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(Oh bugger I forgot to post)


Barty through Andy a sour look at her comment. 'She's getting extra spice in her dinner'

"Fortunately I bought a portable barbecue while we were in town," Barty said, as he opened up the boot (turnk) of the magic-mobile and hefted it out. It was about the size of a chess board but considerably thicker, with a hot plate on the top.

Barty opened up the pack of supplies, as well as the bags of various spices he'd purchased to try before purchasing them.

"Okay this is gonna be a little experiment," Barty began, looking at the girls.

"I've got three spices that looked promising here; 'Barley Gum', 'Ice willow', and 'Sunbloom'... i know weird names. I'm gonna prepare a dipping sauce made with each of these, and I'd like it if you'd help me figure out what to buy," Barty explained, opening up the cook book and showing the girls the 'sauce' page.

"Apart from that, this is gonna be a simple barbecue, so you'll be able to see how cooked the meat gets," Barty clapped his hands and a smooth glass slab appeared in front of him. He started placing tightly packed sausages on the hot plate, turning it on in the process, and started mixing things up in a glass bowl he made.

"Ahh the benefits of maker magic, on the spot cooking supplies... if only I'd learned iron maker magic, then I could have a proper saucepan... oh well glass is fine for mixing," Barty mumbled to himself as he separated the base of the sauce, before moving to turn the sausages.

"Uhh we've got left-over pork, and some beef rissoles here, which do you want, this is meant to last us remember," Barty asked, looking up from his work at the two girls.


(Ahh writing about cooking, when you don't know anything about cooking)

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(You didn't need to go in depth on how it was being made, you could have just said that he made it lol. Feel free to skip stuff like that. Hell in your next post just skip ahead if you want. Not much to say overall during cooking.)

Andromeda sat up and watched Barty set up the barbeque and got it going. She wasn't a good cook herself, having always eaten at the guild hall, but in the end she and Midori helped Barty choose a sauce and get things going. They chose to use the leftover pork from the first meal and after a bit of preparation the meal was sizzling happily on the grill.

Then it was just a matter of waiting and turning the meat now and then.


It was getting cold by now so Andromeda and Midori went to the magic-mobile and got some of the firewood that had been brought along. They started a fire easily enough and soon it was warming the two girls bodies. 
"We should probably set up a watch tonight." Andromeda said. "Just in case more of those chimeras show up."

Midori nodded in agreement and looked up with Andromeda at the stars for a moment, then back at her friend.


"Are you alright?" Midori asked quietly.

"What? Yeah I'm fine, just a little tired is all." Andromeda answered, a little confused by the question. "Solar Flare takes a lot out of me even if I'm at full magic energy."


"That's not what I meant Andy." Midori said. "You almost killed a man who said mean things to you. I wanted to know if you were doing ok and if you needed to talk."


Andromeda's face instantly became a mask when Midori brought up what had happened and what had been said. She turned her head away and looked at the distant horizon, remaining silent for a long enough time that Midori gave up on getting an answer.

"I'm sorry Andy, it's your business, I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Midori said gently before moving to stand up. 

Andromeda's hand grasped Midori's suddenly, keeping the other wizard from leaving.


"It's alright." Andromeda said quietly. "And I know you just wanted to help. But no, I'm not alright. He said things that hurt, that made me think of bad things, things I thought I had gotten over. He insulted me, my guild, and that family that makes up the guild. I wanted to hurt him so much. I wanted to destroy everything he possessed and make him beg for mercy. I wanted him to feel the same loss that I felt when my fam-" Andromeda's mouth snapped shut at that and she shrugged away the rest of the sentence. "It doesn't matter. I didn't hurt him and that's what's important."


Midori was surprised that Andromeda had opened up as much as she had, and had said as much as she did. To Midori's knowledge she and Barty were the only people to have heard this much of Andromeda's story which was surprising considering how open the younger girl was most of the time.

"How's the food coming Barty?" Midori asked. "I can practically hear Andy's stomach growling from starvation.

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(Ehh I felt I needed to fill out the post a bit)


"The food is ready!" Bart exclaimed, plopping down next to the girls.

The pork had been impaled on wooden skewers and it and the sausages were a brilliant golden brown.

Barty placed the three spice dips in the center.

"Okay I'm gonna try the ice willow dip" he said, dipping the end piece of his skewer in the pale blue sauce.


"Agh, it's like mint, tastes really cold! But the meat is hot... that's weird".

"I agree about setting up a watch, those manticores were definitely night hunters, so they might try for us again. Midori you've spent the least magic today so would you be up for the first watch. Andy still needs to recover so I'll take mid watch" Barty suggested.

