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Geoff's Fell Monstrosities

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Figured my first real start on the forum might as well be some artwork. My favorite things to work on tend to be demonic, and eldritch type things. I also really like male musculature, so that tends to come out a lot.

I tend to just open a piece and let the mood take me for a while, till I think it's "full enough" but I rarely truly finish anything.


Some finished work and sketches:


^This guy is a neopet of mine, I was really big into neopets for a few years after I rediscovered it and Mutant Poogles became my favorite really quickly.



^ This is just a sketch, I had some fun with it, was going for a "demon and his bros"


This is a WIP:


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looks awesome! I really like the middle one and the grin. :D 

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