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Name: Bowser Koopa
Origin: Marioverse - Mario & Luigi timeline plus SMRPG Legend of the Seven Stars and Mario Kart series/various Mario sporting series. Also attended Smash Bros. tourneys.
Info: A dragon-turtle King of the Koopas. Overly cocky, confident, aggressive, and snarky. Bowser is a menace to his enemies and harsh with even his allies, though he loves his family, and he does care about his allies. He's known for kidnapping Princess Peach, who he has a major crush on. His rivalry with the Mario Brothers can send him into fits of rage and unreasonable thought when facing Mario.

- Fire breath - can produce fireballs and streams of flame; in addition, can produce blue fireballs that homes in on opponents

- Physically strong - will punch and pin opponents, has a nasty bite

- Draconic claws and spiked tail

- Sturdy shell - can retreat into shell and be propelled by an ally or attempt to counter an attack by retreating into his shell when injured, but the shell weighs him down

- Whirling Fortress (SSB ability)-: may retreat into shell and spin so fast he lifts off for a few seconds

- can ground-pound oppents if he finds himself in the air

- Near-Immortal: *very* hard to kill - can survive almost anything long enough to be healed, has survived situations that'd end anyone else, pretty much only killing spells could end his game. Only applies to killing him - he can be defeated as easily as anyone else 
Link to wiki: https://www.mariowiki.com/Bowser
Extra: Here we go. I'll be swapping between Bowser and Aeolus between mission rounds.

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Whatever, guess I'm going to make two more.

Name: John "Trebonth" (Avatar & Tweaks in the appearance, as well as info and backstory.)
Origin: Unusual Occurence / Pokemon OC w/parts of Alternate Earth OC
Info: Appears to be three months-forward version of Trebonth, a human painfully changed into average-long crimson-red Snivy by the thing called "Polish disease" - a substance altering DNA of humans - three months ago. Hardened with survival arts, and cynicism (mostly against humanity - he has nothing against creatures) being a side effect of attempts to kill him made Trebonth a bit locked in himself. On other side he also became a bit more timid, because more often he fled than he fought the danger.
Plant matter manipulation - Snivies and their evolutions are known masters of plants. They can manipulate their own limbs to various shapes, as well as nearby plants. This also allows them to grow various weapons out of their body - whips, blades, razor-sharp leaves. Unlike other Snivies however, he can do it without needing to use Moves, but doing so will tire Trebonth (treat the stamina as PP).

Lightweight - Due to the density of plant matter, they are exceptionally light-weight and thus able to float on the water easily. Maybe they aren't able to put big enough pressure, but this makes them more mobile than any other animal with flesh and bones.

Photosynthesis - Plants and the like do feed on the sun. So could do Trebonth. No more dependency on food, as long as sun shines he's fine with creating oxygen out of water. He needs to drink water enhanced in minerals or feed from fruits though.

Sensitive smelling - Compared to most animals, Snivies have incredible smelling, allowing them to smell any sign of pollution from two hundred feet. As for that. they're natural bio-indicators - downed tail or absence of them may be caused by pollution.

Evolution - like their Pokemon counterpart, they can 'evolve'. But signs of evolution are usually masked until every four to twelve months when shedding occurs, depending on how well did the Snivy/Servine feed (the more they did eat, the shorter will be the time for evolution). But with it comes the bigger and evolved body, as well as more adaptation for the choking the target.
Link to wiki: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Snivy_(Pokémon) (It's for the form and some abilities. He has tweaks on them too. On Earth history - normal wikipedia pages apply)
Extra: Is not exactly a canon version of Trebonth. He also speaks more of broken English mixed with some Polish (italics), but can get his emotions with hisses and body gestures if necessary. Probably permanent character (because he is still able to die).

Name: Totec, the Protectorate Graduate
Origin: Starbound OC
Info: The one of Grounded born with no faith to Kluex - had a very interesting history prior to getting Matter Manipulator, as well as past it. A member of Terrane Protectorate - usually laid off, calm and a tad bit timid. Worse if you start annoying him - first sign is sailor tongue, then passive-aggressive behaviour, and if it fails, a completely unpredictable and dangerous foe with no backing off. He was a prisoner thrice - once before fleeing Kluex followers, once in local Minikog Outpost and once in Floran village.
Matter Manipulation - Using the localized device for displacing objects - Matter Manipulator, Totec can clear some obstacles. Its range and abilities are limited however - it won't clear off bigger or heavier obstacles.

Enhanced agility - As an Avian, Totec has aerodynamic body, and thus is more agile than other humanoids. The talons work as additional countermeasure and increases range of gliding. They also have ability to change into Morph Ball at any time. Too much, and they tire too fast.

Weapon proficiency (Bows, Swords and Spears) - Trained with these weapons, even before the incident, he is more proficient with these than average human wielding these or a swordsman. They're no master at that, though, but that's still more than enough to handle a foe.
Link to wiki: https://starbounder.org/Avian
Other: Actually tweaked for the needs of XDRS. Lost his weapons and armour when the Ruin destroyed the Earth. He often pecks at food. Only has Broken Protectorate Broadsword until he gets some gear of his own, though.

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Name: The Signless / The Sufferer (speculated real name: Kankri Vantas)
Origin: Homestuck

Info: The ancestor of Karkat Vantas, and the post-scratch incarnation of Kankri Vantas. Like the other ancestors, he was one of the twelve unsuccessful heroes from the original, pre-scratch session; however, unlike the others, he gradually began to remember his previous existence on Beforus, to which Doc Scratch speculates is a side effect of his mutant, candy red blood.
Abilities: While he isn't shown to have many abilities in canon, I've listed the following as speculated abilities.

  • Natural leadership skills.
  • Ability to see visions linked to [his] past lives. (a Seer of Blood ability)
  • Sicklekind strife specibus.

Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Ancestors#The_Signless_.2F_The_Sufferer

  • This is fanart so it's not his "canon" appearance, but seeing as he's almost always a silhouette in canon, i figured it's good to have a point of reference for his looks. Boop.
  • Signless was taken from just before his death, and as such is often referred to more as the Sufferer. His wrists are burned and marred from the hot irons that were around his wrists (and we're probably going to have to get those removed).
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Dualscar is an NPC until after the Bazaar mission, wherein he will replace Joshua as one of my playable characters. Get rekt'd Josh. (To explain: Dualscar and Joshua will effectively swap places: Dualscar will become a player character, Joshua will become an NPC.)


Name: Orphaner Dualscar (speculated real name: Cronus Ampora)
Origin: Homestuck

Info: The ancestor of Eridan Ampora, and the post-scratch incarnation of Cronus Ampora; "Orphaner" is likely a reference to Eridan's – and possibly Dualscar's – duty of killing other trolls' lusii in order to feed Gl'bgolyb, leaving them orphaned. He attempted to inform the Grand Highblood of Mindfang's location, but was killed by the subjugglator for being unable to tell a decent joke.
Abilities: While he isn't shown to have many abilities in canon, I've listed the following as speculated abilities.

  • Riflekind strife specibus (primary weapon)
  • Knowledge in varying kinds of swordplay.
  • A wide range of sailing knowledge.
  • Underwater breathing (he has ****in gills)

Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Ancestors#Orphaner_Dualscar


  • This is fanart so it's not his "canon" appearance, but seeing as he's almost always a silhouette in canon, i figured it's good to have a point of reference for his looks. Boop.
  • Dualscar was taken just after he had the Dolorosa executed and after he rejected the Marquise as his kismesis.

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Yes hi, hello! I'm going to plop down an NPC at this time. Since they are an OC, I have their information written out for reference. I may or may not adopted them as a PC in the future. 


