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Wild Soulibur appeared!

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Hello. My name's Soul. A lifeless programmer from South East Asia. 


I'd played DC for a few years, took a break another few years, and decided to come back again because my workplace blocks every enjoyable site except DC.

As a hobby, I typeset and redraw doujinshi, though under a different pseudoname. I also watch some anime when I have time.


While I always try my best to communicate well, sometimes I might make some English mistakes due to me being a non-native speaker.

Let me know if you don't understand any parts of my message here or anywhere else!


Thank you and nice to meet you. :nyan:

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Welcome! We've actually had multiple people coming back to DC after an absence lately, according to the introduction threads. I'm glad you decided to come back, I hope you have fun catching up!

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