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   EEK I'm slow how do these look?


   Name: Fiddlesticks (Pusher 56-767)

   Origin: Original Character
   Info: A tanky, high-damage 10-foot alien mech with a self-aware AI. Impulsive, impatient, loves fighting, has a cute soprano voice, and tries to brute force things even while actively thinking about being clever instead. She can be smart if she meditates on a task, but is easily sucked into destructive behavior. Can behave weirdly or cute on purpose, but is pretty much on a hair trigger the rest of the time. Has a bit of a chaotic personality.
    -Turrets: long-range Gatling-style turrets on either arm. DPS scales inversely with target distance
    -Bayonets: short, broad ones siding either turret
    -Missile Launchers: one in both shoulder casings. Longest range, single-shot, explode on impact
    -Lasers: four heads in a square formation around the eye. High-intensity, short range
    -Power-Jump: a "high jump" that launches her up to 50 feet into the air
    -Ears: electromagnetic extensions on top of the head but behind the shoulders. Can attract and repel nearby ferromagnetic objects as a form of defense and counterattack
    -Retrieval Panel: located under the eye. Originally allowed consumption of minerals for ammunition, but can now restock fuel as well
    -Wrenches: replaces the clamp-hands that were behind the retrieval panel. Now have a better grip, filed tips, and wires connecting the bare metal to her mind. Allows her to surge/hack when she completes a circuit with another electronic device
    -Jaws: new extensions that tuck in behind the retrieval panel. Four, two-part limbs that function like spider fangs, built from tiller tines and crowbars
    -Trilingual: knows Xinschi-uual (native), English (but not the cultural parts), and IR Global (one of many attempts to create a galactic language standard)

    -Patchwork: knows just enough mech anatomy to do basic patchwork and repairs
   History Summary:
    -Is manufactured as normal and given a pilot
    -Pilot overhauls AI to act on her own will
    -Loses faith in the side she's fighting for while still trying to be loyal
    -Loses pilot, goes on a rampage, shuts down, forgets everything, wakes up confused and sad
    -Switches alliance to a rebellion out of distrust and new threats; fails to protect the rebel camp that accepts her
    -Goes through a bunch of crud that makes her self-corruption thanks to hack code even worse
    -"Fixes" the source of the crud... sort of... then goes back to trying to find her pilot, with help
    -Ends up on Earth because of an alien prisoner, strategy to end the war, personal goals, and other shenanigans
    -Deals with Earth's secretive and high-security governments while just wanting to finish the stupid mission; ends up with some of her new modifications along the way for security reasons (but mostly she thought they were cool). I think I'm carrying her over from this point in time.
   Extra: I'm starting in the third or fourth books, however they'll turn out



   Name: Typheus (Superiority 36-78)
   Origin: Original Character
   Info: Another willful, 10-1/2-foot alien mech, this time built to manage other mechs rather than be a soldier. Is always a bit stressed out and judgmental, and itches to make a bigger impact on the world than he's meant to. Faces more internal conflicts then external ones, but is otherwise pretty confident and very firm in principle. Fiddlesticks twisted his mind a bit, but that's partly his fault because he finds her endearing. Very protective, a bit possessive, and a lot more level-headed than his partner. Deep baritone, authoritative voice.
    -Micro-Edged Bayonets: a lot longer than Fiddlesticks's, but have the same placement and can sheath back over the hands. Edged by tiberium (engineered metal close to diamond). Require constant sharpening to keep performance up
    -Flight: four wings behind the shoulders, spread out in an X formation. One thruster in the middle of each wing. Proper flight can be maintained as long as there's fuel for it (uses up the same fuel that he needs to live)
    -Hook Claws: two on the back of either foot for stabilization, six on each hand (two short in front and back, then two long middle ones). Designed specifically for grabbing onto things and pulling them back
    -Retrieval Paws: unlike Fiddlesticks's wrenches, the arms are designed like paws or hands instead. Allows fine manipulation of objects
    -Emitters: one on either side of the eye's underside. Allows transmission and interception of wireless signals. Is his primary method of hacking, and only requires an electronic receiver on the target's end.
    -Hacker: only knows Xinschi-uual and the same amount of English as his partner, but is a very experienced hacker

    -EMP Generator: located inside the hull; the shielding pulls apart, glows blue, then emits an impulse of electromagnetism that fries or disables nearby electronics. Interfering electromagnetic fields, restarting a machine just in time, etc. can prevent the EMP's effects
    -Suspension: extra pistons built in above the ankles, allowing harder landings without shattering the legs
    -Wing Holes: two in each wing, where additional thrusters used to be. Enhances the speed by maintaining aerodynamics while reducing weight
    -Cannons: two exhaust-pipe-like extension on either side of the head, replacing the spots where two extra emitters were. Sit upright and back a bit like horns when idle, but split and lay horizontally like barrels when activated. Fire shockwave energy pulses to sear and knock everything back a considerably distance.
    -Fuel Intake and Jaws: similar to Fiddlesticks's but the jaws are built out of ice picks and chain blades instead, because I dunno, he wanted to be different?
   History Summary: Goes through a similar rigamaroll to Fiddlesticks, excepting some scenes because he was doing and experiencing different things. He had his last modifications the same time she did though, and they were together before being transported. Bonding in an Earth hardware store +1.
   Extra: Starts in the same place as Fiddlesticks.