Name: No true name but they go by Kirit and Meztli

Origin: OC

Info: There is balance in all things that maintain existence. Should the Scales ever dip too far one way or the other without correction, complete annihilation shall be ensured.


-> Shapeshifting: They possess three types of forms that they can freely shift between: United, Shapeless, and Separated.

-> Balance Sense: As a Yin/Yang entity, they are a creature born from Balance. Their connection with the earth gives them a wide reaching awareness, or aural sense, of the Scales of Balance. It is their duty to maintain the Scales and ensure that Balance is not tilted too far to one side for too long.

-> Limited Omniscience: In order to accomplish their task, they possess a sort of limited ‘omniscience’. This allows them to quickly know a majority of information about individuals they cross paths with. Alternatively, they are able to focus on some trait or ability they need to shift the Scales towards Balance and track down an individual (or many individuals) who possess said trait/ability.

-> Future Sight: While not considered a Seer, they do possess the ability of Future Sight. Their visions are sporadic and most often very short, occurring only when Balance is in dire threat. Never consistent, these visions are sometimes visual, sometimes auditory, or occasionally based on touch and scent. It it up to them to interpret what each vision means.

-> Immortality: Considered necessary for the maintenance of the Scales, they are immortal beings. Death can befall them while they possess one of their 'mortal' shapes, but they will be reborn as a result unless they have become obsolete. In which case, their mantel, their duty to Balance, will be shifted onto a new being and the cycle continued with little to no interruption.


Kirit and Meztli are counterparts, two separate beings while also being of the same mind. Their personality can be confusing or sporadic at first, especially in their United form. Kirit, the Yang, can be bright and cheerful in his demeanor while Meztli, the Yin, can be gloomy and quite the buzz-kill. However, both are generally fun loving and satisfied once their own objectives have been met. Together, they can be a calculating mind with an observational approach, evaluating what happens around them.


United, they look like a young child of indeterminate gender. They stand at about 4’ in height with a very delicate-looking build. Their hair is short and unruly, alternating between white and black stripes. Their left eye is a steely grey while their right eye is a dark enough brown to look black. Their skin looks fair but is not pale nor evenly toned. Instead, it possesses ashen patches in some parts and tanned blotches in others. Clothing consists of an over-sized, black and white checkered hoodie, and too-long faded dark gray jeans, worn down shoes that are “mismatched”; the right being white with black laces and the left being black with white laces. On their hands reside knitted black gloves with white fingers.

Separately, Kirit and Meztli can exist as shifting masses of energy. This energy, split into two objects, has a golden glow for Kirit and a dark blue glow for Meztli. Additionally, both are capable of taking on a separate human form. Kirit prefers a male figure that stands at about 6’ tall with handsome features. His hair in this form is dominantly white with black tips while his eyes are a steely grey. His skin is ashen and his clothes are mostly a cream or off-white color with some highlights of grey and silver. For foot covering, he favors wearing cream-colored moccasins with a more firm sole.

Meztli prefers her individual form to be female, standing at about 4’6” and with younger features than Kirit’s individual form. She retains the delicate appearance, much like an innocent child, with raven hair that reaches her shoulders and tanned skin. Her hair is wavy with white tips and sometimes sports bangs that brush along her brow line or reaches just past her dark eyes. She favors wearing a very dark blue or black jumper dress with a white bow tied around her collar. On her feet reside black, knee-high boots.


-> Kirit and Meztli always talk in a mixture of third and first person plural, referring to themselves as “we” even when in their United form. People will never see the two apart as they cannot be more than a few hundred yards away from each other. As such, when they are separated, Kirit will resemble a father figure to Meztli to outside viewers.

-> By nature, they are a neutral force. They serve as both allies and enemies, even to those they might view as "friends" (AKA individuals they are particularly interested in, which isn't always a good thing).

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(NPC/May flip flop with other PCs)


Name: Chikako Tanimoto
Origin: Naruto OC 
Info: A tough kunoichi who has a knack for the blade, she’s also caring and knows when to step up for the people she loves. 

Weapon(s): Twin blades


Special Jutsu(s): Water Style: Raging waves, Liquid bullet

Trademark Jutsu(s): Water Clone jutsu

Special Move(s): None

Trademark Move(s): Tosses one blade to pin you down and uses the other to attack
Link to wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DFyeGEwxOcHt0KeKUSByW58LTFcAMRG6dFkFPdi4yBE
Extra: She’s also good at hair and makeup, she does her entire family’s hair.

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Dave is an NPC until after the Bazaar mission, wherein he will replace Tails as one of my PCs. (To explain: Dave and Tails will effectively swap places: Dave will become a PC, Tails will become an NPC.)


Name: Dave Strider
Origin: Homestuck
Info: Dave is the Knight of Time in his session and the ectobiological son of Dirk Strider. He was abused physically and mentally by his version of Dirk, known only as "Bro". He is obsessed with being cool, which manifests itself in his unceasing pursuit of new ironic depths.

  • Time travel (for the sake of the RP, I'm tweaking it so that it's only in relevancy to himself or those around him if desired); he can use this ability to do the following: freeze enemies in place for a short amount of time, reverse damage done to both himself and others (essentially heal), revive those who have recently died (as in "died a minute ago" recent), travel forward or backwards in time, and create "copies" of himself.
  • Swordplay proficiency
  • Sylladex/Strife Deck utilization (i.e. unlimited inventory + weaponry, depending on what he's got in there); as of arrival, the only thing(s) in his Sylladex/Strife Deck are his Timetables and his sword (Caledfwlch) respectively.
  • Conditional Immortality: unless his death is Heroic (i.e. saving someone else, sacrificing himself for the greater good, etc) or Just (he was directly responsible for terrible actions and thus had to die), Dave will revive after a short amount of time.
  • Flight. (Thank you god tier.)

Link to wiki: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Dave_Strider

  • Dave was taken during from Earth-C, meaning he has beaten Sburb with his friends and was living a peaceful life up until he was taken by the anomaly.
  • Due to Bro's abuse and probably Sburb as a whole, Dave is highly speculated to have some form of PTSD. He's damn good at hiding it under his cool kid facade though.
  • He is a trans man!!!!! Got that top surgery + HRT, but no bottom surgery. (Dunno why I felt the need to mention that, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bite me.)
Edited by catstreetCAT
corrected a typo

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hi i'm jumping the npc bandwagon and skating a fine line between npc/pc depending on whether or not you want to be friends with my new son please do




Name: Vincent Nightray
Origin: Pandora Hearts

Info: A lighthearted and entirely callous member of Pandora and the adopted second son of the Nightray family, Vincent is in actuality a member of the Baskerville Clan and an illegal contractor. He will do anything to protect those he considers family, but secretly holds guilt for his role in the suffering brought upon his brother. Of noble birth (and adoption), Vincent is often accompanied by his servant, and takes delight in teasing others -- though some may argue he is more tormenting them than anything. 



  • Legal Contract: Dormouse is Vincent's legally contracted Chain, as signified by the Carcere that he owns. This item takes the Chain's blood in order to seal the contact without requiring the blood of the human in question, but places a restriction on the abilities of the Chain in the material world. Should the Carcere be broken, the contact ends as well. Dormouse appears as a giant mouse that is permanently sleepy, and will make Vincent sleepy as well. 
  • Sleep: Through Dormouse, Vincent is able to put anyone to sleep -- however, he will frequently put himself to sleep as well. For reasons unknown, he seems greatly inadequate at using his Chain ...