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Midori and Andromeda each took the plate that Barty offered and amused themselves trying the different sauces. 

Like Barty had said the Ice Willow Sauce was really cold, the Barley Gum was sort of tangy, and the Sunbloom was roasting hot.


The moment Andromeda put sun loom in her mouth her face flushed bright red and she began to sweat. She had to take a long drink of water just to wash away the feeling of her tongue being burnt off, so after that she avoided the Sunbloom. 

In the end Andromeda decided that she liked the Barley Gum best and ate the rest of her meal with that.


When Barty brought up the order for watch Midori nodded without question.

"That makes sense." She said. "So it'll be me, then Barty, then Andy. That way you have the longest uninterrupted time to sleep and recover Andy." Midori said to her friend. 


Andromeda meanwhile was barely listening at this point, her eyes already growing heavy as she watched the glowing embers of the fire. She yawned loudly and pulled her sleeping mat closer to the fire, then rolled onto it. "Wake me up when it's my turn." Andromeda said sleepily before rolling onto her side and falling asleep without any further words. 


Midori smiled at this and stood up to start her watch, only stopping to pull Andromeda's blanket further up her friends form. It was already cold and was going to get even colder as the night went on. Nobody wanted to catch a cold during a mission, least of all Andromeda, who would be back to her old self the next day, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.


"You better get to sleep too." Midori said to Barty after she helped to clean the dishes. "Don't want you to fall asleep on watch after all."


(so I don't have anything planned for the night, if you do then go ahead otherwise it's quiet.)

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"The Barley gum does taste nice but it's really sticky... it was a nightmare to cook with... I wonder if the hot and cold effects of Sunbloom and ice willow would cancel each other out... it could make for some interesting meals," Barty replied when Andy bought it up.


Barty struggled to get to sleep initially, constantly rolling over. He must've fallen asleep at some point because he was eventually roused by Midori.

Barty's watch was relatively calm, he'd functioned himself a little cubby hole so that he could watch the surroundings from a distance without being seen himself.
His lack of sleep wasn't helping and Barty struggled to keep himself awake, eventually resorting to swallowing a pinch full of the remaining sunbloom.

He made is way over to andy and gently shook her awake, tears streaming down his face from the after effects of the spice.

"Okay, your turn leader, I'm just gonna have some milk before I sleep," Barty informed her, before himself returning to sleep relatively easy.

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Andromeda slept easily that night and while she wasn't happy to be woken up for watch she also wasn't exhausted anymore. 


After Barty fell asleep Andromeda went and climbed on top of the magic-mobiles roof where she could watch the surrounding area easily. 

The watch was long and boring with nothing to hear or see besides the endless desert.


Eventually the night passed and the horizon turned different hues as the sun started to rise. Andromeda let her friends sleep a for awhile after the sun first peeked over the horizon, then finally stood and walked over to Midori and Barty in turn, gently kicking each ones foot. 


"Come on guys time to wake up. We've got a tomb to find and money to earn. Let's go be Spinx's Paw wizards!" She said loudly as she began to pack up her sleeping roll. 


Andromeda was quick to paxk all of her things and paused only to eat some leftovers from dinner. She continued to prod and poke her friends, talking loudly all the time until they finally got up and got ready to move.


When everything was packed and ready to go the group climbed into the magic-mobile and took off.

They took things at a more leisurely pace so that they could conserve magic energy. 


After a few hours the needle of the compass was swinging back and forth more dramatically whenever they had to turn the magic-mobile and after yet another hour they finally found the tomb.


The entrance of the tomb stuck out from an enormous sand dune about 20 feet with an arched doorway leading in. The doorway was relatively simple with two doors and a carving of the Perona seal laid across them. On the left side of the arch another, smaller, seal was carved, this one with a keyhole dead center.


I guess we're here." Andromeda said as she hopped out of the magic-mobile and walked over to the tombs entrance. "I expected something, I don't know, bigger I guess." She said as she studied the front door. "Oh well, let's open this thing and get that chest!"

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(Theres really not a lot for me to post here)


"It's probably a lot bigger underground I'd wager. You never know we could be facing a labyrinth once we get inside," Barty said.

"Well all we can really do is try out the key and hope it works... if it doesn't I'll try opening up a door using my maker magic," Barty suggested, indicating for Andy to use the key she'd been given from Shamal.

"Try out the key and I'll keep an eye out in case anything activates that doesn't want us here... we still don't know what those guardians are supposed to be," Barty warned Andy, reading his magic. Behind him Midori did the same, eyes scanning the entrance for any inevitable sign of an attack.