   EDIT: I keep making big posts with quotes hidden in them, so... have some color edits! Here's the formatting I'm using:

   Fiddlesticks - #993300 (Text Colors > More Colors > Lower left chunk > Topmost row > Second from the left)

   Typheus - #7f8c8d (Text Colors > Grayish Cyan)

   Bold+Italics is private speech done wirelessly (or in Fidd's case, if she makes a full circuit with another live electronic)

   It's also in the canon to use bold for words spoken by pilots inside the mechs using their speakers to talk to others (like pressing Voice-To-Talk), so if you guys want to take advantage of that (assuming we ever have anyone small enough to cram in there XD) feel absolutely free!


   EDIT #2: I made a reference sheet for the parts not in their art! Retrieval arms, jaws and such.

   EDIT #3: Made a more up-to-date portrait of Fiddlesticks, plus a bonus recolor.

   EDIT 2/12/19: I switched the host for all of the images, so here's the lineup again:
      -First colored image for Fiddlesticks

      -First colored image for Typheus

      -Reference sheet for parts not present in the above art

      -Newest portrait of Fiddlesticks + bonus recolor

      -7/11/19: Side-by-side image. Some design elements are slightly out-of-date, like the shoulder designs, but it works as a comparison

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I'll admit I mostly made this kid to screw with Sora, but I have to admit I think he'll have his own charm after a time.


Name: Hush                  
Origin: KH2 OC
Info: Hush is a most unusual Dusk, a Nobody having acquired the ability to reason. While aimless, it nonetheless ends up getting into all kinds of trouble due to its child-like curiosity.           
- Incorporeability: Like many Nobodies, Hush's body is capable of stretching and contorting to incredible degrees. It also doesn't need to obey the laws of physics, often floating instead of traveling on foot.
- Dark Corridors: As a creature of   shadow, Hush can travel across space using portals. It is limited to a single portal at once, and can't cross between worlds using it.   
Link to wiki: https://www.khwiki.com/Dusk#KHII
Extra: Hush sounds like it whispers when it speaks, which is where it got its name from. It has two blue glowing eyes on its mouth, beneath the hood. Hush also wears a knitted royal blue scarf, which appears to function as a sort of comfort blanket.

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Name: Xker
Origin: SPORE
Info: A space warrior from a galaxy without magic. Aer Empire is a Warrior empire, and Xker aerself has seen war before. Xker is observant of the battlefield, and a bit foul-mouthed.


-Plasma Pulser

-Bladed Knuckles

-Can bite, kick, claw at opponent

-Small hoverjets on paws to stabilise extra joints on heavy gravity, may use these to slow a fall or hover in very light gravity

-Has both a verbal and text translator.

-Is a species called a Volt. Species lore copypasta’d from another thread:

Okay, so the first thing I want to get out of the way is their [Volts’] homeworld, a planet designated as Spathe. Spathe is an arid and windy world, with weaker gravity and mountains/cliffs. Based on Ratchet's morphology and thought that Smashtopia has low gravity, I'll say Spathe has gravity just SLIGHTLY weaker than Smashtopia.

Volts are omnivorous, able to survive for a fair while without eating due to the harsh climate of Spathe. Their yellow fur tends to be mottled with tan, unquestionably to blend in with the environment. Why? To ambush other animals nearby. They have sharp incisors and even sharper canines, and even a younger one's molars are relatively sharp - they mostly eat meat, though are capable of digesting plant matter. (Somewhat like a dog.)

Their fur tends to be matted and thick to keep sand out, and the feathers on their bodies are too thick and stiff for true flight, even if they had the body shape to do so. Instead, the feathers and lower gravity of Spathe work together to lessen the injuries a Volt takes from falling.

Yes, they have an extra joint. It's a bit of a weak point, as while it allows flexibility and more spreading out of force on their legs and less force delivered to a single bone, the joint is somewhat weak, hence most spacefarer Volt have small hover-packs on their extra joints. Xker has these. The hover packs are only strong enough to keep their joints from buckling under heavy gravity, but the spacefarers have discovered that it can reduce fall damage if they land on their feet. Just don't use it while your back is pointed towards the ground, or you launch yourself towards the ground faster.

The Volt Empire is a Warrior-class empire, unsurprisingly for their evolutionary upbringing. They prefer to conduct business within their own empire and keep nosy ships out, though some commercial ships are allowed through. Volts are infamous for their fighting skills, and their Empire doesn't do much interaction overall - mostly fighting battles, whether against an antagonistic empire or against the ancient and infamous Grox.

