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ANSWERED:ANSWERED:Adding "Same Breed" adds related breeds

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When adding dragons to a group, adding certain breeds by selecting "Same Breed" will also add all related breeds for five dragons:

-Glory Drakes (Day, Night)

-Guardian Avatars (Change, Creation, Destruction)

-Seasonals (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn)


-Xenowyrms (Astrapi, Chrono, Gaia, Mageia, Thalassa, Pyro)


ex. Searching for "Autumn" will only bring up Autumn Seasonals, but adding them by breed will add also add all Winters, Springs, and Summers.

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Sunrise/set and Xenos definitely are. I don't have enough Glories and Avatars to check with, and I don't really feel like removing 50-300 Seasonals from a group again to test them. |D


Thanks for the fix!

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