Queen of Hearts, Demios

  • Illegal Contract: Known as the 'Executioner', or the 'Head Hunter', Demios is the illegally-contracted chain of Vincent, having been contracted to him for a long time. Illegal contracts directly take the human's blood as sacrifice, branding them with a clock-like tattoo that will rotate with every use. Towards the competition of a full rotation, the user will be driven into madness before being swallowed by the Abyss. In actuality, Demios is the soul of Miranda Barma, when she was thrown alive into the Abyss for her body to be turned into a Chain by her (former) friend. Demios appears as a skeletal, horse-like figure that is almost permanently caught in the shadows. 
  • Decapitation: Demios' sharp claws can slice through anything. Vincent used this ability to hunt down the members of the Nightray family and execute them, earning him the nickname, 'Head Hunter'.
  • Torture: Vincent has been shown to be ruthless against those he considers his enemies.
  • Scary Shape: Demios has increasingly been seen lurking in the shadows to threaten Vincent's enemies without taking actual action. In fact, this is the in form in which Demios appears most often. 

Echo / Noise

  • Servant: Echo is the servant of Vincent Nightray, having served him for a very long time. She is fiercely loyal to him, despite his faults and dismissal of her thoughts, and will protect him against all threats -- especially when Dormouse acts up and puts him asleep. However, Echo has also been shown to disobey Vincent when she thinks he is acting especially cruel, and she treasures any friends she makes. 
  • Duldum: In actuality, Echo is a Chain by the name of Duldum created by the great Chain, Duldee. Duldum possesses the ability to briefly mind-control any user at Duldee's request, although this ability has been resisted by Vincent and Leo, which might explain Echo's loyalty to Vincent despite all odds. However, Duldum's ability is rarely used, as Duldee is tightly restricted as Vincent is able to override her command.  
  • Duldee: The true Chain behind Echo's existence, Duldee is a highly dangerous and unstable Chain that has driven its previous contractor, Noise, to madness. As a result, both Echo's existence and Vincent's presence place restraints on her true power and allow her to be tightly bound and controlled at all times. Other than that, she's perfectly harmless as of right now. 
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Echo is a skilled fighter who will not give up unless Vincent commands it. 
  • Noise: Noise is the original contractor of Duldee, who now only exists as a personality fragment inside of Echo's connection with the Abyss. He was Vincent's first -- and arguably only -- friend. Noise only appears when Echo is in great distress, or when Duldee is at risk of breaking free. Over the years, Noise's personality has been warped to become increasingly unstable both due to Vincent's dismissal of his existence and Duldee's influence, but Echo is working on repairing their relationship. Good luck Echo! 

Link to Wiki: x



  • Ironically enough, Vincent is responsible for the death of Alice's beloved cat and his subsequent transformation into the chain Cheshire, who then heavily injured Vincent's brother Gilbert.
  • In addition, Vincent's override of Duldee's command is also responsible for Duldum's kidnapping and mental manipulation of Gilbert.
  • Finally, his actions as the 'Head Hunter' directly inspired the chain Humpty Dumpty to take command of Vincent's youngest brother, Elliot, and kill him in the process. 
  • tl;dr don't be vincent's brother your life will be suffering
  • Although Noise's pronouns are female in English, he uses male pronouns in the Japanese version of the manga. This sheet will follow Japanese canon should he appear at any given time. 
  • don't be vincent's friend either you're gonna get possessed, trapped in someone's body, and then watch as he enslaves that very someone 
  • i know his abilities page is 293473943 things long but tbh he only uses dormouse / echo because noise will kill his (remaining) family and demios will kill him 
  • He is also extraordinarily messy, as he expects servants / Echo / you to pick up his things for him. 
  • "it's one banana, echo, how much could it cost? 10 dollars?"


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Replacing Agent 8 with Cure Scarlet (sorry, Eight, you're just not interesting anymore)


Name: Towa Akagi / Cure Scarlet / Princess Hope Delight Towa
Origin: Go! Princess Pretty Cure
Info: The princess of the Hope Kingdom, Towa was kidnapped as a child and brainwashed into becoming the Black Princess, Twilight. Now broken of that brainwashing and having atoned for the wrongs she committed as Twilight, she fights as Cure Scarlet to reclaim her home from the evil Dyspear.

  • “Pretty Cure, Princess Engage!”: With this, her Princess Perfume, and her transformation Dress Up Key, Towa can become her alter ego, Cure Scarlet. She often introduces herself as the princess of crimson flames.
  • Phoenix Blaze: Cure Scarlet’s main attack. To perform it, she needs her Scarlet Violin and the Phoenix Dress Up Key. After performing the attack, she bids the opponent farewell.
  • Scarlet Illusion: One of Cure Scarlet’s sub-attacks, requiring the Scarlet Violin and the Hanabi Dress Up Key. Scarlet Illusion’s main function is as a shield that can be used for either herself or her allies, but it can also be used to trap an enemy.
  • Scarlet Spark: One of Cure Scarlet’s sub-attacks, requiring the Scarlet Violin and the Hanabi Dress Up Key. Scarlet Spark is a burst of flame fired from the tip of Cure Scarlet’s violin bow.
  • Scarlet Flame: One of Cure Scarlet’s sub-attacks, requiring the Scarlet Violin and the Dress Up Key she uses to transform. Scarlet Flame is a long vertical spiral of flames created from the tip of Cure Scarlet’s violin bow.
  • Scarlet Prominence: One of Cure Scarlet’s more powerful attacks, requiring the Music Princess Palace and the Sun Dress Up Key. Scarlet Prominence creates a “sun” that rains fire on the opponent.

Link to wiki: http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Akagi_Towa

  • Despite being an actual princess, Towa is naive and lacks social grace while in civilian form.
  • Towa cannot swim under any circumstances - this coincidentally ties in to her powers as Cure Scarlet being that of fire.
  • Towa has pointed ears. These are more noticeable while she is Cure Scarlet, as her hairstyle in civilian form hides them.
  • Do not try to refer to her by her true name (Hope Delight Towa). She doesn’t respond to it, responding to Towa (as a civilian) or Scarlet (as Cure Scarlet) instead. As she is (technically) Japanese, Towa will also respond to those who call her on a last-name basis, but she more often uses a first-name basis.

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Name: Karen
Origin: Animorphs: Redux
Info: A friendly, contemplative boy with a slug in his head. Gained the power to morph from alien technology. 

  • Morphing: Karen can acquire the DNA of any animal by touching it. The acquiring process takes a few seconds, and during that time the animal is put in a trance-like state. Once he has acquired an animal’s DNA he can morph into it at any time. The process of morphing takes approximately two minutes. Additionally:
    • Morphing heals all injuries
    • He can remain in morph for up to two hours. Any longer and he would lose the ability to morph and become trapped. 
    • It’s possible to morph in skintight clothing, though anything bulky is left behind
  • Current morphs:
    • Female spotted hyena
    • A dozen different dogs, five cats, two ferrets, a rabbit, four domestic rats, a corn snake, a domestic goat, two horses, a budgie, and a Syrian hamster
    • Feral rock pigeon
    • Canada goose
    • Common gull 
    • Fly, dragonfly, several different types of moth, mosquito, various other common arachnids and insects
    • House mouse
    • American crow
    • Red-tailed hawk
    • Prairie falcon
    • California sea lion
    • Nidrak
  • Thoughtspeech: While in morph Karen is able to project his thoughts in a form of telepathy. Thoughtspeech can be kept private and sent to only specific people or it can be broadcast to anyone within range. It isn’t blocked by walls, but has a limited range. 

Link to wiki: N/A
Extra: N/A


Name: Nidrak 682 of the Set Dareth Pool 
Origin: Animorphs: Redux
Info: A small slug that hangs out in Karen’s brain. A defector from the Yeerk Empire. 

  • Controller: Nidrak can enter a host’s brain by crawling through their ear. Once inside, xe is able to read the host’s thoughts and memories, control their movements, and act as the host would. A particularly willful host can briefly disrupt xir control, but the host is otherwise unable to do anything without xir permission. 
  • Timekeeping: Xe has a mental clock, accurate plus or minus a few minutes. 
  • Yeerkish Science: Xe has fairly strong knowledge of physics and computer science. 

