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Whether the planet was made by the willpower of a god saying it should exist, or by astrophysical cause-to-effects generating it naturally, none can say. Maybe a god was created by Man, then went back in time to create themselves instead. Who knows...

But there is now at least one world. Alone in the dark, drifting, falling, slowly heading... well, let's not discuss that now. There are people of various kinds on this planet, living mostly on their own, rarely interacting with each other. Most of them don't even know of each other's existence. Some are frail-looking but surprisingly strong people with pointy ears and sharp features, living in the forests. They call themselves 'elves'. There are a few types of them that look and act differently than the rest, but those were the first.


There are short and hardy peoples that like to dig and live underground. They're hairy and noisy with bulbous and round features, but fun to be around. They call themselves 'dwarves'. In between the two of those, is another species called 'human'. They don't stand out in any way, unlike all other species.

There are people with such small and smooth scales that you can't even tell they're reptilian, even close-up! They live by the sea, and call themselves 'yish'. They're quite mysterious since they usually only like to give vague supportive answers. Another hard one to understand for many is the race known as 'felpool'. They are humanoid and very similar in features to humans themselves, just as the other races are, but they have cat-like ears on the top of their head, and long tails. They never give anyone a straight answer, and instead usually choose to just lie.


There are some places of the world that are still wet to the touch- and not the rivers or oceans. Not the lakes or streams. The wood of the trees, the surfaces of rock. Liquid stone, liquid tree bark. Some say that the world is still new; still being forged by the gods, and places like that didn't stabilize yet. New islands and mountains, forests and fields still appear. Most people don't realize the difference. Hidden crystals in Dungeons can recognize it, but they have their own means of knowing such things. Nations getting split in half and new land being placed where the hole was made don't always realize it unless they're small Nations- their borders are usually set by landmarks. New land means the landmarks are further, so their territory is bigger with no effort.


Monsters roam the world, though. Ancient things from beyond time, maybe from before the world was made. Odd things happening often makes them appear more and more, and sometimes even mortal nightmares cause a new beast to spawn itself into existence and reproduce itself. Whatever it is that the Gods even tap into in order to make the universe change and exist feels at least somewhat polluted, but even they don't know what the pollution is. Sometimes they try to make something wonderful for the world, but it turns out horrific. Sometimes it is just the hubris of life itself that twists their creations.


Some individuals have gotten curious, or afraid, or angry or vengeful, at these odd happenings and have gone out to investigate, rescue others, or avenge their loved ones. Maybe one of them might know, if the right person asks them. Then again, in a world where gods actually exist, why not ask one of them? But don't betray your king! It wouldn't do. Then again, I wouldn't anger a Dungeon after getting trapped in one, either...


Whether you choose to take on the role of a God, Nation, Dungeon, or Hero- good luck! You'll need it.


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Rules for various character types are as follows. Rules for everyone should be obvious- don't anger me or the mods and follow the rules they already have posted elsewhere.




No double-posting. I don't want to make Action counts (if I did then you could only do so much per real life week) so just don't post twice in a row. Wait for someone else to post something before you do a second one, even if you're really excited! Just write a lot in one post if you really need to.


Make sure you're only directly affecting the 'killable' versions of other players. They'll decide if the changes carry over further on their own. Dungeons replace their own materials and monsters, so it's okay to goof around with that.


Timelines! Say a Nation has a post saying something took five years. You are a Nation too, and only wanted to spend a week within your timeline. Did the two of you meet? Did the posts relate to each other? You don't need to sync your time, but you do need to keep track of it yourself. A Hero might spend a single month traveling through a Nation, doing whatever along the way. This could interrupt timelines too, so just make sure between you that it works, in the OOC thread, and it should be fine. I don't wanna have to oversee and officiate every post.




Think about your own limits- if you're a god of cold, sure you can make frozen moons and things. But making them will affect other things, at least from a person's point-of-view seeing more and more moons over the years. Continuing with ice, would a desert people even know you exist? Probably not, right? So make sure you focus your efforts where it makes sense.

