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~ Purplehaze's Amazing Dragon Bingo ~

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@fuzzbucket of course you can. Up until the round is over.


Flash bingo!

F2. A second gen Tetra.

Open until approx. 4pm cave time today.

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I'm 0/2 for these flashes, even though I've been here for both :P Go fish!

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F2. Is now expired!


Flash Bingo

F3. A CB Pink dragon.

Open until approximately 8pm cave time.



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Sorry for the doppelpost, but i want to made sure to get the flash bingo!

Round 1

Regular Bingos

R1. A hot dragon.

R2. A cold dragon.

R3. A dragon that breathes fire.

R4. A dragon found only in the Volcano biome.

R5. A dragon found only in the Alpine biome.


Competitive Bingo

Comp1. (1 pt to the person with the highest total.) Firegem dragon with the most Firegem offspring.


Co-operative Bingo

Co-op1. Use your dragons to spell the word “heat” – players find dragons on their scroll that have codes that start with h,e, a or t (case does not matter). Band together with other players to form the whole word. (Example: Player #1 has awBWK and hKJ2s. Player #2 has EZZG0. Player #3 joins them with TM91R.)

Teams can have 2 to 4 members. Each player can only be on one team.

2 players = 1 pt each

3 players = 2 pts each

4 players = 3 pts each


Riddle Bingo


I am so hot!

But nice I am not.

Humans, don't stray

Or you'll end up my prey!


Ponderous Puzzle Bingo

PP1.1 (4 pts) I am green.


R1. I am hot Bingo!

R2. I am cool Bingo!

R3. Burn! Bingo!

R4. Born in the Volcano Bingo!

R5. Born in the Alpine Bingo!


Co-op1. So i still need to find a group i can offer:

h This frostbitten H

e This massive E

a This handsome A

t This T or is it an omen?


Ri1. Solved Bingo!


PP1.1 Hint #1 Bingo!

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