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2017-08-28 - August Dragon Release

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Not with royal blues, either. 


Edit: or bleeding moons or frostbites or embers


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Yay a release! Too bad I'm egg locked right now. Do have one that can hatch now, trying to hatch it before I sleep cause I'm going to busy all day tomorrow and I want to grab one now,

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so far, these did NOT work:

Nebula with:


Gold wyvern


Lunar Herald






Bleeding MOon



Royal Blue

Silver (? inconclusive)

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It's Ridgewings, but maybe it's only purple x purple


i cannot try anmore, i'm out of Nebulas =/ now i'll have to wait till they are off breeding cooldown *sigh


Ridgeing (both purple and alt) with orange / green nebulas gave ridgewing eggs

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Eyyy, this was unexpected but cool beans. Guess I should dump these CB Scripts.

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Just now, Thaliel said:

one of my pairs bred a ridgewing too, but the other gave me this lovely baby



lucky. i have to wait a week now -.- because all of mine refused to give me a hybrid


now i feel annoyed trying ot help find the hybrid, wasted half my nebulas trying bad combos

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all my ridges x nebs either gave me ridge eggs, neb eggs, or "Refused to Go Near Eachother"s

RNGitis is upon me this night...

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Yay!  1st time in a while I've managed to catch the beginning of a drop.  Got 4 of the caveborn & 2 of the lovely hybrids so far.

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