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(Yeah sorry about that, now that I look it doesn't give you much to work with. That being said I don't want you to feel left out of everything. If you want to add something to the setting, or anything else then just say so, I'm having fun and I want to make sure you're having fun too. Also to be clear, this is the shape of the halls. They are essentially form a labyrinth like you said, although it's not designed to be one. The tomb is just huge so it seems like one. Also, these and this, are what the tomb guardians look like. They are about ten feet tall, (the roof is 12 feet high and the walls are about 15 feet apart. They can either have those giant swords, or else have giant bows. Also they are made of stone not bone so look like this. Their clothing is all cloth though. Feel free to use them as well as whatever trap you can come up with as you see fit in your posts. Like I said feel free to add whatever you want to the tomb, I don't have it planned out at all. All I know is that the tomb itself is at the center of the complex and is surrounded by all the tunnels which are filled with old relics from the occupants life.)


The double door had been sitting in the sun all day, making it radiate heat from it as Andromeda approached. She pulled out the key from the box that Shamal had given them, then pushed into the hole and turned.

A loud Clunk was heard, followed by the grinding of long idle gears. The doors to the tomb each swung outward slowly, then locked open with another Clunk

Inside a long hall stretched far into the distance, pitch darkness the only thing that could be seen past 15 feet or so. Everything smelled of dust and Andromeda sneezed loudly as she stepped gingerly onto the threshold. The walls of the tunnel had writing on them, as well as different items hanging from hooks that ranged from paintings, weapons and armor, all the way up to animal heads. A couple of spaces had murals painted on the walls as well, but without a better light source it was difficult to see anything.


Andromeda raised her hand and willed some energy into it, creating a shining orb about the size of her fist that floated up and hovered above her head like a miniature sun. 

"I guess we go in?" Andromeda asked, looking back at Barty and Midori. 

Leaning forward Andromeda gently touched her foot to the ground in the long hallway and, screwing up her eyes, she put her weight on it. 
Ten long seconds went by before Andromeda opened her eyes and looked around cautiously. Nothing bad had happened so she carefully brought her foot other foot forward and stood still, looking around for any obvious signs of traps. 


"So um, how do we deal with traps?" Andromeda asked as her friends joined her. "Do we just wander around or is there some way to detect them? Also I've never well, robbed a tomb before, so I don't really know how to go about it. Any ideas or do we just go in and hope for the best?"

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(So how do you feel about giant spiders?)


Barty coughed as the dust poured out of the entrance, and waved it away from his face.

He flicked on the torch he'd brought and shone it down into the tomb. He noticed several cobwebs hanging from the cieling.

"Well it'd be slow but I could just turn all the ground into clay, that'd stop any pressure activated switches from working," Barty suggested.

"I've never robbed a tomb either but I can guess that you wouldn't want to take anything you shouldn't. Don't want to touch anything either, you never know whats trapped... also judging by the look of this place some things might live in here, if spiders can get in there's bound to be other things," Barty said hesitantly, scanning the halls.


(Sorry I can't think of much focused a bit too much on the MHA rp, but yeah, that set you up for potentially other dangerous creatures inside)

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(I'm interested, just distracted! And I'm not writing much because I don't want to go too far out of left field)

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(I'm sorry that came out wrong. It looks way more aggressive then it was meant to be. I was just politely offering you an out was all. I'm glad you want to continue playing because I'm having a lot of fun. Also sorry for the wait, been busy.)


Andromeda sucked in a breath when Barty mentioned spiders and shivered. She hated creepy crawlies and didn't want anything to do with spiders. 

Still, the job required that they go into the tomb, which meant sucking it up and pressing on.


After checking to make sure the others were following, Andromeda slowly began to make her way further into the tomb, her little light making a soft glow around her that never quite reached the walls due to the dust. 


The tomb was unnaturally quiet, the only sounds being the groups footsteps which was deadened by the layer of dust on the ground.


"This is really creepy." Andromeda whispered, her voice swallowed by the unnatural quiet.


It was at that point that Andromeda blundered onto the first trap, which was a simple trip wire. Enormous two foot metal spikes flew from one wall and embedded themselves in the opposite wall. The only reason Andromeda wasn't impaled was because she tripped on a loose stone letting the spikes fly right over her.


"Holy ****!" Andromeda exclaimed, breathing hard as she walked forward and touched the unyielding metal spike which was sunk at least a foot into the wall.

"Holy freaking ****."

She said again before looking back at the rest of the group, her fear visible after her brush with death. 


