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Name: Dennis | Clockblocker
Origin: Worm
Info: Once a sarcastic and cheerful member of the Brockton Bay Wards, Clockblocker grew jaded and cynical after losing several friends and seeing how little the efforts of the heroes really changed the world. Despite this, he continues to fight to preserve the multiverse, even after death. 

  • Striker 7: Clockblocker has a Striker power that allows him to cut anything he touches off from the flow of time. The effect lasts for a random period of time between thirty seconds and ten minutes, and Clockblocker has no control or awareness of how long it will last. Objects cut off from time become completely impossible to move or damage for the duration of the effect. Frozen objects, particularly thin ones such as paper or strings, can become deadly while in this state. He’s able to freeze people, but is unable to freeze himself (he can, however, freeze his costume in an emergency). He can freeze objects ‘chained’ together, such as freezing a piece of silk tied around a gun by freezing the gun, but this becomes more difficult the farther away the object is. 
  • Costume: The tips of his gauntlets are attached to strings and can be fired at things and frozen, he carries many useful objects such as sheafs of paper, flashbangs, and a automatically-deploying tent in his costume, and his costume covers all of his skin to provide armor if he freezes it. Armor panels covering most of the suit provide some protection even while unfrozen, while the joints are unarmored to provide mobility. 
  • Battle Hardened: Clockblocker gained powers when he was 15, and has been in many small and large-scale battles, both alive and dead. He has a good understanding of tactics and battlefield dynamics, is a strong leader, and will literally touch a kaiju if it’d help protect people. 

Link to wiki: https://worm.fandom.com/wiki/Clockblocker

-His career was basically ruined because people shipped him with a warlord. Also, almost all of his friends are dead. Good times. 
-He spent [UH EITHER A YEAR OR TWO YEARS I NEED TO READ A LITTLE FURTHER] after his death as one of Glaistig Uaine’s shades before being revived and becoming a part of her Flock for the next year. 
-After his resurrection his once-red hair was pale and desaturated due to the effects of being a ghost. He dyed most of it red again, but bleached a chunk of it white. Better to make it a fashion accessory than have it weigh on you forever. 

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here to replace arch is worse arch

Name: Rufus Wilde

Origin: Grand Chase

Info: A Haros bounty hunter that will take any job if the coin is right. His distaste for humanity has simmered over the years, but he’s still less than pleasant to anyone without demonic blood flowing through their veins. That is, of course, unless you pay him to be nice.


  • Eyeteeth: A set of twin pistols capable of shooting magical, purple bullets. Eyeteeth does not need to be reloaded since its bullets are made of magic, but the strength of each bullet is dependent on how long Rufus charges an attack. Eyeteeth is best utilized for mid to long range combat, but Rufus often uses them to pistol whip anyone who dares get too close.
  • Wolf’s Seal: When attacking with Eyeteeth, there is a small chance that an enemy will be cursed with a Wolf’s Seal. Wolf's Seal appear as temporary brands on the target's skin. The seal itself only lasts for a few seconds, but the effects it has can be devastating. A Wolf’s Seal causes its target to become significantly weaker; they will receive more damage when attacked and will be unable to harm Rufus so long as the seal persists. The seal’s target cannot be healed while the seal is active. A Wolf’s Seal’s effects cannot stack so as long as the target is not hit by a second bullet there is no chance of Wolf’s Seal affecting them once more.
  • Final Shot: Rufus charges Eyeteeth, causing a bright red glow to emit from its muzzle. Once the charge is released, a single large bullet will be fired, leaving explosions in its wake. The strength of the bullet is wholly dependent on how long Rufus charges the shot. The longer he charges, the stronger and more unstable the bullet becomes. If Rufus is disrupted while charging, the bullet can either be released in the wrong direction, or it can fire inside of the gun which will damage both Rufus and anyone within a close proximity. Anyone or anything that’s damaged by Final Shot will obtain a Wolf’s Seal.
  • Make it Rain: Rufus shoots upward, summoning a dark, swirling portal. The portal rains down thousands of bullets onto the area below. The portal remains intact for as long as Eyeteeth maintains it. Should Rufus point Eyeteeth away from the portal for any reason, it was vanish completely. 
  • Expunge: Rufus summons two new magical weapons. He gains Rupture which is a shotgun capable of rapid burst fire and Soul Arbiter which is a gatling gun capable of sustained fire for a short period of time. Unlike Eyeteeth, Rupture and Soul Arbiter do have limited used. The magic stored inside of them needs to be recharged after extended use. Therefore, Rufus is only capable of using them for a period of ten minutes before they disappear. Similar to Eyeteeth, they have unlimited ammo and their bullets can be powered by charging them. Enemies who are hit by bullets from Rupture or Soul Arbiter will be obtain a Wolf’s Seal

