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DUPLICATE: Dragon Trading

What's your favorite type of Dragon? Put your favorite dragon in your first post!  

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I just thought I'd set up a thread where people on the site can exchange and trade Dragons if they happen to have a Magi on hand. Here, you can also chat and set up your own lists of requests for dragons you need, if you happen to be particularly unlucky in finding the breeds you need.


My current requests:

Aeon Wyvern

Coast, Desert, Forest, Jungle Zyumorphs

Astrapi(Alpine), Thalassa(Coast), Chrono(Forest), Gaia(Jungle) Xenowyrms

Requirements: I am really asking for eggs for the breeds I need, so I can get that info. I'm being like I am in Pokemon and trying to "catch 'em all" and fill out my Encyclopedia


Poll Answer:

I like a lot of dragons, but I'd have to say two of my all-time favorites are the Nexus and Royal Blue.

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General Discussion is for about non-DragonCave related topics. Regular DragonCave topics go in Site Discussion, while specific trading threads usually go in the Trading sub-forum. There is already a fairly active thread for listing what dragons you want, here:


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