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What is going on

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Hey I'm sirentyper and I want to know why there is a holy **** ton of abandoned olive dragons. this feels special. Why is this happeNING?

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Welcome to DC, @sirentyper!


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^


Sometimes people mass breed their stuff to the AP to lower the AP time, help pass around useful dragons, share their lovely lines, etc. Olives are popular this year because of the Holly Contest (found in Trading), where you raise commons in hopes of winning a holly during Christmas. Olives are this year's commons. The user who bred the olives was helping to pass out olives, as their trading partners could never find any to pick up. Because of users who really do not like a single-breed AP, mass breeders have largely tried to stop walling a single breed of dragons, but the user who bred the olives didn't even realize they had enough to create any kind of wall.

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


I was curious about that too, it looks like it just had been answered

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