Link to wiki: Wiki


  • When his world collided with the multiverse, Rufus followed Elesis who, the leader of Grand Chase, who gathered both the Grand Chase and people from other worlds to stop Kaze’aze who saw the multiverse as a chance to extend her influence across the cosmos. Once Kaze’aze was defeated, Elesis disbanded Grand Chase. All of the members went their separate directions, but they all still have contact with one another.
  • After Grand Chase disbanded, Rufus wanted to spend the rest of his days as a gun for hire throughout the multiverse. His brother-in-law, concerned for his well-being, asked him to reconsider. Rufus’s primary reason for joining XDRE was because his brother-in-law agreed to wire him money monthly if Rufus abided by a contract Rufus likes to call the “Please be a Good Person I’m Begging You” agreement.
  • Rufus’s left arm is a prosthetic. The only way to tell it’s fake is by looking at the blue line running down his arm. He lost his arm some years ago during a fight with a dragon. Occasionally he’ll detach it and use it as a weapon to, as he likes to think, assert dominance.
  • Rufus is a Haros, one of the tribes in the demon realm in his homeworld. He’s a full demon and despises human-demon hybrids.
  • There is an Elesis in Add’s world who looks and acts almost completely identical to Rufus’s Elesis. This will probably never be relevant in-rp, but I found it really funny.
  • The black borders on his ears are actually his earrings. His ears are naturally pointed, but they are not cat ears or any kind of animal ears so if Zoro calls him a furry you have permission to yell at her.
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japanese isn't my native language im just a weeaboo pls correct me if there are errors 


Name: Sakamoto Kuryuu (Kuu)
Origin: Bleach OC
Info: A diligent, hardworking Shinigami of the Second Division. Haunted by his encounter with Aizen, he seeks to better himself through constant training as to not repeat the past. Overly competitive, if only to make up for his insecurities. 


  • Zanpakuto: Lightning-Type - A sealed sword equipped by all Shinigami, Zanpakuto have three versions. In its normal state, Kuryuu's Zanpakuto appears as a katakana strapped to his waist. 
  • Shikai: Raijin no Kaori - When activated through the Kaigo, "Reach to the heavens, Raijin no Kaori!", Kuryuu's Zanpakuto grows to a long yari with a small bell decoration near the blade, and a ribbon tied around the end. In this form, it is capable of summoning lightning with each hit. 
  • Bankai: Hakuryuu Raijin - A Zanpakuto's strongest form, Hakuryuu Raijin summons the spirit of Raijin no Kaori, appearing as a large yellow-white Eastern dragon. Its long body creates lightning where it goes, and its roar sounds like thunder. Kuryuu is able to command his Bankai to attack where he so desires. 
  • Hakuryuu Raijin: Houmon no Hyakuryuu - Hakuryuu Raijin’s final ability, the spirit itself fuses with Kuryuu in order to give him enhanced abilities. In this form, scales cover his arms/legs and horns extend from his head. Kuryuu’s movement and abilities are also enhanced, allowing him to rain lightning across the battlefield. 
  • bonus
  • Shunpo: Kuryuu is trained in Shunpo, flash-stepping, which allows him to move faster than the eye can follow across long distances. 
    Kido: From his time in the academy, Kuryuu also knows numerous Kido spells, although he is not skilled enough to activate them without incantation. 
    Hakuda: One of the basic abilities taught in academy, Kuryuu knows hand-to-hand combat in the case of an emergency. 
    Shunko: As the Lieutenant of the Second Division, Kuryuu has started training under his Captain in the art of Shunko. Although his Shunko is incomplete, Kuryuu spends frequent hours trying to master this ability in order to prove himself to his division. His incomplete Shunko mixes thunder and wind to create a powerful burst of energy, but frequently damages himself in the process. Furthermore, he cannot keep it stable for longer than his lasting record of exactly 13.6 seconds (he counts).