If you want to expand your own domains, then that's fine! Just make sure it's in the religion first, if you have one, or if not, then affect things in other worlds or universes. Just make sure to number universes so people can be sure where they are- you don't want a god of gardening getting angry at a god of fire because they burned everything to nothing... in another universe that doesn't affect them.

You don't need to convert everyone to your own religion- as your power isn't related to how many or how fervent your followers are, if you have any.

Can you create new species? New materials, new types of magic, etc? Yes. Easily. Can you force someone to do something? If it's not one of your characters you made then no. You can divinely inspire them, but they don't have to listen. Can you make a magic item that can't be understood or investigated, only used? Yes. It's like going into everyone's heads through the entire universe and flipping the 'can I understand this' switch off. It's probably laughably simple but it doesn't matter; everyone will consider it complicated beyond comprehension.


-What you can do-


-Give player knowledge directly to the character

-Create new species (plants, animals, monsters, people)

-Create new materials (like glowing crystal, adamantium, etc)

-Create Divine Artifacts (make sure you note whether it can be understood or not. That means people and Dungeons can copy it if it can be understood)

-Create killable characters (dungeons that can't advance like a true Dungeon and adventurers)

-Create new religions or types of magic

-Create new universes, planes of existence like afterlives, planets, or landmasses, or alter existing ones


-What you can't do-


-Advance your characters in the same way a true Dungeon or Hero advances (characters always killable, dungeon is 'prove your faith'-based)

-Treat the followers of your religion/s as a Nation (no infrastructure, only magic/faith)




Ideological differences often make Nations go to war with each other, but you don't have to do that if you don't want to. Religions within other Nations might try and counter peace though, but again, it's still your choice on how you interact. Whether you as a Nation choose to just do stories with your royal family (or other leadership) or the citizens, or the interaction between them (even making your own civil war), you can do that too.

You can create quests for Heroes to fulfill, or even your own characters, or ones owned by other Nations or Gods.

Technological, civil, and magical skills all have to advance slowly- even a divinely inspired tech would require previous techs in order to understand the next one.

You can grow your population by wanting to, but also think about food, water, and housing. There are ways around most of that, but think about your people's well-being (unless you don't want them well-off).


-What you can do-


-Create new species (plants and monsters are okay, but not anything intelligent and nothing you can get tech/magic out of. Only Gods and Dungeons can do that)

-Create magical items (as long as you learned how to replicate something you acquired somehow)

-Create infrastructure, grow your nation

-Create new technologies


-What you can't do-


-Create a religion that actually gives benefits (only a real God can do that. Without a player god behind a religion, it's a false god but the followers don't know that)

-Create a new species (if you want your Nation to be goblins or bunny samurai, and they don't exist, get a God to agree in OOC then it's okay)

-Advance an adventurer like a Hero (no magic/divine items unless it's okay if it gets stolen)




Admittedly, it's hard for a dungeon. They don't get any safe characters (except possibly Adventurers) but have some Nation and some God traits. Once you learn a type of material, you can just create it by wanting to. You do everything from your magic energy reserve, but there are ways to feed it (like absorbing corpses, draining mana, or something). Besides your starting stuff (able to make mazes, illusionary walls, secret doors, pit traps, oubliettes, or summon monsters once you lure one in, kill it, and copy it) you don't have much. But you can do so much with whatever you find!

You can create new forms of magic or monsters of your own eventually too. Just you decide when you can- don't go too crazy with it though. Can you turn a human using a wooden torch to see into a fire skill without the torch needed, and make a book within a treasure room teach this to others? Sure. Dungeons can't move, but they can grow. Even more than anyone else, they can ignore Heroic words, Divine inspiration, and National societal structures if they want.

Who is to say a basic fireball spell wasn't first made by a Dungeon teaching people to think of fire while throwing a punch and saying the word 'fireball'?

Could you put a spell on your monsters that when they die, you resorb them for mana, but they drop a chunk of iron, so warriors invading you get treasure, and the surrounding city (if there is one) could use you like a mine, so the Nation (if you're in one) wants to defend you? Sure.

