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Newest Newbie, I guess.

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Hey, I'm Narien, but you can also call me 'Love' or 'Kills' if you want to.


I suppose there is a timer or something keeping me from doing more things on the forums just yet? I can't edit my profile yet,(despite confirming my e-mail) so I assume that's the case.


Um, I am kind of awkward with conversations, but that doesn't mean I'm not really friendly and eager to get to know all of you!


Likes.... I like animals, cartoons, cosplay, comics, drawing, and trying new things.


This is how I am supposed to do this introduction thing, yes? Never actually had to do this before on other sites. ^^"

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Hello and welcome! Now that you've been approved you can edit your profile and use the forums to their fullest. We require introductions from new members to keep spammers from joining and wreaking havoc. :)


What are your favorite types of animals? I love dogs and horses. Cartoons? I don't watch too many anymore, though Yuri On Ice and Sailor Moon Crystal are on my watch list. What characters do you like to cosplay? What comics do you like? I like Mega Man x Sonic, Transformers, and Wonder Woman. What do you like to draw?

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Ah, that makes sense. :)


My favorite animals would have to be wolves, which makes sense because wolves have been used to represent my family for generations. But really, I love ALL animals! From bats and snakes to jellyfish, to cows, to birds, to dogs and cats, and so on!


As for cartoons, I watch quite a few... most recently Kakegurui and Ore Monogatarian, and getting back into the 2003 version of Teen Titans. I have never been able to get into any of the Sailor Moon ones, but Yuri On Ice is also on my to-watch list.


I currently only cosplay as Deidara from Naruto and Russia from Hetalia, but I have about 30 cosplays in-progress.


Comics, I like plenty of webcomics such as Homestuck, But I'm A Cat Person, Zoophobia, and so on, but I also like a wide variety of manga, and I love Marvel comics! (I've always thought DC was overpowered, but that's just my opinion) I also really like most of the Transformers comics.


And what I like to draw? FLUFFY THINGS! Furries, floofy pokemon, cats, baby birds, and such! I want to learn to draw humans better, of course, and I'd love to learn to draw scales and feathers better so I can branch out more.

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