Link to wiki: here's a doc of all of his stuff


  • uber competitive, don’t play games with him because if you win he’ll kill you and if you lose he’ll think you let him win and kill you 

  • doesn’t have a sense of humour and laughs at “””jokes””” that aren’t supposed to be funny  (“i have crippling ptsd” “HAHAHAHA”)

  • gets lonely easily but will never admit it; talks to his zanpakuto when he’s alone (his great relationship with raijin no kaori is partly why he was able to advance his abilities so quickly)

  • god-worships everything about sui-feng, his captain (talks about her constantly, probably has a picture of her in his wallet) 

  • frequently practises his shunko at all times of the day / night / whenever he finds a place / thing he can try and explode ; since shunko rips the fabric of his clothes when activated he pavloved himself into undressing when he thinks of practise (wears bandages underneath his clothes dw he wont flash you)

  • also his left eye doesn't work and he doesn't have an arm 

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Name: Therimi Hone

Origin: Cosmere OC (Fanworld)

Info: Ze/zir/zirs pronouns. A well-grounded individual, Therimi was an early-joiner agent who mostly stayed on base at the Gateway before snagging a station on zir own homeworld and moving there. Ze's a kind person with a slight tendency to parent others, and has trouble resisting the urge to help others in need.



Chargeholder - The ability to store Charge (a musical, electricity-like power source found in certain crystals that can be amplified via matching its Tone with one’s own voice) within zir own body, releasing it from the hands or feet. The ‘wiki’ link explains more about this ability.


Perfect Pitch - Years of training have given Therimi the ability to recognize any note the first time ze hears it and--so long as it’s in zir vocal range--replicate it.


Medical Knowledge - Exactly what it says on the tin. Ze’s a doctor back home and can handle most minor injuries and a few major ones, provided they’re on humanoids.  


Basic Self-Defense - Again, what it says on the tin; Therimi can defend zirself well against the average person. It’s not very helpful when most everyone ze meets is anything but average, but ze can combine it with zir Charges to give someone a nasty and quite literal shock.


Link to wiki: Mirris Worldbuilding and Power Context


  • Ze speaks in a rhythmic, almost chanting manner.

  • Zir culture sees gender as a thing of divinity, not meant for mortals to use. It took zir a while to stop giving others weird, suspicious glances and tripping up on pronouns. 

  • Ze was inspired to join X-DRE in part because zir spouse is involved in a similar organization in their own universe.

    • Zir kids refuse to stay out of the family business.

  • Ze had experience with extra-dimensional shenanigans in zir university years, long before ze joined, although time and magic has made those memories vague and muddled. Ze seems to have an unusually sharp knowledge of Earth's fae folklore, specifically protections from said fae, and a respect for libraries that borders almost on reverence. 

[This sheet may be expanded later.]

Edited by Pachimew

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Name: Armstrong Strongarm
Origin: Original Character
Info: He got into Wizard School on a football scholarship from Florida State University. He only graduated because the teachers were too intimidated by his sheer prowess to give him bad grades. This means he fully believes he is a wizard, despite being completely unable to use actual magic.

