
   "No no no - pff squZzeeeeee - teeheeheeheeheeheeee! Stooop it!" her defiant buzz terminated into excited giggling and squirming. "Stop! STOP!"
   Typheus didn't know whether or not he should burst out laughing or try and help; a quick glance at Circuitraider told him to do the latter. Her cords were being stretched out and that couldn't be comfortable.
   Assuming a hack, he jumped to his feet and rushed over to Fiddlesticks, hooking his claws into her hull and pulling her backwards to slacken them. The mech snarled at him and fought back, but he sank his back claws into the ground, punching through the tile floor and keeping him in place; in combination with the hooked claws, Fiddlesticks could only struggle in vain, the bleeding Duke mere yards away from her. Yet still she slashed at the air between them, snapping her jaws, claws scratching up the tile below... Then she began to cease.
   Typheus watched in bewilderment as his partner fell still. Was this a good thing? A bad thing? Circuitraider was stopping her, as needed, but what if she was hurting her? He couldn't expect her to know what to do with Fiddlesticks's head! He didn't even know what to do with Fiddlesticks's head, and he had been with her since manufacturing!


   He decided not to risk it, finally launching his own hack now that she was immobile. As soon as his presence made it to her mind he could tell immediately that Circuitraider was in there. Wasting no time, he organized her threads, shrunk them into a tight bubble, then went and cut off all signal clusters at the points Circuitraider was connected to.
   "Don't touch the cables," the purple machine warned. He was pulled out from the hack momentarily at the sound of her voice.
   "I'm not touching them, I'm blocking them off," he retorted, hugging Fiddlesticks close. She just started giggling, still dazed by the double hack. "You don't know what you're doing!"
   "Relax, I'm not hurting her," she said, "but keep playing with those and I will."
   "I can't let that happen," he growled. Fiddlesticks started laughing louder. "I have to protect... What's up with you?" his threat died with the tension as the mech practically collapsed, still laughing.
   "It tickles! It tickles!" She squirmed. "S-Sp-pffhaha, s-stop!"
   "See what you made me do?" Circuitraider scolded. Typheus watched in exasperation for a moment, still miraculously holding Fiddlesticks as she struggled, before he finally tore his eye from her hull to meet the Autobot's indignant glare; as a result, his hack failed and the firewalls fell.
   "Fine," he said, "but I have to be there." He turned back to Fiddlesticks to hack again, right as she fell limp as something was presumably turned off. He cursed himself for breaking the previous connection so soon, jumped in, and did a quick diagnostic check on her. Fiddlesticks hummed unhappily, and began prodding at all of the unwelcome connections, a stream of bits swirling about everywhere and sending pings. Typheus jolted at his ping, then shot over to one of Circuitraider's connections is suspicion of the worst. The umber machine's consciousness darted around anxiously like an insect, waiting for returning signals... but Circuitraider's connections were like black holes. There was a spike of hostility in her mind; it was as if everything flashed red, and Typheus tasted a bit of the anger.
   Pull back! he warned Circuitraider, as his partner's consciousness shot off toward a connection. Typheus pursued her, but was too far off; he "felt" a sharp strike - as the best way to describe it - from that section before Fiddlesticks was repelled, shooting back into her own head.
   Good! That meant Circuitraider either heard him or had her own defenses.


   Don't counterhack, it's not worth it, he told Fiddlesticks, more in concern about what she might do to Circuitraider. She hissed as his presence became more apparent.
   You're just standing there and letting this happen?!
   You're being too violent! he argued, These people have technology capable of bouncing between REALITIES and you're threatening them!
   Their fault for challenging us! Besides, I'm only picking on the one who did! What do the others care? She threw herself into another glowing connection, only to be repelled by it. She darted to the next one, but he flew over, procured a firewall, and slammed it into her. AA! Knock it off! This is MY head!
   I'm sorry, but I have to suppress you! It's for the better.
   But... Typheus... He felt overwhelming guilt at the soft cry. Why?
   Because... I'm supposed to keep you -
   No, why can't I feel my ears?
   Typheus paused in confusion. Did Circuitraider flip the wrong switch? How many switches was she playing with?! Well... if he was going to trust her...
   Hit the sensory input! he shouted as loud as he could without interrupting his partner's functions, hoping she could hear him.
   Typheus!! Don't help her! Fiddlesticks threw herself at him, and her counterhack overloaded his CPU and made him freeze for a second, which was as inconvenient as an hour for code. He growled and shook off the attack, almost regretting teaching her that. Fiddlesticks was about to say something else, but right then Circuitraider launched another hack, and like a beam of light it shot through Fiddlesticks's mind. She and Typheus both took off after it.
   He was too slow to stop her. She was a millisecond late to reach it.
   There was a pop, and everything stopped.


