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Go Where No One Goes [WIP]

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"The salty water mists over your face as you weave and roll through the pod of Thunderdrums. You glide effortlessly over the water, staring down at your reflections shining in the azure waves. It's an unnaturally warm summer for Berk, extremely humid and balmy. Normally, summers are cool at best, never getting much warmer than warm, and in certain places and islands dotted around the Archipelago, snow can still be found whitening the landscape. You quickly make your way back to the village, you shouldn't be late! It's time for the Festival!"




"It's been 5 years since Drago Bludvist's attack on Berk, and today marks the Summer festival celebrating the Victory. You, as well as the other Berkians- and your dragons, of course- are excited to celebrate, as you've all be preparing for this week the entire month. As your dragon's feet land back on the ground, and you slide off the saddle, feet landing on the rock with a soft noise. You lay a hand on your dragons head, and it coos, pressing it's snout deeper into your flesh, wanting pets. You absentmindedly scratch it as you make your way through the decorated village, raising your unused hand in greeting to your other Vikings you pass. Everyone's waiting for the pride of Berk, Hiccup, and his trusty right-hand dragon, Toothless, to make their speech later on, signaling the start of the festivities. For now, however, you have a little time to kill."




"The time has finally come for the speech to be made. Everyone is in the village square, squinting up at the sky, awaiting the arrival of the Chief, Alpha, and their Riders. The day has only grown hotter, and you're covered in an unusual layer of sweat as you wait. Muttering starts up, Vikings turning towards their neighbors and talking amongst themselves, asking questions and cursing. 'Dae yeh think they've forgo'on?' Someone next to you laughs, but it's forced, uneasy.

'Nae. Hic'up wou'nt forge' abou' this,' another one answers, rubbing his head. 'I 'ope.'

You look at your dragon, and you both have the same though. What if something bad happened.

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(Hello! Ping or PM me or @ValidEmotions when you think you're done to look over and approve! Looking great so far!"

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