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All of these youtubers are awesome, but where are my fellow Fanders? (Thomas Sanders fans) He is more than awesome! He is the glorious gay!

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3 minutes ago, Wolves-and-Wings said:

All of these youtubers are awesome, but where are my fellow Fanders? (Thomas Sanders fans) He is more than awesome! He is the glorious gay!

That precious sweetheart omg. I love him. <3 He is just so cute. >w< I love watching the anime videos where he tries to guess if the plot is real or fake. And his vines are just.. gold. Pure gold.


As for youtubers, Thomas Sanders, of course. I've recently discovered Vanoss and his friends (I Am Wildcat, H2ODelirious, BigJigglyPanda, Mini Ladd, Daithi De Nogla, Lui Calibre and the rest) and I am living it up watching their gaming content. They never fail to make me smile on a gloomy day with their fun antics. I also love watching poketubers like Adrive, SmkGaming05 and AppleCode. I've been a long time fan of JonTron, sadly he doesn't upload much anymore. I also watch the Game Grumps from time to time. And some Markiplier here and there. He's such a sweetie.

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Lately I've been watching stuff from the Brave Wilderness channel and I just have to say it's great. I really like seeing all those creatures up close.

BuzzFeed Unsolved is also an entertaining channel, I've especially enjoyed watching the visits at supposedly haunted locations.

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Been binge watching 'TheBellLife', a couple of brothers doing stupid stuff together. I love 'Life Where I'm From' also too. I follow a few others, but those are the two I make a point to view every video.

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I love people like Jacksepticeye, anyone entertaining just to brighten up a day or make me laugh. Plus I get to find some good new games to play from him.

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Personally I'm a huge fan of Northernlion's stuff! I had a long period of liking Jacksepticeye and Markiplier stuff, but I kind of like. Phased out of it as my life changed around and I just grew a different sense of humor. Super Best Friends was my go-to for a long time, too, and I still rewatch their stuff from time to time. Pat is too funny sometimes.

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Oh man, I have waaay too many favorites.


I am a mega sucker for horror channels, including "Mr. Nightmare" who posts real scary stories!


I basically love almost every youtuber genre, haha! Pranks, skits, humor, stories, animation, and gaming are just some I can think of off the top of my head!

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I watch too much youtube



- Wilbur Soot

- RTGame

- CallMeCarson

- jschlatt

- Game Theory (and by extension GTLive)



- LavenderTowne

- Draw With Jazza

- Mushie R.

- Dead Sound


Storytime stuff

- Jaiden Animations

- TheOdd1sOut

- GingerPale


Commentary/ Criticism

- The Right Opinion

- Danny Gonzalez

- Drew Gooden



- Cosmo Sheldrake

- cavetown

- Panic! at the Disco


- Wilbur Music

- Teddy Hyde

- Jack Stauber

- Glass Animals


Science/ engineering stuff

- Mark Rober

- Micheal Reeves

- Willam Osman



- readwithcindy

- Fredrik Knudsen

- Film Theory

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The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of my all time favorites (though I don't know if he's really considered a "youtuber" anymore with how big he's gotten...I still watch him on YouTube anyways).


Besides him I watch a lot of DidYouKnowGaming?, Gaming Historian, ScykohPlays (I love his Pokemon videos), and AbsoluteZero (he's a really good strategy game player, so I watch him play Heroes of Might and Magic).


....Apparently I only watch game-related things on YouTube.

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There's a few I watch a lot of. I'm gonna separate them into categories so it's maybe less...messy.


Commentary and Politics:

Jimmy Snow (formerly Dear Mr. Atheist), Creepshow Art, The Illuminaughtii, Stacy Fatemi


Personality Types:

Frank James, Lex Morningstar, Love Who


Personal Care/Health:

Robert and James Welsh, Hyram, Roly, Brad Mondo, Doctor Mike, Mama Doctor Jones



Jazza, Chloe Rose Art, Lavendertowne, SuperRaeDizzle, ErgoJosh



Unnus Annus, Jammidodger, Chipflake, Imaginatively Unimaginative

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Up until the Covid lockdowns, I mostly just listened to music on YouTube. However, a misclick led me to discover reaction channels.

I do follow a few (Amelia reacts -*ROCK JOURNEY*, 3 Years Apart, and Sonny Von Cleveland), but I mostly click around looking for reactions to specific songs/bands I like. Especially if the video is tagged as "First time listening to (band)!" Probably the two most reacted-to songs are Nightwish's Ghost Love Score (official live from Wacken 2013) and Jinjer's Pisces (live sessions). I personally prefer Ghost Love Score, but Pisces definitely gets the most amusing reactions from people who haven't heard it before. 😮🤣



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(does this post count as revival of a dead thread? UEwzwB-90sxfOxpN5kjf3qmfSLS6o-sat995maKZS5Q.png?auto=webp&s=21032b88ac0ee2ee73a2dda37d3560ae1277cfc1)


i really love kwite, rusty., & the boys (the vr youtubers to clarify) and a multitude of scp channels :,>


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