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Hello! I am SeaDragon.

I have been playing this game very casually since 2009. I never made a forum account, though, so I've made one because I have a few questions that I need to ask. :)

(The main questions are: How long do abandoned eggs remain in the abandoned area? Do they just disappear after some amount of time? Or do they stay until their timer is up and they die? Thank you!)


Nice to meet you all!


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Hello and welcome! I love your name.


Abandoned eggs will remain there until they are either picked up by members or run out of time and die. Most eggs do not last long enough to die in the AP, since ER eggs (3d23h left and less time) hatch immediately with enough views they tend to be picked up faster than eggs with 7d left.

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Thanks for the welcome, purpledragonclaw! I love your name, too. :) And thank you for the answers. That is very good to know.

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