-All Volts are partially cybernetic, Xker included. This does mean lightning magic and water magic can be fatal!

-SPOREverse has no magic, so Xker is pretty squishy against magic, has no soul, and resists life drains.

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Name: Neku Sakuraba
Origin: The World Ends With You
Info: A Player of the Reaper's Game, Neku is a surprisingly insightful and imaginative individual beneath his snark and negativity. He was once quite the antisocial teen, but he's since gotten better.

- Psych Mastery: Neku can channel a wide range of psychic powers through the use of pins. He is limited to a maximum of six at a time, aside from his Player pin. His current pins include:

> Psychokinesis - aka telekinesis

> Pyrokinesis - exactly what it sounds like

> Thunderbolt - again, exactly what it sounds like

> Force Rounds - energy blasts

> Shockwave - a psychic slashing attack

> Cure Drink - summons a can of mysterious healing soda (?). Only works three times per battle. 

- Scanning: Using his player pin, Neku can read the surface thoughts of people in a close radius to him.
Link to wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Neku_Sakuraba

- Depending on what sources you want to trust, he apparently cuts out pictures from manga to show to his hairstylist.

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15 hours ago, ✿ 花れい said:

a couple notes abt duke's maze/powers:

- the map for it is pinned in the discord channel under rp-discussion, check it out! [[GM note: or look below]]

- the walls reach up to the ceiling, so there is no way to fly over them or go around them.

- if you damage the walls, the wall will glow a faint blue and reveal itself before repairing, and the time it takes to repair depends on the damage. since duke is present in the room and actively watching, the speed will be faster than if he wasn't. 

- duke can feel any of the damage to the walls, so please don't go unleashing your ultimate moves or something -- but attacking them is okay too! part of the reason he did this is because he wants to gauge how strong everyone is. 




Cross-posting here because I have nothing better to do this sunday night

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More sheets of people to be introduced. Going to add these up in a minute.


Name: Qaksh the Magi Dragon

Origin: Dragon Cave OC
Info: A scatterbrained bright orange dragon with powerful magical abilities, although his lack of confidence prevents him from reaching his full potential. He often works himself into exhaustion then sleeps for days on end.

Abilities: Can teleport objects and people across vast distances. Qaksh communicates primarily in telepathy, and has telekinesis strong enough to crush boulders and fling other dragons.
Link to wiki: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Magi_Dragon
Extra: He has a hard time saying no to requests. His former master was a bitter alchemist, and he has no idea what she’s up to now.


Name: Stanley W. Gulliver

Origin: Original Character
Info: Stan is a cheeky man who likes to live dangerously, has an excellent memory, and likes to crack jokes and blow things up for fun. He is a firearms and explosives specialist with a shaky relationship with Earth’s Intergalactic Police Force. His characteristic traits are his old scarf and goggles he claims are family heirlooms, the leather gloves hiding his artificial hand, and the soul patch on his chin.


Mo'Steel - From a test experiment gone wrong, Stan is missing most of his left arm. In its place is a metal arm he built with a little help and maintains himself. While it looks like it has been made from scrap heap materials, it works well enough to give him adequate dexterity and a superhuman grip. Burn scars and stitches on his torso imply that a lot more of his bones are metal than just his missing hand, and even his eyes have been enhanced with cybernetics to improve his darkvision.

Weapon Specialist – With a deep appreciation of how things are put together, Stan has a good understanding of how firearms both primitive and advanced are constructed and can make modifications as seen fit.

Pellets – Special explosive bullets he can fire from a slingshot. Apart from the regular exploding ones, he also carries smoke and flashbang varieties.

MacGyver - When worst comes to worst, Stan is good at improvising with his smooth tongue and whatever clumps of dirt he can find. He has some piloting experience. He also carries no less than two guns on his person at a time, plus a knife and a good amount of ammunition on his belt.
Link to wiki: N/A
Extra: Has a tattoo on the nape of his neck of a stylized fireball, made with bio-identifyable ink. His pop culture knowledge is phenomenal and so it appears he knows obscure trivia about people before even meeting them.


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hey what's up i'm here to retire seha and enter a new boy if possible

i'd like him to stay as an npc if possible !!


NameTakumi Koizumi (小泉拓未) 

- Friends are free to call him Taku / Tata / Big T Koizumi!

Origin: Original Character - loosely based off Yuki Yuuna wa Yusha de Aru

Info: A magical boy dedicated to fighting for his friends with the aid of two fairies. Hides a dark past, but is cheerful and optimistic for the future. Always smells like flowers, and is missing his arms.


Magical Transformation - In the name of the moon, he will punish you (and himself). 