Link to wiki: Yeerks

  • Xe needs to leave xir host to feed every three days, which they do by swimming in a pool of nutrients and basking in Kandrona rays. Kandrona rays can be produced artificially by a Kandrona generator. 


Edited by Zor

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I would like to reclaim two of my old characters, Hush and Audrey, in addition to submitting this new one.


Name: General Grievous
Origin: Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV series)
Info: A formerly-Kaleesh cyborg serving under the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, General Grievous is a trained lightsaber duelist who specializes in slaying the knights of the Jedi Order.


  • Experience in lightsaber combat against Jedi Masters, including many existing styles and his own unorthodox methods
  • Superhuman durability, reflexes, speed, and strength due to cybernetic enhancements
  • Prehensile feet, with which he can also wield lightsabers
  • Two additional arms, which can be concealed at-will
  • Effective military strategy as commander of droid armies

Link to wiki: Only this canon is to be considered for this Grievous, before he is crippled at the hands of Mace Windu.
Extra: Despite battling against the Jedi Knights and being trained by one of their deserters, General Grievous is not force-sensitive.

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New character? New character.


Name: Enterprise
Origin: Azur Lane
Info: An aircraft carrier shipgirl - a personified battleship, summoned by Wisdom Cubes to battle. Enterprise fought diligently against the Sakura Empire, destroying many of their ships. To her, the fighting is her duty, perpetual, but she yearns for the day it'll end.

  • As an aircraft carrier, Enterprise can summon and launch airplanes, which she does with the aid of her airstrip and bow. She may summon and have active at once up to 5 planes (fighters, dive bombers, and/or torpedo bombers). These planes must return to her after attacking, and may be destroyed by enemies, requiring her to summon new ones.

  • Lucky E: When Enterprise launches an airstrike, her overall luck increases for several seconds, giving her a higher chance to dodge or survive attacks.

  • Size shifting: On the open water, Enterprise is capable of going giant to battle. Outside these conditions, however, she is human-sized. Her planes’ sizes scale with her size - they will be small when Enterprise is human sized, and full size when she's at full size herself. She may only shift between human size and full size.

Link to wiki: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Enterprise
Extra: She has an eagle named Grim Reaper as a companion, given to her by her elder sister Yorktown when the latter sunk.

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Going to replace Hibiki with this cute cat-girl


Name: Temeraire Rhowa (full body / casual attire)

Origin: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Info: A young Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te who makes ends meet as an adventurer, going wherever the wind takes her despite being the chosen warrior of the Mother Crystal Hydaelyn. Don’t get her wrong: she loves taking down bad guys and helping those who are in trouble - she just doesn’t care about the entire idea of being a “chosen one."


  • Swordsmanship: Temeraire exceeds in the use of a sword and shield in a fight. She is not shy to using other weapons or even letting loose a few magic spells - she just performs at her best with a sword and shield.
  • Flash: Temeraire emits a flash that both attracts the attention of nearby enemies and temporarily blinds them.
  • Shield Lob / Shield Bash: Temeraire uses her shield to attack with both of these abilities: Shield Lob is a ranged attack where she throws her shield as a boomerang, while Shield Bash is used within melee range and can stun an enemy that is hit by it.
  • The Echo: Temeraire possesses the Echo, a rare ability that allows her to see the past of anyone she meets, as well as understand every language known to her world (it is unknown if this works with other worlds’ languages as well). However, she cannot control it, especially in the case of seeing the past.


  • Her tail reacts to her emotions in similar ways to cats, i.e. becoming stiff and straight whenever she is startled or angered.
  • Her favorite sword has a blade that is colored purple.
  • Extreme emotions may result in cat noises, i.e. purring while very happy. (Think Catra from the She-Ra Netflix series.)
  • The Echo tends to disorient Temeraire something fierce, occasionally to the point of falling unconscious.
  • She does wear red eyeshadow, but it is not immediately obvious - it is typically missed unless she blinks.
  • As she is from Eorzea, she often speaks with Eorzean slang. She'll also use the Eorzean units of distance, weight, and time.
    • Distance measurements: ilm (inch), fulm (foot), yalm (yard), and malm (mile)
    • Weight measurements: onze (ounce) and ponze (pound)
    • Time measurements: sun (day), astral moon (odd-numbered month), and umbral moon (even-numbered month)

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For 4th slots! Why would you let me have this many drones.
I added links to videos to help visualize what each of the drones look like/do, but if you need me to remove that for whatever reason I can.


Name: Add

Origin: Elsword

Info: A nasod researcher whose work deals with the creation of weaponized AI and virtual realities. After the untimely death of a hero in his homeworld, Add begrudgingly set off to find a way to revive or replace him.


  • Nasod Dynamo: Arrowhead-like weapons Add invented to help him fight. The dynamos can do anything from providing moveable platforms for Add to stand on to shooting lasers upon command. Unlike the rest of Add’s drones, the dynamos always stick by Add’s side whether that means floating behind him or latching themselves onto his jacket until he needs to use them. Unlike the rest of Add’s drones, the dynamos are always active and do not need to be deployed. In addition to combat, they can also be used to create monitors that allow Add to access the database in the data chip in his head.
  • Dynamo Configuration Mode: Along with the dynamos, Add created nasod armor which allows him to conduct electricity from his dynamos. While Add can normally fight with his dynamos, he can go into Dynamo Configuration Mode to use the stored up power inside of his dynamos to make himself stronger. Going into DC mode makes Add’s attacks much stronger and covers him in purple electricity. DC mode does not affect the strength of this drones and can only be used after his dynamos have gathered enough charge meaning Add has no chance of using DC mode until a long period of time has passed.
  • Install - Ultimate Fury: Three identical drones follow Add or an ally. When the person they are assigned to attacks an enemy, each of the drones will shoot particle beams at all hostiles until the threat is eliminated. Although the drones work better together, they can be split up and placed as guards for three different persons. While they do not have a time limit like some other drones, they are the weakest of Add’s drones.
  • Install - Charged Impulser: A drone with a black-red field around it. It is capable of creating similar drones that create “black holes”. These black holes drag any nearby objects and or people towards its center, rooting them in place. The drone will combust within a 5-minute time limit or after it has been damaged beyond repair. Combustion can damage anyone who’s too close to the drone.
  • Forcefield: A circular drone is sent out into a set location before breaking off into two smaller drones. These two drones will create a purple force field about twenty feet in every direction from where the first drone split. Other drones in the force field became greatly empowered. Allies in the force field slowly regain their stamina but receive no additional boons. The force field lasts until Add tells the drones to reform or until the drones are destroyed
  • Install - Starfall: A drone that can assemble additional drones upon command. These additional drones are fixed upon the ground. They fire laser grenades at nearby targets that explode into a harmful beam upon contact with any surface. The drones are capable of attacking any target within a 10-foot radius. Each additional drone lasts for a few minutes or until destroyed.
  • Install - Shooting Chaser: A drone that duplicates itself. The main drone will follow Add while the duplicates will latch onto a target and fire a continuous laser at them. The first hit from a laser is strong enough to stun or knock over a normal human. Each duplicate follows the intended target for a short amount of time or until it's destroyed.
  • Apocalypse: A large Nasod cube capable of devastating attacks. Apocalypse’s form is capable of shifting in various different lasers and cannons all of which are capable of letting out devastating particle beams. It’s capable of hunting down opponents on command and flying to an ally’s aid. Its health is completely dependent on Add; any magical buffs or health problems that Add has will be present in Apocalypse as well. If Apocalypse is defeated in combat it will explode in a discharged attack before disassembling into smaller, harmless cubes.