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Barty felt his heart nearly skip a beat as the spikes flew over Andys head.

"Holy mother of magnolia! Are you alright!?" Barty asked, his torch light frantically sweeping the ground in front of them for any more tripwires.

"That was terrifying!" Midori exclaimed, checking to see if Andy was okay.

Barty cautiously stepped over to the metal spikes and examined it, shuddering.

"Damn with that kind of force I doubt my earth could stop them. Midori think you could give us a couple shields?" Barty asked turning towards her.

"Yeah," She said hesitantly. "But they'd be pretty heavy," She said.

Barty shrugged. "Diamonds near indestructible isn't it, it shouldn't have to be too thick," Barty said.

Midori sighed, "That's not how it works, it has points that can be broken if hit the right way. Otherwise jewlers would have never been able to cut it before magic tools".

Barty scratched his head.

"But I can make something that should work," Midori said, her hands glowing.

Two fairly large curved shields of glittering crystal appeared. She passed one to Barty and hefted the other onto her arm.

"If we stand three by three this should cover both sides," Midori said, a little strained as she hefted the heavy object.

Barty himself was surprised by how much it weight and struggled to hold it on his left arm.

"We'll definitly have to move slower, but if it means no metal spikes to the head I'm fine with that," Barty said. "Make sure to keep an eye on the floor Andy," Barty advised.

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Andromeda has turned and was staring at the metal spikes again, not paying attention to anything but her brush with death. She did however react when her name was said and turned to look back at her friends. They were both carrying what looked like extremely heavy shields made of diamond, and neither looked like they were having an easy time of it. 


“I could just make shields of light if you wanted, although it would drain my magic.” Andromeda offered as she took her position between Midori and Barty. 


The group must have looked strange walking walking as they were, but it was better that then dead, and it seemed like this place wanted them dead. In fact what Andromeda had taken to be cobwebs at first were starting to get thicker and look more like spiderwebs. 


“I hate spiders.” Andromeda whispered loudly as they approached a large on that crossed the entire hall. “What are they even eating in here? There aren’t any other bugs.”


It was at that point that they all spotted a skeleton hanging from an especially thick web. It was a rat that had died long ago, but from the way the webs were stuck to it, it looked like a spider had captured it as easily as it would a fly and ate it slowly.


“That has to be a huge spider.” Andromeda whispered. “Is it dead do you think? I mean how could it not be? There aren’t any rats.”


”That we’ve seen.” Midori said, earning a nasty look from Andromeda, who didn’t particularly want to hear that idea. “Of course that’s just an idea, I doubt it’s still alive.” Midori said quickly.


(Feel free to control the spiders if you want.)

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(I hope you don't mind, it's just a little weird not to have Andy talk through all this)


"Midori's got a point, we don't really know how old this thing is. Spiders like to suck the blood from their prey so it could cause faster degradation of the skin... so those bones might not be that old," Barty said heartily, grinning at Andy.

"And they're rats, they can get into anything, those rodent repelling lacrimas you see at shops. Complete bogus, the only way you're gonna get rid of a host of rats is to kill them. Of course if there were a lack of food spiders are cannibals," Barty continued.

The trio continued walking, their lights swaying in front of them on the floor, every now and then the group paused to trigger a trap, which were starting to increase in frequency.

After around 15 minutes of walking they came to a large door. Either side of it were two small streams of what appeared to be water, slowly moving down and out of site to the side of the hall.

"Checkpoint, woohoo!" Barty joked.

Stepping closer he noticed the keyhole once again visible in the doors center, he shone the light down at the two ducts and noticed that it wasn't water; it appeared to be oil.

"Hmm... this is suspicious," Barty said to himself.

Looking up he noticed some odd looking stones near the cieling, they were made of a different material to the structure around them.

"That's flint," Midori chimed.

"Yeah, and this is oil," Barty confirmed. He got down on his knee and examined the path they'd been treading, it contained thin lines through it, and on very close examination Barty noticed that these were actually small ducts, with the oil passing through them.

"Well this is pretty textbook... obvious thing to do is to put the key in, but that probably triggers the flint to ignite the oil, which will burn us," Barty said glumly, looking over his shoulder, they'd walked under an arch and he now figured that it would seal itself if the oil was ignited.

"Are you sure?" Midori began, "There's only one key, wouldn't this be for people who try to brute force their way through?" She suggested.

Barty frowned.

"Alright, Andy give me the key, you two step back just outside the arch there. I'll try the key, if it works, all good, if not you two can free me!" Barty said cheerily, taking the key off of Andy.


He waited for the two to back up beyond the point, he'd given the heavy shield to Andy for the time.