Unarguable Wizardry: He is very intimidating, and no one in their right mind will argue his magical prowess.

Mage Hand: He uses his hand(and he is a mage after all) to shove someone.

Shocking Grasp: He can hit his target even harder than usual, a fact which they will find quite shocking

True Strike: He focuses really hard on making sure he doesn't miss you this time.

Burning Hands: His backhand slap is legendary.

Magic Missile: He finds the nearest throwable object and throws it.

Shield: He pulls a shield out of thin air to block the attack. Nobody knows where he gets it and they're too scared to ask.

Magic Resistance: He's such an amazing wizard that other wizards can't even touch him. Magic is less effective on him as the caster can't focus due to fear.

"I cast Fist": He can crush his enemies with his ultimate "spell", Fist. He punches you directly in the face with all his might.

Extra: He is very honorable and will not hesitate to start a fight if he feels you have dishonored him or anyone else.

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Name: Antoni Nowak

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist: OC

Info:  A shy young man with the ability to manipulate electricity, Antoni wants to see people as they are and live his life the way he wants it. Unfortunately, there are many things in his life that he simply cannot control...


  • Equivalent Exchange- Antoni has sufficient knowledge of alchemy, he can perform regular alchemy as needed. 
  • Electric Discharge- He has the ability to manipulate electrons in the air and create a discharge around the area of his choosing. 
  • Current Manipulation- Using a similar technique, Antoni can run or bend a current in the direction he chooses- Warning, must have a conductor nearby. 
    • Transmutation circle- Antoni usually draws a transmutation circle for regular alchemy, but for electricity he does keep a special pair of insulated gloves with the circle on them, in the style of Roy Mustang's gloves
  • Sharp Student- Antoni is very smart, he learns pretty quickly and once he's learned something, he's got it. 
  • Perceptive- He's pretty observant, and picks up on things that some people might not. 
  • Fast As Lightning- Antoni likes to run. And he's pretty quick on his feet. 

Link to wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XlGBcFMBKj5B9dCOZyERoW8PB78K_I8GWV8mke_2bTk/edit?usp=sharing

Extra: Pika-piiii--- wrong fandom oops

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Name: Parker Evan Mizushima

Origin: OC

Info:  Parker is a second-year art student with a strange love for handguns. He works to bring his A-game into everything he does, and wants very much to make a name for himself. When he gets thrown onto the XDRS base, he sees more than just an opportunity to put that to good use. 


  • Sniper's Eye- Parker has killer aim, especially with pistols. 
  • Parker be nimble, Parker be quick- Parker is very agile in a fight, even if physically he's not the strongest. 
  • Think fast!- He's good at making snap decisions in battle.
  • Sharp Student- Parker learns quickly and takes mental notes of almost everything that catches his eye. 
  • Perceptive- He's pretty observant, and picks up on things that some people might not. 
  • Basic martial arts- He's no master, but he is skilled enough to use martial arts in a pinch. 
  • People person- Parker works well with people, which is useful in a group or in a negotiation.

Link to wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1STwnacL2xqxWvywkJoBOPTbsLx6byl_TuS01D5SMcc8/edit?usp=sharing

Extra: what no he's not a mix of two of my agents nah no that's totally untrue

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Name: Ace Nova

Origin: OC (Finding the Thorn)

Info: Xe/xer/xers pronouns. The first mate of the Shrike for so long that nobody in living memory knows where xe was before it, Ace has looked twenty-something for the last couple of centuries and is so very Over This. The Deeps--strange areas of deep space where the laws of physics are given the finger, time bends itself into knots, and eldritch entities roam freely--are par for the course, but this? This specific brand of crap? Why.



Body Mods - Ace has specialized modifications to several aspects of xer body. As follows:

  • Eyes: Can project information, either for xerself or for others to see. 

