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Hello, happy to meet you all.

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Hey there, I'm new to the forum part of this site, I haven't really touched apon dragcave in 5+ years minus a few logins every couple of years to check up on my dragons, I have returned out of some curiosity and may stay for a much longer period this time and decided it was time to introduce myself. My name on dragcave is codey and I love watching dragons grow so you may eventually see me on your page clicking your dragons and or eggs, I recently got my first job in realife so I may not be the most active of users during my stay.

If I continue rambling I'll end up off topic...


It is great to finally meet everyone who takes the time to read my drabble, and it's great to be here.

Hope we'll become friends in the near future and have a great weekend all!

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Hello and welcome! Congratulations on getting your first job, what do you do, if you're willing to share? Do you enjoy coding?


I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

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