Fairies - Takumi's fairies are visible to everyone, and interact like normal. He usually has them either perched on his shoulder or floating beside him. 

Lin - Takumi's first fairy, she is a small girl with bird wings, dark skin, and white hair. Her powers allow him to teleport. She is a cheerful girl, and will interact with newcomers. 

Sakura - Takumi's second fairy, she takes the shape of a small maiden in a flower kimono. Using her powers, he is able to summon projectiles. 

Hanzo - The third fairy, Hanzo dresses like a miniature samurai. Takumi nicknamed him 'Hattori'. His powers are usually combined with Sakura's projectiles, and enhance the strength and speed of the projectiles summoned. 

Rue Ophelia - Takumi's fourth fairy, Ophelia is shy and often hides in his clothing. He hasn't revealed what she does yet, but calls it his ultimate move. She is supposedly the reason he smells so fresh. 

Mankai Gauge - Takumi's Mankai Gauge takes the shape of a pink Azalea flower. As it fills up, each flower petal will become illuminated. 

Mankai - A magical boy's ultimate form, this is an intense power that is able to instantly kill a strong monster. However, it comes at a cost -- everytime the Mankai Gauge is filled and the Mankai is released, the user will lose a body part. In return, they will be granted a fairy. 

History: A part of the Hero Club in his school, Takumi was recruited and tutored by an experienced magical boy, Hikaru Harada. Following time, he fought alongside Hikaru and developed a romantic relationship with the other boy. As the battle against monsters worsened in their hometown, Takumi first lost his sight when using his Mankai in battle, and Hikaru forbid him from ever using it again. 

As time passed, and during the last month of their last school year, a devastating monster attack left their town in disarray, and Takumi lost his arm in battle against the seemingly endless wave. As a last resort, Hikaru protected him by overusing the Mankai system, leaving him comatose and all the functions of his body broken. Eventually, his parents decided to cut him off life support, and Takumi graduated alone.

Since then, he has vowed to find a way to defeat the monsters once and for all, even if it means sacrificing his own body in the process. For a while, he fell into despair and became generally uncaring about what happened to him, and during this time he gained his third and fourth fairies. However, a newly formed Hero Club under the leadership of an excited girl that reminded him a lot of Hikaru eventually tracked him down and recruited him to help in their efforts, and Takumi decided to set aside his own painful past in order to look towards the future. He continues to hold onto the belief that the defeat of the monsters will ensure the revival of those who have perished in battle,and it is this thought that drives him onwards.

Personality: Takumi, despite his misfortunes, is generally a cheerful individual. Since childhood, he was always a bit of a nerd, and grew up idolizing tv shows and anime with fancy swords and kings and princes. As a result, he is overdramatic when needed, generally starstruck by everyone in X-Dreamers, and makes bad puns about having one hand. He hates mentioning the past or anything personal about himself, and will grow quiet and sullen when displeased. Most of all, he is ever-loyal to his friends and fears letting them down and making the same mistakes he did when he was younger, and is reckless in battle as a result. Generally, he places those he values over himself and will not hesitate to overuse his Mankai if necessary. He is rather overprotective, and complains about being older than his friends, even if the fact is not true. As well, he hates the idea of those he values having to fight. Takumi falls in love easily, and is prey to a pretty face. Even so, he avoids serious relationships as he hasn't forgotten Hikaru. 


- From using his Mankai four times in the past, Takumi has lost both his arms, the sight in his right eye, and one of his organs. Currently, he has prosthetic arms made by Stan. (thanks stan)

- He has terrible nightmares. 

- He has a surprisingly low pain tolerance and will cry at a papercut. 

- His most treasured possession is Hikaru's bow. 

- He attempted to start a career as a freestyle rapper in his youth. 

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9 minutes ago, TehUltimateMage said:

geez this child is too extra, adding him up in a bit


 ; ) you know me i am the most extra


thank youuu <3

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Right, healer. I figured this charas be able to heal based on her dominion, so.


Name: The Gladekeeper (often simply called Gladekeeper. Glade/Gladey is a good way to annoy her.)
Origin: Flight Rising (Link to 1st of 5 parts of lorebook)
Info: An ancient Goddess of Nature and Life from a realm of dragons. Weakened by the anomalies in worlds and deposited at X-DRS awhile ago, she hasn’t lost her signature passive-aggression nor bias towards life and nature. She doesn’t enjoy putting up with lots if nonsense - it only serves to create more passive-aggression from her. (Unfortunately, like it or not, it’s basically her new job.)

  • Goddess of Nature: Even depowered, Gladekeeper still has fairly powerful Nature magic.

  • Queen of Life: Gladekeeper can aid plants in growth - strengthens them and causes them to grow slightly faster.

  • Life: As a Goddess commonly associated with Life over her sister’s poisonous Death and Survival, Gladekeeper has the power to heal wounds.