   The threads froze in place, like bright stars in the abyss. Typheus swirled to the front of Fiddlesticks's consciousness, which had also stopped.
   There was a lurch, and all of the threads were suddenly sucked into a tight ball in the corner. The bright ball dimmed to a dull glow, and her consciousness dispersed.
   No no no...! He panicked, shooting over to the ball and checking its status. Don't shut down don't shut down don't shut down-! Oh, by Carace, she's just in hibernation... Typheus let out an immense mental sigh of relief, pulling out of the hack and checking her physical condition. She had fallen limp, with deep gouges in the floor and her eye completely dark: the mech equivalent of a coma. He supported her weight and sheathed his emitters, assessing the situation: a hurt Duke, his dismayed helpers, and the boy who was nearly shot, but everyone seemed okay. He looked back at Circuitraider as her cords detached and retreated. He didn't say anything, but now trusted her skills; she would make a good ally as long as Fiddlesticks's foolish pugnacity didn't ruin the chances of it. As for Duke's condition... well, she would have to apologize to him herself.


   ((Logging in IC: godmodding Circuitraider was permitted))

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Sora & Yusei | Bedroom Hallways


He caught the tease and smirked faintly in response. Stepping aside from the doorway, Yusei stuffed his gloved hands into his pant pockets once more. Hush eventually emerged from Stan's bedroom as the brown-haired man vacated the space. Almost simultaneously, the duelist caught sight of Lara approaching. Oi. Any idea what this mess is about?” the woman questioned.


"Now now," Stan spoke up, closing his door. "Being pissed off isn't a good look for you. You'll get wrinkles faster and ruin your pretty face."


"I'm just here to ask what the hell happened to my room."


"Well, that is something Yusei is much more qualified to answer than I will ever be..." 


Yusei lifted a hand free of its pocket as Stan continued talking, eventually walking away before his rambling was finished. Turning his attention away from Stan's retreating form and back to Lara, the man frowned slightly. His gaze drifted towards the unknown girl and eventually to Sora. Lingering for a moment, Yusei finally answered, "I'm sorry about your room. I'll make sure it gets cleaned up sooner than later. A..." he glanced back at Hush briefly, wondering if 'child' would be a suitable description after all. "A newcomer found his way into the Castle on his own and got into some trouble," Yusei explained. 



Sora watched the Dusk for some time before realizing that Ev was asking him something. "Huh?" he breathed, lowering his hands to his sides and looking at the girl. "Oh! Uh, it doesn't matter to me," he stated, giving another foolish grin. "Though, maybe away from... Gun Slinger, here," he whispered, leaning towards Ev with a hand up to hide his face from Lara's view. Standing straighter, he continued smiling and let his body display his ease, leaning back. 



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Light ~ Library ~ Make things?

Wolf-boy considers her question for a second, then points at himself before speaking.  "Me, Fushi." Oh. Right, that was his name.... Fushi... Fushi... Sounds like a Suju name. And there was another slight widening of his eyes, then looked down, holding his palms towards her. His face scrunches up slightly, like he's thinking but couldn't find the words. Light bounced on her feet slightly, looking down at the book and then back up at him, waiting. "Can make ...Book." That‘s... All? "Sword. Bowl. Can make," he turned towards Spike, shaking his head. "Cannot make dragon."   

"So... You can't make living things?" Light cocked her head. That doesn't answer the how, but I guess neither of us are "qualified" enough for determining that.


”I sure hope so! I wouldn't want another me running around," Spike exclaimed--then he doubled back with, "Actually, another me means I would be able to do more stuff! I might not mind that."


 "Could you make..." Light trailed off. Do I have anything on me...? Ah! yes! With that thought, she closed the book and set it on the ground before reaching into a fold in her sleeves and taking out a blackened metallic flute. Attached to it was a red cord tied to a intricate-looking brass key which she untied and palmed. "...This?"

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~Lara and Evonna~


Lara sighed in disappointment. She heard Evonna and Sora making small conversation, and felt a small smile emerge on her face. It’s nice to see them talking about something. I'm honestly worried that Evonna wouldn't be able to get along with anyone here… I doubt that's good for her. She shrugged and turned her attention back to Yusei. “Well, I do hope this newcomer knows to stay out of my area. I'll be alright this time, though. I can clean up most of it, it's nothing too serious. Just came as a shock.” She glanced back at the two new children, then back at the odd creature in the corner. Then she sighed, still a bit agitated that someone ruffled through her space… Those pillows were very soft and comfy. 
Well, I’m off. Stanley mentioned something about going to the Gateway. I'll see what's going on down there. Feel free to help Sora and Evonna here with finding their rooms.” 

Then she turned to the newcomers again. “Well, I’ll see you two later, hope you find the rooms comfortable. I do apologize, the mess in my room was a little surprising.” That said, she politely waved and slinked off. It was irksome that she would have to reorganize her things, but it was better that she did that herself, after all. If the newcomer was not going to mess up her room again, she was more than fine. Her guns, however, that was still what annoyed her.

Heading down the stairs and into the dining hall, Lara heard some commotion. Raising her eyebrow, she considered popping in to see what the hell was happening. There were some very odd noises coming from nearby, but it did sound like things were going to be under control. Thus, Lara decided against intervening. Besides, she didn't need to be using pistols and making a wreck of the place. Xander had plenty to fix up earlier. Instead, she wandered through the hall and made her way out of the castle, trying to think about calming down the rest of the way. Clear head, Lara, clear head. Just keep a clear head. 