Link to wiki: Wiki Page


  • Add made the technology that allowed him to travel through dimensions. He’s been scouring the multiverse for a way to revive or find a copy of Elsword for a little over two years.
  • The strange scar on Add’s eye was made after his father implemented a data chip inside of his head.
  • Add has a jewel he collected from Hikaru implanted into his pocket watch. He’s unsure what the jewel is but he finds it incredibly pretty.
  • Several of Add’s combat drones have been repurposed to perform menial tasks. Examples of the tasks these drones do are: scouting an area, cleaning a room, checking inventory, talking to someone with a pre-recorded message because Add is an anti-social baby who doesn’t look at someone’s face for more than 10 seconds, etc. The most important of his drones is a mini version of Apocalypse named Catosphere. Catosphere isn't capable of fighting, but it can meow and work as a communicator.
  • Add’s hoodie has cat ears on it. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows this is canon
  • He will absolutely go up to someone with cat ears and pet them. Someone stop this man I hate him
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bonjour i'm signing up my son in preparation for new slots opening !


Name: Hikaru [ 輝 ]

Origin: semi Inuyasha-based OC


Info: A young fox yokai that was chased from his homeland for eating too many people. Simpleminded and easy to please, he has a fondness for small luxuries. Likes to nibble.



Shapeshifting - Hikaru is able to mimic the appearance of others in order to fool his next targets, including physical form and voice. The exact limits of his powers are unknown, but it is related to his demonic magic.


Superhuman Strength / Speed / Endurance / Senses - As per all yokai, Hikaru has extraordinary abilities, even in his human form.


Enhanced Healing - Hikaru is able to recover from wounds faster than the average human, although this does not make him immortal.


Tiny Form - Hikaru is capable of turning into a smaller version of his true form, either to recover his energy or for a quick escape. In this form, he is still capable of flight and basic attacks, but unable to use the full capability of his demonic energy. He is also quite fond of taking naps in this form, and is small enough to carry in a hood. 


True Form - Hikaru’s true form is that of a large kitsune, capable of breathing fire. In this form, his demonic energy is fully released and capable of being felt within a certain radius. Although this form is powerful, the transformation takes away some of his human rationality, as he has not learnt how to fully control his abilities.


Flight - Hikaru is capable of flying, as wherever he steps he will leave behind a circle of flames.


Fire - Hikaru’s demonic magic mainly composes of fire, and he is able to manipulate flames to his liking in all forms.


Claws - Hikaru has extraordinary sharp claws, that can be enhanced with magic to attack. Since he doesn’t know how to use weapons, this is his primary mode of self defense.



A relatively young yokai born during a time of strife and infighting, Hikaru is the youngest member of his family, and therefore last to inherit the leadership position of his clan. His father is a powerful kitsune leader, with an absolute view of the world; this did not align well with Hikaru's usual carefree attitude and his natural inclination towards curiosity and exploration. Spending most of his time away from his family was a common pasttime, and it was during one of these explorations that he stumbled upon something fascinating: an unusual yokai, locked in combat against a hunter riding a flying cat yokai through the skies.


It seemed like he watched the two locked in combat for hours; the centipede yokai would crawl through the forest, gaining land as he funneled down trees and stirred up land in his escape, but the hunter and his allies would pursue the demon relentlessly until they confronted him with battle. With every shift of battle Hikaru drew closer, fascinated by everything he saw. He was no stranger to fighting with humans -- after all, yokai clans did lots to secure their territory -- but there was something entirely strange about the battle. Why was the centipede alone? And what was this -- strange energy?


He drew closer just as the battle reached climax, and just as the centipede demon reared up to his full height, he was slain and his head thrown into the air, the jewel shining through the clouds. Upon sighting the item, Hikaru instantly knew what it was: the Shikon jewel. Thought he was sheltered and wildly unfamiliar with most of the intricacies in the world, Hikaru felt instantly drawn to the jewel as the glimmer of the darkened orb called to him, and near immediately consumed it in his demonic form by flying upwards and snatching it out of the air as it flew in his general direction.  

What followed next was confusing for the young yokai; there was an innate inhumane force of the jewel's power, and he remembers nothing of the years that followed but blood and fire. In actuality, the jewel's corrupted form had driven him to attacking villages and commonsfolk, eating many as yokai hunters futilely tried to stop his rampage. Eventually, his eating became an issue when it intruded on the territory of the wolf yokai king, and he was chased off by his fellow demons. Injured and with nowhere left to go, Hikaru stumbled upon a dimensional rift that cast him through the multiverse.


Still affected by the jewel's influence giving him enormous yokai power and a desire to cause destruction, Hikaru spent an unknown amount -- likely decades -- of time travelling between universes, eating people and destroying land as he went. Easily able to crumble mountains with one sweep of his massive tails, and able to rain down fire from the skies above, he battled his way through many places, leaving death and ruin where he went. Eventually, he was stopped by Add in the world of Elrios, as the engineer had designed drones specifically for removing orbs from foreheads. Since then, he has accompanied the other man in his quest to find another Elsword to replace the one Hikaru ate for his world. 



Hikaru is easily amused and rather simple; he doesn't think too hard on the delicacies of life and instead prefers to enjoy himself in the moment. After decades spent in his yokai form, he is no rush to return to his true form, and is almost wary of doing such a thing. After having his mind stolen from him for so long, he is eager to learn new things and interact with new people -- his association with Add has taught him that humans are not so bad, after all. Foolishly gullible, Hikaru is easily tricked and does not react to injustices upon his person -- he barely understands what any kind of suffering is, and has no idea of the terribleness in any world beyond being upset that certain things might hurt his friends. 


He is rather impatient -- for him, things have to happen instantly before he loses his interest, or he will be wholeheartedly disappointed in the situation. Anger scares him, and so he will easily retreat to his tiny form should he feel too threatened by any kind of situation. Beyond that, he is quite eager to interact with new creatures -- humans especially! -- and will often be found suntanning or taking a nap in fox form somewhere. 


He will sometimes get flashbacks of the past, although he himself doesn't really remember what happened, and it doesn't seem to bother him too much. The Shikon jewel is one of the wonders of the world, and it is known that yokai who come into possession of such a gem will be corrupted and subsequently have their power corrupt the jewel. Being near-immortal, he doesn't quite understand the concept of death, nor why eating humans would be thought of as 'bad' -- to him, it is a cycle of life that is only carried on and on by fate. 



  • His age is around 300, and it is unknown (since he can't remember) how long he spent affected by the jewel. However, it can be assumed to be quite a long time -- potentially a century -- and so undoubtedly his kill count is high. 
  • The jewel can actually be purified! And it would be a good idea to do so, since it can attract other yokai and even Hikaru himself. 
  • tatsu decreed it to be so so he has eaten all of duke's homeworld, sorry duke
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   Cranked out an official tank critter! Kazooie will remain as an NPC at base, running around doing quest things.

   Name: It doesn't begin with one, but Mika suggested Hop which sounds adorable, so let's do that
   Origin: Original Character
   Species: A dreamworld/spectral creature call a Voidskipper. Technically it has no gender but I'll slap a pronoun onto her
   Appearance: Concept art. She's a quadruped with arms and reflective chitin, and is about 8 feet tall when standing straight. The eye is like a kaleidescope of stars.
   Abilities: Hop absorbs energy - typically kinetic, thermal, electrical, light, and radioactive energy - that she makes contact with and stores it in the orange orbs on her body. These orbs dull to black when depleted and glow brightly when full. The stronger the energy and/or more detrimental it is to a living thing, the more it energizes Hop. This energy is used exclusively for abilities.