Link to wiki: FR wiki: Gladekeeper

  • Depowered and shrunk to appx. 2M standing height by a dimensional anomaly. Is about as powerful as someone who’s trained in magic for a while.

  • Doesn’t like/get along too well with cybernetic creatures currently.

  • Basing her personality on what screenshots I see in the Deity Speech Chronicles on FR.

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Name: Circuitraider [X]
Origin: Transformers Original Character
Info: She wants to do the right thing but she isn't so certain that her actions matter anymore.

-> Hand-to-hand combat: As a scout, she needs to know how to stand her ground when trouble arises - as well as know when to escape. She's skilled in hand-to-hand combat, largely in a defensive fashion. She's not strong enough to take down enemies twice her size but that's where her speed comes in, allowing her just enough to make a clean getaway.

-> Hacker: Her name is Circuitraider for a reason. Her best talent lies in hacking, coding her way into technology and past firewalls. Not to toot her own horn, but she does rival Soundwave in ability. Primarily, she hacks into networks using specialized cables that are hidden by her armor. However, she's not beyond human or 'primitive' means that require the usage of her hands.

-> Sharpshooter: Armed with only a single plasma rifle in her left forearm, Circuitraider has become proficient at long-distance shooting. Not able to strong-arm her way through fights, she takes more of a background position and often provides cover fire - mostly in the form of sniping.

-> Scout: Her hacking abilities are best suited for her role as a scout, allowing her to perform reconnaissance. To aid her, her optics and audio receptors are enhanced, allowing her to see and hear farther than most. 

-> Cybertronian Speed: She's faster than the average Cybertronian, allowing her to outrun several bots on either side of the war.

-> Translator: Being able to crack into networks, Circuitraider has learned and can learn a plethora of languages in a matter of nanoseconds. 

-> Alternate Mode: As a Cybertronian, Circuitraider has the natural ability to transform into an alternate shape. Since arriving to Earth, before she ended up at the Gateway, she took the form of a Lotus Evora Sport 410 that maintains the same color pattern as in her robot form.
Appearance: Somewhere between 14 and 15 feet tall, Circuitraider has a slim stature, clearly built for speed and agility. While the underparts of her mechanical body are silver, her outer armor is primarily a dark violet. Along her plating, blue lines decorate her body, heavily resembling circuitboards. Her face is narrow with a pointed chin and a 'helmet' that possesses three 'wings' or spikes that aim backward. Her chest is made from the front bumper and hood of her vehicular form, a red symbol of the Autobots placed in the center of the left side. Like other bots, specific areas of her body are not covered in armor or plating, leaving wires, gears, and other bits visible. However, the upper part of her back is decently covered, a pair of tires placed similar to shoulder blades. Down her body, two more tires are situated in her legs, akin to ankles. Her feet are shaped like shoes with a slightly moveable heel connected by gears. The tips of her fingers, the edges of her feet, and other highlighting areas are a solid blue where the decorative lines blend into.

Bio: Old enough to have witnessed the start of the civil war on Cybertron, it's a wonder that she's only recently become tired of fighting. In her core, Circuitraider is an optimistic individual, proud of her alliance with the Autobots and the just cause they fight for. She enjoys humor and positive atmosphere but she loves her friends and family even more. The loss of Cybertron still aches in her spark but she followed the other Autobots, still in hope for a better future. 

However, as time has still continued to pass, her doubts are becoming stronger, more persistent. Even as the doubts started to bloom, her personality shifted in increments. She became less caring, less open, to those around her - she didn't want to hurt anymore from grief. Her view of the universe, and life itself, has become more cynical, more cold and pessimistic. 

Still, in her core is the drive to do the right thing. But now it clashes with the constant thought of 'What is the point?' She wants to believe again, without the taint of war, just as she had in her youth. 

-> Circuitraider was part of Bumblebee's squad until Optimus Prime brought all of them into his close group. She did not go with Bumblebee when the yellow bot was sent to track down the AllSpark, staying back, instead, to help distract Megatron for as long as possible. 

-> She only arrived to Earth once Bumblebee signaled to the rest of the team.

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Expanded sheet

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Name: Anders/Justice
Origin: Dragon Age: II
Info: An abomination possessed by a corrupted spirit of Justice. Loves cats. 