In her peripheral vision Lara saw what looked to be two men who were highly invested in listening to the castle. She cocked her head to she side a bit, curious but also wary. Who eavesdropped in broad daylight? It was, indeed, very strange. Then she heard a little yipping sound to her right side. When Lara looked to see what it came from, she noticed a tiny little puppy. It looked to be a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, and dear goodness it looked sad and lonely… And so, so scared. Slowly, Lara knelt down in front of it, gently placing her hand palm-up on the ground.

Oh darling, it's alright. C’mere, little one.” The puppy carefully walked up to her hand and sniffed it for a moment, eventually approving of her with a tiny lick. Lara picked it up to inspect it- or… er… him. Other than looking a little hungry, he appeared perfectly healthy. The puppy licked Lara’s face gratefully, to which she responded with a little chuckle.

I’m keeping you, little pup. Let's see… Cicero, is that alright with you?” Cicero did not object. He wagged his tail and snuggled into the arms of his new mama. Content, Lara turned her attention to the people who were eavesdropping.

Um, hello? Is there something I can do for you? Did you get any good information?” Cicero yipped as if in agreement. Lara pet him on the top of the head and kept watch on the two men.



Evonna glanced at Sora and shrugged. “I mean, whatever you want to do.” She allowed her voice to drop to a whisper, “As for what you said, I don't know, man. Seems cool to me.” Evonna shrugged. “Hmm, wonder if there are some good books in the library,” Evonna mused to herself. Then she paused, thinking about a few things. She poked her head into the room to see the man Lara was talking to. Then she saw the creature and raised an eyebrow. 

Um… What's that?

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Masala (gateway)


Masala looked up, not even flinching as this large Pokemon(?) swung it's blade down just inches from her head. Was it an Aegislash? “My name is Masala!” she replied, doing her best to stare whoever this was down. “I am a Stufful in training to be a rescue team!”


Was this the one her attack accidentally hit? “I'm sorry my attack hit you,” she said. “I wasn't aiming for anyone but the Tyrantrum, but I have seemed to have vanished from the cave.” She kept her eye on him, not wanting to look away least she gets attack. Of course, it didn't help that her HP was low and she felt like she was about to collapse.




Philip (Gateway)


Philip stood there, not know exactly what to do. He started moving gently and carefully this time, arms stretched out in a way to feel where he was going. He sighed, realising that the bright light was slowly fading and that it seemed to get a tad bit darker. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around to see a rather beautiful place that took his breath away. He was in the shade, he realised and noticed actual colours. Not the stupid replacement colours that the Entity tried to make.


There were others, cooing as he noticed a small little creature being threatened by another, making him worried for its safety. Looking around some more, he spotted his weapon and bell on the ground, wanting to grab and hide them, he took one step out into the light and had to shield his eyes. It was so bright! The Entity's realm was so dark unlike this place and thus he moved back into the shade.




Ruby (somewhere outside)


It was rather easy for Ruby to keep up as she trailed behind Lunala before it landed. Ruby decided to follow suit and landed somewhere next to the Other as the Lunala somehow disappeared into a little tiny ball. Curious. She tilted her head upwards. “Neat trick,” Ruby said. “My name is Ruby.”

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Circuitraider | Children Need Discipline


The blond human still too close to the fighting mechs was not moving. Instead, he seemed to get even closer! Circuitraider shifted her optics upon the red-clad boy, her attention only momentarily drawn away when a new voice cut through the noise. The Autobot searched for the unexpected source, spying yet three more individuals. Though, one of them was clearly not human. Why did organics have the bad, life-threatening habit of getting too close to dangerous situations?


"You need to stay back," the scout warned, trying to minimize the damage potential that was steadily growing. Fiddlesticks was pulling against the cables, earning a low groan from Circuitraider as an ache began to flood her sensors. Bless Typheus for arresting his companion's forward motion...


He was doing something now. She could feel a new string of data, different from Fiddlesticks' though somewhat similar. Typheus - What are you doing? Circuitraider questioned silently. She felt him d- "Don't touch the cables," Circuitraider grumbled. Typheus was going to ruin her hack! She knew how reckless Fiddlesticks was based on first impressions but she hadn't considered Typheus would be too!


"I'm not touching them, I'm blocking them off." Fiddlesticks began giggling as Typheus replied. "You don't know what you're doing!"


The Autobot almost snorted in derision but silenced it before it rose, knowing the validity of his statement. She knew what she was doing. But the reality was that she didn't know the foreign programming. Why? The language should have translated by now. Still, she needed to reassure him before the mech made the situation worse - knowingly or not.


He was stubborn though. Unfortunately, the distraction from the banter was enough. Circuitraider made a small slip, which resulted in more laughter from the bronze mech as she brushed against the wrong string of code. Annoyed, she scolded Typheus with a growl and a glare. Why was it that someone always had to try and help when she was busy working a hack? When was someone going to just let her be and not interfere?


