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Animorphs: The Sign [invite-only]

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((This is invite-only, and works a little differently than your usual RP. However, if you are interested in joining the team, send me a PM and I may consider your application.))'







My name is Chandra.


It's probably not a good idea to be writing this down, and definitely a worse idea to put down any personal info in this document, but I'm making this so there is some record of what we're doing in the event that they find us and terminate us -- or worse. I can't give you a last name, just to be safe, and all the names of these people and places are mostly fake. But the events written here are very, very real. This isn't some YA novel garbage involving romance and the supernatural, even though some parts might feel a little far fetched.


What do I mean by they? They are creatures who want nothing more than the total subjugation of the human race. They're not from here, and they are probably all around you right now. Physiologically, they are small, sluglike parasites that crawl in through a person's ear and squeeze themselves into the brain, taking full control of that person's conscious functions and obtain any and all of their habits and memories. Even if you stare into the depths of their souls, you can never tell if your loved ones are slaves to their own bodies. The slug maintains the facade as if nothing were amiss. The real person behind those eyes is crying, begging, screeching for freedom. We call these infested humans controllers.


I used to be ignorant of all this, like everyone else on this planet who hadn't already been caught and turned into controllers. I used to be normal, until this new reality became my new life. It was like someone strapped me down and forcefully shoved the red pill down my throat and in a split second the world as I knew it was destroyed and is nothing more but fragments of constant paranoia that they would find something amiss with me and assimilate my existence. (Then, I'd be normal I'd guess, since the new norm seems to be being controlled by brain slugs.) We actually don't know how much of a grip they have on the world so far, but if we wait, it won't be long until the worse case scenario comes up. On the other hand, all we really can do is wait. Buy time. Sabotage their conversion efforts until the promised Andalite rescue fleet comes to drive them out.


But enough about that. More about The Day I Ceased To Be A Normal Teenager because I crave the attention I desperately need in this document that probably no one would read, ever.


It was right in the middle of our school's annual camping trip where everyone just gets brought out into the woods and by the water to just relax and have a good time. Due to administrative changes, the trip got shortened to three days this year (which is perfectly fine by me because honestly, I hate the outdoors). It was in the middle of nowhere, with quaint faux-log cabins constructed on the rock and docks stretching into the lake where a couple motorboats were tied in. No chance in hell they'd let any of us drive one without a boating license. Bored, I picked up a pebble and tossed it into the water. It sank with a large splash. We had the afternoon off from tiring team games at least, but with no wifi and no phone signal we might as well have been in purgatory.


It wasn't like I didn't have friends or anything! They just had other better things to do than stare into the horizon with pine needles poking their butts, waiting for the dinner bell like me.


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