  • Brain: Emotional regulation and executive dysfunction assistance, memory enhancements (favoring storage over perfect recall, but recall ability is still enhanced), and a certain specialized set of Archival implants.

  • Body: Strength, reflex, and healing enhancements, though only to a minor degree in each case. Additionally, several form regulators allow xer to change xer height within four inches and redistribute a certain amount of fat and muscle.


Archivist - Ace is a member of the Archive, which can probably be summed up best as a cross between a library and a cult. The Archive allows xer full access to the collective knowledge of the universe. Unfortunately, xe can’t access it when xe’s in a different dimension, so xe has to rely on whatever xe happened to keep in xer memory chips. On the other hand, the firewalls seem to be down, too… 


Deepstouched - Ace is called to space (or to explore in general) more deeply than others. Xe feels subtly wrong to especially well-grounded people. There are also a few smaller oddities, like the ability to go for long periods of time without blinking or make incredibly unsettling sounds. Being away from space for too long will gradually make xer twitchy and uncomfortable. This ability also allows xer to see things that ordinary people wouldn’t.


Jack of All Trades - Centuries of life on a spaceship means Ace knows at least a little bit of everything it takes to keep one running--and to keep its humans alive.


Talk to the Tech - Related to above, Ace has a particular skill when it comes to AI programming, both the software and the hardware.


I’ll Fight You - Ace can defend xerself and will resort to violence when necessary. Xer weapons of choice are a pair of batons. One is smooth black metal with a rubber handle and can be electrified and used as a taser. The other is made of hardwood with a metal core and a leather grip. Xe also has a small stunner and a plain mechanical multitool.


Link to wiki: Profile Link. Also, check out the rest of the tumblr for memes and context. Mostly memes.


  • Xe’s very fond of corvids.

  • Xe’s surprisingly good at rhythm games and things like dance dance revolution. Like. Scarily good. That happens when you have centuries to practice, though.

  • Apparently xe knows Stan?? We have no idea how that happened.

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Good morning, America. I bring the newest boy. I plan to keep track of how many Chi Waves he stacks and when he gains a Chi Wave. That way he won't obliterated everyone in combat and it's a bit more fun for me.


Name: Jin Kaien

Origin: Grand Chase

Info: As one of the last remaining Silver Knights, Jin is a formidable tank who is gung ho about training. He is an extraordinarily compassionate person who can look for a positive side to almost any situation. He’s exceptionally passionate about his friends, especially his idol friend Amy Plie who he has made a fan club for.


  • Fighter’s Knuckles: A pair of gauntlets used to enhance the strength of the wielder’s punches. Jin has trained from a young age, allowing him to perfect his martial arts. He wears gauntlets to enhance the strength of his fists. He normally wears the knuckles wherever he goes, but even without them he’s a capable of using all of his abilities.
  • Chi Wave: During combat, there is a moderate chance Jin will create a small ball of glowing orange light called a Chi Wave. Once a Ch Wave has been made, it will continually burn nearby enemies. The longer Jin is in combat, the more Chi Waves he’ll make, and the more the waves stack the higher the damage output is. Chi Wave stacks 10 times. 
  • Dragon Squall: If Chi Wave has been staked six times or less, it is automatically replaced with Dragon Squall. Jin can summon a energy wave shaped in a draconic form to attack enemies from a distance. This dragon is quite powerful, but unlike Chi Wave, doesn’t burn its victims. Anyone who touches the dragon will be cut like they were just slashed by a knife.
  • White Flower Technique: Jin creates a orange glowing barrier around each of his allies. The shields last for a total of eight minutes before vanishing. Immediately after creating shields, Jin can charge at enemies and attack them with a magical blast at the cost of two Chi Waves. 
  • Stone Immortal: By consuming all of his Chi Waves, Jin can grant his allies “Stone Immortality”. When Stone Immortal, allies will have a magical orange bubble envelope them. All damage taken is halved and damage output is doubled. Any curses of ill effects they might have will be cured. The barrier will fire out small “chi bullets” that will deal moderate damage to enemies. How long someone is Stone Immortal depends on how many Chi Waves Jin consumed before granting to effect. Every Chi Wave used adds another 2 minutes to the effect’s duration.
  • Flash of Light: Jin’s body is imbued with flames. He goes on a rampage, attacking every enemy nearby with both fists and flames. If allies are Stone Immortal or affected by White Flower’s shield, then their barriers will sap life from Jin’s targets and recover the allies’ health. Once Flash of Light retires, Jin will receive 10 Chi Waves. Flash of Flight is a charged ability, meaning it  can only be used after Jin has been in combat for a prolonged period of time. He cannot start off a fight with Flash of Light; it’s more of a trump card that can be used after other options have been exhausted.

