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Learning the ropes of a new site

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Howdy I am quite new to this site my name is Darkscathe.My name originates from the skill attack scathe from FF12 .

I have always had a passion for dragons so finding this site through another raising game ,so through and forward I am teaching myself on care taking the eggs to allow the dragon within to be unleashed.

Problem is I really do not know where to begin.

 Nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to DC, @Darkscathe!


I hope you enjoy the forums. Have you checked out the cave help pages yet? https://dragcave.net/help/intro They're a really good start for how to learn the cave. I will request a mentor for you, though, as I feel that could be beneficial. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask us over in Help! ^^


Please also note that you agreed to the site terms when you registered for the cave: https://dragcave.net/terms These are the rules of the cave. Not following them will get your account burned, so it's beneficial for you to know them. :3

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