"Behave..." Circuitraider growled as something raced up one of her cables like a red beacon. Typheus called out a warning but the Autobot didn't hear it very well. Annoyed by the counter-hack from Fiddlesticks, she slammed down on the area of data the foreign string was racing through. She couldn't multitask like this. Either she was going to analyze and translate enough of the lexicon for a proper hack, bicker with Typheus about who was doing what, or keep Fiddlesticks from creeping through her own code.


The humans' presence only added to the frustration building up. Why is everything going wrong?


On a normal day, she could multitask just fine, even under pressure. But when was the last time she had to deal with an alien sentience? Decepticons she could understand and wouldn’t give two nanoseconds of thought about getting the hack wrong. However, Fiddlesticks was not a Decepticon, let alone a primitive human device she could disassemble in the blink of an eye.


Another flare went up one of her cables and Circuitraider swatted that away in turn. This entire ordeal was taking far too long. The scout needed to resolve this now or else she was going to just break everything apart and be done with it all.


Typheus was deflecting now. She saw it as she shifted her way through. Fiddlesticks was trying to counter but something else blocked her off, and it wasn't Circuitraider's doing.


Sensory... The word came through Circuitraider’s internal transmission, broken and incomplete. But it was enough.


She found the matching lexicon, using Typheus' language to cross-check. It wasn't a perfect fit but Circuitraider trusted it to work. Suddenly, everything went out like a light and the Autobot waited, watching to see if anything would happen. After a moment, confirming that the hack was complete (if not a bit sloppy), she eased. The cables detached from Fiddlesticks' body, falling limp to the ruined floor and sliding back towards the Autobot. They retracted and were stored back beneath the plating on her shoulder.


Circuitraider caught Typheus' one-eyed gaze. He held his companion, keeping her limp form from hitting the ground. It reminded her of - Shutting her optics, she waved a hand, almost dismissive. Optics open once more, she turned her attention away from the mech pair, examining the humans and the… winged being with horns and odd skin. Definitely not human.


Why was Prime so set on protecting humans? Many of them lingered too close to deadly things. Stupidity, or foolish bravery. Perhaps both. What was that human phrase? The one with the cat and curiosity, was it?


“Are we finished here?” Circuitraider inquired, the words floating to the air without a real target. She shifted her gaze when movement flickered at the corner of her vision. Duke was being led away from the volatil exchange by a dark-haired individual, the one who possessed the inefficient gun earlier. The scout looked to the swordsman, recognizing the air of authority. “Is there someone here with knowledge in mechanical repairs?”

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[ There's a mess in here. First floor hallway - Illidan, Hibiki, and Ray ]


Illidan was too tired, both from fighting demons and nearly losing his life, to deal with this crap. Normally, he loved conflict, but even he had a limit, especially when he was tired. Plus, fighting constructs that were several times his height sounded like a worse idea than fighting Ayaka. Not that he couldn't handle it, but he'd gotten at least ten times his daily dose of near-death situations in the past few hours and he certainly didn't need another one.


He addressed the construct that had spoken (such a feminine voice - did constructs even have genders???). "I don't know, are you finished? Me and my companions just got here--"


Ray interrupted him. "And now one of us is turning around and leaving again. Nope, ain't dealing with this noise. I think I'll explore outside some more. Maybe give Akatsuki and Malamar some fresh air..." She then looked at the strange Noctowl-creature - Ruby, she had called herself. "You're welcome to join me if you want, Ruby." And then she made good on her word, spun around on her heels, and walked the other way.


Hibiki sighed and smiled a bit, trying not to let her nervousness show. "Maybe we can explore the castle a little more, Illidan-san."


"You do that, Hibiki. I'm going upstairs and finding a place to rest before my hooves give out on me." Illidan turned and went to find the stairs.


"...guess I'll keep looking around the first floor, then." Hibiki shrugged and moved towards another hallway.


[ Second floor hallway - Illidan ]


It was the first time he'd been by himself in months. It gave Illidan some peace and quiet that he could use to think. There were a few people up here, chatting it up with each other, sure... but it was relatively peaceful compared to the Gateway and the mess on the floor below.


He had to admit, though, Hibiki's kindness was contagious. She was kind of like Turalyon, except less of a religious fanatic and more of the just plain friendly kind. It was a huge relief compared to the High Exarch, to tell the truth.


There was a multitude of rooms up here - he could tell just by the doors - but poor Illidan wasn't sure how many of them were occupied already, or even if any were vacant at all. He caught a quick glance of Pascal going into one, but before he could say a word, she came back out and passed straight by him again. There went asking her if any rooms were open.


The guy in the jacket seemed promising, though. "Hey. I kind of, uh... need a place to rest. Badly." Illidan cursed under his breath; he was not good at socializing. He only hoped that he got his point across.


[ OMG this place is beautiful! - Hibiki ]


Hibiki was loving every inch of just the first floor, and had just come to the grandest dining hall she'd ever seen. Of course, it was the only dining hall she'd ever seen. There were only two creatures here, too! One was a purple horse and the other was... she assumed that was a dragon? It kind of looked like that one Pokemon from the last game she'd played before becoming busy with the Symphogear...


What was it called, again? Hibiki felt like cussing herself out for not finishing Pokemon Black...


