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Sister gave me an account

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I haven't used thus before and my sister gave me her account:D

EDIT: I didnt enter something about myslef, how silly of me :P

So, I've just been given this account and I hope to be an active and participating member of this community. Just now learning my way around the scroll and stuff. I hope I do alright! And, why cant i view other things in the forums? Do I need to be approved first?


Also, i love dragons <3 

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Welcome to DC, @Foolsmoon!


Does that mean your sister no longer plays? I just can't imagine sharing an account with my sister, lol.


Yes, to weed out spammers, we require new users to post an intro. In order to make this more clear, we hide everything else so you can find the intro section and post here. As soon as I approve your intro, your account will be validated and you'll be able to post elsewhere as well as edit your profile. ^^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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