Barty turned and carefully inserted the key, he was holding his breath, listening for any type of trigger mechanism.

He slowly turned the key and there was a loud banging noise.

Barty flinched and his eyes darted up towards the flint but they hadn't moved. Curious he pulled the key out of the hole and stepped back.

The bang sounded again, followed by a painfully loud screech, forcing Barty to cover his ears.

"Ugh, what did you do!?" Midori's voice called out behind him.

"I turned the key! I don't know why it's doing this," Barty responded, confused.

Midori and Andy walked back up to Barty and began to examine the door, as it continued to make the screech.

"It sounds like it's trying to open, but somethings blocking it," Andy said.

Barty nodded, but what could be blocking it.

"Alright, I'll break down this door with my maker magic. We've turned the key so I don't think the flint should activate now... but step back a bit," Barty said reluctantly.

He clapped his hands and placed them on the door, with a burst of light several large cracks formed on the door. Barty pulled his hands away.

"Oh nice one, that helped loads," Andy said sarcastically.

"The doors cracked, it should've fallen down by now, hold on," Barty rebutted. He clapped his hands again and a mace of earth appeared in his hands.

He swung his arms and the mace collided with the earth, dust from both the door and the mace flew off but strangest of all the doorway seemed to jiggle.

"What is up with this door!?" Barty exclaimed loudly, visibly frustrated. The mace in his hands changed to a pick and he jammed it into the crack and began to jimmy it until it hooked on something at the back.

"Ha! I've got it. Hey give me a hand with this," He called back to the other two.


Together all three of them pulled hard and the large central chunk of the door started to pull back, Barty the tallest of the three could see over it and his jaw dropped as he saw the reason why the door hadn't been moving.

"Oh **** Andy... don't freak out," Barty said reluctantly as the three dropped the pick, the large piece of door landing with a thud on the ground.

Connecting it and the doorway itself were several thick white threads, interlaid in a familiar pattern. It was a very thick spider web.


(I'll leave it here for you, but I'm thinking the door leads to a large atrium. It has a high cieling, 3 other entrances at north, east and west (we're at south) and a pit that goes 40-something meters down into more oil (though the bottom can't be seen cause it's so dark). The path we're on heads out for 5 meters before reaching a large circular floor suspended in the middle over the pit, with 3 other paths heading to the other doors. The walls and cieling, and a lot of the floor are covered in the spider web, only the extreme corners over the pit aren't. And lets just say that even though the cieling is covered in spider webs... it looks black and moving :3 Up to you if you want one giant Aragog sized spider or several smaller Shelob sized ones)

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Andromeda did her best to help her friends open the huge door, and eventually, after a lot of swearing and hard work, they got it to open enough to see inside. 


Or at least the other two saw inside. Andromeda’s eyes had instead focused on the enormous spiderweb and she seemed to have frozen in place. While Barty and Midori took in the sights of the actual room, Andromeda could only follow the strands of the spiderweb until her eyes were looking up at the ceiling, which was pitch black, but moving.


”Andy?” Midori asked, noticing Andromeda literally quivering in fear. “Andy are you ok? There’s nothing here, just some webs.”


At this Andromeda whimpered and barely managed to point up at the ceiling where a roiling mass of black moved about. It looked like the entire ceiling itself was moving around, and as she watched Andromeda’s little light glinted off of dozens of eyes as they focused on the intruders.


“Barty.” Midori whispered loudly. “Barty, Andy’s freaking out, and that’s a lot of really big spiders up there.”


It was then that Andromeda dropped her diamond shield, which crashed to the floor and made enough noise to wake the dead. 

The echoes seemed to go on forever, and while they reverberated around the room everything seemed to freeze until the last echo died.


The quiet lasted for what seemed like forever before a clicking sound came from above. The clicking multiplied until it sounded almost like applause. Of course applause didn’t usually herald the sight of an enormous spider the size of a small house falling from the roof and landing on the suspended platform. With a thud that made the ground shake.


What was worse were the dozens of other spiders, each the size of a a dining room table, that followed the giant down on webs that they pulled from themselves.

Hundreds of of thousands of ordinary sized spiders followed down the walls as well, and everything looked like miniature versions of the enormous one in the center of the room.


Andromeda made a faint sound in her throat that sounded like something between a scream and a whimper. Both of her green eyes were as big as dinner plates, and if it weren’t for the fact that she couldn’t move Andromeda would have run screaming from the room.


”What do we do Barty?” Midori asked as the large spiders began to advance slowly towards the intruders. “Barty, Andy’s frozen. Should we run or try and fight?” Midori asked, a hint of fear in her voice as well. 