[ Back outside again. - Ray ]


Ray had just gotten back outside and was absentmindedly walking around, scrolling through the Pokedex and reading through the data on all the Pokemon she'd caught. The Rotom that had been inside had apparently jumped ship when the anomaly hit, but at least the Pokedex itself still worked. She was so deep in reading it that she wasn't even sure whether or not Ruby was following her.


When she looked up, she saw what appeared to be a Lycanroc in the distance... but that was a really big Lycanroc! There was a guy with it, too, thankfully a human... hopefully.


Man, this place is weird, she thought to herself.

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Anders [ Near the Gateway ] 

Interpreting Keaton’s facial expressions was made difficult by his altered features, but he didn’t once look away; Anders suspected that this might have been quite the feat for him. It was gratifying to have a non-mage actually listen to him for once. Usually it was “shut up, mage” or “Anders please, I don’t want to arrest you”. 

His eyes widened. Royalty using magic openly? What Keaton was describing didn’t sound anything like Tevinter, either. The way he described it made it sound like magic was just… normal. A tool and a gift, like anything else. The way it should be. 


He couldn't get too excited before learning more. It was possible that the magic system in Keaton’s world was completely different from his own. Maybe those mages there could only deal minor damage, or maybe they were more reliant on lyrium or focuses. At the very least, the history and politics had to be very different. Despite that, just hearing of an example where it worked… 

There were at least a half-dozen questions that he wanted to ask, but he tried to answer Keaton’s questions first. “Usually they don’t even have to. They’ve convinced the people that apostates are dangerous and that the Circles are for their own good. If that doesn’t work, and if the mage’s own neighbors or local guards don’t turn them in, the Chanty has its own soldiers.” He scowled and his tone grew darker. “Some mages are dangerous. They turn to blood magic or consorting with demons. But not all mages are like that, and most of us just want to live in peace like anyone else. I’ve seen more mages that felt forced to accept the help of demons because of Templars attacking them than I’ve seen genuinely evil mages.” Not that there hadn’t been plenty of those as well. Really, one would think that the hordes of bandits and abominations would give up on trying to attack Hawke’s group after the first dozen were killed. 

He paused, both to calm himself and to think of how to explain. “There aren’t many noble mages. Having magic in your bloodline is seen as especially shameful for nobles. But if one is born, they lose all of their inheritance rights and power like anyone else would. The only recent example I know of is Arl Eamon’s son, and I don’t know what happened to him. So, yes, they can.” Anders cared more about the common people that didn’t have money or influential family to help them, but denying noble mages their titles was yet another symptom of the Chantry’s corruption. Clearly, they feared that a mage with political influence would be able to challenge their rule- there was no other reason to deny their birthrights. 

“Magical creatures?” He wasn’t sure what Keaton meant, but it sounded like something personal. “Knowing the Chantry, they would. They’re very pro-human.” Part of him wanted to continue explaining, but he needed to learn more. “Tell me about your world, it’s only fair. You really have both mages and non-mages in power?” 

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Xander - Hallway


Despite Xander’s suspicion of the newcomers, he could not deny the wave of relief that washed over him as he saw the two strange robots subdue Fiddlesticks. There was no doubt that without their assistance Xander would have had to disable the robot himself and hope that Stan or Yusei would be able to repair her if Xander didn’t end up making her completely non-operational. Pushing his dreary thoughts aside, Xander glanced towards the end of the hallway and frowned. He heard someone—another newcomer—yell while the fight was still ongoing. Xander had caught a glimpse of the small party, intending to address them once the fight had concluded. It seemed as though they had been spooked off by the commotion. Xander suppressed the urge to sigh. Once he had dealt with everyone still in the hallway, he’d have to make sure the group that had wandered off was attended to. I’ll have to lecture the current members about this later, Xander thought to himself before glancing back down at Duke just as the boy chuckled.


“You would look nice ... even without ... the armour," Duke had while Xander gingerly handed him off to Natsuki. "I'll be ...  fine.”
“Of course you’ll be fine,” Xander assured him, a small smile appearing on his lips. “I’ll visit you in the infirmary when you’re feeling better.” Xander squeezed Duke’s hand reassuringly. “Stay strong. You’ll be fine.” Xander glanced up a Natsuki, giving them a brief nod before turning around, ensuring Duke to their care.


Satisfied that Duke was in capable hands, Xander’s attention was once more to the robots. Specifically, his attention was on the purple robot who asked him for the location of a local mechanic.

“We do have more than one agent who could assist in mechanical repairs,” Xander said. “That said, I’m afraid I’m going to need you to identify yourself before I let you near any of my co-workers. Your assistance is much appreciated, but considering that… problematic robot was devoid of violent tendencies moment before she attacked my friend, I’m afraid I must extend my caution to all newcomers.”  Xander looked around the hallway, taking in all the unfamiliar faces. “The same goes for all of you,” he said in a louder voice. “I will not claim any of you will spontaneously assault someone, but if I am to protect my people I will need to know your names, occupations, and world of origin. If you don’t comply, I’m afraid I can’t let you wander around the base freely.” Not that any of you should be without supervision in the first place, Xander thought to himself.