Could you choose to follow a God, giving you certain abilities but at the same time your traps and things have to be more designed to 'test the faithful'? Yes.


-What you can do-


-Give player knowledge directly to the character

-Create Magical items

-Create pieces of new technologies

-Enslave adventurers, lure monsters, create copies of monsters (or people as long as you recognize they're all identical)

-Replicate/generate stuff


-What you can't do-


-Create a religion or act like a God

-Create a Nation or act like one

-Advance an adventurer like a Hero (having magical/divine items is okay, but be okay with someone killing or stealing from your characters)

-Have your monsters/slaves behave in an organized way




Most players are familiar with single character story advancement. Heroes are that here- but with the Gods, Nations, and even Dungeons around, you get a really good feel for what's going on and what you'd be interested in investigating closer. Do so! It'll help everyone. As with all RPs, don't godmod. Even Gods aren't allowed to do that. Can you come up with fun or interesting things for the other players to play with (like a Hero finding a spellbook, so a Dungeon copies it or a Nation buys and develops it)? Sure!


-What you can do-


-Heavily affect storylines for everyone else

-Conquer Dungeons (by killing them if need be, or just getting the Dungeon's core and negotiating with it)

-Become the binding element in the world, highly encouraging collaborative writing between whoever you want (as long as you write it properly and the players are still in the game)


-What you can't do-


-Create a religion, dungeon, or nation

-Create new magics or techs

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God Sheet

Some gods need followers. Some don't. Some gods Always Were and some were spawned from new ideas, tribal fears, or bad attempts at explaining things between primitive peoples. Decide how and why your god exists (why you exist, what you represent, your goals on the world, and how your religion works, if you even have one. Some gods aren't known to living things at all). A 'sphere of influence' is what a god's power relates to, such as darkness, flowers, or childbirth. Yes there can be multiple gods with the same power set, but you'd better be sure that any religions surrounding them would get confused and probably start considering both gods to be the same guy!


Example from a follower's point of view: The god of darkness likes to use darkness to create silence so people can sleep easier. Also they make horrific nightmares that walk in the daylight. (They don't know it's two gods that are both darkness that have wildly different ideas on what to do with their powers.)




Sphere of Influence: 



Avatar Sheet

Avatars are not gods. They are portions of a god, but they can be killed by another god, or by the followers of the god's religions being exterminated. By having a killable version of yourself, you can be more collaborative. God players only get one god, but however many avatars they want (just don't be ridiculous about it okay?).


Name: (the name has to be different or it is too confusing)

Avatar of: 


Nation Sheet

Nations are entire countries that count as players. Do you focus on the royal family, dictator, chief, empress, or other type of leader? Do you pay attention to basic citizens, or maybe the criminals? Everyone in your country is yours to do with as you please.

Species could be humans, elves, fairies, dwarves, some kind of elemental, or whatever else. You can only select from the existing races though, unless you ask a god in the OOC thread to create you.

Government Type could be oligarchy, capitalism, communism, dictatorship, anarchistic (attractive I know, but it is incredibly hard to write properly! I don't suggest it), or anything else this world has ever had.

Environment type is where you are in the world. I'm not an artist so I can't draw a world map. Maybe someone else can. But you could be coastal, arctic, in a desert, forest, underground, or something else.




Government Type: 

Environment Type: 


Colony (word could be replaced) Sheet

Colonies are small communities (or big ones, but whatever) within a nation. These are killable by other players, or able to be converted religiously by gods. Basically... they can be taken over or wiped out by someone else. Your Nation could be mostly these if you want- it could lead to some very interesting stuff!



