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Just started today

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A couple of friends showed me this site, since they know I like to paint dragons and study dracology and all that jazz.

My egg slots are full, but I'm currently looking to adopt various hatchlings of designs I like to fill my scroll while I have some space, so if anyone knows where people are adopting out random hatchlings (common, uncommon, doesn't matter!) let me know so I can adopt some cute babies!


Edit: Also, does anyone know why I keep getting "Error code: 2F173/H" on almost all the forum posts...? Logging out and in does nothing to solve it. XP

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Welcome to DC, @SakuraMitsonomi!


I hope you enjoy the forums. Tbh, we are all always looking for extra hatchies, pretty much, so you aren't likely to just get gift bombed with hatchies all the time. However, you can keep an eye out in the AP and on the Departures thread in Trading, as you might find some spare hatchies there. As well, if you raise some red dragons, they have an "incubate" ability, which removes a day from eggs, allowing them to grow faster. Good luck on those hatchies! ^^


Yes, you cannot post because new users are disabled from posting until they have validated their account. In order to weed out spammers, new users cannot post or send PMs until they have posted an intro and had it approved by a moderator. Now that you're approved, you should be able to post just fine. Good try troubleshooting, though!

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