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[ time to consume : fushi -- ; ] 


The reactions from both the girl and the dragon to his powers had been overwhelmingly positive -- Fushi feels a certain excitement settle in his chest at the girl's voice, so bright and cheerful, even if he cannot understand all of her words. It reminds him of people he has known in the past, similar girls with wide smiles and the blessing of the world upon their shoulders, boys with soft eyes and slight dimples. 


There is beauty in the slightest thing, and Fushi wants to be friends with -- every human he can come across, everyone person he can comprehend by the light shining in their eyes. 


When the girl presents something to him, Fushi stares at it curiously -- what was this? It is a small object, barely seen in the palm of her hand, and decorated with metal curving across the surface in complicated patterns he has not seen before. It reminds him of the runes carved by March's people, and he furrows his brow as a result of the recalled memory.


Seeing as the girl does not hand him the object, Fushi does not want to grab it from her. He catches her words, just barely -- make? She wants him to make?


He stares. 


"Make," he repeats, and then pauses. How does he describe this process to her? Even he is not sure about the natural order of his world, nor his anatomy. 


Then, a genius idea comes to him. Simple, really, by human standards, but Fushi is excited -- he is communicating! He is able to express his thoughts -- in the simplest of ways, but that is better than being locked away by his thoughts.


"Eat," he says, pointing to his sharpened canines. "Fushi eat, then make." 

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Natsuki [ Hallway, First Floor ] 


Natsuki bit back a growl of frustration. They weren’t used to feeling so helpless; normally, they had a defined task. Engage in combat, scout, cover an ally, radio for backup, try not to die. Now they had nothing to do but watch and try to figure out Duke’s chances of making it out alive if they managed to extract him. 


It wasn’t looking good. He was dragged along with the silver robot’s rash attempts to free him, and he spoke slurred nonsense. No, wait. It was Duke; if anything, puns were a good sign. The barrier breaking, however, wasn’t. Couldn’t those usually handle enough force that Duke would have been crushed against it before it broke? 


Fortunately, Xander wasn’t so hesitant. While the other robots were fighting, he managed to dart in and bring Duke to relative safety. Natsuki gave a brief nod to acknowledge his request, glad to finally be of use. While the two men gave their goodbyes, they evaluated the wound. It was impossible to get a good look at through the torn fabric and blood, but the sheer amount of bleeding and the location of the wound boded poorly for Duke's chances. 


Duke was conscious, but it didn’t seem like he would be for long; they doubted that he’d be able to walk supported or hold on to them. A fireman’s carry would work, but his arm was a problem. They couldn’t use it as the front arm and pull at the wound, but letting it dangle might hurt it as well. 


There was nothing for it. Getting to the infirmary (and away from the robots) was the most important thing. They accepted Duke’s body from Xander. “Of course you’ll be fine,” Natsuki said as gently as they could. They weren’t so sure; they knew that the castle didn’t even have any saline. How much would they be able to do with the limited resources that were available? With one last glance at the robots to make sure they were still occupied, they set off.


The walk to the infirmary was uneventful, fortunately. Less fortunately, the infirmary was empty. Wasting no time, Natsuki dropped Duke into a sitting position on a bed, just gently enough to avoid aggravating his wound further. Next, they ran to the cabinet where the medical supplies were stored and grabbed a few packages of gauze. Painkillers could wait for when Duke wasn’t bleeding out. Upon returning, they used their teeth and one hand to tear open a package of gauze while using the other to feel Duke’s pulse at his neck. It was faster than it should’ve been. That was to be expected, but it caused a flutter of unease to pass through them anyway. They weren’t a medic. If Duke died- 

They lifted Duke’s arm above his head and pressed the gauze onto the wound, not worrying about whether it hurt or not. It was impossible to deal with the bite at the same time, but it didn’t seem to be bleeding at nearly the same rate. “Duke. Are you awake?” 

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[ Gateway - Joshua POV ]


Wherever the hell Joshua was this time, he really almost did not want to find out. After essentially messing something up in his attempt to jump from Traverse Town to Shibuya and somehow ending up... wherever the hell this place was, the Composer was more or less internally panicking.


Okay, okay, calm down Joshua, he thought, trying his damnedest to not actually show how panicked he was about this. Running a hand through his hair, messing up the ashen-blond locks just a bit, he looked around before he felt a hand come down on his shoulder; he almost screamed before the owner spoke.


"J, what were you thinking coming here?" The voice belonged to Sanae Hanekoma, of whom Joshua sighed in relief at seeing. Someone familiar. "Well... wherever we are, we ain't leaving anytime soon, so might as well make ourselves comfortable and make some friends, yeah?"


"Ugh... you know I'm not good at that."

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   XDRS - Hallway Incident Cleared


   Typheus said nothing as Circuitraider asked for a mechanic, simply sheathing his blades and holding his limp partner, thankful that he had done this enough times before that he didn't fall over. The human in purple armor that she spoke to was still tense from the attack though, not giving a straight answer and instead asking for identification. He couldn't blame him in the slightest, but he almost laughed aloud at the implication of Fiddlesticks not being violent. Did she try her ill-fated "manipulation tactics" again?