  •    Blink: Hop, as the name implies, can jump into a dimensional "blankspace" and hop back out in a different location, appearing as a teleport. She cannot reside within the blankspace for 25 seconds - with full reserves - before becoming sickly, and would expire after a minute.
  •    Stasis Field: Hop projects out her energy-absorbing ability, diluting it yet also freezing surfaces within the field. It only affects surfaces; internal functions like organs or mechanisms remain unaffected. The freezing affects both movement and temperature: objects in the field lose any external heat, momentum, electrical, light, or radioactivity while in the field, cannot move, and are cold. This includes Hop herself. This does not snuff out anything that actively emits any of those energies. When the field is down everything is normalized and mobility is restored. Due to the dilution effect of the absorption, the temperature cannot be lowered below 10F.
  •    Telekinesis: Hop can remotely manipulate objects. She can only manipulate objects she can "grab", which is linked to her ability to see. If the target is out of sight or moving too fast and therefore obscured, she cannot grab it.
  •    Pulse: Hop empties all of her reserves at once in a localized "boom". The energy is expelled haphazardly into all five forms of energy that the Voidskipper consumes. This can be disastrous or benign depending on the surroundings and is done only as a last resort, as without any energy, Hop cannot use any of her abilities that use energy as fuel.
  •    Reception: This is a passive ability that doesn't require energy to use. Hop is receptive to the mental imagery of neighboring entities, and can skillfully draw whatever she pictures in her or others' minds. She can send images back as well, including glyphs for writing. However she cannot talk, send thoughts or feelings, or read minds. The target must also have brain waves or a similar energy for the Voidskipper to pick up on; so she can see into a spirit's mind if it's willing, but she can't see into an AI's or an undead's mind (provided the undead isn't reanimated with something like a soul).
  •    Other Uses: Hop can use its energy to perform minor tasks as well, such as setting a fire, emitting electricity or light, or making the ground shake. She must have physical contact with the object she is affecting; gases don't count unless they are dense enough to be visible, like smoke. The Voidskipper can also emit radioactive energy, but because she absorbs radiation she'll only end up using her reserves to feed herself (she can't use this as a feedback loop to eternally feed either).

   Link to wiki: Link.

  •    Voidskippers don't need to do anything other than consume radiation. Alpha and Beta rays are sufficient to keep them alive, while Gamma rays stimulate growth, self-regeneration, and empower their abilities, giving them a luminescent glow. Starved Voidskippers lose their luster and become empty husks before expiring into statuesque forms, which can perfectly retain their details for many years.
  •    Voidskippers feed only on radiation, not energy as a whole. Other forms of energy are stored for abilities. Because radiation is also energy, they can feed and reenergize with it at the same time.
  •    Voidskippers can take inanimate objects with them during a blink, but can't take a living thing as it'll die instantly.
  •    The color for projected writing will be #6d00f9.
  •    Voidskippers have an origin legend that they are personified determination. Their primary purpose is to explore the universe cleaning up irradiated places that aren't actively being added to.
  •    Hop loves tiny fuzzy things, especially insects; and "tiny" just means anything smaller than her.


   Several edits later: I think I finally have this to my liking now...


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Okay, I have made up my mind, here we gooooo!


Replacing Tara and Kouji with Chika and this moron. Posting Chikako's sheet again because I'm signing her up as a PC this time. 


Name: Chikako Tanimoto
Origin: Naruto OC 
Info: A tough kunoichi who has a knack for the blade, she’s also caring and knows when to step up for the people she loves. 

Weapon(s): Twin blades

Special Jutsu(s): Water Style: Raging waves, Liquid bullet

Trademark Jutsu(s): Water Clone jutsu

Special Move(s): None

Trademark Move(s): Tosses one blade to pin you down and uses the other to attack 
Link to wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DFyeGEwxOcHt0KeKUSByW58LTFcAMRG6dFkFPdi4yBE
Extra: She’s also good at hair and makeup, she does her entire family’s hair.


Name: Utakata
Origin: Naruto
Info: A young man who left his village, he is the host of Saiken, the giant six-tailed slug. Don't call him master. Just don't. 

  • agile and nimble in battle
  • Very observant
  • Knowledgeable in tracking and herbal remedies
  • Fights with water-release jutsus, mainly bubbles. Yes. Bubbles. In a variety of offensive and defensive techniques.
    • Explosive bubble- Sends explosive bubbles at the enemy, offensive. 
    • Can create ink-filled bubbles that can immobilize/kill, offensive. 
    • Drift- used to transport and conceal himself. 
    • Bubble barriers, defensive. 
  • Jinchuriki transform
    • Taps into Saiken's power, allowing him to enter different tailed beast forms, up to the full six-tails form, although he never wishes to use that form. Can enter Version 2 with ease. 
      • Version 2- can secrete a corrosive substance

Link to wiki: https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Utakata

Extra: Other info

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hello its me and my headcanons
qzgs fans look away 
replacing vincent please and thank you! i’ll bring him in with the 4ths rather than mission 2, since i think that mission's not really in a place to accept new people rn (??)  


Name: Vaccaria [ 王不留行 ] 
Origin: The King’s Avatar

Info: A legendary witch known only as ‘The Magician’ in his homeworld, Vaccaria brings devastating elements down on his foes with calm mastery. Although he has a reputation for being ruthless against his enemies, he is fiercely loyal to those who win his trust. Likes birds better than people. 


Witch [ class ] - The Witch class is a magical user with high attack and speed, specialising in casting spells and creating elements to rain from the sky. The main weapons of this class are the broom and various potion bottles. 

  • Flight: Vaccaria is capable of flying through the area on his broom, to quite a large distance and range. This is his preferred method of transportation when on the battlefield. 
  • Potions: Vaccaria is capable of creating elements through the various potions and bottles tucked away within his cloak; how exactly he gets these is a mystery. Usually, this is used by throwing the potion into the air or on the ground, shattering it. 
  • Spells: Vaccaria’s various spells have different casting times and mana costs. A full list can be found on Discord. 
  • Enchantment: Vaccaria is capable of enchanting the end of his broom with fire or ice in order to rain down that element on the ground where he flies over; as a result, environments when he is fighting can get messy very quickly. 

Link to wiki: x

  • Vaccaria is technically pulled from Glory itself so he doesn’t have a player per se, but his personality and interactions are based on Wang Jiexi. 
  • His class, Witch, has high attack and low defense -- I’m translating this as him being light and agile, but physically weak. 
  • Vaccaria is known as The First Witch.
  • His second nickname, the Magician, comes from his unexpected and erratic playstyle on the battlefield; in fact, his actions are so unexpected that even his allies have a hard time adapting to his shifts. As a result, Vaccaria has had to restrain and change his method when working with the guild, but he has a secret fondness for one on one battles in which he doesn’t have to worry about others. 
  • His broom’s name is Stardust Extermination this is very important please address it properly 

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here he is the man who will save us from this literal fire




Name: Adolin Kholin
Origin: The Stormlight Archives (Way of Kings)
Info: A young man described as good looking, fashionable, and incredibly good at fighting with giant swords. Being the son of of Highprince Dalinar and cousin to the current king of Alethkar, Adolin’s life has been steeped in conquest and blood since the very beginning, yet he is surprisingly kind for someone of his pedigree.

Adolin's Shardblade - Shardblades are highly coveted swords with entirely mystical qualities. They are as tall as a person yet as light as a staff, and can slice through stone and pass through flesh alike with little resistance. Dead or inorganic objects get physically cut, while on living things the shardblade severs soul connections, turning dead and limp anything it slices. However, items of high magical power can repel shardblades, and shardblade wounds can be healed magically but not naturally. A shardblade takes ten heartbeats to summon and automatically gets dismissed when knocked out of its owners hand, unless given explicit instructions to stay manifested. Every shardblade is unique. Adolin’s is white with a wavy cutting edge and ridges of crystal on its back.