Colony of: 

Description: (a different species, different social class, different environment, etc)


Dungeon Core Sheet

Dungeons have local god-like powers, but they're local. They don't get to move, so they have to deal with whatever they can in their own territory which grows very slowly and with lots of effort (per foot, not per continent or mile) but it gets easier as they do it a lot. A ten foot dungeon is just one room, and it's very hard to expand a second one. But if you're already thirty miles wide and one mile deep, then a few inches isn't hard anymore. Your power is not infinite though; if you're too annoying then you'll probably get a Nation, Hero, or God to show up and kill you. Dungeons don't get secondary killable forms, and die automatically if their Core (a crystal) is destroyed.

Class is other abilities you've gained since being classified as a 'dungeon'. Choose from existing non-divine (or a god made someone or something for you, that's okay. Ask in OOC) abilities listed somewhere in the RP and consider yourself to have lured, trapped, and killed someone like that or at least fought them and copied their powers in order to figure out what class you are.

Territory means where you're located. It could be in a swamp, mountain, island paradise (you can be above ground!) or inside someone's country.






Hero Sheet

A hero is a single player. Well, a single player or a small group, but solo players only get one Hero, and the party members can be Adventurers. There's a lot of interpersonal goings-on with these guys, and they probably interact with Gods, Nations, and Dungeons pretty often. These guys are needed for the RP to get really interesting (usually).

Species has to be one that already exists, created by a Nation or God, with an associated community of some kind. Unique species are monsters. Culture of Origin means 'what country did you come from, or if you are from a tribal land, then which one?'. You don't need to be a recognized citizen of a player empire. You don't need a religion either, but a God might choose to attempt to change that. Finally, a description is just that- gender, age, how the character behaves.




Culture of Origin: 




Adventurer Sheet

Adventurers are solo characters, or part of someone else's group. Maybe it's a travelling monster from a dungeon, or a dungeon's human (or other species) slave. Maybe a mercenary or other character created by a Nation. Maybe it's a chosen one or missionary inspired by a God. Maybe it's a companion or hireling of a Hero. Either way, these characters can be killed by another player but still move the story along. You can have a whole bunch of these!



Associate of: 


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reserved for player list

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(OOC the following are examples for each type of player post. Feel free to take over any of these stories as your own and expand on it.)


(Nation example 1)

The summer was hot, but that was why the bazaar was set up so close to the river. The trellis over each of the stalls grew flowering vines, and under them, it was much cooler.

"Stuff for sale! Cheap, badly made stuff for sale!" someone yelled. A potter threw something at them and tried chasing them off, but the insulting customer wasn't going anywhere and seemed to enjoy enraging the man. Nearby, there were grain merchants trading their goods for the tribe's own dried fish. Another village had sent some moccasins to be traded for fish.


There was some commotion at the far side of the dirt path leading through the village along the river. Some large yellow birds were tethered to a four-wheeled wooden cart with a linen cover. Someone important must be inside. After a fancy-dressed man walked away from the cart's side, he began making demands of people in angry tones, which weren't met happily by the farmers and craftsmen. Such orders couldn't be fulfilled in that amount or that timeframe!


(God example 1)

The God of the River looked at the flowers growing nearby. Making a little flower found on a flat fern into a vine, and able to grow bigger and absorb ambient heat was a good idea after all. The god was glad that the person chosen to hear the suggestion followed through with it and discovered it, and tried to grow it themselves. The people of the area were happier, and that was the point. They didn't need to know why any of it happened.


(Nation example 2)

A huge shadowy monster had arrived nearby, and the royal guards were not remotely trained or equipped in a way to handle such a creature. A soothsayer said that the beast's claws could be ground up and used in a healing potion, but it had already killed fifteen men, and such a treasure was probably not worth it anymore.

Out of desperation, the king sent out a quest. If anyone could defeat the creature, then they could be named Knight, and granted certain authority within the kingdom.


(Hero example 1)

She woke up, still sitting at the table in the watering hole, her mug of ale still in her calloused hand. "Another drink!" she yelled at the barkeep. He didn't seem happy with her, but brought the drink as requested. She was far too powerful and irrational to argue with. But something had arrived while she slept off her previous drinks, so he brought that to her too.