   "Typheus," he introduced himself, not bothering to waste time. "This hunk of metal you can call Fiddlesticks. I'm... supposed to be watching her..." He was so used to the name, he didn't realize how silly it was, instead feeling guilty about leaving her behind and expecting things to go well. His eye slid over to the right, tempted to introduce Circuitraider herself for her, but decided against it and broke eye contact; he didn't know what her customs were like. Instead he tried to occupy himself by diagnosing Fiddlesticks's condition over and over, preparing command lines in his head yet closing up his emitters in the process. It would be best to wait a little before waking her back up; preferably in a location that wouldn't cost them for property damage. He did tear up her hull a bit, and the wound he made in her arm would cut off the use of one turret, but she'll be fine. Visiting the mechanic would be beneficial mostly psychologically; that, and they tended to have big garages to spar in, which would help.

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Lara held her newfound friend close. Unsure about these newcomers, she simply sighed and tried to keep her cool. This man is just annoying as Stan…Actually, worse. Cicero started making little yippy noises, obviously enjoying all of the attention. “Um, hello. I’m Lara.” Sanji was just odd, Lara was not sure exactly whether or not she hated him or loathed him. “I would enjoy a meal, however I do have a couple of things to attend to back at the Gateway. Er…” She pursed her lips, slightly uncomfortable, but for the sake of professionalism she decided to relax a little. Cicero wagged his little tail, but at the smell of the smoke he growled. Lara silently agreed with him; she had no idea what the appeal of cigarettes even was. It smelled awful, was detrimental to the body… It was completely foreign to Lara. Yet she avoided making a face in response- what if Sanji or the grey-haired male were hostile? It was very likely that this would be the case. So instead, she took a step back.


Well, it was a pleasure, but I must be off. Try and look for Xander- he is the tall, curly-haired blonde male with the armour. You’ll recognize him right away. Ah… Take care.” And with that, Lara gave a polite smile and turned to walk to the Gateway. She placed Cicero down next to her and began to jog. Seeing the fun, Cicero started running after his new mama. He barked as he ran, while Lara chuckled with amusement. It was not long before he got tired, about five minutes, and Lara slowed down to a walk. Cicero whined with exhaustion, so Lara picked him up and continued to carry him all the way to the Gateway. Cicero fell asleep in Lara's arms, and she smiled. I suppose I have made a friend in this dog. Good boy, Cicero.


Soon, she saw the strange sight of some figures standing around a half-dead Stan. Or, he appeared half dead. She raised her eyebrow in concern- who the hell did this to him? 


"Stanley? What the hell? Who did this to you?" Looking around, she also saw quite a bit of madness- nearby was a crowd of people whom Lara was certain had no idea what was happening. Elsewhere, she noticed a bit of a fight going on. She sighed. This should be normal by now, but somehow I still find this bloody mess absurd. I need some tea when I get a chance. Cicero wiggled out of Lara's arms and landed in the soft grass with a light thump. He ran to Stan and started licking his face. Lara chuckled, and then knelt down. She poked Stan in the head several times. "Hello? Are you alive???"

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Pascal -- Getting something at the castle


Pascal had checked her room first. She had a feeling what she needed was there -- though it was equally as likely that it could be stashed in any of the rooms throughout the castle she had claimed for storage. Even if she had lived in the castle for only a couple months,  her room was filled with junk and machine parts sourced from a myriad of different places.


It was hard to see the floor through the mess. Things were even piled on her bed, save for a tiny corner of the mattress where blankets were lazily balled up. Pascal tiptoed through the voids between the clothes, tools, and trash with practiced ease, approaching one pile of boxes to dig through, then another on the other side of the room. She whistled a happy tune while searching, There were a lot of things she ended up taking out to save for use later -- like sensors, stray arcade buttons, and a weird glowing sphere -- and for half a minute she forgot what she was looking for until she stumbled upon a small, beat up cardboard box.


"A-ha!" she shouted in triumph. "Here they are!" She had the intention of taking these out earlier since she finished them recently, but she concluded that she simply forgot about them and they progressively got buried in the rest of the many projects she had going on at once. The box itself was full of non-nondescript cubes about the size of a golf ball. Her intention was to have one ready for everyone in the base, but with all the newcomers here she might have to change her strategy.


Closing the box up and tucking it under her arm, Pascal skipped to the door and made her way back downstairs.


Stan -- Gateway


Squinting a peek at the sound of nearby paw-steps, Stan relaxed when seeing it was just the yellow shape of Xker. The Volt didn't seem too pleased at the mess judging by what aer was saying, and the idle hum of aer's machinery signaled to Stan that the old war dog was ready should trouble arise.


A thump like a blow resounding against metal, and the whistle of a blade swung through the air. A high voice was in conversation with a low voice, talking something about fairies. There was shuffling, implying that people were moving around, and some other voices. No one one screaming yet from anger pain, so Stan concluded that it was not actually irresponsible of him to ignore what was going on.


Lara's voice addressed him directly, cutting right through his ruse. Dammit. She sounded like she dropped something into the grass, and Stan felt something wet licking his face.


