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Hi everyone so I was going through old emails when I found that I had signed up for Dragon Cave years ago, but never did anything on it and, since I'm still very much into fantasy, I decided to become active!


A little about me: I use Espier as kind of my "fantasy name" for mmos and such (lol), I'm from England and I do ballet and play the piano.. I'm very much a closet fantasy fan :)

Any help with starting out hatching my first dragon egg would be appreciated, thank you! 

Also, if anyone has any fantasy book recommendations, please tell me - I'd like to start reading again!


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Welcome to DC, @Espier!


It looks like you've found a way to start getting your dragon a good amount of views, so my only tip would be to be careful getting too many views before your egg is 12 - 24 hours old (if it gets too overwhelmed with views, it will get sick - the site will inform you of that), and if your egg gets down to 4 days left or less, you can put it in an ER to hatch it quicker. Good luck!


As for book recs, you might find a gem in the Books section. Dragonoak is a fantasy trilogy (third book coming out soon) by Sam Farren which features dragons, necromancers, pirates, a new species that's kind of like a large walking ox, knights, and a diverse cast of characters. The second book does contain some graphic bloody/violent scenes. I really enjoyed it, but I think it's just published online, so you probably won't be able to find it in a library.


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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