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Hi everyone

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I'm bluething, I came from Chickensmoothie (a pet website sorta thing), anyways hi. My favorite color is baby blue and I like dragons & cats.

Also I mostly made this mostly so I can ask a newb question: how much clicks (approx.) does it take to hatch an egg?



Also why does my topic have to wait approval and why can't I edit my profile?

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Hello & welcome to DC forums! 

It doesn't take "clicks" to hatch an egg. Views hatch an egg. It varies I think how many views needed; my dragons usually have about 1500 or so (but I think they can hatch lower). Put your eggs into fansites to have them hatch. There's a list of fansites here: 

Also, your topic has to be approved in order to weed out spam accounts that attempt to register on the forums. You should be able to edit your profile now. :) 

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