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Well as in the top i'm a rookie dragon breeder I guess just started and now 3 of my eggs are sick so i'm hiding it for now

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Hello & Welcome to DC forum! I'm sorry to hear that your eggies are sick. When you first get an egg, wait until the egg is at least 5 days left before putting it into a hatchery or allowing it to get a lot of views. Otherwise, they may become sick! 


If you would like any help or receive tips on how to raise dragons, may I suggest a mentor? You can request a DC mentor here: 


As long as you keep your eggs fogged or hidden, they should pull through. :)


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Welcome to DC!


I hope you enjoy the forums. ^^


Eggs get sick because they get too many views too quickly or they get too many views period. Waiting 12 - 24 hours before putting your 7 day left eggs in any fansites/forums can help. Plus, you only need to use a high-traffic forum, 2 - 3 mid-traffic forums, or 2 - 4 fansites (or some small mix of those) to raise your dragons. The amount of views your dead dragon has is about what you need to hatch a dragon. So just try using less sites or waiting longer. Once you tone it down, it looks like you'll have a set plan to raise your dragons!

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