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"HOLY MOTHER OF FIORE!!" Barty exclaimed as the spiders started moving closer.

He couldn't believe their size, he expected dog sized spiders at the most but there were so many of them, and the one huge one.

"Burn them!!" Barty exclaimed in response to Midori, his hands clasping together.

"Earth Make Lava Rain!" He exclaimed loudly as several shards rock appeared between his outstretched hands, before turning a glowing orange and hurtled forward at the spiders, his eyes fixed on the largest one.

The searing shards of molten rock hit the huge arachnid in it's overlarge thorax and the creature let out a sickening squeal of pain. In response the other spiders started hurrying forward at a rapid pace, scurrying down the webs.

"Diamond Arrow!" Midori shouted from Barty's right. A glittering arrow, shot forward piercing straight through the nearest spider as it made it's way towards the platform.

On impact the creatures legs curled and it dropped off the threads and into the pit, after a short fall the crew heard a dull *splat*.

Barty caught his breath, Midori's quick dispatching of one of the table sized spiders showed that they weren't indestructible.

"Okay, the big ones tough, we need a heavy hit to hurt it, Andy show that thing the power of your magic! Midori keep focusing on the ones that get near, don't worry about the little ones. I'm gonna do something about the webs!" Barty said quickly.

He clapped his hands and a glowing red sword appeared in his hands, the tip was oozing magma. Barty ran up to the series of webs connecting the platform to the ceiling on the opposite side of the room from where they entered and slashed at the threads.

The burning blade sawed through them like butter, but the webs didn't catch alight, with the dim light of his sword he noticed that the strands had blackened.

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Andromeda didn’t respond at all to any of what was being said or done around her, nor did she do anything when Barty yelled at her.

Instead her eyes were locked on the enormous spider in the center which was watching the group with its enormous black eyes. 

The young wizard had frozen in fear and she couldn’t so much as move let alone fight even though the monstrous horde was coming closer all the time.


“Andy!” Midori helped as she let loose another arrow which stabbed through a spider, killing it outright. “Andy you have to fight right now!” 


Andromeda didnt move at all of course, and it was quickly becoming evident that she wasn’t going to snap out of it herself.




”Andromeda snap out of it! We are going to die if you don’t help! Do something now or we won’t see our family at the guild again!” Midori roared after slapping Andromeda hard enough to leave a palm print on her face. 


Andromeda stood staggered back under the blow, but blinked and looked at Midori in shock, then down the hall to where the spiders were advancing. 


“Andy we need a solar flare!” Midori helped as she looses arrow after arrow. 


“I can’t!” Andromeda yelled back as she finally raised her hands and loosed a beam of light which hit a spider dead center and sent it flying. “I have to be outside where I can see the sun or the stars!” 


Midori cursed loudly but kept shooting arrows as fast as she could, killing spiders with every hit.


Andromeda, meanwhile, had bent down and picked up a couple chunks of stone that had come off of the door that they had pried open. These she held up to her mouth and blew on, making each chunk glow bright yellow before thrusting her hand out towards the spiders.


“Meteor strike!” Andromeda yelled as the rocks suddenly blurred into streaks of light and pierced through different spiders. 


Where Midori’s arrows left small, neat holes in the spiders, Andromeda’s meteors made large, messy wounds that pulled a good hunk of the spiders innards out behind them.


The large spiders were slowly being ground down by the large amount of magic being their way, but the massive spider in the center was still mostly unhurt. In fact it just seemed to be getting angry, and when yet another spider died it reared back and spat venom at the group which visibly hissed and caused the stone to bubble wherever it touched.


”Hard light!” 


“Diamond wall!”


Midor and Andromeda yelled at the same time, making a pair of barriers that protected the group from the acidic poison. 


“We’ve got to kill that thing!” Andromeda yelled as she released her spell, allowing the poison to fall to the ground where it hissed and bubbled on the stone. “Any suggestions Barty?”

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Barty was preoccupied hacking off as many of the connecting strands as he could, the flame was enough for his sword to pass through the webs without getting struck.

Barty was outside of the protective magic of Andy and Midori but fortunately wasn't the target.

"Damn they spit acid!? What kind of spider spits acid!?" Barty exclaimed in disbelief, quickly making a simple rock shield for himself in case any of the spiders were to act in kind.

"The table sized ones we can take out! But you're right the big one needs to go and I don't know what'll get it if it could withstand lava so easily," Barty called out to the other girls, slicing at a nearby spider which hissed in pain before dropping into the pit.

