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I'm new here, hello! :D

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Pretty new here, i know your supposed to raise dragons with clicks, but i dont know where to post my eggs ><;


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Welcome to DC, @MeowieCat!


Have you checked out the cave help pages? They have a good start to basic info of the game.



Once you have an egg, you must take care of it to ensure that it doesn’t die. Eggs are raised by “feeding” them views, unique views, and clicks. It is up to you to get views, unique views, and clicks for your egg, but there are a few common methods:


Forums: Many forums allow you to place images and links below each of your posts, in what is called a “signature.” If you are an active member of a highly-trafficed community, this is a great place to get views for your eggs. Just place the egg’s BBCode (obtained from the “Get HTML/BBCode” page) in your signature on the message board. If you don’t have enough room in your signature, enabling the “Display TinyURL Codes” option on the Account Settings page will give you a shorter alternative.

However, you should not go around posting your egg in random topics or in any way that breaks the rules of other sites. Simply place the egg in your signature and, if you’re an active member of the community, your egg will get the attention it needs.

Social Media: You can share your dragon egg on Twitter or Facebook, and ask your friends to view it. Again, try not to overshare; no one likes being spammed.


Hatcheries: There are several user-run communities dedicated to letting users share their eggs with each other and helping them hatch. You can find a listing of many of these sites on the forums; this thread provides a good stepping stone. And if you’re lost, don’t be afraid to ask for help!


You can use other forums (posting your eggs here is against our rules), social media sites, or fansites/hatcheries. Fansites are sites dedicated to users of a game getting views/clicks for their creatures. Check out the linked thread - it gives you a list of common/popular fansites you can use. Two to four will do you fine, depending on how impatient you are. My favorites are Allure of Neglected Dragons and Valley Sherwood. Just make sure that you leave any fansites you use open for a while every few days to give views back to other's creatures. If you have any more questions, you can ask us over in the Help section!


Finally, make sure you have read the site terms, which you agreed to upon registering: https://dragcave.net/terms They are the rules of the cave and breaking them can get your account banned, so it's good to know them. :3


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^

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