Link to the Wiki: Here


  • Jin, as the only member of Amy’s fan club, feels responsible for coercing new people to join. His enthusiasm for the club often leads him to going out of his way to ask if people want to join. This includes, but is not limited to: running into dangerous areas to ask literal monsters if they want to join the fan club, throwing her merch (which Jin made) at random people on the street, putting flyers about the fan club everywhere he possibly can, and trying to commune with the gods of other worlds to see if they’ll “give some exposure” to the club.
  • He’s been traveling the multiverse for five years now. He has made a name for himself less because of his fighting prowess or kind nature and more so because he’s bothered almost every major organization to join Amy’s fan club on several occasions.
  • He’s incredibly passionate about whatever he’s doing at any given time. This includes mundane things like being pumped to brush his teeth and yelling encouragement at whoever is occupying the bathroom while Jin his waiting his turn.
  • Jin is obsessed with training. He’s constantly working out or sparring, and if he’s not doing that he’s resting his body until he’s ready to train again. He encourages his peers to train whenever they can, but he’ll get on their case if they don’t take regular breaks. This has evolved into Jin yelling at his friends to not overwork for any reason and to take care of themselves.
  • Jin loves eating and will eat almost anything except for pimentos and beans. If someone tries to make him eat either of those foods he’ll not only refuse to eat but he’ll cry uncontrollably.
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what if my oc but make it kny


Name: Caspian Moselle
Origin: Kimetsu no Yaiba OC
Info:  The newest Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. A foreign newcomer with mysterious origins, he seeks righteous vengeance with a quick and merciless blade.    


Nichirin Blade - specialised weapons made exclusively for demon slaying, Nichirin Blades change colour depending on the user. Legend has it, however, that no one has ever seen the colour of Caspian’s blade, as he keeps it permanently sheathed. His ability to defeat demons in the flash of a moment has earned him the respect of his peers. 
Total Concentration Breathing - after constant training, Caspian has mastered Total Concentration Breathing, allowing him to inhale the maximum amount of oxygen within a specific breath pattern to raise his physical and mental strength. He maintains this state when asleep. 
Breath of Light - a Breath Style created by Caspian himself branching from the Breath of Wind, his unique Breath Style allows him to instantly flash towards his enemies, taking them down in the space of a single breath. 


Link to wiki: general kny wiki can be found here
- Caspian is oddly interested in the tale of the Blue Spider Lily, as well as Muzan Kibutsuji’s power. Like many of the other Pillars, he holds a personal reason to wish for the demon lord’s ultimate downfall. 


ah -- something’s not quite right, is it?

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Name: Zagreus
Origin: Hades
Info: The son of Hades and Persephone. He found himself at the XDRE base after trying to escape from his father’s realm well over a hundred times (and dying in each of those attempts). 