Shardplate - Shardplate is the defensive counterpart to the shardblade. It comes in the form of a suit of full armor that adapts to the body of its owner and grants them incredible strength and physical protection. While it protects against the dangerous properties of shardblades, shardplate is prone to shattering if struck hard enough. It is powered by gemstones charged with Stormlight and can regenerate given enough time and mana. Adolin has painted his armor a nice shade of blue.


Dueling - Like all high ranked lighteyes, Adolin is trained in wielding the sidesword and is particularly talented in its use. 

Link to wiki: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Adolin_Kholin 
- Adolin is hopeless when it comes to keeping the girls he romances, as inevitably he finds his priorities going elsewhere. 
- He appeared while riding his Ryshadium, named Sureblood — the white horse appears to have adapted quite well to the new surroundings. While it is impractical to bring his horse everywhere, Adolin nevertheless loves him very much. Ryshadiums are larger and sturdier than average horses, have stone hooves, and are incredibly intelligent creatures.
- Adolin makes it no secret that he is interested in fashion; he is always aware of what he’s wearing and his unruly mop of hair is styled to look perfectly disheveled in a cool way.

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Name: Tien

Origin: The Stormlight Archive

Info: A young man working as a military aide and hiding powers from ancient legends. He’s generally friendly, if a bit wary around new people, and does his best to be helpful. He also has a penchant for collecting rocks. He’s accompanied by a living, constantly shifting pattern named Fractal.



Lightweaving - The power to create illusions out of Mana, both visual and auditory. (Given enough time, practice, and the idea for it, Tien will probably be able to figure out how to use lasers.)


Soulcasting - The power to transform objects from one material to another. This is easier with more mana. 


Memory - Given a few moments, Tien can perfectly memorize a scene or object and later recreate it with total accuracy.


Shardweapon -Tien can summon his spren in the form of a weapon. While Fractal’s default form is a Blade, he tends to favor a shield, and is also moderately proficient with a spear or staff (see Adolin's Shardblade in the post above for specific details).


Spren - Tien is Nahel bonded--soulbonded--to a sentient pattern nicknamed Fractal. She can act on her own to spy, distract, or offer information. She’s also a grounding force, helping calm Tien down when he gets agitated.


Link to wiki: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Tien

Extra: This particular version of Tien is from a very specific AU. You can read the fic here and scroll through the askblog (it has art!!!) here. Tien has been pulled out of his world before the fic properly starts; he is not aware that his brother is alive, and has only sworn up to Third Ideal.

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Name: VenMoon

Origin: Mistborn OC

Info: A spy of the establishment, but one who’s not exactly on board with the whole thing. Has a deep inner longing to be allowed to exist as just themselves instead of playing a part, but takes jobs anyways because they enjoy meeting people.



Shapeshifting Like all kandra, VenMoon’s natural form is a shapeless blob of muscles. If given a set of bones or, better yet, a fresh corpse, they can form a body around the bones that is an exact match for the deceased. The exact speed of this process depends on how familiar they are with the body and how much hair and flesh remains on the bones, but is usually a minimum of thirty minutes to an hour.


Blessing of Presence - A pair of copper spikes that grant increased mental capability. This capability includes the ability to focus despite physical discomfort or distraction, exceptionally sharp memory, resistance to madness, and the inability to lapse into unconsciousness due to shock.


Spywork - VenMoon has a natural talent for infiltration, mimicry, and spywork, as well as a keen eye for people. They’re very good at gathering information and highly observant, as well as incredibly good at acting.


Link to wiki: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Kandra (general Kandra wiki)

Extra: it's art dump time hell yeah

-VenMoon is a seventh-generation Kandra. They generally use they/them, but will also accept she/her and he/him depending on which gender they’re presenting as.

-Prefers wearing a True Body to mimicking someone, but tends to stay rather closely to human appearance. They’re slow at shapeshifting, but very good at the finicky details of appearance.

-The first four pictures in the art dump are Era 1, with the first being the most recent art. The last two pictures and the profile pictures are Era 2.

-They’re currently ~300 years old.

Edited by Pachimew
made more art

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Name:  Rimuru Tempest
Origin: That time I was reincarnated as a slime
Info: Once a simple salary man who had a fateful encounter with an armed attacker. Dying to protect his co-worker his dying wish was to have his browser history deleted via a bathtub. Unbeknownst to him, his dying words allowed him to be reincarnated into a cute Lil ball of slime. Receiving the name from the first person he met in this new form, the Imprisoned Dragon Veldora, Rimuru set out to unite the different monster tribes, using his knowledge from his past life to bring them into a peaceful society.

·         Rimuru is immune to elemental attacks and feels no pain, while he can sustain damage he has natural regeneration from his slime form.

·         He uses Magic Sense to see 360 degrees around him in his slime form, blind spots aren't an issue.

·         He has an endless stomach from his skill Predator, he can access the stores in his stomach and utilise them, such as producing healing potions but also cloning items. So long as he has the necessary components in his stomach, he can create an exact copy of something.

·         He can use Mimic to transform into a Black Serpant, Armoursaurus, Evil Centipede, Black Spider, Giant Bat, Tempest Wolf, Ifrit and Human; but also other creatures he has consumed with Predator, and can utilise their abilities, even in slime form.

·         Great Sage – A female voice that analyses his surroundings and abilities subconsciously; allowing him to learn and adapt at a high rate

·         His most commonly used magics include water blade, steel/sticky thread, black lightning, black fire and predator

·         In his human form, he wields a katana and can grow wings to fly, he is very quick and an agile fighter though requires more training in swordplay.

·         He emits an intimidating monster aura which can be sensed by monsters and monster detecting items/abilities, he possesses a mask which suppresses this aura and his magic when he wears it, allowing him to pass for human.

Link to wiki: https://tensura.fandom.com/wiki/Rimuru_Tempest
Extra: He is considered very cute in both slime form, and his human form; the latter due to appearing and sounding like a young girl.







Name:  Rain Olympia
Origin: Is it Wrong to Pick up Chicks in a Dungeon OC
Info: Rain is a fresh adventurer to the town of adventure, Orario. A level 6 adventurer, she is the sole member of Hades familia and although high level she doesn’t understand the basics of adventuring, short of slaying monsters. Though, even then, she did not realise her own gear caused lower level monsters to flee, and simply thought she was unlucky when first venturing into the dungeon. In truth she is the mortal child of the gods Hephaestus and Aphrodite, and has come to Orario to meet with the legendary blacksmith.


  •    Strength: D582
  •    Endurance: A820
  •    Dexterity: F382
  •    Agility: S980
  •    Magic: H 73
  •   Quick Cast (no casting time, just relies on verbal call of ability name) – Gate
    • Two forms: Open & Closed
      • Open: Opens a passageway through space, allowing instant travel
      • Closed: Strong magical shield with a short range
  • Abnormal Resistance: D
    • Unique Skill: Mental Immunity; Immune to charm, intimidate, control etc - gained from having a goddess of beauty as a parent.
  • Spearman: Based on level - She is adept with using a spear as a weapon.
  • Whiplash: Based on level - She is adept at using a whip as a weapon
  • Guardian: Based on Level - She acts as a tank, using strong armour and defensive equipment
  • Unique Trait: Eternal Youth - Does not age; from drinking from the fountain of youth
  • Natural blacksmithing ability: The daughter of Hephaestus; Rain is a novice blacksmith who is already leagues better than most lower level smiths in the Hephaestus familia, with only a little tutoring.