Barty took a moment to look down at the pit, he couldn't see the bottom as it was quite deep, all he knew was that there was a liquid at the bottom based on the splashing sounds they heard.

Wait a minute Barty thought his gaze turning towards the doorway they'd come through.

"Alright!" He exclaimed, "I've got a plan, you two clear a path and get to one of the bridges leading to an exit, it doesn't matter which one, just lure the big one off his webs and onto the platform! Wreck the cieling a bit, shred up his webs or his legs show our rations to him, anything to get him on the platform, I'll handle the rest after that. Just make sure you're on one of the connecting bridges!" Barty finished.

He turned and ran towards one of the bridges, just like the one they'd entered through the connecting doors were all coated in webs, and several large spiders had made their way on them in an effort to get the the group.

Barty chucked the sword in the air and clapped his hands, the blade reformed into a number of glowing pellets like before and the shards soared forward, burning through multiple spiders as well as the webs. Multiple spiders dropped in an instant, one that had been injured hissed and spit out acid at him. Barty's eyes widened and hastily brought up his shield blocking the acid.

He heard a sinister bubbling and could feel a slight tingling on his arm, quickly he through the shield off, the center of it almost eaten through, before it transformed back into dust. Barty panted and quickly made a second one, slightly thicker than the last and moved forward towards the nearest pathway.


(I have a cunning plan)

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Andromeda and Midori both stood stunned for a brief moment as Barty suddenly ran away from them with spiders trailing, but quickly got their act together as more of the large spiders advanced towards them. They both turned and ran to the nearest bridge, in this case the one that they had entered from, blasting spiders the whole way. 

When they reached the bridge in question they both turned to face the spiders and opened fire at them, blasting a good number away before turning their attentions to the one on the roof. If it weren't for the fact that the group had dealt with a lot of the spiders already they wouldn't have been able to focus on the large one, but as it stood the smaller spiders seemed a bit more cautious after so many others had been killed.


Both Midori and Andromeda turned their attention to the big spider and began firing spells indiscriminately at it and the webs around it. The spells that targeted the spider itself were just as ineffective as Barty's original spell, with even Midori's arrows glancing off of it's hide. The spider hissed at them like an enormous snake and spit more venom at the two which Andromeda deflected to the side using her hard light spell. 
The spells targeting the webs and nest itself were brutally effective though, and easily severed the silk strands which fell into the pit below, taking with them the eggs and smaller spiders that were still growing there. 

This more then anything seemed to enraged the enormous spider above, and it only took a couple of volleys for it to finally get angry enough to try and deal with them. 
Unlike the table sized spiders, the huge one didn't bother with a silk string to descend to the floor, instead it just rolled over and let go of it's webs, falling down to the platform below where it landed easily, it's weight making the ground itself shake. 


The thing was even more massive on the ground then it had appeared up above, with a bloated body and thick legs that were as big around as small trees. It was covered in a heavy black carapace that reflected the light from Andromeda's miniature star, while the flesh that could be seen between plates was a disgusting greyish-white.

It's eyes were enormous black orbs the size of beach balls and all of them were focussed on Andromeda and Midori as it began to advance towards the two girls.


"Now would be a very good time Barty!" Midori yelled as she fired more arrows at the advancing spiders. "Andromeda's frozen again and I don't know if I can outrun this thing if I have to carry her with me!"

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(Lightning fast reply!)


Barty's face contorted into a sinister grin and he crouched down, turning towards the center platform and the giant spider seated on it. The beast was turned towards the opposite side where his two comrades were but that didn't matter.

"Nice," He said and dramatically clapped his hands together.

"Earth-make: lava-style, floor!" A wave of red magic shot forward outwards from barty's hands, traveling over the platform, beneath the huge spider and stopping just before the bridge where Andy and Midori stood.

Then the platform broke off from where Barty stood, the magic coursing through the stone emitting a red glow. The sandstone quickly started turning red and crumbling apart as it liquefied. The spiders all on the platform let out screeches as their footing became burning hot and fell under them.

Andy and Midori's work to sever all the attached threads payed off as one by one the spiders fell with the stone into the pit.

As the center of the platform fell the giant spider didn't let out a hiss in pain, but what seemed similar to a rumbling growl that you'd get from a predatory creature. However, as the footing fell away it too fell with it.

As the glowing platform fell into the pit Barty let out a satisfied/relieved laugh, his plan had worked!

He'd noticed that the bottom of the bit had held a liquid, based off the splashing sound, but it hadn't sounded right to him and then he'd remembered the oil at the entryway and put two and two together.

