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FairyTail RP (Open and actively looking for people to join)

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(Oh bugger I forgot to post)


Barty through Andy a sour look at her comment. 'She's getting extra spice in her dinner'

"Fortunately I bought a portable barbecue while we were in town," Barty said, as he opened up the boot (turnk) of the magic-mobile and hefted it out. It was about the size of a chess board but considerably thicker, with a hot plate on the top.

Barty opened up the pack of supplies, as well as the bags of various spices he'd purchased to try before purchasing them.

"Okay this is gonna be a little experiment," Barty began, looking at the girls.

"I've got three spices that looked promising here; 'Barley Gum', 'Ice willow', and 'Sunbloom'... i know weird names. I'm gonna prepare a dipping sauce made with each of these, and I'd like it if you'd help me figure out what to buy," Barty explained, opening up the cook book and showing the girls the 'sauce' page.

"Apart from that, this is gonna be a simple barbecue, so you'll be able to see how cooked the meat gets," Barty clapped his hands and a smooth glass slab appeared in front of him. He started placing tightly packed sausages on the hot plate, turning it on in the process, and started mixing things up in a glass bowl he made.

"Ahh the benefits of maker magic, on the spot cooking supplies... if only I'd learned iron maker magic, then I could have a proper saucepan... oh well glass is fine for mixing," Barty mumbled to himself as he separated the base of the sauce, before moving to turn the sausages.

"Uhh we've got left-over pork, and some beef rissoles here, which do you want, this is meant to last us remember," Barty asked, looking up from his work at the two girls.


(Ahh writing about cooking, when you don't know anything about cooking)

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(You didn't need to go in depth on how it was being made, you could have just said that he made it lol. Feel free to skip stuff like that. Hell in your next post just skip ahead if you want. Not much to say overall during cooking.)

Andromeda sat up and watched Barty set up the barbeque and got it going. She wasn't a good cook herself, having always eaten at the guild hall, but in the end she and Midori helped Barty choose a sauce and get things going. They chose to use the leftover pork from the first meal and after a bit of preparation the meal was sizzling happily on the grill.

Then it was just a matter of waiting and turning the meat now and then.


It was getting cold by now so Andromeda and Midori went to the magic-mobile and got some of the firewood that had been brought along. They started a fire easily enough and soon it was warming the two girls bodies. 
"We should probably set up a watch tonight." Andromeda said. "Just in case more of those chimeras show up."

Midori nodded in agreement and looked up with Andromeda at the stars for a moment, then back at her friend.


"Are you alright?" Midori asked quietly.

"What? Yeah I'm fine, just a little tired is all." Andromeda answered, a little confused by the question. "Solar Flare takes a lot out of me even if I'm at full magic energy."


"That's not what I meant Andy." Midori said. "You almost killed a man who said mean things to you. I wanted to know if you were doing ok and if you needed to talk."


Andromeda's face instantly became a mask when Midori brought up what had happened and what had been said. She turned her head away and looked at the distant horizon, remaining silent for a long enough time that Midori gave up on getting an answer.

"I'm sorry Andy, it's your business, I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Midori said gently before moving to stand up. 

Andromeda's hand grasped Midori's suddenly, keeping the other wizard from leaving.


"It's alright." Andromeda said quietly. "And I know you just wanted to help. But no, I'm not alright. He said things that hurt, that made me think of bad things, things I thought I had gotten over. He insulted me, my guild, and that family that makes up the guild. I wanted to hurt him so much. I wanted to destroy everything he possessed and make him beg for mercy. I wanted him to feel the same loss that I felt when my fam-" Andromeda's mouth snapped shut at that and she shrugged away the rest of the sentence. "It doesn't matter. I didn't hurt him and that's what's important."


Midori was surprised that Andromeda had opened up as much as she had, and had said as much as she did. To Midori's knowledge she and Barty were the only people to have heard this much of Andromeda's story which was surprising considering how open the younger girl was most of the time.

"How's the food coming Barty?" Midori asked. "I can practically hear Andy's stomach growling from starvation.

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(Ehh I felt I needed to fill out the post a bit)


"The food is ready!" Bart exclaimed, plopping down next to the girls.

The pork had been impaled on wooden skewers and it and the sausages were a brilliant golden brown.

Barty placed the three spice dips in the center.

"Okay I'm gonna try the ice willow dip" he said, dipping the end piece of his skewer in the pale blue sauce.


"Agh, it's like mint, tastes really cold! But the meat is hot... that's weird".

"I agree about setting up a watch, those manticores were definitely night hunters, so they might try for us again. Midori you've spent the least magic today so would you be up for the first watch. Andy still needs to recover so I'll take mid watch" Barty suggested.

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