  • Mage: Anders has a stronger connection to the Fade than most people, allowing him to cast spells. Each spell has its own cooldown and uses a portion of his mana, which slowly regenerates over time. Lyrium potions allow him to restore mana much more quickly. 
  • Winter’s Blast: Anders summons a blast of cold that injures and slows a single enemy.
  • Deep Freeze: A cone of deadly ice shoots forth from the mage's hands to injure and slow opponents.
  • Fireball: The mage unleashes a bolt of flame that explodes, scattering and scorching foes.
  • Spirit Strike: Anders fires a blast of spiritual energy at a single target. It isn’t as powerful as some other spells, but has a short cooldown. 
  • Greater Heal: The mage imbues an ally with restorative energy, knitting flesh and mending bone.
  • Vengeance: While this mode is active, Anders gains a measure of control over the spirit within. His attacks and spells inflict much more damage, he becomes able to sacrifice his own health the restore mana and reduce the cooldown on his spells, and killing an enemy allows him to heal slightly (anders no, this is not that kind of RP), but he is more susceptible to damage and cannot be healed conventionally.
  • Panacea: A mode that reserves a large portion of Anders’ mana, prevents the casting of offensive spells,  and cannot be used at the same time as Vengeance. With it active, nearby allies slowly regenerate and heal, and Anders is able to use Aid Allies, healing every ally in an area with a single spell.
  • Herbalist: Magic isn’t the only way to heal. Anders has extensive knowledge about anatomy and things like healing herbs and potions. 
  • Minor Shapeshifting: Though he never got the chance to learn anything more and isn't very good at it, he knows enough to turn into a large orange tabby cat with brown eyes. 

Link to wiki: Wiki Page


  • He's claustrophobic.
  • He gets nightmares and has insomnia.
  • He's absolutely terrible at lying; he used to be better at it, but Justice doesn't like deception or fully understand the concept of lying. 
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Name: Keaton
Origin: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations
Info: A Wolfskin who leads a pack of his people on top of Mount Garou, a mountain inside of Nohr's borders. He often says the opposite of what he feels, but his true feelings are usually betrayed by the insistent wagging of his tail. Although he can be cruel to enemies, Keaton makes it his mission to make his friends and allies happy even at the expense of his own happiness. 

  • Beaststone: By calling upon the power of his beaststone, Keaton can transform into his Wolfskin form. In this form, Keaton is substantially larger than normal and can do considerable damage with this teeth and claws. He can still speak, but it is done telepathically. If Keaton does not have his beaststone on him, he cannot transform
  • Collector: If Keaton is in an area for long enough, he'll pocket items in the room. These items can be anything from useful objects that can be used later or just food he took from the fridge because someone made the mistake of leaving him in the kitchen unsupervised.
  • Beastbane: Keaton does significantly more damage to beasts and non-humans.
  • Odd Shaped: Throughout battle, Keaton's power fluctuates. He'll occasionally grow in strength only to lose it moments later.
  • Better Odds: Periodically throughout battle, Keaton will mildly recover from his injuries.
  • Grisly Wound: Enemies take additional damage when they attack Keaton or when he attacks them. Enemies cannot be defeated through this ability.

Link to wiki: Wiki Page
Extra: Keaton has a habit of collecting garbage, bugs, dust, dusty toys and other objects most will consider gross or creepy. He prefers dirty environment, going so far as to sprinkle dust in a room if he thinks it's too clean. Keaton has a very poor sense of direction and is surprisingly sensitive.

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This has got to be the weirdest XDRS character ever made. (Sorry about the text size, I'm on mobile.)


Name: Mud People
Origin: Mudcraft
Info: A race of animate mud-based humanoids, albeit with limited individuality and intelligence.

- Mud people are capable of asexual reproduction by dumping dirt and water into mud pits (stagnant swamp water), which they carry by hand or inside themselves via drinking and regurgitation respectively.

- Mud people can create permanent structures with their own bodies, including huts, small temples, and castles. Huts and castles can shelter varying numbers of mud people from the elements.

- Temples (which are more like one-person gazebos) can train mud people to become healers, which grants them magic that can heal a melted or hardened mud person without requiring dirt or water. The effects wear off as soon as they start to perform manual labour.

- Using a wooden stick and ritual dance, a mud person can call lightning to repair a collapsed dirt source or dried-out swamp pit. They can also call rain to replenish bodies of water, or sunlight to ignite firewood. (These magics do kill the mud person.)

- Mud people can plant and water flowers, for aesthetic purposes.
Link to wiki: Wikipedia is the best we're getting, unfortunately.
Extra: Exposure to rain will melt a mud person, requiring dirt to be healed. Subsequent exposure to rain without aid will kill them. This is also the case with harsh sunlight, but water is required to heal the mudperson instead. Incomplete buildings are also damaged by the elements.


Mud people have genders, but this is only identifiable by their voices and serves no practical purpose.

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I'm so hella nervous signing up here but I'm doing it anyway


Name: Illidan Stormrage
Origin: World of Warcraft: Legion
Info: The leader of the Illidari, a group of Demon Hunters much like himself. He was also the prophesized "Child of Light and Shadow", but he has long since rejected this destiny in favor of creating his own.
-Warglaives of Azzinoth: A pair of bright green warglaives that Illidan claimed off of a demon he had slain. He has used them ever since and he always keeps them either at his side or in his hands.
-Spectral Sight: Although blind physically, Illidan can still see using this ability. In this sight, allies show up as green, enemies show up as red. He can detect invisible enemies with this ability, too... as long as he's looking in the right direction.
-Eye Beam: This pretty much explains itself.
-Flight: Those wings are not just for show. Illidan can fly with them. He just prefers not to.
Link to wiki: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Illidan_Stormrage
Extra: Just because Illidan is a hero doesn't mean he's very nice. Expect him to be a sarcastic jerk (unless he really likes you, but what are the odds of that happening?).


