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I just found my DragCave scroll again, logged in and realise that I've missed a LOT since I joined on Christmas Day 2015!


My scroll is very small, although I've collected some new eggs and have some growing gendered hatchlings as well as four Holiday Dragons from Christmas 2015. 


I did some reading around about lineages and some look very complicated. Where do I go to learn more about breeding my own lineage, please?


Do I need to have a special name for my dragons if I start breeding them?


Thanks for any input :)



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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums.


Please note that you agreed to the site terms when you registered for the cave. They are the rules that you need to follow - breaking them can get your scroll burned. So just make sure you've read those over: http://dragcave.net/terms


We have a lineage terminology thread, but if you have more specific questions on breeding, you can ask in Help. ^^

No, you do not have to name your dragons at all if you do not want.

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