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Hello & welcome to DC forum! I can certainly help you raise your eggs. There are two things that you can do:


1. Post a link to your scroll in your signature. Click on your username in the top left of the screen, click "Account Settings" and click "Signature" on the lefthand side.

2. You can post your dragons in a fansite! Post your scroll name or the eggs' individual codes into the fansites and the eggs will receive clicks very quickly. Don't put your eggs in above 6d left, otherwise they could become sick! You can find a list of fansites here: 



If you need more help, may I suggest requesting a DC mentor? You can request one here: 



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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I use AoND to raise my eggs. Well, if you post your eggs too early, they might became sick, but none of them were died of sickness according to my experience. =P

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Welcome to the DC forums! If there's anything you need help with in the future or you just want someone to chat to, you're welcome to message me! ^_^ 

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