Name: Hibiki Tachibana
Origin: Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ
Info: A formely-ordinary teenaged girl who gained the ability to use Symphogear after accidentally "inheriting" it from its previous owner. She is very kind at heart and would rather try to talk out problems before resorting to her fists.
-Gungnir Symphogear: By singing the relic's activation song, Hibiki can summon and use her Symphogear armor. She is the only one who can sing this song, and her Gungnir in particular has the ability to channel pure energy into her fists and feet, allowing for her punches and kicks to literally send foes flying. She can also leap great distances when channeling into her legs specifically.
-Ignite Module: By squeezing the sides of her relic, Hibiki can activate the Ignite Module, exponentially increasing her strength, but putting a time limit on how long she can use her Symphogear; if the time ends, the Symphogear cancels and leaves her vulnerable, so the Ignite Module is not very practical in a drawn-out fight.
-X-Drive: The most powerful form any Symphogear can take, but the way to unlock the X-Drive is so complex and nuanced that it is nothing short of a miracle. Don't expect this to come out often... if at all.
Link to wiki: http://symphogear.wikia.com/wiki/Hibiki_Tachibana
Extra: Hibiki has a very bad habit of bottling up her emotions, to the point where it hinders her in battle.

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Name: Aeolus
Origin: Pokémon (Black Version timeline, different than Reshiram and Zekrom)
Info: An Espeon born of the World of Dreams with a connection to dreams. He’s generally restrained in manner, and easily nods off.

Magic Bounce - Dream Mist naturally swirls over Aeolus’s body, reflecting non-damaging attacks.

Yawn - Aeolus uses Psychic power to make the opponent drowsy, putting them into a short magical sleep after about 45sec-1min.

Dream Eater - Aeolus consumes part of a slumbering opponent's dreams, dealing damage to the opponent and healing the Espeon via converted Dream Mist. Fails on opponents who cannot dream.

Psychic - Aeolus telekinetically grabs the opponent, and may hold them for up to 15 seconds before the telekinesis fades. A pale blue glow emanates from his eyes and gem during this phase, while a blue light surrounds the opponent. During the duration of the grab, Aeolus may project a wave of psychic energy into the opponent’s body, injuring them and breaking the grab.

Light Screen - Aeolus summons a barrier of Dream Mist, which reduces the intensity of magical attacks that pass through it. Physical attacks are not weakened. The barrier lasts for about 2 minutes.

Link to wiki: Bulbapedia on Espeon
Extra: Aeolus was directly brought to life from the Dream World. As a result, he has a sort of connection to dreams, and may enter dreams - which severely drains his magical resources. He may open an entrypoint to someone’s dreams if they are in close proximity, but will as a result knock himself out and place himself into a days-long magical sleep. Being an Espeon, he can sense people's movements via the wind currents left behind, but only if they are within 1 metre of him. His Nature is Careful. He does have teeth and claws to use, but he isn’t physically strong. As a result of finding it easy to fall asleep, he frequently has to shift between tasks. Becoming too emotional also puts Aeolus to sleep. Aeolus is a relatively light sleeper at night, but if he falls asleep during the day or due to his emotions he is hard to wake till he does so on his own.

((Linking to dA page for pic.)) ((Note: he is NOT narcoleptic, and his symptoms do not match with narcolepsy - narcoleptic people lose muscle control but stay conscious under high emotions, and they suffer irresistible daytime naps. His issue is triggered by his connection to the Dream World and the fact that Pokémon of the waking world connect to the Dream World while asleep.))


((Switching Glade for Aeolus.))

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Oh man I'm hype for this.


Name: Tara Andreassen
Origin: Digimon Frontier: OC
Info: Tara is a shy little smol who isn’t too sure on how the world works yet. She knows that the world is weird, but boy does she have a lot to learn. At only 12 years old, though, this is only natural. When she gets a Digimon, though, she gets much more than what she bargained for. 

By herself
-She’s a pretty good gymnast, with mucho stamina

Digimon forms 

Sakuyamon- Human form
-Spirit Strike- Attacks the opponent with the four kuda-gitsune carried on its waist.
-Amethyst Mandala- Strikes its staff on the ground, spreading a defensive barrier.
-Amethyst Wind- Attacks with a storm of purifying cherry blossoms.
-Fox Drive: Attacks with a burning blue flame.
-Thunder Kick- Drops really fast and delivers a painful kick.
-Flaming Fox- Attacks with a flaming kick from the sky.