  • Infernal Arms: Zagreus is able to wield five different Infernal Arms, semi-sentient weapons once wielded by heroes and gods. They are Stygius, the Stygian Blade; Coronacht, the Heart-Seeker; Varatha, the Eternal Spear; Aegis, the Shield of Chaos; and Exagryph, the Adamant Rail. At base, Zagreus can transform the weapons into different Aspects of themselves. Currently he wields Exagryph in the form of the Aspect of Eris. 
  • Exagryph: Aspect of Eris can launch a hail of bullets before needing to be reloaded. Additionally, it produces grenades that Zagreus can throw that normally don’t damage him or his allies. While Exagryph is in the form of the Aspect of Eris, being in the range of one of the grenades when it goes off causes all of Zagreus’ attacks to deal more damage for the next eight seconds. 
  • Hazard Bomb: The grenades that Zagreus drops have larger ranges, deal more damage, and cannot be thrown. Additionally, they can now harm Zagreus and his allies (though less than would be expected from a bomb). 
  • Blight Flourish: The bombs Zagreus drops have purple explosions and inflict Hangover (ones affected by Hangover take extra damage over time). 
  • Mistral Dash: A sudden leap forward that allows Zagreus to cross gaps and become briefly immaterial. Additionally, dashing causes a cold, snowy blast of wind to gust in front of Zagreus that inflicts Chill (enemies are slowed). 
  • True Shot: Zagreus has three bloodstones that he can use to cast out a bright green projectile that seeks out enemies. Upon hitting an enemy, the bloodstone will remain lodged in and Zagreus cannot retrieve it until the enemy dies or the bloodstone falls out. 
  • Death Defiance: Zagreus can recover from a fatal wound once. 

Link to wiki: link
-He doesn’t know what a bird is
-He doesn’t know what a star is
-There’s a lot he doesn’t know, please help him
-He’s totally cool with having a polite conversation with someone after they try to kill him. He's not one for holding grudges, and only has one against his father. 
-He doesn’t really understand why someone would be freaked out about skulls, blood, or death, since those are completely normal to him.

-once he died from slipping on a banana peel
-i'd call him a sunshine child, but I don’t know how old he is and he’s never seen the sun unobscured by clouds before

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(edit: dropping Bowser and Reshiram)


Form update


Name: Enterprise
Origin: Azur Lane
Info: An aircraft carrier shipgirl - a personified battleship, summoned by Wisdom Cubes to battle. Enterprise fought diligently against the Sakura Empire, destroying many of their ships. To her, the fighting is her duty, perpetual, but she yearns for the day it'll end.

  • As an aircraft carrier, Enterprise can summon and launch airplanes, which she does with the aid of the airstrip and bow of her rigging that she can summon and dismiss at will. She may summon and have active at once up to 5 planes (fighters, dive bombers, and/or torpedo bombers). These planes must return to her after attacking, and may be destroyed by enemies, requiring her to summon new ones.

  •  Lucky E: When Enterprise launches an airstrike, her overall luck increases for several seconds, giving her a higher chance to dodge or survive attacks.

  • Ship body: Where there is sufficient water, Enterprise may summon the full-sized USS Enterprise (CV-6). It has a complement of drone aircraft, but others may sit in them. The ship is controlled by Enterprise herself, lacking crew.

Link to wiki: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Enterprise
Extra: She has an eagle named Grim Reaper as a companion, given to her by her elder sister Yorktown when the latter sunk.



And new form!



Name: Littorio
Origin: Azur Lane
Info: A proud battleship shipgirl hailing from the Sardegna Empire. Sister to the flagship Vittorio Veneto, she often invited herself to help her. Littorio believes herself to embody the glory of Sardegna, and isn't shy about her actions.

  • As a battleship, Littorio can fire shells from 3 BB gun turrets or 3 CL guns present on rigging that she can summon and dismiss at will.

  •  Rosa Bombardamento: Chance to fire an extra round once per minute when firing main (BB) guns, releasing three large shots and several smaller ones.

  • Ship body: Where there is sufficient water, Littorio may summon the full-sized Regia Nave Littorio. The ship is controlled by Littorio and lacks crew.

Link to wiki: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Littorio
Extra: massive lesbian energy

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