There were loud *plops* as the lava and spiders fell into the pit, followed by a very loud *WHOOOSH* as the atrium suddenly lit up, the fire from the pit reaching almost to the platforms previous height.

Now the mother spider let out a hideous screech as it fell into and under the surface of the oil, which had quickly caught alight due to the intense heat of the lava.

Barty glanced over at his two guildmates and was relieved to see them both standing safely on the path on the opposite side.

He ducked as a thin spray of acid flew over him and remembered that there had still been spiders left on the walls.

"Okay! Now we just gotta finish off the rest- Barty's voice faulted and he dropped to a knee, his earth shield fading away into dust.

"Ugh... that used up more than I was expecting," He mumbled to himself.


(What barty was going to say was: "Now we just gotta finish off the rest, then I'll make you two a path to get over here!" )

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Andromeda and Midori watched as the enormous spider and a good hunk of its brood fell into the pit below, which caught fire a few moments later with a roar as the fire spread across the oil. There were screeches and hissing as spiders were burnt alive below them, but eventually they faded away to nothingness. Of course Andromeda was more concerned about Barty when she saw him drop to one knee, and she immediately lashed out at the remaining spiders, destroying them as quickly as possible with Midori's help.


Luckily there weren't that many left because both of the girls had to fight off both their own spiders and the ones approaching Barty, but eventually the last spider was pitched off the platform to be burnt in the flaming oil below.


Andromeda's attention was already on Barty though and she was heading towards the end of her bridge where she again used her 'hard light' spell to make a stable floor for both her and Midori to cross on. The floor in question was see through and full of shimmering lights, but was as solid as the stone they had been standing on.

Once across Andromeda went to Barty immediately and knelt beside him, offering him her canteen even as she put a hand on his shoulder. "You ok Barty?" She asked with a concerned tone. "That had to have taken a lot out of you. Do you want to go back outside and rest?" 


"That was some plan you had Barty." Midori said as she looked over the edge of the stone bridge. "I didn't know there was oil at the bottom. Course I didn't really have time to check either. Anyway I don't think we should leave Andy, we can rest for a bit, but we can't risk leaving and having this place disappear. At least that's what I think. What about you Barty? Go on or go back?"

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Barty dropped down onto his rear and let out an exasperated groan.

"Thanks for the save there, that spell exhausted me," He said to the girls.

He looked around, then back down at the pit.

"Yeah, well I heard them splatting into something that didn't sound like water, and then I remembered the entrance had oil, so I put two and two together, that was all. The rest was just timing and magic," Barty said, somewhat confidently.

He listened as the two began to discuss what they should do and spoke up.

"I think staying here to rest for a bit would be good, I'd be dead weight if I didn't rest sometime and we've come in too to go back now," Barty said.

He paused and once again examined the walls.

"And I'm pretty sure their aren't any traps in here... the spiders living hear probably meant it was safe and if it wasn't all the webs must've frozen them up, like how the door couldn't work," Barty sighed and flopped down onto his back, crossing his feat.

"Yup, I'm content with resting here for a bit," he finished.

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Andromeda took a breath and looked around when Barty said that he wanted to rest, then sat down on the stone herself. She made a small gesture and the light that floated above her head floated to the center of the group and got brighter, spreading its glow all around the chamber. Unlike the fires below this was soft and inviting however, more like the light of home then anything else.


Andromeda’s hands were shaking as she dug into her satchel and withdrew some rations and tossed them to Midori and Barty. It wasn’t just adrenaline that made her shake, it was also the horror of what she had just seen. Some people said that if you face your fear then you’ll get over it, Andromeda knew firsthand how much that saying was actually worth. Her encounter with the spiders hadn’t made her fear them less, it had just validated her fear and made it worse. 

Though she knew that they were safe for the moment Andromeda was still on edge as she hit into her jerky and took a swig or water. 


Midori soon sat down too after glancing around the room, but she was on edge as well, although she was more wary for any danger then being scared. 


“So which way do we go?” Andromeda asked after a few minutes. We’ve got three paths to choose from, so which way?”



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Barty opened his pack and pulled out his bottle of water and took a large gulp.

The room was quite hot, he hadn't expected the fire to continue for this long. Glancing over the edge barty saw the smouldering corpse of the huge spider, as well as several others. There was almost no oil left, it all burned up.

He looked back at the girls.

"Well we can pop over and look at the other entrances... there might be a riddle or something that will leads us to the right way," Barty paused and rubbed his chin.

"If not we can just wing it and open a random one, we still haven't met those guardians... I don't suppose the spiders killed all the guardian," Barty said, grinning at the other two.

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