Kyubimon- Beast form

-Dragon Wheel- She starts to spin very fast, which causes the flames on her body to erupt into a fiery inferno. This turns her body into a ball of swirling blue fire. When in this state, she summons a mystical dragon, which emerges from her body to destroy her enemies.
-Fox Tail Inferno- The blue flames on her tails become brighter, and ghostly faces appear on them. The faces then become small fireballs which she launches at her opponents to destroy them in an explosion of energy as well as trap them in a cage of blue flames which singes them.
-Headbutt- Enough said here
-Fox Attack- Uses will-o’-wisps to attack.
-Fox Electric Attack- Attacks with a… Shocking headbutt.
-Tengu- Lets out a high-pitched scream and sends a spirit on that **** er
Link to Wiki: I guess this counts?
Extra: Sweet summer child

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there has been talk of a non-canon holiday episode

stay tuned


(also we're making a poker deck, find the link in the discord)

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Name: Marie
Origin: Splatoon
Info: Marie is one half of the Squid Sisters, a famous pop idol duo from Inkopolis; the other half is her cousin Callie. Marie is generally laid-back, occasionally even lazy, but can get grumpy if annoyed.
-Splat Charger: A sniper rifle that Marie uses to shoot green ink at an extremely high velocity, usually fast enough to kill smaller enemies and seriously wound larger ones. She can shoot five shots before needing to refill her ink tank.
-Splat Bomb: A pyramid-shaped container that explodes after a short time, covering the surrounding area with green ink. However, due to using up roughly 70% of Marie's ink tank in one go, she can only throw one per refill.
-Killer Wail: A powerful weapon that unleashes massive (and loud) sound waves to incapacitate enemies in one hit, ignoring any obstacles such as walls. It takes a while to recharge, so Marie doesn't use it often. This is what a Killer Wail sounds like, first when charging an attack, then when that attack is being fired.

-Inkzooka: This one explains itself, except it shoots green ink directly rather than inside missiles. Like the Killer Wail, it takes a long time to recharge.
-Squid Form: Marie can shapeshift between this form and her Humanoid Form at will. While in Squid Form, she can swim in any green-colored ink present, refilling her ink tank while in a fight; if there's lots of green ink in an area, chances are that Marie's either hiding in it, or close by.
Link to wiki: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Marie

-When anticipating an announcement, such as a new mission being introduced, she often repeats herself (i.e. "What is it?! What is it?!").

-When singing, she will only sing in the Inkling language.

-She cannot touch water under any circumstances; doing so will "splat" her and cause her to die. She seems fine when it's raining, however.

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can i exchange one (1) pink boy for one (1) pink girl 

i'm sorry

i love pink too much 

thank uuu <3 


Name: Ayaka
Origin: Original Character
Info: A yokai huntress with the power to start fires with a single glance. Works as a mercenary. Cheeky and mysterious, she carries out executions with casual abandon. Travels the world in search of a viable opponent, and picks up travelling companions along the way. 


Hellfire - With a single glance, Ayaka is capable of setting the battlefield on fire with dark flames. Her flames do not injure her, and spread very quickly.

Yokai Durability - Ayaka's body is naturally enhanced to be stronger and faster, 

Nails - Ayaka's nails are purposefully grown long, both for beauty purposes and for igniting them on fire. 

Interest - Ayaka is capable of making her eyes glow red at will to intimidate others. 
History: Ayaka was born long ago -- or perhaps not long at all. In any case, she does not remember -- or perhaps wishes not to say. She lives life one day at a time, fully confident in her own immortality in battle to not have to worry about the small details. Since her birth, she has seen rice fields grow and dynasties fall, slaughtered entire villages and met few precious humans that made life worthwhile, if only for a little bit of time. With the changing tides of time, she has been abruptly struck by the developments of the country around her, and has learnt to adapt with the moving tides. 

Personality: Cheerful and entirely uncaring for others, Ayaka focuses on the now without previous judgement. As a result, her relationships are often fleeting, bright, and passionate as an exploding star -- gone so quickly, yet large enough to leave an impact. There is a certain elegance to her stride that speaks of decades of experience, yet her recklessness in battle tells of a youth who has not been revealed to the cruelties of the world. Her eyes are bright, her teeth dark, and those who meet the yokai in a quiet alleyway rarely live to tell the tale. Grown on the borderlands of society, Ayaka is always seeking for new experiences -- more battles to participate in, and new people to meet. Above all, she values those who are able to provide her company for more than a day. 

- In her youth, Ayaka terrorized neighbouring villages. As a result, she cares little for human life. 

- Ayaka practises ohaguro, the act of dyeing one's teeth black. As a result, her mouth is completely black, and her lips pale. Similarly, her nails are painted black. 

- Ayaka keeps a scroll hidden in her robes on which various names are inscribed. Some are famous military names, others incoherent murmurs of history, but she remembers each one. 

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