"Xker, what's gotten into you--" he grumbled, assuming it was the alien wanted to wake him with dog kisses. Lara began prodding him in the forehead right between the googles and he lazily waved a arm to try to make all of it stop. "I'm alive, I'm alive," he said, even though his cheek had visibly begun to swell. Opening his eyes, he was treated to a nice from-below shot of Lara (although she was never the type to ever wear skirts) and... not Xker, but an actual dog? A small, brown thing with floppy ears that he gently pushed aside with a cupped hand.


It was kind of cute.


"If I knew I would be awoken by an angel, maybe I should get kicked in the face more often," Stan joked, risking the possibility of getting his other cheek injured as well.

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Keaton - Somewhere near the Gateway

That… certainly didn’t sound right. Keaton’s ears flattened against his skull as he tried to imagine the scenario Anders had brought to mind. He couldn’t fathom why someone would turn in a mage to the Chantry, especially a family member. Wasn’t family supposed to stick together and not, you know, sell each other off to some organization that locked people up for using magic? Keaton was confused enough as it is by Anders’s insistence that people hated magic; the wolfskin’s was far too befuddled to ask what blood magic was or why a noble would lose their power simply because they had the capacity to use magic.


Oh, you want to know about my world?” Keaton asked, his ears perking up. Now that he thought about, there was no way the Chantry was in Nohr so Anders probably knew nothing about the Nohrian royal family. Well, Keaton had no problem explaining it to him! “To start with, two of the late king’s children can use magic: Prince Leo and Princess Elise. Prince Leo wields the divine tome Brynhildr which has been passed down the Nohrian royal line for generations while Princess Elise primarily uses healing magic. Being able to use magic doesn’t really change your social status, let alone how people view you. It’s just something some people do." Keaton paused, humming to himself in thought before uttering a sharp ah!


When I was talking about magical creatures earlier, I meant like dragons and wolfskin like myself,” Keaton continued, his excitement (mostly stemming from the fact that he was now talking about his best friend) evident in his voice. “A good friend of mine is a dragon. She’s royalty not only royalty and a magical creature, but she can use magic outside of that as well! Would someone like her be targeted by the Chantry?” Keaton glanced down at Anders expectantly. From the corner of his vision, he caught sight of what appeared to be another human on the horizon. “Oh hey,” Keaton said as he craned his neck up to get a better look at the stranger. “Someone’s behind you!

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 ~ Kabegami ~ Dining Hall ~ Purr Purr Purr ~ 



This entire thing was simply put, interesting.


Kabegami sat apon one of the rafters, looking down on the pony and the one who became a dragon. She had been there for a while now, and 


Extra Dimension Restoration Squad, huh. It is good to know what is here.


Perhaps I should join.


Not that I will be able to convey it.


She padded to the wall, and then walked down it with no difficulty. The cat then strutted next to Twilight, and purring, gently brushed against one of her legs.



~ Moira O'Deorain ~ Gateway ~ That's a Rock... ~



The mission! The mission!


Moira was running, when the world around her flashed a brilliant white. The hard floor below her was replaced with grass and flowers. And in front of her was a large stone.


She flung her arms up in an attempt to cushion the impact, but she still collided against the rock with a thump. She staggered, a little dazzled and bruised, and then leaned her left shoulder against the rock.


That was when Moira looked up.


She had no idea what she was looking at.


Moira then slowly slide around to the other side of the rock, hoping nothing noticed. And if they did, hopefully they would not care or she can outrun them. The scientist hissed. What happened this time?

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[ Pet the doggo - Ray ]

Ray jolted when she heard an echoing voice speak. It wasn't the guy, so... was it the Lycanroc?? ...now that she got a good look, it didn't look like any Lycanroc she'd ever seen before. It stood like and had the color of a Midnight-Form Lycanroc, but that didn't quite look like fur on its back. Instead, it looked a lot like rough skin, or something. Regardless, its size compared to the Lycanroc she knew was a little on the intimidating side.

"Uh... hi? I, uh... I come in peace?" She slowly walked over to the strange Lycanroc-creature and the man near it. If it was anything like a Lycanroc... maybe it'd let her pet it?

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Pascal -- Main Hall



She hoped she could make it on time to the gate before they embarked on the mission, but it was likely that her abrupt departure puzzled Stan enough to for him to at least wait until she was back. Like for most things, Pascal had procrastinated on working on these communicators and she had procrastinated on handing them out -- though there was no better time to hand them out than before a life or death event!


Turning a corner, Pascal drifted the corner with practiced ease, her boots sliding over the floor with a squeak as she suddenly changed direction. The young woman didn't see where she was going and she slammed into something -- and for a second she was confused as to why the box was no longer in her hands and why her feet weren't touching the ground. The small plastic communicators scattered into the air, all twenty or so in a rain of heavy nondescript cubes.

"Uwah...! Sorry!" She shouted, squeezing her eyes shut and grabbing her head with her hands in embarrassment. Not a moment later she peeked up to see who she had bumped into. "Hey wait, you're the two guys from the gateway! Welcome to the castle, Cloud Kid and Mr. Drivin'-me-crazy!"

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