"Huh?" she read the scroll as it was held up for her so it wouldn't get wet from all the spills on the table. "Well now. Isn't that interesting? Guess I'll have to go see what there is to do about that! I wouldn't mind being named a duchess even! Hahaha!" She took a huge swig of her drink, and stole the paper from the barkeep's hand. "I'll be taking that. No need to tell anyone else." She didn't know that dozens of copies were sent in other directions too.


Along the way, she sobered quickly, but the ground was loose at her feet and at one point it finally gave way, and she fell far enough to be unable to reach the hole's edge. It was surprisingly spacious in here... and darker than it should be, even with the light up above visible. She took the spear off of her back and swung it, making temporary light. The god that gave it to her said it was the 'Spear of Lightstrike', and should be used wisely. If she could get out of here and resume her travel, then that shadow beast wouldn't be difficult...


(Dungeon example 1)

The dungeon was finally able to expand its territory upwards, but in order to do so it had to absorb a large amount of dirt and convert it to mana, leaving the topsoil fragile. Nothing should be passing over it right now anyway, but... huh? Not only was there something above, but it wasn't a small animal. It was a human! Not only that, but it had a magical item of some kind that the dungeon hadn't seen yet. Was this its lucky day?

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Please remove this post when you move it to Freeform Approved.


This post is just for me to talk to mods.


Basically, this RP is for players of different types to interact with each other. Player types include:







Each character type has different advantages and limits. No one is all-powerful, even if you're a god.

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Hi there! I started skimming through your thread (I noticed it's a WIP so I won't start any critique unless you're ready) but then I noticed you were intending on this to go to Freeform RPs when done? The Freeform section does not require going through approval and can simply be started right away in that section. :) The Unapproved section is where threads that are intended for the Other RP and Dragon Cave RP sections start as those areas do require approval. 


However, if you'd still like to get critique and work on any editing before going to Freeforms, that is perfectly fine as well. :) 

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I didn't know that, but your opinion and offer for critique sound Valid.

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I'm a little uncertain about the premise of the thread. It reads like it's just an open world builder with a sandbox plot space. That isn't a bad thing and perfectly acceptable, especially knowing this will go to Freeforms when done. I'm just making sure I understand what you are trying to convey/create. 
There isn't much in way of the world's history; is that up to the players to build themselves? 

I'll be highlighting editing bits by post so they're easier to keep track of.


create themselves instead.

Since you used the singular 'a god', 'themselves' needs to be singular as well. 
'themselves' -> 'themself'


Another hard one to understand for many are the 'felpool'.

Plural vs. singular terms.
'are' -> 'is'



are mostly humanlike, just

'humanlike' -> 'human-like'


even mortal nightmares causes a new beast

'causes' -> 'cause'


it is that the Gods even tap

I noticed that you're a little inconsistent with capitalization for words like 'gods' throughout your writing. Comb through and find a consistency. I tend to fall back on whether or not the word is being used as a proper noun as my template. 


might know, if the right

Remove comma


(Sorry for the weird bolding. The post box bolded text I copied/pasted/quoted and I can't seem to remove all of it.)

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A few of the quotes are related to my own style of speaking and writing. Some are definitely my oopsies, and I'll go fix those right away.

You're right- the capitalization was because I wanted the player type capitalized but not something that's being referenced by someone/something else. "The humanoids prayed to a God" (an actual player is that god) vs "The humanoids prayed to a god" (one written in the story by the player from the humanoids' perspective).


Added stuff to the Rules part. Thought bulleted lists would help.

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You are a Nation too, and only wanted

No comma.


followers are, if you have any.

No comma.

This might just be writing style though. If it is, go ahead and ignore this.


though, but again, it's still choice.

It looks like you missed a word before 'choice'. 


most of that, but think about

No comma.

This might be writing style again. Feel free to ignore if it is.


dungeons and adventurers


except possibly Adventurers

Capitalization consistency again. I know you mentioned you were making distinctions between PCs and non-PCs but it doesn't read like there's a difference here.


just getting the the Dungeon's core

Whoops. An extra 'the' slipped in here.

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