  • One Eyed Black Dragon Scale Gear: forged from the shed remnants of the legendary dragon – they cause lower level monsters to run away in fear and are extremely durable. Both have been forged with the property Durandal, making them unbreakable (though still require treating)
    • Gate of Hades; circular - hoplite shield with imagery of a gate on its front can act as second line defence behind the Closed Gate spell.
    • Spear of Seasons: A spear that changes, able to extend and uncoil into a blade-tipped whip – usually stored for convenience in whip form on a hook on Rains armour.
  • Strong Steel armour: Forged by Rain, it may not be unbreakable or dragon scale, but it is still solid durable armour.


Link to wiki: https://danmachi.fandom.com/wiki/DanMachi_Wiki

She is only such a high level because she would play, and eventually spar, with the Hades’ familia’s pet, Cerberus; who is actually a very high-level mutant hellhound.

She is oblivious to her own strength and as such can either appear very humble and modest or extremely condescending.

Though technically part of a familia, Rain is essentially the adopted child of Hades and Persephone and refers to them as her Mother and Father, and they treat her the same.

She is considered very beautiful but is perceived to have something off about her appearance – that no one really knows.

Her hair is natural.

She wears a one piece, blue sleeveless-dress beneath her armour and has black healed boots - her grieves go over the top of them. In winter she wears dark leggings, mittens and a beanie and a sky blue jacket.
UPDATE: As I'm struggling to find a good reference for her strength, I'd put her as above Captain America. She could withstand a head on impact with a fast moving car and remain standing if Closed Gate is active.








Name:  Solaire Fermèt (Sol)
Origin: Fairy tail RP - OC
Info: Sol is the second in command of the small wizarding guild Sphinx’s Paw. Almost none of the guild members have seen her in action but she is known as one of the few wizards in Fiore capable of completing SS ranked quests. Her history and magic are mysteries to most; short of knowing that she uses flame magic. Sol is secretly a former Demon Gate of the Tartarus Guild, and the creator of Demon Slayer magic. She permanently bound herself to one of the primordial demons and obtained it’s magic.


She has a very high level of magic power which also manifests itself as superior strength, durability and increase healing (compared to a normal person). Her aura alone can be weaponized by setting fire and cracking the surrounding area or intimidating those into standing down.

  • She uses Fire demon slayer magic which manifests itself as a vivid emerald green flame and is considerably more potent than normal fire, especially against demonic beings.
  • She can produce fire from all parts of her body and can do simple things, like flame coated punches and fireballs, but forming actual magic circles produces the best effects:
    • Fire devil’s rage: A powerful ‘breath’ type spell that is a ‘beam’ of fire expelled from a magic circle in front of her mouth.
    • Helheim: Sol creates a reverse pentagram at her feet with 6 magic circles – this spell sets the ground ablaze; fires crack the earth and can often result in it becoming molten, the spell concludes with a colossal explosion – this is her most powerful known spell.
    • Solar flare: A three-layer magic circle above her, a pillar of fire strikes at a designated target
    • Hellfire: A spiralling vortex of flames, cast from two small magic circles in each hand.
  • Her nature of merging with a demon has also given her the power like Soul-type magic users. Sol can bring the physical abilities of the demon to the surface. Her hair becomes white, and thick armoured scales form on her body like armour. This form gives her enhanced strength, durability, wings, a tail and claws. She refrains from using it as anything but a last resort, as it lets the demon dwelling within her have far too much control and the demon’s attitude itself can be quire embarrassing for Sol.
  • Sol is a superb cook and can also mix drinks, though she doesn’t eat her own cooking; instead just eating fire.

Link to wiki: 

  • Sol is 48 but doesn’t look older than 30. She was born with hazel eyes but they are now emerald green. The tattoo on her arm has been known to move around like an optical illusion. This is actually her mark as a demon slayer, that all posses. She can control it at will; it grows and expands into "armour" when she assumes her true demon form.
  • She is stern but caring, and has a soft spot for children, particularly girls. She is regarded as the mother of the guild.
  • She wears sandals.
  • She can distinguish the tastes of different fires; her favourite is a maple wood fire.


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Keaton found a comfy bed to take a nap on. Fun police is here now.


Name: Giorno Giovanna

Origin: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo

Info: A former member of Passione, a powerful gang that was stationed within Naples, Italy during the early 2000’s. Giorno’s time in the multiverse has only made him more compassionate towards he wants to help and more vicious to towards he believes he must put down. Although he is still slow to trust others, even his allies, he values his friends dearly and will go to great lengths to protect them.


  • Thievery: Before Giorno joined Passione, he often stole from strangers to make a profit. He’s a decent pickpocket capable of easily taking a wallet off of someone’s person without them noticing
  • Stand User: Giorno possesses a supernatural ability known as a stand, a manifestation of his psyche. While Giorno’s stand is primarily used for combat, it can also be used to perform menial tasks. Giorno’s stand can be brought out at and dismissed at any given time. Giorno and his stand share a psychic connection that allows Giorno to command his stand without saying a word. Giorno receives any injuries inflicted on his stand and vice versa. As a stand user, Giorno can see other stands. Non-stand users can be affected by the actions of a stand, but they cannot see nor interact with stands; however there are exceptions to this. Due to the multiverse clash, individuals with great magical aptitude can sense, see, and sometimes even fight stands.
  • Golden Experience Requiem: Golden Experience Requiem, sometimes referred to as GER, is Giorno’s stand. Unlike most stands, GER is capable of independent thought although it mostly prefers to keep to itself. GER is incredibly powerful in its own right, being both physically strong and fast. Anything that GER touches can be gifted life. This ranges from turning inorganic objects into plants to even living breathing creatures. How fast the transformation occurs depends on the complexity of the creature. For example, a lamp turning into a flower will happen nearly instantaneously while that same lamp turning into a fish will take much longer. These transformations can last a significant amount of time and can be cancelled at any point. While GER has little probably creating big trees and whatnot, it struggles with creating medium to large sized animals. When an animal is made, both GER and Giorno have little control over what they do. Lifeforms created from a part of something, such as someone’s clothing or body part, will always try to return to the source they originated from. GER can also create body parts and organs out of inorganic material. This allows GER to act as a healer that can repair and replace almost anything in an organic body granted that it knows what needs to be fixed. GER cannot create life in environments that will not sustain it so it won’t be able to make a snake in a volcano. In addition, GER can also sense any life within its immediate vicinity. By touching someone, it can tell if the person is alive or how many souls it has. If GER gives something life and places it on a moving object, he can then track wherever that moving object went.


    GER’s strongest ability was damaged after Giorno came in contact with the multiverse. Originally, GER had the power to revert actions and willpower itself back to “zero”, thereby completely nullifying them. Now, this power only applies to very specific abilities. GER is capable of reversing the effects of abilities that control other people’s minds, manipulate time and space, powerup the user or allies to godly proportions, and other abilities of a similar fantastic caliber. Even if, say, someone were to mind control another person, GER would be able to completely nullify that mind control no matter how long it has been active. Funny enough, GER is unable to stop the majority of spells and powers so while GER is capable of stopping someone from using magic to erase an entire planet from existence it cannot stop someone from casting a fireball at Giorno

Link to wiki: Wiki


  • Giorno joined XDRE during its early stages. He had been tasked with cleaning up any issues XDRE might have caused while on missions. He’s only recently returned to base to take part in more active missions.
  • Before arriving in XDRE, Giorno had been traveling around the multiverse for several years, helping those in need  and making connections with influential people of the multiverse. He made contact with several members of Passione who had also been ripped from their homeworlds and made alliances with them. He willingly joined XDRE because he believed he’d achieve is own personal goals better if he was working for them
  • Back home, Giorno extensively studied plants and wildlife so he could better use his stand’s abilities. Since being dragged into the multiverse, Giorno has begun to study alien animals as well. This is absolutely just for battle and not because he wants to have a tea party with a bunch of animals that won’t run off or push the cups to the floor.

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